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when ever user enter debit with out credit at that time system automatically

populate the SUSPENSE a/C IF suspense account enable if it is disabled system

automatically shows error no6
unbalanced journal Entry Suspense not allowed.

Suspense account is an account in GL in Which amounts are temporarily Recorded. The

suspense a/c is used because the Proper Account Could not determined at the time
that the transaction was recorded. when the proper account is determined, the
amount will be moved from the suspense account to the proper account.

Retained earning account:

When we open the first period of current year GL post the net balence of all income
and expence accounts form the prior year againest the retained earning account.

It referes to the percentage of net earning not paid out ad dividends, but retained
by the company to be reinvensted in its core business or to pay debit. it is
recorded under shareholders equit on the balance sheet.

The Cumulative Translation Adjustment account is a running total of the translation

When you translate your actual balances into another currency, GL automatically
adjusts the balance of the cumulative translation adjustoment account by the net
diffrenece needed to balance your translation results.
If you have multiple companies or balancing entities within a ledger, General
Ledger automatically adjusts the balance of the translation adjustment accounts of
each company or balancing entity.
The account type must be revenue or expense.
The cumulative translation adjustment(CTA) for a foreign currency translation
adjustmetn arises as the all of the monetary assets (cash, financial assets, etc.)
are translated at the current rate, but the non-monetary assets are translated at
the historical rate. The CTA account captures the difference between these two
exchange rates in US$. Hence, the CTA amount is the balancing amount so you can
consolidate and report the Mexican operations in US$.

So what happens to the accumulated CTA balance? The CTA balance accumulated over
the years is recorded in the Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (AOCI), which
is a component of equity.

Stephen.....let me know if the above helps. If not please feel free to contact me
and I can walk you with a working example that is more specific to your situation
as I have worked with a lot of complex foreign exchange related issues.

Please note that you might need to also need to consider some other accounting
issues, such as is the net investment in the Mexican operations hedged? If yes, was
it hedged using a derivative or non-derivative. Also CTA is only released through
the income statement under very specific situations.