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Unlike the quizzes, answering the activities weren’t time-pressured since we were given an ample of time
to finish them. For this quarter, my scores for the activities were fair since a lot of time have been rendered
to be able to answer them all. To be honest, working on your activities can be so boring. After listening to
an hour of discussion that felt like an eternity, you can feel like your hands are freezing, your body is
aching and your mind is floating. Maybe we all hate the statement “Get your activity notebooks” because
what I always here from the class is a big sigh. At time, I answer my seatwork with a drowsy mind, it is
never easy to fight it.

Statistics wasn’t that hard after all when given enough time to ponder on how the problems would be
solved. Doing the computations for frequencies and limits, and finding the measures of the central
tendency of ungrouped and group data went good because of the time to think and analyze on how they
would be done. With the newly gained knowledge and notes written in your notebooks, it is not
impossible to get an acceptable score for each of the activities.

My scores for my activities were far better than my quizzes and thankfully, I still have something to excel
into for my grades not be as low as the quizzes. It is everyone’s hang-on-to just to pass the subject. Given
that Mathematics can be so hard, we should do whatever it takes to keep us climbing. The activities also
helped me to make my grades in Integrated Mathematics better because of my a-bit-low scores in quizzes.

My scores in the quizzes went a bit low because of time pressure brought about by statistics. I
was surprised by a score of 26 out of 49 in the first quiz because I became reckless in computing for the
class real limits, midpoints, tally, and frequencies. The scary thing about answering statistics-related
problems is that you have to be sure with your answers because it might affect the whole outcome.

For the second quiz, I was quite challenged with find the measures of central tendency that was
why I got a score of 61 out of 93. There was a lot of formula to memorize and I was a bit confused during
the examination especially that we were only given one hour to answer it.

Third quiz was a bit arduous. It kind of included everything that was discussed and because of a
bunch of formula to keep in mind for the grouped and ungrouped data, I only managed to get a score of
41. Nevertheless, I still have survived throughout the test.
First quarter has been good so far and I studied hard come the periodical examination in
Integrated Math. I focused on computing fast for statistics especially in getting the class real limits,
midpoints, and frequencies and on the central tendency for me to finish the exam on time.

I got an average score of 76 and it was enough for me as someone who does not quite excel in
mathematics that much. Statistics was, in my opinion, a good discussion that really trained students in
finishing tasks on time, which can be a good starting point in taking other examinations that require a very
limited time.

Although I have studied the concepts and practiced computing for the measures, there were still
some items that have left me startled and confused, not knowing what formula to use and the way of
computing it. Nonetheless, a score of 76 was already enough for me not to get drowned by low grades
in the subject

Sequences of series are quite fun. The formula were easy to get and use. For the activities, I got high
scores since aside from the enough time given, solving arithmetic sequence and series is fun and should I
say a bit easy.

I enjoyed solving arithmetic sequence and series since they can also be used to a lot of things especially
in abstract reasoning and related problems. Also, there were shortcuts to get the answers without going
through long computations.

My scores for my activities kind of met my satisfaction although at some point, there were some I didn’t
get correctly since the topic also gets harder as we explore other types of sequence and series, but overall,
learning the concepts about it was an additional knowledge I need for future use.

Since I find this topic a bit easy, I was able to get only four mistakes for the first quiz. It was somehow
satisfying to get that kind of score, knowing the fact that it is a rare moment for someone like me. The
topic seems to get my interest that was why I truly enjoyed solving such.

I got 54 out of 58 and that was something I am happy of. The thought of getting that kind of score was
completely absurd for me, but since I just made it happen, there is no way for me to float on the absurdity
and impossibility.

However, although I find it a bit easy, it doesn’t totally mean I find the whole discussion alike. There were
parts in the lesson that I had a hard time with. Arithmetic sequence or series was the part I find easy the

Come the periodical examination, I was dumbfounded by how hard the test was, well for me at least.
Although I find sequence and series a bit easy, I kind of got a low score in my examination, mainly because
it was composed mostly of binomial theorem stuff, which I find so hard to solve, and only few items were
about sequence and series.

I only got a score of 36 which was low enough to have my final grade be pulled down but gratefully, I have
retention during the second quarter which saved me from any possible condition that may cause me sad
emotions. But I never took in for granted in the first place although with the fact that I have rentetion.

Binomial expansion and binomial theorem were super hard for me because I again have to comprehend
theorems to be able to answer problems, which was arduous for me since I am not good at analyzing
mathematical thing. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful I was saved from being put down.

For the third quarter, we discussed function which was so complex for me. I scored 13 for my first quiz
because I was not to study all the concepts taught in the lesson. I was not able to get the symmetry and
end behavior of graphs because I’m still confused on how to get it.

There were things which were needed to memorize to get the answers for the end behavior but they were
too many and I wasn’t able to fully memorize them because of the limited time I spent for studying and
that’s one reason why I got that kind of score.

I got 19 for the other quiz which was consistently low for me. My take-home quiz score was high since
more time to analyze and think. Perhaps, this kind of topic is really my weakness, or should I say this
subject. Consequently, having a limited time to study a complex topic wouldn’t work well, unless you’re a

This time, even the activities were really hard and an ample time to render for it wouldn’t be enough. My
scores for the activities, unlike the past quarter, turned out low. It is because the discussion was just so
broad I couldn’t catch up well.

The binomial expansion, as can obviously be read in the its title “expansion”, is just so long that you have
to be quick in answering and analyzing the problems before time gets ahead of you and you wouldn’t
anymore have time to finish it all.

My scores for the activities were really low, so to say. It’s not enough to give me high final grade for this
quarter because I know, I never had one.
The periodical exam as expected was so hard and the given time was not enough for me to finish
everything on the examination. The items include a lot of problems that you need to expand and I have
forgotten everything I studied for mathematics.

It just did not turn out that well caused by the very limited time for the very complex problems that will
take up your time for almost 10 minutes. There were a lot of items that I was not able to answer and some
of the items that I have gotten to were also wrong that was why my score was low and I’m not surprised.

I only got 25 in my periodical exam. Starting from the concepts, I was not able to score even a point
because I was confused by how the questions was stated and also, I have forgotten to study them.
Especially to the part where it needed solving, I only scored few points, garnering 25 in all.



I cannot present both my quizzes because I lost the first one. Anyway, I can still describe if I did
good in my first quiz. Obviously, I failed my first ever exam in Calculus. I know that is sad but it is too late
to regret and you can still do well on the next quiz and even in the activities. As you all know, I am really
not good in Math but that is not an excuse to make.

For everyone’s information, I enjoyed Calculus a bit before we got to the Third Quarter. For me,
though I had failing marks in this quarter, it was the easiest for me. In my second quiz, it was unbelievable
that I got a score of 28 out of 35. I even took that quiz without even scanning through my notes before,
but that is not something to be proud of. That is purely laziness.

Maybe the odds were holding back on me taking my first quiz, but was with me when I answered
the second. Studying is the key to achieve more! But for me it does not work like that. I even took an exam
last school year and I studied all night for that. I didn’t even get a passing score. But do not be like me
because whatever I learn, that just passes through my right ear and leaves my left ear. Retain everything
in your mind. Study hard until your hair falls off!