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SINUMERIK 840D sl 2011-08-16

Upgrade Instructions
SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 for PCU 50

SINUMERIK Operate (internal Version for PCU 50.3 and PCU 50.5

A PCU 50.3 with already installed PCU base software WinXP from V8.6 SP1 resp. a PCU 50.5 with already
installed PCU Base Software WinXP V1.2 (or later) is required in order to install this software.

The Commissioning Instructions for SINUMERIK Operate 2.7, PCU base software 8.6 SP1, the Equipment
Manual for the operator components and the SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 Operating Instructions apply.
Further, the secondary conditions published for the CNC Software 2.7 SP1 must be carefully observed.

The start-up tool comprises all texts in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and “Chinese simplified“. In
general, the help for setting and machine data is only provided in German and English.

SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 has only been released for operation with
• 840D sl NCU7x0.2 with CNC Software 2.7 SP1 resp.
• 840D sl NCU7x0.3 with CNC Software 4.4 SP1 resp. for a
• SIMATIC CPU 317 / 319 in combination with HMI Pro sl.
For this, the PCU 50 must be integrated in the plant / system network. By default, the SINUMERIK Operate is
connected to the NCU address The NCU address can be set in the "NCU connection" screen
under Commissioning / HMI.
Note: When connecting the PCU 50 to the X130 of the NCU, the simulation cannot be executed.

The HMI-Advanced software 7.6 SP1 (or later) is still required for commissioning drives.
This is the reason that SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 and HMI-Advanced. 7.6 SP1 can be installed in parallel on
a PCU 50. However, only one of the two HMIs can be started. The last installed HMI is automatically started
when the PCU 50.3 boots. If required, this can be changed in the ServiceCenter Users on the WinXP desktop.

The SINUMERIK Operate for PCU 50 does not include any technological cycles or measuring and ISO cycles.
These are available on the CF card of the NCU and automatically installed during the NCU startup – see also
the relevant information provided in the Upgrade Instructions for the CNC Software 2.7 SP1 / 4.4 SP1.
It is not permissible that cycles 7.x are installed!

User texts must always be downloaded into the system in the UTF-8 format.

SINUMERIK Operate for PCU 50 does not have a general access to the CF card of the NCU. This means that
option "256 MB user memory on CF card of the NCU" cannot be used.
The "Local drive" in SINUMERIK Operate for PCU 50 is located on the hard disk under
F:\hmisl\user\sinumerik\data and is always available without option.

The integration of STEP7 5.x for SINUMERIK PCU 50 is also possible for SINUMERIK Operate. However, it is
not automatically integrated in the area menu using the desk top function "Step7 authorization" which is the case
for HMI-Advanced. Instead, this must be manually done. To do this, after installing Step7 from the directory
F:\hmisl\siemens\sinumerik\hmi\template\step7 – the file oemframe.ini must be copied into the directory
F:\hmisl\compat\add_on - and the files systemconfiguration.ini and slamconfig.ini must be copied into the
directory F:\hmisl\addon\sinumerik\hmi\cfg. The HMI should then be restarted.
In the file "systemconfiguration.ini", the installation path is provided for Step7 with F:\STEP7. If the installation
path deviates from this, this must be adapted in the "systemconfiguration.ini".

The ePS client software is included in the SINUMERIK Operate for PCU 50. It can be activated using the display

Notes on the simulation:

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SINUMERIK 840D sl 2011-08-16
Upgrade Instructions
SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 for PCU 50

For multi-channel ShopTurn programs, the function "Spindle speed from another channel" results in a
synchronization error of the channels in simulation. As countermeasure, the spindle speed must be programmed
in each channel.

Important: If the version < 2.6 SP1 of SINUMERIK Operate for PCU 50 has already been installed, then it must
first be uninstalled under Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs. In addition, manually delete the directory
SINUMERIK Operate for PCU 50 is installed by calling the file Setup_HMIsl_......exe from the WinXP desktop of
the PCU 50. To do this, establish either a network connection to a PC using the DVD supplied or copy the
software from the DVD supplied to a USB data medium that can then be directly connected to the PCU 50.3.
The installation directory is permanently specified as f:\hmisl.
The installation version is requested during the installation:
• Operation on a SINUMERIK NCU (default)
• Operation on a SIMATIC-CPU 317 / 319

Functional improvements in Operate and cycles compared to SW 2.7 HF1:

PR number AP00960977 AP01162116 AP01172299 AP01185669

AP01205512 AP01148050 AP01160914 AP00992361 AP01172912
AP01199616 AP01186236 AP01168594 AP01175659 AP01190102
AP00987008 AP01166519 AP00934607 AP01032664 AP00933176
AP01143323 AP01177980 AP01176527 AP01203095 AP01201535
AP01183826 AP01153381 AP01133017 AP01154100 AP01167222
AP01170101 AP01172871 AP01174505 AP01194909 AP01173229
AP01160940 AP01137183 AP01114681 AP01159558 AP01162995
AP01162627 AP01172305 AP01187602 AP01181442 AP01181467
AP01185425 AP01167172 AP01193947 AP01220493 AP01157227
AP00976957 AP00982650 AP00995404 AP01061138 AP01063398
AP01171613 AP01147179 AP01154508 AP01161319 AP01153332
AP01168923 AP01174748 AP01175218 AP01185164 AP01221538
AP01169737 AP01217755 AP01185024 AP01171077 AP01196116
AP00985891 AP01166202 AP01209483 AP01004074 AP01182077
AP01186611 AP01185756 AP01215324 AP01033435 AP01141362

• SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 can be combined with 840D sl NCU 7x0.2 with CNC SW 2.7
• SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 can be combined with 840D sl NCU 7x0.3 with CNC SW 4.4 SP1
• The help system is based on the documentation for the CNC SW 2.7.
• The NC alarm texts are based on the CNC SW 2.7
• STEP7 for SINUMERIK PCU 50 from V5.4 SP4 can be integrated in SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 where it
can run.
• OEM applications which are based on the SINUMERIK Operate Programming Package 2.6 SP1 can run
when using generally released interfaces.
• The additional languages for SINUMERIK Operate 2.6 SP1 cannot be used.

• If, in conjunction with STEP7 on PCU 50, no communication is established between the HMI and the NCU,
please check the settings made under Control Panel / Set PG/PC Interface. In addition to S7ONLINE, an

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SINUMERIK 840D sl 2011-08-16
Upgrade Instructions
SINUMERIK Operate 2.7 SP1 for PCU 50

Access Point
SINUMERIK_CP (SINUMERIK 7xx) -> TCP/IP -> VIA Rhine III Fast Eth. ..<Board 2>
must be included. If necessary, configure this Access Point as indicated.
• Editor: The key combination Shift+Insert must be used to edit cycle calls directly in the DIN code. At present,
this is not provided on all SINUMERIK OPs. Remedy: Use an external PC keyboard.
• To operate the simulation, the NC-MD $MC_FRAME_ACS_SET must be set to 1.
• To operate a PCU50 with external monitor, you can set the screen size of the Operate in the file
F:\hmisl\user\sinumerik\hmi\cfg\slrs.ini with the entry
Resolution = ; Permissible values: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024
• Variable view: The SK “Load symbols“ has been removed from the screen “NC/PLC variables“. The symbols
are automatically loaded as from SW 2.7 SP1. The symbol files are still stored in the directory
• Ctrl-Energy: Profiles with prewarning time 0 are not permissible and can no longer be generated by Operate.
• The graphic view of tools can only be deactivated via the NC-MD 52271 TM_MAG_PLACE_DISTANCE by
setting the MD to 0mm.
• ShopMill / ShopTurn:
The function "Block search upon selection / processing from the editor" should be deactivated via NC MD
51040.3 = 1 ($MNS_SWITCH_TO_MASCHINE_MASK Bit 3) because this may lead to a malfunction of the
operator interface.

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