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Symbols and circuit diagrams | Circuit symbols | 503

1 Selected circuit symbols

Connections Mechanical functions

Conductor; conductor junctions Switching positions Variability, not intrinsic
(with/without connection) (base position: solid line) (external), general

0 1 2
Shielded wire Variability, intrinsic,
in response to a physical quantity,

0 1 2

Mechanical actuation link;

electrical conductor (retrofitted)

Adjustability, general

Junctions Manual activation, with sensor (trip),

(with/without connection) thermal (bimetal strip)

Connection, general; Detent; non-automatic/automatic Push-button switch, NO/NC contact
separable connection return in the direction of the arrow
(if portrayal is required) (push-button)

Plug-in connection; socket; Activation, general (mech., pneum., Detent switch, NO/NC contact
plug; 3-pin plug connection hydraul.); piston drive

Ground Actuation at engine speed n, Changeover contact, make before

(housing or vehicle ground) pressure p, quantity Q, time t, temp. t° break or break before make

n p Q

t t°
Table 1
504 | Symbols and circuit diagrams | Circuit symbols

1 Selected circuit symbols (continued)

Switches Various components

Three-position switch with three Drives with one winding Resistor
contact modes (e.g. turn-signal indi-
cator switch)

NO/NC contact Drive with two windings acting in Potentiometer

same direction (with three terminals)

Double-make contact Drive with two opposed windings Heating resistor, glow plug,
flame plug, screen defroster

Multiple-position switch Electrothermal drive, thermal relay Antenna

0 1 2

Cam-lobe switch (e.g. ignition Electrothermal drive, tractive solenoid Fuse

contact breakers)

Thermal switch Solenoid valve (closed) Permanent magnets

Initiator trigger Relay (drive and switch), example: Winding, inductive

NC contact without delay and delayed
NO contact

Table 1
Symbols and circuit diagrams | Circuit symbols | 505

1 Selected circuit symbols (continued)

Various components Devices for automotive applications

Positive temperature coefficient Dotted/dashed line to delineate Battery
(PTC) resistor or frame logically associated
circuit components

Negative temperature coefficient Plug connection
(NTC) resistor

t Shielded device, frame connected

to ground

Diode, general, current flows Lamp, headlamp

toward the apex of triangle

Regulator, general

PNP transistor Horn, fanfare horn

NPN transistor
E = Emitter (arrow indicates
flow direction)
Control units
C = Collector
B = Base

E C E C Heated rear windshield

(heating resistor in general)


Light emitting diode (LED) Display element in general; Switch, general, without function lamp
voltmeter; clock

Hall alternator Tachometer; temperature gauge; Switch, general, with function lamp

n t° v

Table 1
506 | Symbols and circuit diagrams | Circuit symbols

1 Selected circuit symbols (continued)

Devices for automotive applications

Pressure switch Spark plug Engine with blower, fan


Relay, general Ignition coil Starter motor with engagement relay

(with/without internal circuitry)

Solenoid valve, injection valve Ignition distributor, general

(injector), cold-start valve

Thermo-time switch Voltage regulators Wiper motor

(one/two wiper speeds)


Throttle-valve switch Three-phase alternator with voltage

regulator (with/without internal
G M 2n

Rotary actuator Intermittent-wiper relay

Auxiliary-air valve with Electric fuel-supply pump, Car radio

electrothermal drive hydraulic pump motor


Table 1
Symbols and circuit diagrams | Circuit symbols | 507

1 Selected circuit symbols (continued)

Devices for automotive applications

Loudspeaker Piezoelectric sensor Rpm sensor

Voltage stabilizer Resistive position indicator ABS wheel-speed sensor

const. n

Inductive-type sensor, reference- Air-flow sensor Hall sensor

mark controlled

Flasher, pulse generator, Air-mass meters Converter, transformer
interval relay (quantity, voltage)

G m Q
t U
Lambda oxygen sensor Flow sensor, fuel-gauge sensor Inductive-type sensor
(not heated/heated)


Thermostatic switch,
temperature sensor

t° t°
Instrument cluster (dashboard)

const. V n Q t

N1 P2 P3 P4 P5 H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6
Table 1