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o Useful expressions

Do you …
need my assistance for your bowel movement/ waterworks?
have any problem with your bowel movement/ waterworks?
feel any pain when doing bowel movement/ waterworks?
Other questions
Can you move yourself easily?
Are you fit enough to go to toilet?
Dear nurse to be, Are you able to do bowel movement/ waterworks by yourself?
Do you feel comfortable lying in bed when doing waterworks?
Do you feel comfortable sitting with head of the bed elevated,
The following is the material you need to master in or standing when doing waterworks?
order to succeed your UAS of Bahasa Inggris II.  IMPLEMENTATION STEP

I just want to … lower the head of this bed.
Do your best and invite God to do the rest. put this bedpan under your buttocks.
Good luck with your UAS..!! put this urinal between your thighs.
take this bedpan.
help you clean this area.
Will you/ Would you/ Please/ Now I want you to …
roll yourself into side-lying position.
Ms. Novi roll back onto the pan.
lift up your buttock.
Expression after Elimination
Let me help you wash your hand.
Is this position comfortable for you?
Did you break the win during elimination?


Nurse : Good morning, Mrs. Taylor. You pressed the button, is there
anything I can do for you?
Patient : Good morning, nurse. I need your help. I need to have a bowel
Nurse : Sure. Are you able to go to toilet without my assistance?
Patient : I’m not, I’m afraid.
Nurse : Okay then, let me help you. I will prepare the equipment. MODULE 12 Giving Injection
Patient : Thank you nurse.
Nurse : No problem. Now, would you roll yourself toward the edge of this  Explaining the Procedures
bed? I need to place this underpad. Fine. Now lift up your buttock, It’s time for me … to give an injection.
please? I will put this bedpan under your buttock.
to give an injection into your buttocks.
Patient : Ok nurse. to give an injection into your upper arm.
Nurse : Fine, is this position comfortable for you?  Giving Instruction

Patient : Yes, nurse. Will you/ Would you/ Please/ Now I want you to …
... sit down. … lower your pants down.
Nurse : Good, tell me if you have done.
… lie face down. … lie with face downwards.
--------------------------------------- After some minutes -------------------------------------- … roll up your sleeve. … give me your right/left hand.
Nurse : Nurse, I guess I’ve done my defecation. … lie on your tummy.
Patient : Fine, let me help you clean this area.  Cautionary Expression

Nurse : Ok, nurse. This will give a little pain.

You may feel a (little) bit uncomfortable.
Patient : Yes, it’s finished. How do you feel right now?
You’ll feel a jab.
Nurse : I feel better nurse. Thank you for your assistance.
Patient : You’re welcome, Mrs. Taylor. It’s time for me to go. If you need
anything, just press the call button. Have a nice day, Mrs. Taylor. Nurse : Good afternoon, Gaby. Have you taken a bath?
Nurse : Thank you nurse. Patient : Good afternoon nurse. Yes, I have.
o ASSISTING THE WATERWORKS Nurse : So how do you feel right now?
Patient : I feel fresh, thank you.
Patient : Nurse, would you help me? I need to do waterworks.
Nurse : Ok, Gaby. It’s time for me to give you an injection.
Nurse : Of course. Are you fit enough to go to the toilet?
Patient : Will it be painful to get this injection nurse?
Patient : I don’t think so, nurse.
Nurse : Well, you will feel a bit uncomfortable. But don’t worry, this is
Nurse : Ok, I will prepare the equipment first. Now put this urinal between
good for your recovery. Are you ready?
your thighs.
Patient : Yes nurse.
Patient : Ok nurse.
Nurse : Good girl. Now, would you lower down your pants? Fine, don’t be
Nurse : Now I want you to lift up your buttocks. Are you comfortable with
stiff. Flex your buttock, please.
this position?
Patient : It scares me, nurse.
Patient : Yes nurse. Thank you.
Nurse : It’s okay. I will make it quick. Just don’t move while I am doing the
Nurse : Fine. Now let me help you clean this area. Would you lift up your
injection. Ok, take a deep breath, Gaby. Yes, that’s it. That’s finish.
buttocks? I need to take this urinal.
Did it hurt?
Patient : Sure.
Patient : Yes, a little.
Nurse : Ok, it’s enough. Do you have any other problem?
Nurse : Ok, now you can have a rest. Bye Gaby!
Patient : No, thank you nurse.
Patient : Bye nurse!
Nurse : You’re welcome. Now I will to go back to the nurse station. Just
press the call button if you need anything. See you!
MODULE 13 Applying an Infusion MODULE 14 Taking a Lab Sample
 Explaining the Procedures  Explaining the Procedures

I’m going to … apply this infusion. I would like to … take a blood sample.
give injection into your vein. roll this tourniquet round your upper arm.
apply this tourniquet round your arm. apply this tourniquet round your upper arm.
 Giving Instruction  Giving Instruction

Will you/ Would you/ Please/ Now I want you to … Will you/ Would you/ Please/ Now I want you to …
... lie flat on your back. ... roll your sleeve up.
… roll up your sleeve. … clench your fist.
… give me your right/left hand. … open your fist.
 Reassurance (if your patient looks afraid of the injection) … hold on.
Don’t worry it’s OK. … fold your arm.
It won’t take long. … bend your arm, like this (giving an example).
I’ll do this as quickly as I can.  Cautionary and Reassurance Expression, see previous module.
Have you ever had an infusion before?
Everything will be OK.
It shouldn’t be painful. Nurse : Good morning, Mr. Panggabean. Did you sleep well last night?
o THE DIALOGUE Patient : Good morning, nurse. No, I didn’t. I went to the bathroom many
Nurse : Good morning, Joshua. Have you felt better? Nurse : Oh, did you feel any pain during your waterworks or bowel
Patient : Good morning, nurse. I still feel dizzy. movement?
Nurse : That’s okay. You just need some rest. Well, I am going to apply this Patient : No, I didn’t. I guess I’m fine with that.
infusion. Would you lie flat on the couch? Fine. Now give me your Nurse : Well Sir, it’s time for me to take your blood sample. Would you roll
left hand, please. up your sleeve, please?
Patient : Sure. Patient : Sure, nurse.
Nurse : I will apply this tourniquet round your upper arm. I will give Nurse : Fine, I’m going to apply this tourniquet round your upper arm.
injection into your vein. You will feel a bit pain.
Patient : Sure, nurse.
Patient : Nurse, I’m afraid of this injection.
Nurse : Now clench your fist, hold on. Ok, now open your fist. Fine, that’s it.
Nurse : Just take a deep breath. I’ll do it as quickly as I can. Don’t move I will take your blood sample to the lab.
while I’m injecting you.
Patient : Okay, nurse.
Patient : Ok, nurse.
Nurse : Have a great day, Mr. Panggabean.
Nurse : Fine. That’s it. Everything is well done.
Patient : Thank you, Nurse.
Patient : Thanks nurse.
Nurse : You’re welcome. Now, try to get some sleep. See you, Joshua.
Patient : See you, nurse.
apply : (v)memasang move : (v) bergerak
bedpan : (n) wadah untuk menampung bab pasien bed rest needle : (n) jarum
blood group : (n) golongan darah oxalate tube : (n) tabung utk menampung sample darah
bowel movement : (n) BAB --informal pain : (n)luka, rasa sakit
bowel sound : (n) kentut --informal painful : (adj)sakit
break the wind : (v) kentut --informal pass the wind : (v) kentut --informal
buttock : (n) pantat phlegm : (n) dahak, lendir
buttock : (n) pantat piss : (v/n) kencing
clench : (v) mencengkeram/ mengepalkan quick : (adj)cepat
comfortable : (ad) nyaman raise : (v) menaikkan
container : (n) wadah menampung sample urin/feses rationale : alasan
couch : (n) tempat tidur utk memeriksa pasien ready : (adj)siap
cough : (n/v) batuk regular bedpan : (n) bedpan dengan permukaan datar
defecate : (v) BAB --formal rest : (n) istirahat
degree : (n) derajat roll : (v) bergerak menuju
disposable gloves : (n) sarung tangan sekali pakai roll : (n) gulungan ; (v) menggulung
edge : (n) tepi roll round : (v)mengikat, menggulung, mengelilingi
elimination : (n) pengeluaran, pembersihan (aktivitas bab/ bak) saliva : (n) ludah
fist : (n) kepalan tangan side-lying : (ad) miring --dlm hal tidur
flatus : (n) kentut --formal sleeve : (n) lengan baju
fracture bedpan : (n) bedpan dengan permukaan miring specimen : (n) contoh
gallstone : (n) batu empedu spit : (v) meludah
hurt : (v)sakit, menyakiti (n) ludah
infusion : (n)infus sputum : (n) dahak, ludah
inject : (v) menyuntikkan squat : (v) jongkok
injection : (n) suntikan stool : (n) feses
intravenous : (adj) dalam pembuluh darah syringe : (n) alat suntik
jab : (v) menusukkan jarum suntik ; (n) pukulan syringe : (n) alat suntik
laxative : (adj) obat pelancar BAB thigh : (n) paha
lie : (v) berbaring tight : (adj) kuat/ rapat
lift : (v) mengangkat tights : (n) stoking wanita
long : (adj)lama tourniquet : (n) torniket, utk menghambat aliran darah
lower : (v) menurunkan tummy : (n) perut
mask : (n) masker underpad : (n) alas utk bab/bak
medication : (n)obat-obatan upper arm : (n) lengan atas
micturate : (v) BAK urinal : (n) wadah untuk menanpung bak
micturition : (n) BAK urinate : (v) BAK