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I am immensely grateful to G.Gautama, Director-Secretary of The Paalar Centre for Learning

(Pathashaala, Outreach and Krishnamurti Study Centre) for inviting me into a rare and
extraordinary educational experience and creating the space for me to grow and discover myself.

I am thankful to my mentors K.Ramesh, Uma Iyer, Seetha Ananthasivan, S.Balakrishnan,

Sumitra .M. Gautama, Esther Anand, Aravind Venkataraman, Ramkumar Mahadevan,
Yasaswani Sampathkumar, Padmavathy Sundararajan, Sonia Aravind, S.N. Sampath, Bina
Shivram and Kamala Anilkumar for guiding me, encouraging me, supporting me and opening
doors for me at various points of time.

I am extremely thankful to my Uncle and Aunt, Charles Lawrence and Helen Lawrence for
editing my manuscript in such meticulous detail and for being there and supporting me during
the entire journey of this book.

The gratitude I feel towards my mother is beyond what words can express. Summer or winter,
success or severe hardship, together or apart, she is the sole person who has always been there
for me, trusted in me, nurtured me and stood by me, and I know she always will.