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GSL State Championship, Category 3

Marks: 120
Time: 1 Hr

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  Write clearly, that is, make sure your handwriting is legible.
 Use pencil/ball point pen for answering.

Q1. Match the column. [10 Marks] 2. Indira Gandhi International Airport is
situated in which of the following cities?
Column A Column B a. Amritsar b. Bangalore
1. Amritsar A. Mount Abu c. Delhi d. Agra
2. New Delhi B. Puri
3. Which state in India is known as the
C. Price of Whales
“Heart of India”?
3. Rajasthan Museum
a. Uttar Pradesh
4. Orissa D. Golden Temple b. Rajasthan
5. Mumbai E. Red Fort c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Haryana
1.__; 2.__; 3.__; 4.__; 5.__
4. Which among the following is the
Q2. Match the column. [10 Marks] national animal of India?
a. Asiatic Lion
Column A Column B
b. Royal Bengal Tiger
1. Mathura A. Bhramhaputra c. Tropical Elephant
2. Goa B. Tapi d. Grasslands Giraffe
3. Surat C. Hoogly
4. Assam D. Yamuna 5. Which of the following states in India is
5. West Bengal E. Konkani considered the most literate, with more
than ninety percent literacy?
1.__; 2.__; 3.__; 4.__; 5.__ a. Goa b. Mizoram
c. Tamil Nadu d. Kerala
Q3. Choose the correct answer.
[80 Marks] 6. The alternate names for which of the
1. Which city in India is situated on the banks following mountains in India are
of river Kshipra? Sagarmatha and Chomolangma?
a. Ujjain b. Nashik a. Himalaya b. K2
c. Banswara d. Chamba c. Mount Everest d. Kanchenjunga

7. Which of the following forms of 15. Which festival is celebrated as the Nada
precipitation is normally combined with habba (state festival) in Karnataka?
hail and thunder, lasts no longer than a few a. Diwali b. New Year
minutes and is capable of creating flood c. Holi d. Mysore Dasara
a. Snow b. Cloud burst 16. Which of the following is the oldest
c. Storm d. Rain mountain range in India, running across
Rajasthan from northeast to southwest
8. The Asteroid belt of the Solar System is direction?
located between the orbits of which two a. Vindhya range b. Satpura range
planets? c. Aravali range d. Himalayan range
a. Mars and Saturn
b. Jupiter and Neptune 17. Tarapura atomic power station is located
c. Mars and Jupiter in which of the following states in
d. Mars and Venus India?
a. Maharashtra b. Madhya Pradesh
9. Covering 60% of its area, the Thar Desert c. Uttar Pradesh d. Andhra Pradesh
is situated in which of the following states
in India? 18. Which river system forms the largest
a. Maharashtra b. Karnataka delta in the world known as the
c. Rajasthan d. Haryana Sunderbans before emptying into the
Bay of Bengal?
10. Amby valley is situated in which district of a. Ganges Brahmaputra river system
Maharashtra? b. Himalayan river system
a. Raigad District c. Indus river system
b. Amravati District d. Peninsular river system
c. Pune District
d. None of the above 19. Which dam is built across the Mahanadi
River and is one of the world's longest
11. In agriculture, which type of irrigation is earthen dams?
used for the slow watering of roots? a. Nagarjuna Sagar dam
a. Lift irrigation b. Tidal irrigation b. Hirakud dam
c. Drip irrigation d. Surface irrigation c. Gandhi Sagar dam
d. Bhakra-Nangal darn
12. India shares its boundaries with how many
other countries? 20. Pluto is classified under which of the
a. Four b. Seven following categories?
c. Nine d. Five a. Gas giant
b. Dwarf planet
13. Which among the following is considered c. Terrestrial planet
as the tenure period of the post-monsoon d. Comet
season in India?
a. January and February 21. Which is the highest point of Karnataka
b. June to September in Chikkamagaluru district?
c. October to December a. Nilgiri hills
d. March to May b. Lushai hills
c. Mullayanagani hills
14. How many stars like the Sun, does the d. Anaimalai hills
Milky way galaxy have?
a. 200 billion stars 22. Charminar is situated in which of the
b. 200 thousand stars following cities of India?
c. 200 million stars a. New Delhi b. Jaipur
d. 200 gazillion stars c. Hyderabad d. Ahmedabad

23. Which city of India is known as the 32. How many dwarf planet have been
‘Garden city' of India? discovered in our solar system?
a. Shimla b. Bangalore a. 2 b. 1
c. Kashmir d. Thiruvananthapuram c. 5 d. 4

24. Temple Badrinath is situated on the banks 33. Which animal is the main attraction in
of which of the following rivers? the Kaziranga National Park in Assam?
a. Alaknanda b. Ganga a. Barking deer
c. Yamuna d. Godavari b. One horned rhinoceros
c. Panther
25. Which is the only leaning temple in the d. Sambar
world and the only one of its kind in India?
a. Bhadrakali temple 34. Which of the following crops is
b. Ashtalakshrni temple cultivated in mountain soils?
c. Bimaleshwar temple a. Rice b. Gram
d. Lepakshi temple c. Tropical fruits d. Jowar

26. Rock garden, also known as Barbotey 35. Desert soil is of which colour?
Rock Garden, is situated in which of the a. Light brown & reddish
following cities? b. Light brown & yellowish
a. Darjeeling b. Ranchi c. Light grey & pinkish
c. Jaipur d. Chandigarh d. Grey, brown & brick red

27. Which hill station in India is known as the 36. Marigold is the state flower of which
‘Glittering Jewel’ in the Himalayan state in India?
necklace? a. Rajasthan b. Gujarat
a. Gulmarg b. Nainital c. Bihar d. Sikkim
c. Ooty d. Manali
37. Which among the following is the state
28. The Chiru Tribe belongs to which state in tree of Chhattisgarh?
India? a. Coconut b. Sal
a. Mizoram b. Nagaland c. Ashoka d. Teak
c. Assam d. Manipur
38. Which of the following trees is the state
29. Name the biggest district of Andhra tree of Karnataka?
Pradesh. a. Coconut b. Sandalwood
a. Ananatapur b. Gunter c. Bread fruit d. Sal
c. Krishna d. Raigarh
39. Which of the following place is also
30. Which is the oldest newspaper of India known as Udhagamanadalam?
among the following? a. Kanyakumari b. Chennai
a. Deccan Chronicle c. Ooty d. Coimbatore
b. Hindustan times
c. Times of India 40. Which city of Maharashtra is known as
d. Indian Express 'Oxford of the East'?
a. Nashik b. Mumbai
31. Which national park is located in the c. Ahmadnagar d. Pune
Gurgaon district of Haryana?
a. Sariska national park 41. Which hill station is known as the
b. Sultanpur national park ‘Queen of Hills’?
c. Kanha national park a. Mussoorie b. Nainital
d. Eravikulam national park c. Kullu d. Manali

42. The title “Summer Capital” was given for 52. Name the largest man-made lake in
which hill station in India? India?
a. Sonamarg b. Shimla a. Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar
c. Chamba d. Almora b. Dal Lake
c. Osaman sagar
43. Apart from Banaras, Varanasi is also d. Hussain sagar
popularly known as?
a. Kashi b. Kaveri 53. The longest electric railway line
c. Kash d. None of these connects which two cities of India?
a. Mumbai - Kolkata
44. 'Bhutia' is a language spoken in which b. Kolkata - Delhi
state of India? c. Delhi - Kolkata
a. Punjab b. Sikkim d. Delhi - Mumbai
c. Manipur d. Orissa
54. Tamdil lake is located in which state of
45. What is the festival of Durga Puja called in India?
the state of Tamil Nadu? a. Nagaland b. West Bengal
a. Maha Pujo b. Bommala Koluvu c. Mizoram d. Manipur
c. Bommai Golu d. Akalbodhan
55. Which type of soil is also known as
46. The hill station Pasighat is situated in Terra Rossa soil?
which state of India? a. Saline soil b. Peat soil
a. Goa b. Madhya Pradesh c. Laterite soil d. Red soil
c. Delhi d. Arunachal Pradesh
56. Apart from Maharashtra and Karnataka,
47. The Golghar dome is located in which name the third state from where the river
state of India? Krishna flows?
a. Bihar b. Assam a. Madhya Pradesh
c. Kashmir d. Kerala b. Rajasthan
c. Andhra Pradesh
48. Horn carving is mainly done in which of d. Himachal Pradesh
the following cities of Kerala?
a. Thekkady 57. The Rankala lake is situated in which
b. Munnar district of Maharashtra?
c. Thiruvananthapuram a. Sangali b. Kolhapur
d. Idukki c. Thane d. Sholapur

49. Srinagar is the summer capital and Jammu 58. Which among the following is the
is the winter capital of which of the second highest waterfall in India?
following states? a. Dudhsagar falls
a. Punjab b. Haryana b. Jog falls
c. Kerala d. Jammu & Kashmir c. Gokak falls
d. Chitrakoot falls
50. The title ‘The Land of Kings’ has been
given to which state of India? 59. Warli painting is the art from of which
a. Rajasthan b. Gujarat state in India?
c. Punjab d. Haryana a. Meghalaya b. Assam
c. Maharashtra d. Kerala
51. Which famous monument of Lucknow is
also named as ‘Turkish gate’? 60. The cuisine of which district is
a. Bara Imambara popularly known as Malvani cuisine?
b. Shahnajaf Imambara a. Sindhudurg b. Wardha
c. Muhammad Ali’s Imambara c. Bhandara d. Akola
d. Rumi Darwaza

61. Fossil National Park is located in which 70. Which plateau is spread across
state of India? Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and
a. Madhya Pradesh Gujarat?
b. Kerala a. Deccan plateau
c. Uttar Pradesh b. Chota Nagpur Plateau
d. West Bengal c. Malwa plateau
d. Ranchi plateau
62. Amausi Airport is situated in which of the
following states? 71. Which of the following is NOT included
a. Madhya Pradesh in the ‘Seven Sister States’ of India?
b. Punjab a. Assam b. West Bengal
c. Himachal Pradesh c. Meghalaya d. Mizoram
d. Uttar Pradesh
72. India is the largest producer of which of
63. Which of the following is a place of the following minerals?
worship for those who follow the religion a. Copper b. Gold
of Hinduism? c. Zinc d. Mica
a. Gurdawara b. Church
c. Temple d. Mosque 73. Rabi crops are sown in which of the
following months?
64. Which of the following states is the largest a. August-October
producer of wheat in the country? b. April-June
a. Maharashtra b. Kerala c. October-December
c. Uttar Pradesh d. Bihar d. June-August

65. Which is the most widely read English 74. Which hill station’s climate is suitable
language newspaper in India? for the growing of strawberries and
a. Mint b. Hindustan times mulberries?
c. Indian Express d. Times of India a. Lonavala b. Khandala
c. Matheran d. Mahabaleshwar
66. Which among the following is the smallest
state of India? 75. Which city in India is situated on the
a. West Bengal banks of the river Adyar?
b. Goa a. Maharashtra b. Chennai
c. Madhya Pradesh c. Kolkata d. Orissa
d. Orissa
76. In which state is India’s largest tribal
67. Which eclipse takes place during a full fair held once in two years?
moon day? a. Andhra Pradesh
a. Solar eclipse b. Jharkhand
b. Lunar eclipse c. Kerala
c. Annular eclipse d. Uttaranchal
d. Partial eclipse
77. Which is the largest city in northeast of
68. Name of the state in India with the longest India?
coastline. a. Kolkata b. Guwahati
a. Kerala b. Assam c. New Delhi d. Chennai
c. Maharashtra d. Gujarat
78. Which among the following is an
69. What is the capital of India? example of an igneous rock?
a. Navi Mumbai b. Chennai a. Basalt b. Peat
c. Kolkata d. New Delhi c. Marble d. Gypsum

79. Which of the following rivers does not 80. Which city is situated on the bank of
form any delta? Jhelum river?
a. Kaveri b. Narmada a. Srinagar b. Lucknow
c. Sindh d. Godavari c. Ludhiana d. Mathura

Q4. Unscramble the following. [20 Marks]

1. Unscramble the word and find the process of gathering of mature crops from the fields.

2. Unscramble the word to find the name of the place where the Soorya dance festival is
performed in India. (tharuvanthrianmarup)

3. Unscramble the word to find the name of the ancient temple present at Bhubaneshwar.

4. Unscramble the word to find the name of the coffee estate of Karnataka. (rulagamkihc)

5. Unscramble the word to find the name of the place where the Vijay Stambha is located.

6. Unscramble the word to find the name of a port in Gujarat. (aankdl)


7. Unscramble the word to find the name of a river named after a Deity. (hanrksi)

8. Unscramble the word to find the name of one of the wonders of the world. (jta aahml)

9. Unscramble the word to find the name of a hill station called ‘Princess of Hill Stations’.

10. Unscramble the word to find the name of a river in North. (hsoik)

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