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February 22, 2018,

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Cassidy Shostak whom I had the pleasure of teaching at the
University of Lethbridge. Cassidy was in my Language in Education class the fall of 2016 and in
my Early Literacy class in the summer session of 2017.

Cassidy was one of those students who truly stood out in class. She always came eager to learn,
to share her ideas and thoughts, to question, to actively participate in all activities, and to be a
leader to her peers. One of Cassidy’s many strengths was to be able to listen intently, process
what she heard and then thoughtfully respond in a constructive and positive manner to move
our learning and conversations forward. She was extremely well organized and keenly
interested in always learning more. She set high expectations for herself and would consistently
seek feedback from myself and her peers in order to reach her goals and to produce the best
work she could. She was able to take feedback in a positive manner and apply it to improve her
learning curve. Cassidy was very creative and always tried to come up with ideas that would
engage the learner. She wasn’t afraid to take risks in her learning and was very purposeful in
her planning and delivery of her lessons and presentations.

Cassidy was a team player who could work well with any of her peers. She could always be
counted on to give feedback in a positive and encouraging manner to her peers and added
energy and a positive culture to our classroom, a trait I am sure she will carry with her to her
own classroom. She always came to class with a smile ready to tackle whatever came her way.
Cassidy was one of those students who would stay after class to confer with another student, to
consult with myself or to help tidy up from our activities. She understood the many facets of
teaching and was good at building relationships inside and outside of the classroom setting.

I am confident that Cassidy will continue to grow and develop into an outstanding member of
our teaching profession. She is the kind of person I would want my grandchildren to have as
their teacher; kind, genuine, happy, encouraging, and a problem solver. Cassidy would be an
asset to any school community and would consistently contribute to creating an amazing school

If you require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me at 403-393-5841 or


Rhona Harkness
University of Lethbridge
Education Faculty