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UNLEASHING better leaders within this TWO YEAR Biennial MOVEMENT YEARS ... "zeal to fill" 2018-2019
#PrayForSelectDISCIPLEMAKERSofMultitudes #PrayForSeriousMENTORStoOthers #PrayForSacrificialLEADERStoTEENS

March 20, 2018

HI THERE MAN OF GOD ________________________________________

You are a King’s MAN because of the authority of Christ within and upon you!
It’s a joy for me to invite you to lead 2018-2019 TOGETHER with me in the Habakkuk 2:14 idea: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of
the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” LET’S LEAD EVERYONE in THIS UNIQUE KIND of a COVERAGE, a coverage of seeing the
fullness of God’s goodness and glory all around us (from our cities, continents, communities, campuses, companies and even around our country).

OUR 7-Fold Vision for MEN

— “that by the Grace of God, we will be fathers, mentors, warriors, priests, kings, prophets & providers of our Home and Community”

encompassing all the males in His LAMBS ,YX, Tweens and UNWIND.

WHAT I AM CALLING FORTH for total commitment this 2018-2019:

¨ KINGSMEN by the grace of God becomes a model to all Young Men at His Life Ministries.
¨ KINGSMEN leadership will totally uphold with utmost conviction the HLM COVENANT (see enclosed)
¨ KINGSMEN mobilized to share their testimonies of life-change during our Sunday Worship Experiences
and even outside the “church” arena (BUSINESS, SPORTS, GOVERNMENT, MEDIA).
¨ KINGSMEN Servant Leaders supporting our House of Prayer Ministry.
¨ KINGSMEN will create Lead Groups and Life Groups all around the Philippines and ASIA.
¨ KINGSMEN organizes Quarterly CROSSOVERS

I personally invite you for TWO Years [years 2018-2019] your voluntary leadership together with me and our 12.
Please make sure to consult with your spouse and children (if you have any) together in the LORD with much deep prayer.

Your letter of RESPONSE on / or before March 27 2018 will indicate your commitment for the NEXT TWO YEARS to be part of “JR’S 12”, and thus
will have the chance to lead to be part of the HLM Council as invited (your spouse becomes an automatic counsel / advisory member of our HLM
Council). == no response MEANS you are opting to not be on JRS 12 ==

Continue to be a PRAYER WARRIOR; A FASTER; A MAN of the WORD; A Tither; and a KEEPER of our KINGSMEN 7 Fold Vision for MEN
ALL GLORY and PRAISE be to our YAHWEH Father God! PRAY and FAST regarding this LEADING.

Pastor JR here ☺
The Vision of 12 at His Life Ministries
It is a DISCIPLESHIP Small Group based approach to Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Growth.
Through this vision, the church ...
Reaching individuals for Jesus and allowing them to be transformed through following the LORD via Small Groups [LIFE GROUPS] is a method that is sustainable over
the long haul and which could be readily "exported" to any place on earth for furthering the work of the gospel.
Based upon Jesus' own approach to ministry, the Vision of 12 builds groups of multiplying leaders, gathered around FOUR basic principles that define our
process of Discipleship here at HIS LIFE:

1) WIN - First, the unsaved are won to Jesus Christ in OPEN LifeGroups, outreaches, social gatherings and Sunday Worship Experiences.

2) BOND - New believers are then "consolidated" or connected in LifeGroups and undergoes the process referred to simply as the CROSS-Course, which consists
of CROSSroads Lesson/s, CROSSover Weekend Encounter, and the CROSSway studies.

3) TRAIN - These newly connected members are discipled (TRAINED) through the LGT—Life Group Training, for the next 3 to 4 months and through Years 2 and 3 Program
on Doctrine and many more.

4) SEND - Finally, they are released to open NEW LifeGroups and begin the process of reaching out to their own friends, relatives and neighbors.


At the heart of the training process is the CROSSOVER Weekend Encounter, where participants are able to focus on the realities of Jesus' sacrifice for us on the CROSS, as well as
the ramifications of that sacrifice in the way we live daily.
The CROSSOVER Weekends are held at an "away" location (camps, retreat centers, hotels, etc.) and starts on a Friday Night till the next day/s.
Lives will be dramatically changed after attending a CROSSOVER Weekend. CROSSOVERS free people to begin training as a LifeGroup Leader, so that they might eventually lead
their own LifeGroup.

The heart of the Vision of 12 is the Discipleship LifeGroup.

The Vision and Values carrier and keeper of the Discipleship LifeGroup is the LifeGroup Leader.
Therefore, much attention is given to relationship building with potential LifeGroup Leaders and an in-depth process of training and freeing people from mental, physical and emotional
hindrances to their ability to further the work of Jesus in the earth.
The Vision of 12 does not depend upon educated, professional clergy, but rather on average, every day people who have a desire to be effective in making their world a better place to
live through furthering Jesus' mission and ministry in the world.
The Vision of 12 truly makes room for the gifts and callings of every member of a local church body to be effectively put to work for the good of their community.

LifeGroups are able to meet at any place and at any time where people gather, unlike the traditional approach of "bringing people to church" in order for them to be taught and
ministered to. In this way the church is literally turned inside-out upon the world. We believe that through the Vision of 12, we (or any body of believers) can truly fulfill the Great
Commission – “Go into all the world and make disciples!" [Matthew 28:19, 20]


MARK 3:13-19 *pray *recruit *appoint *send them out

“Later he went up on to the hill-side and summoned the men whom he wanted, and they went up to him. He appointed a band of twelve to be his companions, whom he could send out
to preach, with power to drive out evil spirits. These were the twelve he appointed: Peter (which was the new name he gave Simon), James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother
(He gave them the name of Boanerges, which means the “Thunderers”.) Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Patriot,
and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him.
LUKE 9:1-6 *call *give power and authority *demon casting, healing, preaching *bless *move
“Then He called His twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases. And He sent them to preach The Kingdom of God and to heal
the sick. And He said unto them, “Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor pack, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece. And whatsoever house ye enter
into, there abide And thence depart. And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.” And they
departed and went through the towns, preaching the Gospel and healing everywhere.”


n LIKE JESUS each of us must go up to a place of prayer — and to PRAY INTENTIONALLY for people whom the Holy Spirit chooses for us to disciple. n LIKE JESUS we have to
summon men whom we really want to invest our lives to on a LONGTERM basis. n LIKE JESUS we have to WAIT for them to RESPOND, if they really want to take the discipleship
toward apostleship journey with you. n LIKE JESUS we have to appoint and prepare a group of twelve (or a small group of men) to be our companions, whom we could SEND OUT
TO PREACH (after training), with power to drive out evil spirits. n LIKE JESUS, we have to be ready to WRITE their names on “STONE” — meaning, permanently.
n LIKE JESUS each of us must call a small group of people to UNITY and give them power and authority for ministry RESPONSIBILITIES.
n LIKE JESUS we have to SEND THEM OUT regularly to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick — OJTs of preaching and healing (or minister to others).
n LIKE JESUS we have to teach them FAITH. n LIKE JESUS we have to let the people we are training CONNECT and KNOW NEW PEOPLE therefore establish new relationships
along the way. n LIKE JESUS, we have to let our trainees understand URGENCY with a TOTAL COVERAGE MIND-SET in a given community. n LIKE JESUS, we have to LET
THEM BE THE ONE’S TO GO — in various places to preach the Gospel and heal people [RESTORE LIVES]. WE STAY, THEY GO … and sometimes we “LEAVE, THEY LEAD” :-)
REMEMBER THIS: DISCIPLESHIP is a MIRACLE! AND remember that JESUS is our MODEL. When everything FAILS, think