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Total Marks: 50 Time Allowed: 60 Minutes

Class V 1 AIMS TALENT 2016-17

TEST OF REASONING (A) 4/8 (B) 4/12
(C) 3/12 (D) None of these
1. If in a certain code language, FLAG is written as
GMBH, how will you write CAKE in that
language? 9. A bamboo is 9 cm long. If 6 cm is cut, then
how much bamboo remains?
(A) 2 m (B) 2 m
2. In the following list of numerals, how many 3s
are followed by 3, but not preceded by 3? (C) 2 m (D) None of these

2 4 6 3 3 1 5 7 8 3 3 3 4 6 2 3 3 3 3 10.
9 7 2 3
13 4 2
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

3. Thermometer : Temperature : : Barometer : ? (A) 78 (B) 54

(A) Flood (B) Pressure (C) 30 (D) 114
(C) Humidity (D) height
11. Sita had 33. If a pen costs of a rupee, how
4. Complete the series: 3
138, 161, 185, 210, ?, 263 many can she buy?
(A) 229 (B) 236 (A) 33 (B) 11
(C) 240 (D) None of these (C) 99 (D) None of these
12. Akash had 2150 mangoes. He packed 60
5. If ‘plus’ means ‘minus’, ‘minus’ means mangoes in a box. He sold 32 such boxes. 45
‘multiplication’, ‘multiplication’ means ‘division’ mangoes got spoilt and were thrown away. Find
and ‘division’ means ‘plus’, then the number of mangoes left with him.
36 + 12 x 4 - 9 x 3 ÷ 5 =? (A) 285 (B) 230
(A) 30 (B) 32 (C) 185 (D) None of these
(C) 36 (D) None of these
13. Raju has 15 in 2 and 5 coins. He has one-
MATHEMATICS fifth as many 5 coins as 2 coins. How many of
2 coins he has?
6. 1/3 of a right angle = _____ degree. (A) 6 coins (B) 4 coins
(A) 45 (B) 30 (C) 2 coins (D) None of these
(C) 60 (D) 80
7. The speed of a boat is 15 km per hour. If it has 14. 3.1125 ÷ 0.249 =?
to travel 12,000 m, how long will it take? (A) 1.25 (B) 0.125
(A) 800 hours (B) 8 hours (C) 12.5 (D) 0.0125
(C) 10 hours(D) None of these
15. Which of the following statement is correct:
8. What part of the grid is black in colour? (i) Numbers which have only 3 factors are
called prime numbers.
(ii) Numbers which have more than 3 factors
are called composit numbers

(A) (i) is correct (B) (ii) is correct

(C) Both are correct (D) none is correct

Class V 2 AIMS TALENT 2016-17

16. 750 g = ___ hg (C) 300 (D) None of these
(A) 0.75 hg (B) 7.50 hg
(C) 75 hg (D) None of these 26. Which of the following are parasites on man?
(A) Fly, mosquito (B) Bed-bug, Yak
17. 10 m/sec = ____ km/hr. (C) Cow, goat (D) None of these
(A) 18 (B) 24
(C) 36 (D) None of these 27. _______ makes things look thousand times
18. How many bricks each 25 cm long, 10 cm wide (A) Lens (B) Microscope
and 7.5 cm thick will be required for a wall 20 m (C) Spectacles (D) None of these
long, 2 m high and 75 cm thick?
(A) 8,000 (B) 16,000 28. Medicine for malaria is made from the bark of
(C) 20,000 (D) None of these ____ tree.
(A) Banyan (B) Cinchona
(C) Neem (D) None of these
19. 35 ÷ =? 29. Okra is ______.
(A) Lady finger (B) Fenugreek
(C) Fennel seeds (D) None of these
21 23
(A) (B)
25 25
(C) (D) None of these 30. Rice : Clayey soil : : Cotton : ?
13 (A) Loamy soil (B) Black soil
20. The three bells ring together at 1 O’clock. If they (C) Clayey soil (D) None of these
ring at an interval of 12, 18 and 20 minutes, at
what time they will ring next? 31. Match the following:
(A) 2 O’clock (B) 4 O’clock (1) Vitamin A (a) Beri beri
(C) 5 O’clock (D) None of these (2) Vitamin B (b) Scurvy
(3) Vitamin C (c) Night blindness
SCIENCE (4) Vitamin D (d) Rickets
(5) Iron (e) Anaemia
21. The digestive juice in our stomach is _____ in
nature. (A) (1)-(c), (2)-(a), (3)-(b), (4)-(d), (5) – (e)
(A) Acidic (B) Alkaline (B) (1)-(c), (2)-(a), (3)-(d), (4)-(b) , (5) – (e)
(C) Neutral (D) None of these (C) (1)-(d), (2)-(a), (3)-(c), (4)-(b) , (5) – (e)
(D) None of these
22. Locusts are ________.
(A) Birds (B) Insects 32. An ovary develops into a ___.
(C) Plants (D) Reptiles (A) Fruit (B) Seed
(C) Sepal (D) None of these
23. Seeds of ______ are spread /dispersed by water.
(A) Soyabean (B) Coconut 33. Which of the following is a communicable
(C) Drum stick (D) None of these disease?
(A) Typhoid (B) Whooping cough
24. _____ is a Kharif crop. (C) Both A and B (D) None of these
(A) Wheat (B) Rice
(C) Gram (D) None of these 34. An electric fire should be put off by ___.
(A) Water (B) Turpentine Oil
25. One litre of water from Dead Sea contains ____ (C) Sand (D) None of these
grams of salt.
(A) 20 (B) 200

Class V 3 AIMS TALENT 2016-17

35. ___ is essential to restore energy? 44. Match the following:
(A) Dancing (B) Walking (i) Malaria (a) Protozoa
(C) Resting (D) all of these (ii) Dysentery (b) Bacteria
(iii) Polio (c) Virus
36. Match the following: (iv) Pneumonia
Column I Column II
(i) Granite (a) Igneous rocks (A) (i)-(a), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(c), (iv)-(b)
(ii) Basalt (b) Sedimentary rocks (B) (i)-(a), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(c), (iv)-(a)
(iii) Pumice (c) Metamorphic rocks (C) (i)-(b), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(a)
(iv) Limestone (D) None of these
(v) Quartzite
45. The roofs of houses are usually slopy in ___.
(A) (i)-(a), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(b),(v) - (c) (A) Deserts (B) Hilly region
(B) (i)-(a), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(b), (iv)-(b),(v) - (c) (C) Both of these (D) None of these
(C) (i)-(b), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(b), (iv)-(a),(v) - (c)
(D) None of these 46. When Earth comes between the sun and the
moon, _____ eclipse occurs.
37. About ___% of air is Nitrogen? (A) Solar (B) Lunar
(A) 21 (B) 78 (C) Total (D) all of these
(C) 1 (D) None of these

38. Hollow bones are NOT the characteristic of

_____. 47. ___ helps to increase the fertility of soil.
(A) Crow (B) Sparrow (A) Oxygen (B) Carbon
(C) Rat (D) None of these (C) Nitrogen (D) None of these

39. ‘Mount Kea’ in Hawaii is an example of ___ 48. Work is done when an object is moved by a
volcano? ___.
(A) Active (B) Dormant (A) Energy (B) Speed
(C) Extinct (D) None of these (C) Force (D) None of these

40. Which of the following animals show 49. Stem cuttings can produce new plants in ___.
camouflage? (A) Maize (B) Rose
(A) Cow (B) Zebra (C) Sunflower (D) None of these
(C) Chameleon (D) None of these

41. Which of the following breathe through moist

skin? 50. Match the following (Edible part):
(A) Frog (B) Earthworm Column I Column II
(C) Both A and B (D) None of these (i) Turnip (a) Stem
(ii) Cucumber (b) Root
42. Which of the following mammal lays egg? (iii) Ginger (c) Fruit
(A) Rabbit (B) Cow (iv) Potato (d) Leaf
(C) Platypus (D) None of these (v) Zucchini (e) Flower

43. Study of heavenly bodies is ___. (A) (i)-(b), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(a),(v) - (c)
(A) Astronomy (B) Astronautics (B) (i)-(b), (ii)-(e), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(a),(v) - (d)
(C) Astrology (D) None of these (C) (i)-(a), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(e),(v) - (d)
(D) None of these

Class V 4 AIMS TALENT 2016-17

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Class V 5 AIMS TALENT 2016-17

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