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GMK is a leading supplier of ammunition, When GMK entered the law enforcement/
firearms and related products to the UK police MOD supply market, it was with a strong
and MOD. GMK’s comprehensive portfolio of and successful background of supply in the
products includes: commercial sector. GMK was founded around
n Beretta, Benelli, Sako, Tikka, Stoeger and the simple principals of obtaining the best
Franchi firearms products available, keeping these in stock
and offering excellent customer service.
n Federal, CCI, Speer and Sako ammunition
GMK continue to follow these guiding
n A-Zoom & Force on Force training rounds
principles, which have made us the UK’s leading
n Leupold, Steiner, Burris, Sightmark , Laser distributor to the law enforcement/MOD sector.
Devices and DCL optics We are now proud to be following this tradition
n Ledwave tactical lights in the Civilian-Militaria market.   

n Peltor, Bollé,Lexa and Uvex eye protection

n 3M Peltor and Sordin hearing protection

n Bollé, PEZT Co. tactical goggles and eyewear

n Newcon & Pyser night vision equipment

n Shooting accessories and rescue tools

n Tetra gun maintenance products

n A unique range of specialist tactical apparel

2 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

4 Firearms
5 Shotguns
8 Pistols
10 Carbines
11 Rifles
13 Ammunition & Training rounds
16 Force on Force - clothing
17 Optics
17 Binoculars
24 Close Quarter Sights
26 Riflescopes
27 Riflescope Accessories
31 Spotting scopes
31 Laser devices
38 Rangefinders
39 Heavy Weapon Sights
41 Night vision
44 Protection
44 Earmuffs & Accessories
49 Earplugs
50 Radio Accessories
51 Goggles & Glasses
55 Lights & Torches
59 Shooting Accessories & Rescue Tools
62 Pyrotechnics
71 Clothing & Accessories
71 Taser accessories
72 Holsters
73 Rifle bags
75 Cartridge Pouches

76 Ammo Carriers & Bags

78 Clothing & Accessories
80 Vests
81 Helmets & Armour
82 Cases
83 Gun Maintenance

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GMK are proud to be the UK distributor for

the Beretta Group range of firearms.

Beretta is the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world,

dating back to 1526. Still run by the Beretta family,
the company produces advanced firearms which are
known worldwide for their quality and reliability.
Beretta ARX160
In the defence and law enforcement market, the
Beretta Group offers dedicated solutions that are able
to meet the stringent requirements of today’s military
and police forces worldwide, with a range covering
everything from semi-automatic pistols in a range
of calibres, to tactical shotguns, 9mm and 5.56mm
carbines, and highly accurate sniper rifles.

The constant efforts in research and development by

all the companies within the group enable the design
of reliable products with outstanding performance,
which are the ideal defence tools for both military
and law enforcement use.

Beretta ARX160
Specifications Beretta ARX160
Developed to be the most effective weapons on
the battlefield, the ARX160 delivers a tested and Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm NATO/7.62 x 39/6.8 x 43
trusted tool of defence. The weapon's improved Barrel Length 12" – 16"
efficiency in the field results from innovative Overall Length Extended Stock: 920mm (16" barrel). 820mm (12" barrel)
engineering geared specifically for the soldier and
Collapsed Stock: 855mm (16" barrel), 755mm (12" barrel)
L. E. Officer.
Folded Stock: 680mm (16" barrel). 580mm (12" barrel)
The ARX160 is engineered to require minimum
Overall Width 80mm
lubrication, while providing maximum reliability in
the most extreme conditions. Overall Height With magazine and flip-down sights: 250mm
With magazine and flip-up sights: 280mm
Sometimes the smallest details matter the most,
like which way your spent cases eject. With Overall Weight (Without Magazine) 3.1kg (16" barrel), < 3kg (12" barrel)
ambidextrous ejection that reverses quickly

Operating system Gas operated - Short stroke piston

and easily, you have complete control in any
tactical situation. Locking System Rotating Bolt

Every moment counts. If you have ever fumbled Safety Selector/Switch Military 3 positions: Safety, Single round, Full auto Ambidextrous Selector
with pins in the sand, the mud or the dark, you LE Model 2 positions: Safety, Single round, Ambidextrous Selector
will appreciate the completely pin free ARX160.
Ejection Ambidextrous
This allows the weapon to be quickly and
easily field stripped and reduces cleaning and Iron Sights (Detachable) Front sight adjustable in elevation and windage
maintenance time. 5 position rear sight (up to 600m)

Available as A2/A3 configuration see Magazine Capacity 30 rounds

www.berettadefence.com Rate of Fire ~ 700 Rounds/Min
Cocking Lever User adjustable, left or right handed

4 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Benelli Supernova

The Benelli SuperNova pump-action shotgun features a stock and receiver

housing made of reinforced technopolymer with a highly streamlined shape.
In addition, the SuperNova is available with a ComforTech® stock, effectively
reducing felt recoil. There is an MOE model with a pistol grip stock and also
available is a telescopic stock which reduces the overall dimensions of the gun.

Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun

features a self-adjusting two-piston gas-intake
system and a locking mechanism with a two-lug

rotating head. Therefore, the M4 Super 90 operates

safely and impeccably with different shotshells, in
all environmental conditions and even with low
maintenance. The current British Army military
shotgun in service in Afganistan.
GRIP RAIL NSN-1005-15-197-9498
Dedicated four way Picatinny rail
for the Benelli M4 combat shotgun.

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Benelli M3

The Benelli M3 is a shotgun with a dual operating system; semi-automatic and pump-action.
With this system, the weapon can be used as a semi-automatic merely by operating a lever,
which makes it easy to use and quick to recock, or as a pump-action weapon taking any type
­­ of
cartridge, from weak (minimum propelling charge) to powerful.

Benelli M2

The Benelli M2 Tactical is a powerful, high-tech and versatile semi-automatic shotgun. It comes
with a matte black synthetic stock. In addition, the M2 is available with a tactical ComforTech® stock
that effectively reduces felt recoil providing a faster second shot target acquisition than any other
comparable shotgun.

Pistol Grip stock


Beretta 1301 Tactical

The 1301 Tactical Beretta shotgun has been developed to offer a trusted and tested product in any
condition and use for law enforcement. A new design and a rearward gas system position allows
the 1301 to shoot a wide variety of ammunition in any different type of position.
n 18.5" Barrel
n Oversized Bolt knob and Bolt Release
n 5+1 Mag capacity

6 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

BENELLI MUZZLE BREAKS A single point sling
Muzzle breaks available for the complete range of
Benelli shotguns, offering a stand-off capability.




A one position bungee sling


Benelli M4 Super 90 Benelli SuperNova Benelli M2 Tactical Benelli M3 T Super 90 Beretta 1301
Gauge 12 12 12 12 12
Barrel chamber 76 mm (3") 89 mm (3½") 76 mm (3") 76 cm (3") 76 cm (3")
Barrel length 47cm / 35.5 cm 47cm/35.5 cm 50 cm/47 cm 50 cm 47 cm
Chokes Internal chokes Internal chokes. Internal chokes. Slug barrel Fixed Cylinder
Slug Barrel Slug barrel Slug barrel
Sights Adjustable peep rear sight. Adjustable peep rear Windage and elevation Windage adjustable rear Ghost sight rear and
Adjustable blade front sight sight. Fixed front sight adjustable rear sight. sight. Fixed front sight front. Protected and
with side protections with side protections Fixed front sight adjustable.

Operation Semi-automatic, Manual, pump action Semi-automatic, inertia Semi-automatic, inertia Semi-automatic, inertia
gas-operated with operated. Pump action operated. Manual pump operated. Manual pump
double gas cylinder action action
Magazine capacity 47 cm barrel: 47 cm barrel: 47 cm barrel: 6/7 47 cm barrel: 47 cm barrel:
6/7 shotshells 6/7 shotshells with shotshells 6/7 shotshells 5+1 shotshells
35.5 cm barrel: mag extension 35.5 cm barrel: 35.5 cm barrel:
4/5 shotshells 35.5 cm barrel: 4/5 shotshells 4/5 shotshells
4/5 shotshells 65cm barrel: 8/9

Stock Metal telescopic stock, Reinforced Integral with receiver Metal folding stock, Black synthetic
equipped with rubber recoil technopolymer and forend. equipped with recoil pad. and
pad. telescopic stock with Pistol grip rubber stock
ComforTech® recoil Telescopic Stock with Pistol
Pistol grip or fixed stock
pad. Grip/ MOE grip handle

Safeties Manual with reversible Manual with reversible Manual with reversible Manual with reversible Manual with reversible
extended push-button. extended push-button. extended push-button. extended push-button. extended push-button.
Safety retaining pin. Safety retaining pin. Safety retaining pin. Safety retaining pin. Safety retaining pin.

Overall length 101(1) cm /89.4(2) cm 103(1) cm /91.5(2) cm 104(1) cm /101(2) cm 103.5 cm 96 cm

Length with retracted or
88.6(1) cm /77(2) cm 90.6(1) cm /79(2) cm - 78 cm -
folded stock

Please enquire for custom options (1)

With longer barrel, (2) With shorter barrel

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Beretta 921A DEC 2008

Beretta U.S.A.
The legendary Beretta 921A has earned its Corp. Wins Largest
reputation as the most tested and trusted U.S. Military Handgun
Contract to provide
personal defense weapon in military history. up to 450,000 Beretta
Selected by a multi-national roster of defense Model 92FS
and law enforcement organisations, each Beretta pistols
921A must pass a battery of more than 3,000
quality control checks and measures that includes
complete interchangeability of parts before leaving
Beretta Px4
the factory.
The new Beretta Px4 Storm pistol is the most advanced example of
technological and aesthetic features in a semi-automatic sidearm.
n Interchangeable grips; small, medium and
large are available
n Ambidextrous safety catch and decocking
lever options
n Ambidextrous magazine release button options
n Rotary bolt and locking mechanism – increases stability and improves Stoeger
accuracy; ideal for inexperienced officers CougAr
n Easy to strip and maintain The Stoeger 8000
Cougar semi-auto pistol
inherits the formidable reputation of the
original Beretta model as a reliable, potent
pistol. Initially designed primarily as an
undercover gun, the Cougar is now carried
by growing numbers of police officers
worldwide as their official duty sidearm
because of its superior ergonomic design, low
recoil and inherent accuracy.

lagan lanyard
ATS- 00001

8 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Beretta pistol characteristics

Model Calibre Magazine Action Safeties Overall Barrel Overall Overall Sight weight
capacity Length Length width height Radius unloaded
(*) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
(rounds) (g)
Px4 Storm F 9mm x 19 NATO 17 Single/Double A-MOC 192 102 36 140 146 785
40 S & W 14 Single/Double A-MOC 192 102 36 140 146 785
Px4 Storm G 9mm x 19 NATO 17 Single/Double A-LOC 192 102 36 140 146 785
40 S & W 14 Single/Double A-LOC 192 102 36 140 146 785
Px4 Storm D 9mm x 19 NATO 17 Double Only A 192 102 36 140 146 785
40 S & W 14 Double Only A 192 102 36 140 146 785
Px4 Storm C 9mm x 19 NATO 17 Constant A 192 102 36 140 146 785
40 S & W 14 Constant A 192 102 36 140 146 785
Px4 Storm SD 45 ACP 9 Single/Double A-MOC 210 115 36 145 149 800
92 A1 9mm x 19 NATO 15, 17 Single/Double A-MOC 216 125 38 140 155 140
40 S & W 10, 12 Single/Double A-MOC 216 125 38 140 155 140
92 FS 9mm x 19 NATO 15 Single/Double A-MOC 217 125 38 140 140 140

96 40 S & W 11 Single/Double A-MOC 217 125 38 102 102 102

92 Compact L 9mm x 19 NATO 13 Single/Double A-MOC 217 125 38 115 115 115
92 D 9mm x 19 NATO 15 Double Only A 217 125 36 137 147 880
Practice Kit 22LR 10 - A-MOC - 130 - - 172 -
(92 Pistols)
8000 F Cougar L 9mm x 19 NATO 13 Single/Double A-MOC 180 92 32 126 131 800
8000 F Cougar L 9mm x 19 NATO 15 Single/Double A-MOC 180 92 38 140 132 850

Type P 40 S & W 11 Single/Double A-MOC 180 92 38 140 132 840

8000 D Cougar L 9mm x 19 NATO 13 Double Only A 180 92 32 126 131 790
8000 D Cougar L 9mm x 19 NATO 15 Double Only A 180 92 38 140 132 840

Type P 40 S & W 11 Double Only A 180 92 38 140 132 830

9000 S Type F 9mm x 19 NATO 12 Single/Double A-MFC 168 88 42 122 132 755
40 S & W 10 Single/Double A-MFC 168 88 42 122 132 785
9000 S Type D 9mm x 19 NATO 12 Double Only A 168 88 31 122 132 730
40 S & W 10 Double Only A 168 88 31 122 132 760
84 FS Cheetah 9mm Short 13 Single/Double A-MFC 172 97 35 122 124 660
81 FS Cheetah 7.65mm 12 Single/Double A-MFC 172 97 35 122 124 685
87 Cheetah 22LR 8 Single/Double A-MF 172 97 33 120 124 570
87 Cheetah S 22LR 8 Single/Double A-MF 195 120 33 120 124 585

(*) A = Automatic firing pin block always active- MOC + Manual safety on the slide with hammer decocking device - LOC + Manual lever on the slide with hammer decocking function only -
MFC + Manual safety on the frame with hammer decocking device - MF + manual safety on the frames

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Beretta Cx4 (9mm Calibre)

The Beretta Cx4 Storm semi-automatic
carbine is a law enforcement firearm with
a particularly captivating appearance and
simplicity of use. The blowback type locking
system and the bolt safety ensure reliability,
great stability and precision in follow up shot.
The extractor, the ejector and the cocking Extensive use of technopolymers has allowed the
handle are easily reversible for right and left development of a light and technically advanced
hand use. firearm as well as equipping it with very modern and
ergonomic lines.
The manual safety button and the magazine
release button can also be reversed from one Rounded forms are snag free and facilitate handling
side of the carbine to the other*. The cold and rapid shouldering and aiming.
hammer forged barrel is chrome lined and
* This operation should be carried out by a gunsmith
made of high resistance steel for maximum
resistance to corrosion and increased
barrel life.

Benelli MR1 (5.56mm Calibre) n Versatile – Telescopic 5-position adjustable stock.

The MR1 is the first Benelli semi-automatic rifle 5,10 and 30 round magazine options
specifically designed for law enforcement use. n Adaptable – Receiver Picatinny rail, up to three more
Compact, sturdy and reliable, the MR1 deserves serious Picatinny rails may be mounted on the hand guard
consideration from any force that is considering
improving or upgrading their .223 capability. n Practical – Self adjusting gas system; 2-part receiver
for ease of stripping and maintenance
n Compact – 318mm Barrel*. Overall length of
778mm with stock fully retracted *406mm and 510mm barreled versions are also available

Model Cx4 Storm MR1

Calibre 9 mm x19 .40 S&W .45 ACP .223 Rem
Operation Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Stock - Telescopic, 5-position adjustable, with pistol grip
(fibre-reinforced technopolymer) - Fixed, optional
Integral with frame, pistol grip.

Adjustable length by means of modular spacers Fixed with pistol grip, optional
Magazines (rounds)* 10, 15, 20 10, 11 8 5, 10, 30
Safeties Manual, push-button. Automatic firing pin block. Manual, locking sear and trigger movement.
Bolt travel safety lock. Device blocking cocked hammer from Inertia firing pin.
Sight system Front sight adjustable for elevation and windage.Two-position flip Front sight and diopter are “ghost sight”. Front fixed
aperture: m 50 or m 100. Both sights can be folded down blade. Diopter adjustable for elevation and windage
Barrel length(1) mm 422.5 mm 318 (12.5") mm 406 (16")
Overall length - mm 778 mm 825
(telescopic stock fully closed)
Overall length - mm 896 mm 943
(telescopic stock fully extended)
Overall length (fixed stock) mm 755 – 800 mm 902 mm 950

10 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013



Sako TRG M10

The operational requirements within the military and law enforcement sniper community are increasingly changing and the industry is challenged to provide
solutions which will adapt to any and all of these. The new SAKO TRG M10 sniper weapon will become another benchmark in the weapon industry. The SAKO TRG
M10 is a new generation sniper weapon boasting features such as quick change barrel system, multi caliber capability, operator configurable system, modularity,
reliability and ruggedness, not forgetting the absolute precision at all ranges.
SAKO TRG M10 is available in three calibers, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag and all these in multiple barrel lengths. Modular multi caliber capability
enables the operator to change barrel and caliber in field conditions within minutes and without the use of any special tools or equipment. Fully adjustable rear
stock comes in variants folding either to right or left side.

TRG M10 with short fore-end and16" barrel

Short Fore-End Long Fore-End

Barrel length 408.5 mm 509.5 mm 602.5 mm/ 656 mm 408.5 mm 509.5 mm 602.5 mm 656 mm
/16 in /20 in 28.5 in /26 in /16 in /20 in /23.5 in /26 in
Overall length Rear Stock 936 mm/ 1037 mm 1130 mm 1186 mm 936 mm 1037 mm 1130 mm 1186 mm
Open 36.85 in /40.83 in /44.49 in /46.69 in /36.85 in /40.88 in 44.49 in /46.69 in

Rear Stock 689 mm/ 790 mm 883 mm 939 mm 689 mm 790 mm 883 mm 939 mm
.308 WIN Folded 27.13 in 31.1 in /34.76 in / 36.97 in /27.13 in /31.1 in /34.76 in /36.97 in
Overall Weight 5590 g/ 5850 g 6140 g/ 6140 g 5780 g 6040 g 6330 g 6490 g
12.32 Ibs /12.9 Ibs 13.54 bs /13.54 bs /12.74 lbs /13.32 Ibs /13.96 Ibs /14.31 Ibs
Magazine Capacity: 11 Cartridges
Cartridge Length: Internal dimensions of the magazine allow 74.4 mm/2.93" Cartridge Overall Length
Rifling Twist Rife 1 /11" ( Four Grooves)
Barrel length 408.5 mm/ 509.5 mm/ 602.5 mm/ 656 mm/ 408.5 mm/ 509.5 mm/ 602.5 mm/ 689 mm/
16 in 20 in 28.5 in 26 in 16 in 20 in 23.5 in 27 in
Overall length Rear Stock n/a n/a 1130 1216.5 n/a n/a 1130 mm 1216.5 mm
Open /n/a /n/a mm/44.49 in mm/47.89 i /n/a /n/a /44.49 in /47.89 in
Rear Stock n/a n/a 883 969.5 n/a n/a 883 mm 969.5 mm
.300 WIN Folded /n/a /n/a mm/34.76 in mm/38.17 in /n/a /n/a /34.76 in /38.17 in
Overall Weight n/a n/a 6105 g/ 6380 g/ n/a n/a 6295 g/ 6570 g
/n/a /n/a 13.46 lbs 14.07 lbs /n/a /n/a 13.88 lbs /14.48 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 7 Cartridges
Cartridge Length: Internal dimensions of the magazine allow 88.4 mm/3.48” Cartridge Overall Length

Rifling Twist Rife 1/11” (Four grooves)

Barrel length 408.5mm 509.5 mm 602.5 mm/ 656 mm 408.5 mm 509.5 mm 602.5 mm 689 mm
/16 in /20 in 28.5 in /26 in /16 in /20 in /23.5 in /27 in
Overall length Rear Stock n/a 1037 mm 1130 mm 1216.5 mm n/a 1037 mm 1130 mm 1186 mm
Open /n/a /40.83 in /44.49 in /47.89 in /n/a /40.83 in /44.49 in /46.69 in
Rear Stock n/a 790 mm 883 mm 969.5 mm n/a 790 mm 883 mm 939 mm
.338 Folded /n/a /31.1 in /34.76 in /38.17 in /n/a /31.1 in /34.76 in /36.97 in
Overall Weight n/a 5770 g/ 6055 g/ 6310 g/ n/a 5960 g 6250 g 6500 g
/n/a 12.72 lbs 13.35 lbs 13.91 lbs /n/a /13.14 lbs /13.78 lbs /14.33 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 8 Cartridges
Cartridge Length: Internal dimensions of the magazine allow 101.6mm /4” Cartridge Overall Length (May require modification of
Rifling Twist Rife 1/10” (Four grooves)

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Sako TRG Medium Range

Sako TRG long range

Sako TRG is a total accuracy

concept designed to fulfill
the needs of special forces
and law enforcement long-
range marksmen around the
world. Available in two models,
the Medium Range TRG and
the Long Range TRG Fixed
and folding stock options
are available.

TRG Medium Range with Folding Stock

n Available in .308 Win, .300 WM and .338 n Rear support adjustable for height with
Lapua Mag calibres fine adjustment
n Ambidextrous folding stock option n Double stage adjustable trigger
n Adjustable cheek piece n Recoil reducing muzzle brake
n Butt plate adjustable for length of pull, n Forward and receiver mounted Picatinny rail
height and cant n Full range of custom factory built
accessories available

Tikka T3 Tactical

n Available in .223 Rem, .300 WM n Fully phosphatised barrel and action

and .308 Win calibres n Stock adjustable for length
Specially developed for heavy duty use by
n Fully free-floating 20" match grade barrel n Cheek piece adjustable for height
law enforcement agencies, the accuracy of
the Tikka T3 Tactical is in a class of its own. n Muzzle Brake supplied as standard n Detachable box magazine

Tikka T3 Tactical Sako TRG Sako TRG

Medium Range Long Range
Calibre 223 Rem 308 Win 300 Win Mag 308 Win 308 Win 300 Win Mag 338 Lapua Mag
Rifling Pitch 1: 8" 1: 11" 1: 11" 1:11" 1:11" 1: 11" 1: 10"
Barrel length 51 cm 51 cm 60 cm 50.8 cm 66 cm 68.5 cm 68.5cm
Overall length 102 cm 102 cm 111 cm 76.0/110.5 cm 91.0/115.5 cm 96.5/120.5 cm 96.5/120.5 cm

Weight unloaded, Kg 3.600 Kg 3.600 Kg 3.700 Kg 5.800 Kg 6.150 Kg 6.300 Kg 6.200

Magazine 6 rounds 5 rounds 5 rounds 10 rounds 10 rounds 7 rounds 5 rounds
Single row, detachable 2-row, detachable
Trigger Single stage trigger. Single set trigger on request Double stage trigger
Safety Manual on trigger and bolt Manual on trigger and firing pin
Barrel Stainless steel on request. Three-chamber muzzle brake on request Muzzle thread standard
Sights Picatinny rail standard. Adjustable open sights on request Without sights. Picatinny rail on request

Fore-stock Fiberglass reinforced black polymer stock with ambidextrous palm Aluminum reinforced composite stock, matte black or military green,
swell and adjustable cheek piece. Black rubber recoil pad. Length of fully adjustable (adjustable cheek-piece and butt stock).
pull adjustable with spacers. Three inserts for heavy duty hook-type Integral shooting or carrying sling-swivel rail and quick mount
sling swivels. Wide forend with swivel stud for adjustable bipod attachment for adjustable bipod

12 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


ammunition & training
In law enforcement you need to be at your TACTICAL® HST®
best all the time. Whether it’s training on The next generation in high performance duty
the range or in operational situations, you ammunition. HST® offers consistent expansion
need to be at the top of your game. That’s and optimum penetration for terminal
why Federal, Speer and Sako manufacture performance. A specially designed hollow-point
their ammunition to such high standards. tip won't plug while passing through a variety
Through proven performance, the latest in of barriers and this bullet holds its jacket in
ammunition technology and continued new the toughest conditions. HST is engineered to
product development, these products give provide 100% weight retention through most
you the best option, no matter what the barriers and impressive expansion.

The reputation these companies have built up in

the law enforcement community wasn’t given to
them; it was earned. Their products hold up in all
law enforcement situations, and it's no surprise
that they are the number one choice for law
enforcement ammunition. This excellence carries
over to all their products, from high-volume training
rounds to the most specialised duty ammunition.

Tactical Bonded
Federal's Tactical Bonded rifle ammunition is made
exclusively for law enforcement. It achieves accuracy
and terminal performance unmatched by any other
ammunition, and is the preferred choice for barrier
penetration. It is designed to defeat the toughest
barriers with minimal deflection or deviation for the
most critical situations; the image below shows .308
Tactical Bonded penetrating 1" tempered glass and
demonstrates zero deviation from intended point
of impact. This product is available in both .308
and .223 calibres.

Speer Gold Dot

Jacket/core separations are the main cause of bullet n Exclusive Gold Dot construction virtually
failure and a real problem for traditional lead-core, eliminates core-jacket separations
jacketed hollow point bullets. Speer's superior n Patented Gold Dot cavity forming process
process bonds the jacket to the core one molecule uses two stages for superb control of
at a time, a process that takes over 20 hours to make terminal effects and high retained weights
each Gold Dot Bullet, virtually eliminating core
n Core and jacket simultaneously notched
jacket separations. The result is a cartridge that is
providing very symmetrical expansion
engineered to provide shot-to-shot uniformity and

n Large volume cavities increase surface area

ensure optimum performance when fired through
a variety of barriers. within the cavity for
low-velocity expansion

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ammunition & training ROunds

9mm Luger .308 Winchester

Code Product Code Product
FED-AE9AP American Eagle 9mm Luger 124 gr FMJ FED-308A Classic ∙308 Win 150gr Power-Shok SP
FED-AE9DP American Eagle 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ FED-308B Classic ∙308 Win 180gr Power-Shok SP
FED-AE9N1 American Eagle 9mm Luger 124 gr TMJ Lead Free Primer FED-AE308D American Eagle ∙308 Win 150gr BT FMJ
FED-BC9NT3 Ballisticlean 9mm Luger 100 gr CQT Frangible FED-F308FS2 Fusion ∙308 Win 165gr SP
FED-P9CSP1 Premium 9mm Luger 124 gr EFMJ FED-GM308M Gold Medal ∙308 Win 168gr Sierra Match King BT HP
FED-HS1G1 Tactical Hydra Shok 124gr JHP FED-XMLE308T1UK Premium ∙308 Win 165gr Tactical Bonded
FED-HS2G1 Tactical Hydra Shok 147gr JHP LE308TT2 Federal ∙308 Win 165gr Tactical Bonded Tip
FED-XMP9HST1MET Premium HST 9mm 124 gr JHP FED-XMAE308D American Eagle ∙308 Win 150gr BT FMJ Laquered*
SPR -53618 Speer 9mm 124 gr Gold Dot HP SAK-P629080A Sako ∙308 Barnes 165gr Powerhead
SAK-P629041A Sako ∙308 Win 168gr Sierra Match-King BTHP
SAK-P629235A Sako ∙308 Win 150gr Super Hammer Head JSP
SAK-P629236A Sako ∙308 Win 180gr Super Hammer Head JSP
Handgun Ammunition SAK-PE29038A Sako ∙308 Win 185gr FMJ Subsonic

Code Product Sundry ∙308 Tracer

* Special Order Only
FED-AE9MK 9X 18 Makarov 95gr FMJ .300 Winchester Magnum
FED-A38B American Eagle 38 Special 158 gr LRN Code Product
FED-AE357A American Eagle 357 Magnum 158 gr JSP
FED-300WBS Classic ∙300 Win Mag 180gr Soft Point Hot-Cor
FED-AE380AP American Eagle 380 Auto 95 gr FMJ
FED-P300WP Premium ∙300 Win Mag 180gr Barnes Triple Shock
FED-AE40R1 American Eagle 40 S & W 180 gr FMJ Ball
FED-P300WR Premium ∙300 Win Mag 165gr Barnes Triple Stock
FED-AE44A American Eagle 44 Rem Mag 240 gr JHP
FED-P300WT1 Premium ∙300 Win Mag 200gr TBBC
FED-AE44B American Eagle 44 Rem Mag 240 gr JSP
SAK-P633041A Sako ∙300 Win Mag 168gr Range Head
FED-AE45A American Eagle 45 Auto 230 gr FMJ
SAK-P633236A 300 Win Mag 180gr Super Hammerhead
SPR-5230 Speer 45 ACP 230 gr Blazer Brass FMJ
SAK-P633028A Sako .300 Win Mag 220gr Hammer Head
* Other calibres to special order
7.62 x 39
.223 Remington
Code Product
Code Product
HWC-00002 7.62 X 39 FMJ
FED-AE223 American Eagle ∙223 Rem 55 gr BT FMJ
HWC-00002 7.62x39 FMJ
FED-AE223N American Eagle ∙223 Rem 62 gr BT FMJ
FED-BC223NT5 Ballisticlean ∙223 Rem 42 gr CQT Frangible Shotgun Cartridges
FED-BC223NT5A Ballisticlean ∙223 Rem 55 gr CQT Frangible Code Product
FED-LE223T1 Premium ∙ 223 Rem 55 gr Tactical Bonded JSP FED-F127-00 Classic 12 Gauge 9 Pellets 00 Buck
FED-XM223AMET/T223A Tactical Urban ∙ 223 Rem 55 gr Power-Shok SP FED-F127-RS Classic 12 Gauge 1 Ounce HP Rifled Slug
FED-XM223LMET/T223L Tactical Urban ∙ 223 Rem 64 gr Power-Shok SP
FED-LE127-00 Tactical 12ga 2¾” 00 Buck
FED-XM223T3MET Tactical Rifle ∙223 Rem 62 gr Tactical Bonded JSP
FED-LE132-DB Tactical 12ga 2¾” Door Breach
FED-XM223T1MET Tactical Rifle ∙223 Rem 55 gr Tactical Bonded JSP
FED-LEB127-RS Tactical 12ga 2¾” 1oz Ball Slug
SPR-24448 Speer ∙223 Gold Dot 64 gr Bonded SP
HWC-00001 Barnaul 62 gr FMJ Lacquer Plated Sundry 12ga Birdshot 6, 7½

Sundry ∙223 Tracer FED-LE13200 12ga 2¾” 00 Buck Low recoil 9 Pellet
FED-LE13300 12ga 2¾” 00 Buck Low recoil 8 Pellet

Stock Code Abbreviations Glossary
Code Product FED - Federal* BT - Boat Tail

FED-FP12 12 Gauge Field Trial Blanks (Full Length) 2¾” Case SAK - Sako EFMJ - Expanding Full Metal Jacket
CCI - CCI Speer FMJ - Full Metal Jacket
FED-X12SB 12 Gauge Black Powder Saluting Blank
*Ex-Blanks HP - Hollow Point
FED-X223B ∙223/5∙56 Blank for Long Blank
JSP - Jacketed Soft Point
FED-X223B1 .223/5.56 M200 Blank For the full range of ammunition LRN - Lead Round Nose
FED-X223B2 .223/5.56 M200A1 Blank available, please contact GMK Sales SP - Soft Point

FED-X308B ∙308/7∙62 Blank on 01489 587500 TMJ - Total Metal Jacket

CQT - Close Quarter Tactical
FED-X9MMB 9mm Blank for Glock and MP5
www.le.atk.com JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point
HOF-000002 7.62x39 Blank www.federalpremium.com GDHP - Gold Dot Hollow Point
FIO -00002 .38 Special Blank www.cci-ammunition.com

14 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Force on force / A Zoom

Force on Force™ marker rounds boast superior performance,

signature marking and reliable ballistics. Unlike other products on
the market, Force on Force Marker rounds are lead-free and thus
safer for indoor use, environmentally friendly and prevent lead
contamination. The marking agent has an extended shelf-life
and leaves a distinctive mark on the target.
The marking agent never dries out on clothes, making quick wipe
downs a breeze and machine washes even easier. Compatible with
and approved for usage in Glock training & Sig fof weapons.

FED- FF9B1 9mm Paint - Blue (1000)

FED- FF9G1 9mm Paint - Green (1000)

FED- FF9R1 9mm Paint - Red (1000)

FED- FF9W1 9mm Paint – White (1000)

FED- FF9NM2 9mm Paint – Non -Marking (1000)

FED- FF556 Available for M4 platforms -

call for details of conversion kits


Precisely dimensioned for function testing and shooter training. These

dummy rounds are not snap caps, but rather precisely dimensioned,
functional dummies. A-Zoom Training Rounds are CNC machined from
solid aluminium which is hard anodized. A-Zoom dummies are widely
used when teaching firearms safety.

n Training rounds are the same size as

real ammunition

n A-Zoom Training Rounds load in a magazine/action just like real


n Teach safe loading and unloading

94680 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) 12ga

94681 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) 20ga


94682 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) 28ga

94683 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) ∙410ga

94690 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair)

(5 Pack) 9mm

94692 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) ∙223

94693 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) ∙243

94695 Pachmayr A-Zoom Drill Round (Pair) ∙308

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
ammunition & training


Force 2

With just two pieces, the Force Two Helmet and Neck
Armour, this system gives users complete protection
to the head and face plus has adequate cheek weld.
A Kevlar helmet must be worn with Force Two
Force 1 Helmet. This system allows users to train without
bulky gear—giving them excellent manoeuvrability
This set-up features the Force One Helmet, Neck
for training in a variety of scenarios.
Armour and a Padded Hood for total protection.
With this three-piece system, you'll be able
to focus all of your concentration on the
scenario and not worry about uncomfortable,
ineffective equipment.

*Note: Force One helmet must be worn with Force One MASK FFHD18
padded hood.

Force Two MASK FFHD2

Force One Padded Hood FFPH1

Force Two Neck Armor FFNK1


Force One Neck Armor FFNK1

16 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Law enforcement and military professionals Steiner Ranger Extreme BINOCULARS

rely on their binoculars to give them clear State-of-the-art High-Contrast-Optics prevent reflection and give you
and focused images at all ranges in all clear and razor-sharp images. The large field of vision of 120m and the
operational conditions. excellent twilight output guarantee the Ranger Extreme outstanding
light values, whilst only weighing 486g. Ranger Extreme Binoculars
Whether you need exceptional range, small and were designed for a lifetime of rugged use: the super-tough Makrolon
compact, or lightweight yet resilient, if it's dark or fibre reinforced polycarbonate body resists scratches and shock, and
bright, or if the conditions are wet or dusty (or just there is a limited 10 year warranty.

plain tough!), if you need the additional features of
STE-51060900 8 x 42
a compass bearing, or a range finder, or a specific
STE-51070900 10 x 42
reticule then there will be a pair of binoculars in our
extensive ranges from the world’s most respected STE-51090900 8 x 32
manufacturers to help you accomplish your task. STE-51090900 8 x 56

As the largest and arguably the best manufacturer

in the world of Civilian and Military binoculars
Steiner – Optik Gmbh are proud to be now taking
their expertise, experience and dedication to the
field of Military sight systems. An innovative range
of optics based on the principles for which their
binoculars are famous.

Steiner Safari Pro BINOCULARS

Equip yourself with the glare and UV blocking
optics of the Steiner Safari Pro series binoculars.

Built with a sturdy, impact resistant fiber reinforced

polycarbonate chassis and then wrapped with a edgy,
yet stylish coat of armouring.

The new Steiner Safari Pro series block nearly 100% UV-A
and UV-B light and cut glare like the best sunglasses.

All Safari models are built to last through decades of

rugged use, and are resistant to rain and shock.
They include a specially designed case and come with
a 10 year limited warranty.
STE-44040900 8 x 30
(Porro Prism)
STE-44560900 8 x 22
Steiner NightHunter extreme
BINOCULARS STE-44760900 10 x 26
STE-44060900 10 x 30
Dawn, dusk, in the shadows or even in nearly total
darkness, you will see what others miss with Steiner's
Nighthunter Extreme binoculars, which deliver
unparalleled low-light performance.

Nighthunter Extreme technology sets a new standard

in brightness to let you see in almost impossible
light conditions.

All Nighthunter Extreme models are built for several

lifetimes of rugged use, constructed to U.S. mil spec
standards for shock, fog, and waterproof performance,
and include a 30
year warranty.
STE-52440000 7 x 30 (Porro Prism)
STE-52140000 8 x 30 (Porro Prism)
STE-52240000 8 x 56 (Porro Prism)
STE-52810000 8 x 44
STE-52910000 10 x 44

www. gmktp.co.uk 3

The Steiner Commander Military C features a range finding reticule Steiner’s ARDs avoids unwanted reflection of light from optical
combined with an illuminated HD-stabilized compass. This 8x30 model is surfaces. It fits on every Military 8×30’s and Military 7×50’s/10×50’s
lightweight, compact, and fits easily in a coat pocket; brilliant optics deliver binoculars and works by a brand new and state-of-the-art technology
excellent performance in low light. Whilst the 7x50 configuration, combined in the form of a honeycomb.
with Steiner's brilliant optics, give this model the highest light transmission
ability of any compass binocular on the market to use at night or in poor
light conditions. Also available with Laser Protection Filter (LPF).

Standard R With LPF


Commander Military
STE-6971 STE-69712
8 x 30 C *
Commander Military
STE-5502 STE-55022
7 x 50 C *
Commander Military
STE-7532 n/a
V 7 x 50 C Blue * STE-4830 30mm
* (Porro Prism).
STE-6450 50mm


The Steiner Military series is extremely
The Steiner Commander Military 15x80 C is easy
rugged, versatile and light weight. Choose
to use, gives a wider field of view and is easier
from models designed for enhanced
on your eyes under long viewing times than
performance over a broad range of uses
a single tubed spotting scope. With two large
which are universally suitable for military
80mm objective lenses and Steiner's excellent
and governmental services. All feature
optics the 15 x 80's deliver unrivalled low light
a 10-year limited warranty, rainproof
performance. Originally developed for Military
construction, temperature range, rubber
and Border patrol use these binoculars are Mil
armouring, multi coated optics, individual
spec shockproof and waterproof and are rubber
eyepiece focus and are nitrogen filled via
armoured for toughness. A tripod mount is
a two way valve system. Also available
included, but these binoculars are light enough
with Reticle (R), Lighted Reticle and/or
to be hand held. Also available with Laser
Laser Protection Filter (LPF).
Protection Filter (LPF).

STE-5901 8 x 30
STE-5951 10 x 50

Without Reticule With Reticule

Standard STE-5901- Military 6 x 30 STE-5902- Military 6 x 30 R
STE-5911- Military 8 x 30 STE-5912- Military 8 x 30 R
STE-5971- Military 7 x 50 STE-5972- Military 7 x 50 R
STE-5951- Military 10 x 50 STE-5952- Military 10 x 50 R
STE-5961- Military 15 x 80 STE-5962- Military 15 x 80 R
STE-5381- Military 20 x 80 STE-5382- Military 20 x 80 R
STE-6562 - Commander military STE-5530 Military 7x50
15x 80 C C Lighted Reticule
With Laser Protection STE-59012- Military 6 x 30 LPF STE-59022- Military 6 x 30 R LPF
STE-59112- Military 8 x 30 LPF STE-59122- Military 8 x 30 R LPF
STE-59712- Military 7 x 50 LPF STE-59722- Military 7 x 50 R LPF
STE-59512- Military 10 x 50 LPF STE-59522- Military 10 x 50 R LPF
STE-59612- Military 15 x 80 LPF STE-59622- Military 15 x 80 R LPF
STE-53812- Military 20 x 80 LPF STE-53822- Military 20 x 80 R LPF
Commander Military STE-65622 - Commander military
15 x 80 C *
15x 18 C
N.B. All models above are Porro Prism

STE-5962 15 x 80 R
18 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013
BAK 4 prisms ensure optimal brightness and clarity in all light conditions, and the
Porro prism binoculars are in instant focus once adjusted for the user’s eyes. No
additional adjustment is necessary when scanning a landscape from 20 yards to
infinity. The Police binoculars feature black colour rubber armouring with bold
"POLICE" lettering giving them an official look that sets them apart from Steiner’s
military and civilian models.

STE-4831 Police 7 x 50 (Porro Prism)
STE-4832 Police 10 x 50 (Porro Prism)
STE-4836 Police 8 x 56 (Roof Prism)
STE-2004 Tactical 10 x 28 (Roof Prism)
STE-4836 Tactical 8 x 24 (Roof Prism)

With the new Commander XP STEINER once again sets a new competency in marine
binoculars and revolutionizes the standard. Its new benefits like the innovative Nano
Protection, the ClicLoc Eyecup System, the extra-rugged NBR-Longlife rubber armouring
and the newly developed water-pressure-proofness down to 10 metres are sure to impress.
They have been created for the particular requirements of waterborne usage and are
available with or without compass.

STE-7450 Commander XP 7x50 STE-7550 Commander XP 7x50

with compass
STE-7455 Commander XP 7x30
STE-7555 Commander XP 7x30
with Compass

www. gmktp.co.uk 3

STEINER navigator
The Navigators offer plenty of advantages: sturdy water pressure proof construction down to 2m and maximum versatility.
Designed to deliver clear vision and bright images with specially coated High-Contrast-Optics even in difficult light conditions.
Steiner's legendary Sports-Auto-Focus ensures instant sharp viewing in any situation even at varying or rapidly changing
distances — without the need to constantly refocus.

The super tough Makrolon® fibre reinforced polycarbonate body and an extremely compact construction make the Navigator 7x50
absolutely rugged and shock resistant. Added comfort with the slip-proof rubber armouring.

STE- 7625 Navigator 7x30 STE-7135 Navigator 7x50 with compass

STE-7635 Navigator 7x50 STE-7125 Navigator 7x30 with compass

Renowned for their robust assembly, innovative design and
technical innovation, Steiner have produced a revolutionary new
binocular, the Cobra.

Thanks to the High Contrast Optics and the Dynamic Contrast

Coating, you will see like never before. It works by blocking the
colours of haze and foliage while enhancing the visibility of other
colours like brown or red. It also boosts the contrast of an body
against their surroundings making them more visible against the
background of bushes, trees and shade; they literally have no
where to hide

STE-58960900 Cobra 8 x 42

STE-58960900 Cobra 10 x 42

20 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Steiner has developed a compact tactical and military
binocular incorporating the newly developed SUMR
targeting reticule system. Using new optical system
formulations, new, fully multi-coated optics and
a completely new shock and waterproof housing
the Steiner Tactical 10x42 R binocular delivers a new
standard of performance in a tactical binocular allowing
faster and more accurate communications between
the spotter/observer and weapons delivery personnel.
STE-58850 Tactical 10 x 42 R (Roof Prism)
STE-2005 Tactical 10 x 42 R (no reticle)


The Steiner Military binoculars are now also available with a
built in laser rangefinder, which utilises an eye-safe invisible
FDA Class 1 laser in the left half of the unit. The digital display
is superimposed over the image seen in the unit’s right half.
STE-5915 Military 8x30 Laser Rangefinder with Reticule
(Porro Prism)
STE-5954 Military 10x50 Laser Rangefinder with Reticule
(Porro Prism)
STE-5953 Military 10x50 Laser Rangefinder no Reticule
(Porro Prism)


Optical and navigational technology combined with ease-of-
use in a lightweight, rugged package. The flux-gate compass
in the Commander Digital features a completely redesigned
microprocessor that computes up to 15 bearings per second,
providing greater reliability for instantaneous digital bearings
that are precise to one degree, even with inclination angles
up to 10 degrees. Its simple functionality, makes it easy to use
and provides fast, accurate bearings in any situation.
Also available with Laser Protection Filter (LPF).

Standard With LPF

Commander 7 x 50 * (Porro Prism).
STE-7820 STE-78202
DC *

www. gmktp.co.uk 3


Leupold® BX-2 Cascades’® in-line design makes them trim, lightweight, and easy to grip in
any conditions. One of the greatest values in current binoculars, the BX-2 Cascades offers
high performance optical capability and a lifetime of rugged durability - all in an affordable,
easy to employ package.

Leupold® offers an incredibly wide range of binoculars, n An outstanding low-light performer

in both full-size and compact models, high-tech roof n The multi-coated lens system ensures maximum brightness for clarity, contrast,
prism designs and classic Porro prism models. Whether and color fidelity
you’re looking for high performance or affordability, the

Leupold binocular you choose will deliver exceptional n Slim, in-line design is ergonomic and easy to grip in all weather conditions
brightness and clarity, ruggedness, and waterproof
n Generous eye relief and twist-up eyecups for comfortable extended viewing,
integrity in all conditions.
even with eyeglasses

n Close focus distance of 10 feet

n Armor coated, rugged, and waterproof

Leupold BX-2 Acadia Covered by the Leupold® Limited Lifetime Warranty

The BX-2 Acadia delivers powerful magnifaction in a slim LEU-111738 8 x 42 Black
design. Feature rich and affordable, these roof prism
binoculars offer outstanding clarity, contrast, and brightness LEU-111741 10 x 42 Black
in any light.
n Ergonomic roof-prism design is slim, lightweight, and fits
well in any size hands
n The Multicoat 4® lens system ensures brightness, clarity,
and optimal contrast, even in low light
n Phase coated roof prisms significantly increase resolution
for a sharp sight picture from edge-to-edge of the
visual field
n With a wide field of view, it’s easy to follow movement
n Generous eye relief for comfortable extended viewing,
even for inexperienced users
n The diopter focus paddle allows you to precisely
focus your binocular, compensating for differences
between your eyes
n Armor coated, rugged, and waterproof PORRO PRISM BINOCULARS
With their incredibly wide range of interpupillary adjustment, Yosemite®
LEU-111746 8 x 42 Black binoculars fit the faces of more people than most full-size binoculars

LEU-111748 10 x 42 Black
LEU-115471 10 x 50 Black LEU-67715 6 x 30 Black
LEU-67725 8 x 30 Black

22 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Leupold BX®-4 McKinley HD binoculars
The new BX®-4 McKinley HD binoculars deliver the most amazing optics
in stunning High Definition™, with vivid colours and sharp images
across the entire visual field. The Advanced HD™ Lens System gives
you astounding performance in all light and weather conditions. The
objective lenses are rare element coated to give superb colour rendition ReDfield rebel
and razor sharp resolution.
The slim Rebel™ is a perfect all-purpose optic thanks to its short
LEU-117789 8 x 42 Black minimum focus distance and impressive field of view. The Rebel’s
advanced BAK4 Prism System helps you define objects so you
LEU-1117790 10 x 42 Black
can easily distinguish targets from background. In addition, this
binocular features twist-up eyecups for use with or without
eyeglasses, a heavy-duty focus knob, fully multi-coated lenses and
an armoured construction.

Leupold BX3 MOJAVE BINOCULARS n Generous eye relief and twist-up eyecups for comfortable
extended viewing, even with eyeglasses
The open bridge design fits well in any hand and is extremely
lightweight. Fully multi coated lenses are combined with L-Coat BAK n No fumbling around, even with gloves, thanks to heavy-duty
4 prisms to provide excellent photopic transmission for a clear bright focus knob knurled
image under any condition.
n Brightness. Resolution. Edge clarity. Three things you need to
LEU-111766 8 x 42 Black spot a target all thanks to the advanced BAK4 Prism System.
These top-quality prisms help define objects so you can easily
distinguish target from background

n Fully multi-coated lenses guarantee a bright, sharp image

to spot your target. These lenses maximize transmission of
fading light for strong performance in twilight conditions.
Eliminate muddy images thanks to crystal-clear resolution
and accurate colour reproduction

n Armor coated, cost effective, rugged, and waterproof

Covered by the Leupold® Limited Lifetime Warranty

RED-67605 10 x 42
RED-67610 8 x 32

www. gmktp.co.uk 3

Leupold Mark 4 1-3 x 14 CQ/T Tactical Riflescope

The Leupold® Mark 4 CQ/T is a revolutionary optical sight
for tactical firearms such as the Colt M4 or H&K G36. Developed in
cooperation with both the US military and law enforcement agencies,
the Mark 4 CQ/T combines the close range strengths of a red dot
sight, with the added ability to increase power and accurately engage
mid range targets.

Versatile, rugged and reliable,

the Leupold CQ/T demands serious

consideration from any force looking

to upgrade their current carbine sighting
system or considering a complete new weapon
and sighting system purchase.

Leupold 1 x 14 Tactical Prismatic

The Leupold 1x14 Prismatic Sight combines the rapid target
acquisition and wide field of view of a non magnifying red dot sight LEU-67435 - with 3.5 MOA Dot
with the added benefit of a glass etched circle dot reticule visible Cross slot mount
with or without illumination. LEU-65930 - with 7.5 MOA
delta - all mounts
n Wide field of view
n Removable Illumination mode –
the reticule is visible with or without illumination
n Integrated mounting system with four different
height options
n ½ MOA click windage and elevation adjustments
n Waterproof and durable
n Lockable fast focus eyepiece


BURRIS Fastfire 3 LEUPOLD MARK 8 IMS mounting system

This small, lightweight, LEU-110296
rugged sight is a great
fast target acquisition
sight for close range
stalking rifles, shotguns,
handguns and tactical
rifles. A target-directed
light sensor automatically
adjusts the brightness
of the 4 MOA red dot.
Although it has an
On/Off switch, simply
placing the protective cover activates the built-in Battery Save
mode. Each sight is supplied with a
Weaver-style/Picatinny-style mount.

BUR-300232 - with mount

BUR-300233 - no mount

24 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


n The Mark 4 HAMR is a tough, compact, operation ready


telescopic sight designed for day or night use. Etched
glass reticule patterns provide traditional, precise distance
marksmanship with close-in aiming speed and can be
seen with or without illumination. Guaranteed to be 100
percent water and fog proof it is designed to withstand
the rigours of modern day service.

n The CM-R2 reticule was designed to allow users to

successfully estimate range and engage targets with
greater flexibility than generally possible with
standard reticules.
LEU – 110995

n The addition of the 7.5 MOA Leupold Delta-point red dot

sight greatly enhances the versatility of the HAMR
by providing instant target acquisition when needed.


Designed for all weapons with a picatinny rail this sight incorporates
everything an officer needs into one versatile unit.

n 1.1 – 8x magnification, sacrificing range for FOV is no longer a requirement,

this combined with the 8 settings of illumination means that whether
you are engaging at close quarter or distance, accuracy is never
compromised. Absolutely waterproof and fog proof this sight is
designed for whatever the weather can throw at it.

LEU-110121 NSN-1005-01-591-2160

The all-new Mark 6 1-6x20mm scope was engineered based on the years of elite riflescope
making expertise in order to deliver relevant performance features to competition shooters and
tactical operators in mid-range to CQB scenarios. Built around a rugged, ultra-bright daylight
visible illumination system, the Mark 6 1-6x20mm offers a true "both eyes open" situational
awareness at 1x, while also offering the ability to identify and engage targets out to several
hundred meters at high magnification. Several notable mechanical/optical advances include
the new low-profile, mil-based ZeroLock™ windage and tactical features that are common
throughout Leupold’s Tactical product line. Hands down, the most commonly used phrase
we hear from tactical end users is, “smaller, lighter, faster” when describing the perfect optic.
Elevation dials to prevent unintentional adjustment in the field and caliber-specific front focal
plane reticles.
The Mark 6 3-18x44mm sets a new standard for high performance in a small, lightweight
package. With a length of just 12 inches and weighing in at 23.6oz, this optic sets the standard
for high-end riflescopes and is 20% shorter and 20% lighter. In addition, the Mark 6 series
offers state-of-the-art tactical features that are common throughout Leupold's Tactical
product line.


www. gmktp.co.uk 3

Leupold® riflescopes are arguably some of the most dependable, highest LEUPOLD MARK 4 LONG RANGE TACTICAL RIFLESCOPES
performing riflescopes you’ll find anywhere. Their accuracy is proven in the field. - 30mm Tube
Their rugged and absolute waterproof integrity is unquestionable. They are
everything a tactical shooter could ask for.
LEU-52128 MK4 3.5-10 x 40 Long Range/Tactical M1, Mil Dot
LEUPOLD MARK 4 MID RANGE TACTICAL RIFLESCOPES - 30mm Tube LEU-51850 MK4 3.5-10 x 40 Long Range/Tactical M3, Mil Dot
LEU-54560 MK4 4.5-14 x 50 Long Range/Tactical
n Index Matched Lens System for n Guaranteed to be 100% waterproof/

LEU-54680 MK4 6.5-20 x 50

optimal brightness, positive target fog proof, and is designed to
Long Range/Tactical
identification, and edge-to-edge withstand the rigors of the modern M1, Mil Dot
resolution in all conditions battlefield
LEU-54690 MK4 8.5-25 x 50
ADJUSTMENTS n Night-vision compatible, the Leupold Tactical
n Finger-adjustable, knurled windage Special Purpose Reticle, Mil Dot, and M1, Mil Dot
and elevation adjustments with TMR reticles available in select models
audible, tactile clicks for precision for precise shot
and repeatability placement in
30mm MAINTUBE low light
n The 2.5-8 x 36mm MR/T M1 and M2
have 90-MOA of both elevation
and windage adjustments,
to engage targets at
1,000 yards without

LEU-59100 MK4 1.5-5 x 20

Mid Range Tactical Special
Purpose Reticule
LEU-67905 MK4 1.5-5 x 20
Mid Range Tactical Illuminated LEUPOLD MARK 4 LONG RANGE
Special Purpose Reticule (30mm tube) ILLUMINATED RETICULE
LEU-67910 MK4 2.5-8 x 36 Mid
Range Tactical M1 Illuminated Mil Dot
(30mm tube).

LEU-67930 MK4 3.5-10 x 40 Long

Range/Tactical M1,
Illuminated Mil Dot
LEU-67945 MK4 3.5-10 x 40 Long
Range/Tactical M3,
Illuminated Mil Dot
LEU-67955 MK4 4.5-14 x 50 Long
Range/Tactical M1,
Illuminated Mil Dot
LEU-67970 MK4 6.5-20 x 50 Long
Range/Tactical M1,
Illuminated Mil Dot
LEU-67980 MK4 8.5-25 x 50 Long
Range/Tactical M1,
Illuminated Mil Dot

26 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

riflescopes & accessories


Leupold’s® Mark 4® Extended Range/Tactical M5 Front Focal riflescopes

are designed to let you take advantage of the reach and power of today’s long-range
LENS SYSTEM rifles. At 20x or even 25x, you’ll have the superior clarity needed to positively ID targets,
n Leupold’s® proprietary Multicoat 4 lens system for and the generous range of windage and elevation adjustment gives you the accuracy
superior low-light brightness and fine detail resolution and precision you demand at even the most extreme distances. M5 turrets adjust by

1cm @100M per click. (0.1 mil).
n Removable threaded covers prevent adjustments from
accidentally changing. Select models include ¼-MOA
or ½-MOA click T1 or T2 adjustments LEU-110082 6.5-20 x 50 Mark 4® Extended
Range/Tactical M5 Front Focal
n Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece LEU-110083 8.5-25 x 50 Mark 4®
Extended Range/
n Large dial has a tactile power indicator with aggressive Focal
knurling to provide a sure grip in all conditions


LEU-56187 Sunshade to fit 40mm object matte scopes - 2.5" long
LEU-56190 Sunshade to fit 40mm object matte scopes - 4.0" long
LEU-52350 Sunshade to fit 50mm object matte scopes - 2.5" long
LEU-52353 Sunshade to fit 50mm object matte scopes - 4.0" long
LEU-48807 Leupold Lens Pen
LEU-115387 Mark AR 1-5-4 x 20 Tactical Adj Obj, Firedot LEU-59012 Leupold magnetic zero point boresighter

LEU-115370 Mark AR 3-9 x 40 P5, Tactical, Fire Dot TMR Green LEU-53574 Scope Cover - Medium
LEU-53576 Scope Cover - Large
LEU-115390 Mark AR 3-9 x 40 P5, Tactical, Mil Dot
LEU-53578 Scope Cover - Extra Large
LEU-115392 Mark AR 4-12 x 40 P5 Tactical Adj Obj, Mil Dot LEU-54857 Scope Cover - for CQT
LEU-115399 Mark AR 6-18 x 40 P5 Tactical Adj Obj, Mil Dot LEU-53580 Scope Cover - XX Large
LEU-54804 Ballistic Chart - 1"
LEU-54778 Ballistic Chart - 30mm

www. gmktp.co.uk 3

As the largest and arguably the best manufacturer

in the world of Civilian and Military binoculars
Steiner TacticaL 3-12 x 56
Steiner – Optik Gmbh are proud to be now taking
their expertise, experience and dedication to The 3-12 x 56 provides the same features as the 3 -12
the field of Military sight systems. An innovative x 50 but with enhanced light gathering in low light
catalogue of sights based on the principles for conditions. The 56mm objective lens provides extra
which their binoculars are famous. light transmission in all conditions.

n Aircraft Grade aluminium

n 11 Illumination setting

n 1st Focal Plane

n Nitrogen Filled
Steiner Tactical 1-4 x 24
n Waterproof to 5m
The perfect scope for assault weapons and
CQB environments. With true 1x magnification, n G2B Mil Dot
enabling better situational awareness combined STE-8783
with a reticule designed for accurate ranging and
quick target acquisition.

n Aircraft Grade aluminium

n 11 Illumination setting
n 2nd Focal Plane Rapid Dot Reticule
n Nitrogen Filled
Steiner TacticaL 4-16 x 50
n Waterproof to 10m
The 4-16 x 50 is the ideal choice for locating
STE-8785900208 (5.56) and engaging targets at long range, optical
excellence and extreme ruggedness make this
STE-8785900201 (7.62)
the ideal choice for the modern operator.

n Aircraft Grade aluminium

n 11 Illumination setting
n 1st Focal Plane
n Nitrogen Filled
n Waterproof to 5m
n G2B Mil Dot

Steiner Tactical 3-12 x 50

The ideal choice for multi-tactic and scenario
operators. Professional ruggedness and precise,
well thought out, control systems allow
successful deployment under all
weather conditions.

n Aircraft Grade aluminium

n 11 Illumination setting
n 1st Focal Plane
n Nitrogen Filled
n Waterproof to 5m
n G2B Mil Dot

28 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Steiner Tactical Scopes are available with a choice of reticules

G2B Firedot MSR

Steiner Military 5-25x56

The ultimate scope for tactical and sniper rifles. Offering unrivalled light gathering
capability with high magnification and elevation travel to allow shots beyond 1500 m.

n Guaranteed light gathering of over 90%

n 34mm tube
n 11 Illumination settings
n Front focal plane
n G2B or MSR reticule
n Waterproof to 10 m
n Made in Germany


Steiner MILITARY SCOPE 3-15x50mm

The STEINER Telescopic Sight Military 3-15x50 mm is made for locating,
identifying and engaging targets at long distances. Optical excellence combined
with extreme ruggedness ensure brilliant performance that tactical shooters
can rely on.

n Guaranteed light gathering of over 90%

n 34mm tube
n 11 Illumination settings
n Front focal plane
n G2B or MSR reticule
n Waterproof to 10 m
n Made in Germany


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RIFLESCOPE accessories

Leupold ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICES Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Mounts Leupold QR Mount (Quick Release)
LEU-62875 Leupold MK4 Anti-Reflection This mount system employs a slot and spline design, n Promises repeatable accuracy
Device - 36mm and comes in 1-Piece and 2-Piece configurations. n Remove and reattach a scope using our QR™
LEU-62880 Leupold MK4 Anti-Reflection n Mark 4® bases accept Mark 4 rings, cross-slot rings, mount and still return to within half an inch of
Device - 40mm and QRW™/PRW™ rings the original point-of-impact on the target
LEU-62885 Leupold MK4 Anti-Reflection n Bases have a ¼ degree slope for long-range n The strength of machined steel construction
Device - 50mm
shooting applications n Proven in extensive testing
LEU-62955 Leupold MK4 Anti-Reflection
n Mark 4® Super High rings specifically designed for
Device - 60mm
use with flat top mounting configurations

n Mark 4® bases are available for nearly every long-

range tactical weapon in use
n Rugged steel construction

Leupold QRW
(Quick Release Cross-slot Format)
n Brings Leupold® accuracy to the quick release
cross-slot format
n Steel detachable accuracy mounts that are
based on the familiar cross-slot design
n Use the QRW™ mounts to achieve
detachable accuracy

Leupold PRW Rings

(Permanent Cross-Slot Format)
n Permanent Cross-Slot Stability
n Steel rings that are based on the proven
cross-slot design
n Uses the Leupold® QRW™ bases or any
other Picatinny-style mounting rails

Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T A.R.M.S. Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T

Throw Lever Mount Flat Top Mounting Bracket
Get a precise and repeatable zero every time with this n Secure your Mark 4® CQ/T® scope to any Picatinny-
quick-detaching mount for the Leupold® Mark 4® CQ/ style mounting rail using this specially designed
T® optical sight. With rugged, all-metal construction mounting bracket
and a black, anti-glare matte finish, it’s
ready to handle any mission. n Two rugged cross-slot bolts secure the bracket

Fits all MIL-STD-1913/ for rock-solid durability

Picatinny-style rails. LEU-54265

30 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

spotting scopes



Sometimes you need to reach a little farther than your binoculars are
With either a Leupold® Mil Dot reticle or
capable of doing, when that time comes reach for a Leupold® spotting
Leupold Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR®) the
scope. They deliver the astounding power, exceptional resolution, and
Leupold Mark 4® spotting scope enables a
rugged, waterproof performance that’s made them a legend in the field.
sniper and spotter to view the same targets
LEU-111359 SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope 15-45 x 60 the same way.
Angled + tripod & case

LEU-53756 MK4 Tactical Spotting Scope
LEU-111363 SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope 20-60 x 80 12-40 x 60, Mil Dot reticule

Angled Kit Complete NSN-6650-01-504-8456
LEU-110825 MK4 Tactical Spotting Scope
20-60 x 80, Mil Dot reticule
LEU-56446 Compact spotting
Scope tripod

LEU-111359 LEU-111363

LEU-58380 Digital Camera Adaptor (12-40)

LEU-58400 Window Mount

LEU-61070 Golden Ring Spotting Scope Kit

12-40 x 60HD

LEU-61100 Golden Ring Compact Kit

15-30 x 50

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laser devices

For 33 years, Laser Devices Inc. has supplied professionals with superior
products. Laser Devices’ state-of-the-art corporate headquarters
and manufacturing facility is located along the scenic central coast of
Monterey, California.

Their aiming lasers, laser-based training systems and tactical lights are MADE IN THE USA
currently serving U.S. and international allies’ Military, Law Enforcement
and Special Forces personnel who demand tough,
virtually indestructible products.



laser devices DBAL-A2 laser laser devices DBAL-A3 dual beam aiming laser
When duty calls, the DBAL-A2 series is considered the most The third generation DBAL A3 provides the same overall functionality as its
innovative multi-functional laser system available today. Frequently predecessor, the DBAL-A2. The addition of a “visible override” port allows
compared to the plastic-molded ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15, Trademark operators to integrate a white light LED with the visible laser using a Y-cable
of Insight Technologies, Inc.), all DBAL-A2 models deliver superior remote switch. This innovative feature facilitates an immediate transition
operational longevity due to their full metal housing and rugged from night vision (IR mode) to daylight operations (visible mode) by simply
mounting system. choosing which pressure pad to activate.
n Instantly switch between laser functions
n Instantly switch between laser functions
• Visible laser IR laser, IR illuminator or • Visible Pointer only
• IR laser & IR illuminator combined • IR Pointer only
n Co-aligned visible & IR aiming lasers • Adjustable IR Illuminator only
n Activation / low battery indicator (CR123A models only) • IR Pointer & Adjustable IR Illuminator simultaneously
n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing n Co-aligned visible & IR aiming lasers
n Activation / low battery indicator (CR123A models only)
n Activation / low battery indicator (CR123A models only)
n ESD compliant for air worthiness
n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing
• Single tap for momentary activation
n Single tap for momentary activation, double tap for continuous ON mode
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode
n Available in Desert Sand, Foliage Green & Black
n Available in Desert Sand, Foliage Green & Black

32 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


laser devices
laser devices DBAL-I2 laser
The DBAL-I2 rivals the AN/PEQ-2A with several product improvements and
upgrades, and a significantly smaller price tag. The intelligent dual beam aiming DBAL-I2
laser provides operators with a critical tool for use with night vision devices.
with optional
n 21st Century cutting-edge replacement for the AN/PEQ-2A
• IR laser (<50mW) & Adjustable IR illuminator (<50mW, <200mW) Red Dot Sight
• Identical functionality
• Smaller & lighter
• Significantly shorter
• Mirrors the activation switch options
• IR laser or IR illuminator
• IR laser & IR illuminator combined

n Activation/low battery indicator light (CR123A models only)

n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing
n Remote cable and integrated activation switches
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode
n Optional Visible/IR Models
n Available in Desert Sand or Black
with optional
Red Dot Sight

laser devices DBAL-D2 dual beam aiming laser

& ir led illuminator NEW
The DBAL-D2 with visible red or green laser, Class 1 IR laser,
and high performance IR LED illuminator outperforms all
other tactical IR illumination devices.
n Instantly switch between Visible laser, IR laser,
Adjustable IR LED Illuminator, or IR Pointer & IR Illuminator with optional Sub-miniature
simultaneously Red Dot Sight

n Visible & IR aiming lasers are co-aligned

n Highly collimated IR Illuminator significantly enhances
night vision performance (Gen I acts like Gen II)
n Remote cable and integrated activation switches
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode
n Available in Desert Sand, Foliage Green & Black

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laser devices

laserdevices CQBL-1close quarters battle laser-1TM

The CQBL-1 provides operators a seamless transition from a covert
target approach using night vision to a dynamic entry using our
Super Power PointTM red visible laser. Compatible with virtually every
submachine gun, the CQBL-1 also packs the output power needed
for use on military assault rifles and light machine gun systems.
n Instantly switch between Visible Pointer & IR Pointer
n Visible & IR aiming lasers are co-aligned for easy zeroing
n Low profile windage & elevation adjusters
n Activation / low battery indicator light

n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing

n Remote cable and integrated activation switches
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode
n Available in Desert Sand & Black

laserdevices EOLAD laser with holographic weapon sight

The impressive EOLAD combines the power and precision of a Laser Devices’ laser with the speed
and provides lightening fast target acquisition and delivers impeccable shooting accuracy in
ever-changing provides lightening fast target acquisition and delivers impeccable
shooting accuracy in ever-changing battlefield conditions.

n EOLAD-1V• Visible laser (<5mW red or <5mW, <30mW, <50mW green)

n EOLAD-1I • IR laser (<5mW, <50mW)

n EOLAD-2VI • Visible laser (<5mW red or <5mW, <30mW green) & IR Laser
n AEOLAD-2L • IR laser (<5mW) & adjustable IR illuminator (<50mW)
n EOLAD-2H • IR laser(<50mW) & adjustable IR illuminator (<50mW)
n EOLAD-2S • IR laser (<50mW) & adjus
n Activation/low battery indicator light
n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing
n ESD compliant for air worthiness
n Remote cable & integrated activation switches
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode

laserdevices ITAL-A & OTAL-A inline

The Advanced “Inline” and “Offset” Tactical Aiming Lasers are rugged, compact, and designed with the latest
cutting-edge technology. Choose between a visible red or green laser, an IR laser, or an adjustable focus IR
illuminator for enhanced illumination. The battle proven “Classic” models can be configured with either a visible
red or an IR laser.
n OTAL’s
• Designed for M-4 style rifles
• Iron sight won’t obscure laser
• Laser beam projects around the front sight
n Low profile enables mounting in front of scopes, holographic sights, or night vision devices
• Visible laser (<5mW red; <5mW, <50mW, <30mW, <200mW green) or
• IR laser (<5mW) or • Adjustable IR illuminator (<50mW, <200mW)
n Optional 8 Hz Strobe Mode on <30mW, <50mW & <200mW green laser models
n Remote cable and integrated activation switches
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode

34 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

laserdevices LAS/TAC 2 laserdevices H&K MP5 lasers
The versatile LAS/TAC laser system can be handheld or easily mounted to a Laser Devices offers the largest selection of lasers for the Heckler & Koch MP5
variety of weapons to enable spot on target acquisition during daylight or series of weapons.
low light operations. n Compatible with suppressors—No special adapter required
n Mounts to rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns n MP5 Foregrips available - Momentary with Positive OFF switch
n Modular design with interchangeable tailcaps
• Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch or


laser devices
• Push Button Switch
n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing
n Fully adjustable windage and elevation NEW

MP5 Foregrip with Momentary

& Positive OFF Switch

LAS/TAC with Remote Cable Switch &

Optional Ring Mount

LAS/TAC 2 with Lever Switch &

Walther Mount
MP5 SIngle Beam Laser

laserdevices DBAL-PL
The new DBAL-PL is designed to attach to any MIL-STD-1913 NEW
pistol rail. The DBAL-PL allows operators to move seamlessly
in low light with or without the use of night vision.
n Two operational Modes
• IR Mode: IR Pointer & IR Illuminator simultaneously
• Visible Mode: White light and visible laser simultaneously
n Discrete high & low power push button activation, plus strobe
mode for the white light
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode
• Press and hold for white light strobe mode
n Co-aligned visible & IR aiming lasers
n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
laser devices

laserdevices ov-2
The OV-2 white light LED has a modular design and interchangeable switch
option to meet the wide variety of
today’s battlefield needs. The OV-2 can be handheld or weapon-mounted to any
Picatinny rail using our low profile mount that neatly tucks the light in between
the top and side rails of an M4/M16.
n <200 lumen recoil-resistant LED Light
n Interchangeable tailcaps
n Meets MIL-STD-810G testing
n Deeply knurled, non-slip grip
n Adds white light functionality to DBAL-A3 using the

optional Y-cable
n Available in Desert Sand or Black

laserdevices ov-3 GEN III

The NEW OV-3 GEN III features a high intensity white light
LED with optional strobe mode, plus an Eye-Safe IR LED
illuminator rated for distances up to 200 meters.
The OV-3 attaches to any MIL-STD-1913 rail using the
integrated Picatinny mount.
n Instantly switch between White Light Illumination,
Light Strobe or IR LED Illuminator
n Activation / Low Battery Indicator Light
n Meets MIL-STD-810G environmental testing
n Remote cable & integrated activation switches
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous ON mode
n Available in Desert Sand or Black

laserdevices SPIR
TThe new SPIR (Special Purpose Infrared) Illuminator is an NEW
invaluable tool for a wide range of civilian, law enforcement,
military, and special forces applications. Equipped with high
definition aspherical, telescopic IR LED illuminator, the eye-safe
SPIR outperforms all other tactical IR illumination devices
for brightness and range.
n Highly collimated IR Illuminator
significantly enhances night vision
performance (Gen I acts like Gen II)
n Remote cable & integrated activation
• Single tap for momentary activation
• Double tap for 5 minute continuous
ON mode
n Choice of handheld or weapon-
mounted model with Quick Release
mount & remote cable switch
n Choice of CR123A or AA battery pack
n Available in Desert Sand or Black

laserdevices OP-6
The compact size, superior beam quality and interchangeable NEW
tailcap options allow users to custom configure the OP-6
tactical light to meet mission requirements.
The pocket-sized OV-1 handheld lights pack the power of larger
full-size flashlights at a fraction of their size and weight.

36 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Laser Devices Borelight Inserts are the plastic parts that
affixed to the bore rod with the Insert Retainer Screw. Each
insert is sized to fit a specific caliber of barrel. This Boresight
Inserts from Laser Devices, made in the USA, are built to
exacting standards using selected top grade materials. Bore
Light Inserts compatible with Laser Devices Boresights such
as MBS-AA and MBS-1WE.

laser devices
Available Laser Devices Inserts options:

n F2949: Laser Devices Borelight Insert Retainer Screw Only

n F2964: Laser Devices Borelight Insert .22 cal/.223/5.56mm
n F2965: Laser Devices Bore Light Insert 7mm
n F2966: Laser Devices BoreLight Insert .30 cal/.30-06/.308 cal/7.62mm
n F2967: Laser Devices BoreLight Insert .38 cal/.357 cal/9mm
n F2969: Laser Devices Bore Light Insert .40 cal/10mm
n F2970: Laser Devices Borelight Insert .45 cal
n F2974: Laser Devices Bore Light Insert .50 cal
n F3170: Laser Devices BoreLight Insert .223 cal/5.56mm - Oversize
n FA03167: Laser Devices Metal Spring Insert .22/.223/5.56mm

laserdevices BORELIGHTS mbs-aa & mbs-1we

Quality engineered for a flawlessly centered dot every time, our MIL-SPEC
MBS-AA and MBS-1WE borelights provide a precise, accurate alignment
check without ever having to fire your weapon.

n Stainless steel bore rod for pin-point alignment LDI-MBS-AA

n External adjustment knobs true the device
n Specially formulated arbors protect barrel rifling from contact with
bore rod to preserve weapon accuracy
n Aligns any type of weapon sight—including devices not located
directly over the center line of the barrel
n NSN #4933-01-564-2609
n Supplied with long bore rod for rifles and submachine guns LDI-MBS-1WE
n Runs on AA Battery
n NSN #4933-01-543-0101
n Supplied with interchangeable bore rods (short rod for pistols and
long rod for rifles)
n Runs on CR123A Battery

laserdevices Shotgun RING MOUNTS

n Rugged aerospace aluminum

n MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized
n Black oxide coated steel mounting screws
n MIL-STD rails meet military specifications



www. gmktp.co.uk 3
Rangefinders & heavy weapon sights

Leupold's RX series of laser rangefinders set new standards of

rangefinder performance and incorporate a wide variety of functions:
multicoated lens system, fold-down rubber eyecups for a wider field
of view for eyeglass wearers, accuracy range of 1/2 a yard at less than
125 yards, clicking fast-focus eyepiece, and DNA (Digitally eNhanced
Accuracy) for superior accuracy, speed, and resolution Redesigned
with a handsome new look, better image resolution, and enhanced
light transmission.
rX-600I RX-800I RX-800I RX-1000I RX-1000I
Leupold TBR gives you seven ballistics groups to choose from based with TBR with TBR

on your rifles calibre and bullet weight, then factors incline and line
of sight range for True Ballistic Range. Range is then displayed as a MAGNIFICATION 6x 8x 8x 6x 6x
mil holdover aim point, an MIL/MOA adjustment, or the equivalent WEIGHT 193 g 193 g 193 g 221 g 221 g
horizontal distance.
Inclinometer - provides tilt corrective ballistic calculations for accurate INCLINOMETER no no yes NO YES
shots up or downhill Clicking fast focus eyepiece. Click adjusting
diopter focus ensures precision LCD models. The RX-1000i includes TRUE BALISTIC
no no yes NO YES
all RSX Series features. RANGE


LEU-115265 LEU-115266 RX800i NO TBR
LEU-115267 RX800i WITH TBR



38 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Model DCL 100 Dot Sight is designed and developed for the light/multi- Model DCL 110 Dot Sight is designed and
purpose machine guns utilised as SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). developed for general purpose machine
This Dot Sight has a wide square lens (45 x 30 mm) acquiring the wider guns, (GPMG), on armoured vehicle, tank
field of view which allows the operator engage in another target which and helicopter, etc. This Dot Sight adopted


allows target a wide lens
acquisition with (80 x 50mm) which allows target
both eyes open acquisition with both eyes open and
and makes it far makes it far easier to track moving targets.
easier to track
moving targets. DCL-110 Red Dot Sight 7.62mm, 12.7
and 20mm
DCL-100 Red Dot
Sight for 5.56mm
or 7.62mm

Model DCL 120 Dot Sight is designed and specifically for the .50 Model DCL401 Dot Sight is basically developed for AGL (Automatic Grenade
Calibre Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs). This distinctive dot sight adopted Launcher) such as MK19 and K4 and designed for moving targets
the world’s first extra wide lens (120 x 70mm) which provides accurate on the ground or at sea.
shooting in jolting armoured vehicles, shaking helicopters and rocking This Dot Sight has a
patrol boats with head-up and both eyes open. built-in mount together
DCL-120 Red Dot Sight for 12.7mm or 20mm with a new trajectory compensator,
allowing more accurate shooting.
DCL-401 Red Dot Sight for Mk 19
or GMG 40

Heavy Weapons sight

3 x Magnifier
Gives 3 x magnification for enhanced
target acquisition.

Sightmark is the manufacturer of award-winning products, including riflescopes, gun sights,

laser sights, night vision, rangefinders, flashlights, bore sights, and other shooting accessories.
Inspired by advanced military and law enforcement technology, Sightmark takes pride in
bringing the highest quality tactical, competition shooting, and hunting accessories to the
core market of shooing enthusiasts.

Boresights SM39024 Sightmark Triple Duty Universal

Sightmark’s award-winning boresights offer you a quick and easy way to sight in your riflescope. There are a SM39001 Sightmark .223
multitude of in-chamber calibers as well as many different universal boresights options. There are many uses
SM39004 Sightmark 7mm, .338, .264
for boresights which include sighting in your scope, checking the zero on your scope after a turbulent flight
as well as using it as training aid when drawing your weapon. SM39005 Sightmark .243, .308, 7.62x54
SM39007 Sightmark 12Ga
SM39015 Sightmark 9mm Luger

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
close quarter sights

Sightmark Green Brick Laser Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec NV n Interlok™ internal locking system
Designator Sight QD n Aluminum body with metal protective shield
n Wide field of view
The Sightmark AAT Green Laser Designator is Featuring a side mounted laser for quick target
n Multi-reticle (4 patterns)
an advanced, supremely accurate and powerful acquisition, Equipped with a night vision mode, the
n Adjustable reticle brightness
tactical laser sight with easy base x/y windage user can mount the Ultra
n Parallax corrected
and elevation adjustments. This unique sight has Dual Shot Pro Spec in front
n Unlimited eye relief
an incredible range of visibility, up to 50 yards in of a night vision monocular
n Adjustable quick detach weaver-mount
daylight and 2640 yards at night, but uses very little in order to create a co-
n Water-resistant and shockproof
power in its operation. witnessed riflescope set up.
n Side-mounted red laser
n Laser has up to 50yd visibility in daylight SM14003 n Low power consumption

and 2640yd visibility at night

n Windage and Elevation Adjustable
n Precision Accuracy
n Built-in Weaver Mount
n Low Power Usage
n Lightweight
n Compact
n Shockproof
SM13036 Sightmark Green Brick Laser

Sightmark Red Mini Brick Laser

Sightmark CRL Triple Duty Red Laser
The Sightmark® AACT5R Red Laser Designator is an
advanced, supremely accurate and powerful tactical The Sightmark® series of Triple Duty tactical laser
laser red dot sight with easy base x/y windage and sights are multifunctional weapon sights inspired
elevation adjustment. This unique sight has incredible by military and law enforcement applications.
visibility range, up to 20yd in daylight and 300yd at They feature intense, accurate laser beams and an
night, but uses very little power in its operation. extremely lightweight housing, which make them
perfect for every day carry.
Firefield Pistol 120 Lumen Flashlight n Windage and Elevation Adjustable
n Integrated Secondary Mounting Rail
Hit the target with an illuminated field of view with n Built-in Weaver Mount
n Up to 300yds Visibility at Night
a Firefield Tactical Pistol Flashlight, featuring an LED n Low Power Usage
n Up to 20yds Visibility in Daylight
light from Cree, one of the world’s leading LED n Lightweight
n Highly Accurate Windage/Elevation Adjustment
manufactures.. The Firefield Pistol Flashlight features a n Compact
n Durable Plastic Composite Body
quick on/off switch, which saves precious battery life n Shockproof
n Lightweight
FF23011 Firefield Pistol 120 Lumen Flashlight SM13035

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec NV Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD

Sight QD Digital Switch
Sightmark Tactical Magnifier Slide-
Equipped with a night vision mode, the user can This sight is perfect for close range, fast moving
mount the Ultra Shot Pro Spec in front of a night targets and is equipped with a digital switch button
Sightmark’s magnifiers give the shooter long range vision monocular in order to create a co-witnessed on the side to adjust variable brightness settings.
capabilities when used in combination with a reflex riflescope set up.
sight. Featuring a slide to side mount, these units n Wide Field of View
allow the user to quickly move the magnifier out of n InterLok™ Internal locking system n Single Reticle*
the way without having to detach the unit. Featuring n Aluminum Body with metal protective shield n Parallax Corrected
extended eye relief for comfort, a wide field of view n Wide field of view n Unlimited Eye Relief
for superior target acquisition and high quality multi- n Multi-reticle (4 patterns) n Weaver Mount
coated optics for improved visibility and clarity, these n Adjustable reticle brightness n Lightweight
units are ideal for medium range distances. n Parallax corrected n Water Resistant
n Unlimited eye relief n Shockproof
SM19024 Sightmark 3x Tactical Magnifier n Adjustable quick detach weaver-mount n Low Power Consumption
Slide-to-Side n Water-resistant and shockproof
SM19025 Sightmark 5x Tactical Magnifier n Low power consumption
Slide-to-Side SM14002

40 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

night vision
night sights


The Pyser PNP-MUNS Universal Night Sight is a, state of the art, in-line image intensified, rugged,
lightweight and compact weapon sight designed specifically to be used in front of dayscopes from 1x to
16x magnification and higher with front lenses up to 60mm diameter. Its advanced in-line optical design,
with no prisms or folded optics, does not effect the zero of the weapon, nor the user’s normal firing
position and does not create any parallax errors. It is attached and released instantly from the weapon’s
Picatinny rail by means of its over-centre throw lever and no tools are needed to attach, release or operate
it. PNP-MUNS can also be used as a stand-alone hand held night vision surveillance tool. A wide choice of
image intensifier tubes is available in PNP-MUNS up to FOM 2016 including Autogated types for the most
demanding missions and it needs only one “AA” battery to operate it from 40 to 100 hours depending
on battery type and model of intensifier tube. XD-4 and XR5 models can also be supplied with Auto
Gating and FC, HD, XD-4 and XR5 are available wlth, green or black and white tubes. **Does not
require UK Export Licence but not available to countries on UN/EU/UK Embargo/Sanctions Lists.

Night sights
The Pyser-SGI PNG-M night vision goggle system is a compact
ultra lightweight, high resolution twin eyepiece device NEW
incorporating superior optics, The unit is supplied with a head
mount complete with auto off/auto on flip up capability and
is easy to use, requiring only one standard "AA" size battery,
The PNG-M series of goggles meets the night vision needs of
military and law enforcement forces around the globe, utilises
the very latest in tube technology and is available with a wide
range of accessories.
Now available with tubes including FC (export licence exempt**)
as well as standard licence HD High Definition, XD-4 and XR5. XD-4 and XR5 models can also
be supplied with Auto Gating and FC, HD, XD-4 and XR5 are available with green or black and
white tubes.
**Does not require UK Export Licence but not available to countries on UN/EU/UK Embargo/
Sanctions Lists.

PYSER TISI thermal weapon sight Affordable and virtually maintenance free, it is the ideal
Designed, developed and manufactured in Britain choice for Special Forces, Police elite units and regular
forces requiring the best in night vision sights.
by Pyser-SGI Designed specifically for assault rifles,
submachine guns, machine guns and sharpshooter TISI is designed, developed and manufactured in the
roles, TISI represents cutting edge uncooled thermal UK by Pyser-SGI and requires only a UK export licence.
night vision technology in a compact, low profile and
lightweight weapon sight. Key Features

TISI is available with thermal detectors of either 384x288 n Uncooled thermal night vision technology in a
or 640x480 resolutions and with a choice of optics giving compact, low profile and lightweight weapon sight
either 3X or 5X magnification, horizontal angles of view n Either 384x288 or 640x480 resolutions
of either 7 degrees (125 mils) or 12 degrees (210 mils)
and detection ranges of up to 2760m (man) and n 3X or 5X magnification
7000m (vehicle). n Detection ranges of up to 2760m (man) and
Rapidly attached with no tools to any Picatinny rail, TISI is 7000m (vehicle)
operational within eight seconds from switch on. Simple, n Operational within eight seconds from switch on
intuitive push button controls make it an extremely
easy sight to use while offering the user a fully featured n Simple, intuitive push button controls
advanced night sight. n Advanced OLED 852 x 600 pixels SVGA
Large diameter eyepiece optics with very long eye Monochrome
relief make TISI extremely user friendly for rapid target PYS-TISI-M SD25
acquisition on all weapons and enhanced ease of use in
particular in sharpshooter and machine gun roles. PYS-TISI-M HD25

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
night vision
universal night SIGHT

PYSER PNP-MUNS 900 Forward mount night sight PYSER PNP M

Utilising a bigger objective lens, PNP-MUNS 900 offers an 8 degree angle of view whilst The world’s
maintaining a 1:1 ratio and can be used with almost any existing daysight configuration. It is smallest, lightest
mounted forward of the dayscope and zero will NOT be affected by its addition. and most versatile
night vision
PNP-MUNS 900 joins the lower profile PNP-MUNS 600, which is now in-service and providing
exemplary results at around the 600m range. The NEW PNP-MUNS 900 increases that range
to 900/1000m. Designed, developed
and manufactured in
Britain by Pyser-SGI
to ISO 9001 quality
levels the PNP-M is
the smallest and lightest monocular in its class.

Useable in hand held, helmet mounted, or in a quick release

mount for Picatinny rails behind standard day optics , the
PNP-M does everything.
Night vision

A glass reinforced polymer body contains high quality multi

element all-glass coated optics for maximum image quality.
The entire monocular body, electronics and optics are filled
with dry nitrogen for ultimate reliability, in all missions including
immersion down to 20 meters. The unit is powered from a
single AA battery for ease of availability.

Now available with tubes including FC (export licence

exempt**) as well as standard licence HD High Definition,
XD-4 and XR5.

XD-4 and XR5 models can also be supplied with Auto Gating
and FC, HD, XD-4 and XR5 are available wlth, green or black
and white tubes. **Does not require UK Export Licence but not
available to countries on UN/EU/UK Embargo/Sanctions Lists.


Thermal Observation System

Designed specifically for surveillance the

Pyser-SGI VISI thermal observation scope
allows 24/7 use. It can be comfortably
handheld or tripod mounted and enables the
user to detect humans at almost 3km and
vehicles at 7km.

Visi is operational within eight seconds from

switch on. Simple, intuitive, push button
controls make it an extremely easy unit to use
whilst also offering the user a fully featured
advanced surveillance tool, including video
out and power in sockets.

Large diameter eyepiece optics with very

long eye relief make Visi extremely user
friendly. Affordable and virtually maintenance
free, It is the ideal choice for law enforcement,
border agency, search and rescue, fire
fighting and security teams.

Pys- Visi -V560

42 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Newcon Optik Ltd was established in 1991 with the stated purpose of manufacturing state-of-
the-art optical systems. Their anticipation of market trends, innovative electronic engineering
essential for the digital era, and their commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction led to
successful growth in the market. As a result, the Newcon Optik trademark is becoming recognised
as one of the leading brand names worldwide. Newcon's bestsellers are equally efficient for
military and law enforcement applications.
Newcon NVS Coupler
Newcon NVS 33 The NVS Coupler is a clamp-on
The NVS-33 is a high-resolution mechanical adapter with flip out feature
Night Vision attachment which that provides the ability to attach a night
can be used with daytime scopes vision monocular (NVS 14) or goggles
with 1x-20x magnifications (3x-12x (NVS7) to various day time instruments
recommended), adding night such as laser range finders, stabilised
vision capabilities to daytime target image binoculars, daytime weapon
acquisition platforms. The NVS-33 scopes, etc.
utilises Gen 3 image intensifier tube NEW-00001

Night sights
and fast f/1.6 optics for a brighter and
sharper image.

Newcon NVs 22
NVS 22 is a night vision attachment to a daytime weapon
scope designed for precise aiming in darkness. The Newcon QR Picatinny Mount
device is equipped with a high-quality electro-optical Throw lever weapon mount with
image intensifier tube that amplifies light in the visible accutorque wheel for attaching the
and IR spectrum providing for up to a NVS-14 night vision monocular to
400-700m effective observation range at low light. Military Standard 1913 rails. It features
NEW-NVS-22 quick detach mechanisms that allow
convenient mounting and dismounting
of the night vision device. The Mount
can be completely removed from the
NEW -NVS7-3XT Goggle weaver rail using the throw lever.

The battle-tested NVS 7 goggles meet all military or law enforcement requirements for night observation. NEW-00002
This type of goggle is in service in 40 militaries around the world. A variety of models are available to satisfy
any user needs. Waterproof, lightweight and compact - this advanced system is also the most affordable.

NVS 7-3XT is the first mass produced 3rd generation night vision device
with FOM>1250.
Optional 3x, 4x, 5x and 8x easy-to attach lenses further
extend the viewing capability.

Newcon NVS 3X Military Lens
A high performance 3X Military Lens
with F/1.5 optics mounts to the
objective lens of many night vision
devices with 1x magnification to
convert them into 3x scopes
Newcon NVS-14-3/XT 14 Monocular or binoculars.
NVS 14 is an optoelectronic monocular, intended for
It can be attached quickly to NVS7,
observation of objects and orientation at night or under
NVS14, many US made PVS7, PVS14
dark conditions. The unit is equipped with a
and some other models.
generation 2+ or 3 image intensifier tube.
NVS 14-3XT is the first mass produced 3rd NEW-NVS-3X
generation night vision device with FOM>1250,
which is not subject to the US export restrictions.

n Unit can be connected to photo or

video camera


www. gmktp.co.uk

GMK is proud to have major brands such 3M Peltor swattac xp Headset

as 3M Peltor, PEZT, Sordin, Bollé and Uvex An upgraded version of an established favourite,
as part of our safety products offering. The the SwatTac, the new SwatTac XP earmuffs offer
advanced engineering and technology enhanced protection and a range of improved
inherent in these brands fit with the high features. The superior slimline design ensures they will
standards of innovation and quality that you, fit under virtually any assault helmet, whilst enhanced
our customers, have come to expect protection up to 28 SNR and a battery life of 500 hours
from GMK. make them ideal for law enforcement use. There is a
hidden ‘menu’ with a variety of functions, including
Under the ear protection section, you will external input, equaliser, release time, balance, external
find ear plugs and premium earmuffs, both mute and ‘plug’ modes. ‘Plug’ mode is unique to Peltor
passive and active, that offer a wide range of and retains the benefit of active hearing protection
protection and communication options. when the user is in an environment where ‘double
plugging’ is necessary.
Our range of eye protection covers glasses,
ear plugs and tactical goggles for a variety of The SwatTac XP is also available in green and also as
applications ranging from high speed impact a hardwired headset for comms. 39 SNR attenuation
at low energy to protection against molten when used with 3m classic ear plug.
metals and liquid droplets.
When it comes to protecting your eyes and NSN -4240-25-160-3156
ears there can be no compromise in quality.

3M Peltor Comtac iV 3M Peltor swattac xp Headset


3M introduces the innovative 3M Peltor COMTAC IV The SwatTac XP earmuff with additional boom
Hybrid Headset for today's modern war fighter. mic and hardwired downlead to ensure a secure
The 4th generation headset continues the legacy connection to airwave radios.
and tradition of trusted hearing protector headsets 28 SNR attenuation.
from 3M Peltor. The hybrid approach incorporates
in-ear hearing protection for hot weather
NSN -5965-09-510-1158
environments while retaining the advantages
of the traditional architecture of legacy
COMTAC headsets.

PEL-94469 Comtac 4

3M Peltor ARC Rail Accessory
3M has taken steps towards helmet integration NEW
by creating a helmet attachment for the 3M
Peltor COMTAC Headset that interfaces with the
Ops-Core ARC Kit (Accessory Rail Connector)
for use with FAST Helmets (Future Assault
Shell Technology).

The system uses the 3M Peltor P3 Mounting

mechanism. The mount has two wires that
connect to the mounting posts on the side of
the ear cup. The integrated solution address the
challenge of donning and doffing of the helmet,
and eliminates the need to modify the internal
padding of the helmet for proper fitting.

In the "open" position, the operator can easily

don/doff the helmet/headset, and adjust for
proper fit. In the "closed" position, the ear cups
will compress against the head. The ability
for the user to have an ”open” position of the
headset allows the user to ventilate in high
heat environments, but can still monitor radio
communication (via the speaker in the headset).


44 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

3M Peltor TACTICAL XP 3M Peltor lite com III with headband 3M Peltor pro tac II headset
Versatile hearing protection for improved The Peltor Lite Com range features products Hearing protectors with a built in active volume
communication and safety. The Tactical XP with a communication radio built in to the shell, function that amplifies weak ambient sounds while
earmuffs feature a revolutionary, digital, active- providi ng easy and effective short-range two-way diminishing louder noises. The buttons are easily
volume function that allows the user complete communication. The Lite Com III earmuffs have accessible and logically positioned making them easy
control to monitor and adapt the level of a built-in active-volume function that lets you to use. The shells are very roomy providing plenty of
protection required to suit any situation or hear ambient sound and amplify weak sounds, space for the ears. Runs on two 1.5V batteries and

environment. whilst sudden impulse noises at harmful levels weighs 370g. 32 SNR attenuation.
are immediately attenuated. The right shell has
The Tactical XP earmuffs are equipped with PEL-93416
a control panel with a large LCD display to show
multiple functions, including: volume for the level
your current settings. An electronic voice tells you
dependent function, balance, adjustable release
what settings you are adjusting, so you do not
time, equaliser, volume for external input and
have to take off the headset to check, whilst an
input mode. A built-in ghost voice guided menu
auxiliary input lets you connect a mobile phone
system assists with the selection of the desired
or external com radio, regardless of the frequency.
function and the last setting is stored when the
When the earmuffs are not in use, they switch
earmuffs are switched off. The design allows
off automatically after two hours to save battery
plenty of space for the ear and incorporates an
power and for safety reasons, the external system
audio input jack for an external radio. Additional
has signal priority. 29 SNR attenuation.
features include automatic shut-off after two
hours if no function is used and a warning signal PEL-93423 BLUE
when power is low, before shut-off. Also available
hardwired for comms. 32 SNR attenuation.
An ATEX approved option is also available.
NSN -4240-25-152-3370


The Peltor Tactical products are invaluable
tools for people who are subjected to impulse
noises. Peltor Tactical products protect against
3M Peltor sporttac electronic headset
harmful noise while letting in and even amplifying
ambient sounds. Developed specifically for hunters and marksmen,
the slim profile avoids contact with the stock. These
This model is equipped the following functions: collapsible earmuffs also feature a smooth active-
volume for the level dependent function, balance, volume function to eliminate abrupt sound cut-off,
adjustable release time, equalizer, volume can connect to a two-way radio, and come with green
for external input and input mode, dynamic and orange or red and black interchangeable cups. 26
microphone. SNR attenuation. Not to be used in combat situations.
PEL-93424 Does not fit under most ballistic helmets.

PEL-93420 green/orange
PEL-93422 black/red

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
earmuffs & Accessories

3M Peltor adaptor for sepura ptt

PTT Lead to interface standard 3M Peltor Headset
(i.e. SwatTac) with Sepura Radios. For S&H Series

PEL-93419/A FL5058

3M Peltor WS sportac headset 3M Peltor optime push-to-listen

(Bluetooth®) headset
These compact, collapsible and slim profile An “electronic-passive” muff to allow communication
earmuffs come with a sound limiter and dosimeter, whilst limiting hearing damage, these hearing
enabling the wearer to easily control the volume protectors have one passive side and one
of surrounding sounds and filter out unwanted electronic side, so the wearer can simply push
frequencies whilst remaining protected from harmful the button to listen, opening up the ear defender
3M Peltor adaptor for sepura ptt
noise levels. The integrated Bluetooth® solution for communication. This electronic function
enables wireless connection to a mobile phone or automatically switches off after 30 seconds or can Lead for use with Sepura Airwave Radios. For S&P
series. PEL-93425/L fl50101

other communications device for instant and discreet be ‘closed’ earlier by the wearer. The earmuffs also
communication. With 500 hours of battery life, the feature wide and comfortable sealing rings with a
rechargeable batteries can be charged in the headset unique filling, making them comfortable to wear for
or the whole unit can be charged in a car. Other long periods. 31 SNR attenuation
features include a ghost voice guided interface, a
microphone built into the cup of the headset, a
configure menu, an integrated noise cancelling
microphone and automatic shutoff. Comes complete spare cups for sport tac
with green and orange interchangeable cups and a Spare cups for the Peltor SportTac Electronic
comfortable padded stainless steel headband. Earmuffs. These interchangeable cups come in
26 SNR attenuation. green, orange, red and black, and can be easily
removed from and fitted onto the earmuffs to suit 3M Peltor adaptor for motorola ptt
PEL-93421 green/orange
the shooting regulations of different countries. Lead to interface standard Peltor Headset (i.e.
SwatTac) with Motorola MTH800/850 Radios.
3M Peltor ORA TAC In-Ear PEL-93421/G green
Communications Headset PEL-93421/B black PEL-93419/B PEL 94468 fl5062

Intelligent Hearing Protection for Improved PEL-93421/R Red

Situational Awareness. ORA TAC is the their natural PEL-93421/O Orange
hearing ability while wearing hearing protection.
Two external microphones feature a talk-thru
functionality that naturally and clearly reproduces
sounds and conversations from outside the headset
back into the ear canal. And because workers don't
need to remove the earplugs, hearing protection is PSAMFL 3M Peltor listen only lead
not compromised. Now there's a clear solution for
officers that need to communicate effectively in
NEW Lead for use with Sepura Airwave Radios.
high-noise work environments.

3M PeltorTM ORA TAC In-Ear Communications

Headset features noise cancelling, in-ear microphone
technology that delivers clear voice messages
when transmitting over a 2-way radio. Designed
for extended wear in demanding conditions, this
lightweight system eliminates the need for
a boom microphone, making it adaptable
to many applications, including those
mt7-fl6AB 3M Peltor headset kit
where respirators are used.
Boom Microphone and Downlead to convert
SwatTac or ComTac to Headset.

46 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

sordin hygiene kit
Hygiene kit for Sordin
Supreme Basic and Pro

Sordin Supreme Neckband

CC Supreme Pro IV Splash-Proof
Neckband ‘ACTIVE’ Digital Headset
MSA Sordin's Supreme
Hearing Protection, Amplification
Neckband headset is
and Communication
-Multifunction Hearing Protection
developed to conform
to international
MSA Sordin Splash-Proof CC MIL
Supreme NECKBAND headset is
sordin supreme basic electronic sordin supreme pro electronic developed to conform toand other
earmuffs international MIL-specifications
earmuffs extreme conditions. The
and other extreme conditions.
The Sordin Supreme Basic allows for 1:1 sound electronic
The electronic design design is based
is based
Sordin Supreme Pro earmuffs conform to
upon ourupon ownMSA ASIC circuit
Sordin's and ASIC
reproduction that protects your hearing without international MIL-specifications. The ASIC circuit/ controlled by a micro-processor.
circuit and controlled
to combineby

earmuffs & accessories

isolating you and allows communication with microprocessor electronic design combines very
This makes it possible
very low current consumption
those around you. The slim cups are ambi- micro-processor.
with high performance. This
low current consumption with high performance.
dexterous and fold to fit neatly in your pocket. makes it possible to
93427 green
Offering 150 hours of battery life from 2 AAA ♦
combine very low current
Two separate splash proof microphones reproduce ambient sound within the headset

batteries, the Supreme also has a handy battery

consumption with high performance.
Waterproof Internal electronics
Waterproof battery compartment and microphones

♦ Close fitting slim design with neckband to allow more comfort when using with helmets
save function and automatic switch off. 26 SNR ♦
Waterproof battery compartment and microphones
♦ Rugged ELECTRET noise cancelling boom microphone
attenuation. ♦ All electronic functions incorporated in a slim 3 button key-pad
♦ Over 600 hours of battery life from 2 x AAA batteries

93426 green

invisio M15
Battery Save Function and Low Battery Warning system

Two sets of audio speakers ensure the headset always has live communication with two-way radio , even if batteries
INVISIO® M15 is a functional and
for the ‘active’ are completely dead
High passive attenuation

reliable PTT solution
Fitted with 4-pole Nexus connector for easy connection to PTT interface (LEMO versions also available)
Can connect to either PTT2000 or PTT7000 series press-to-talk switches (available in numerous specs)
swatcom DX ♦
for the professional
Flexible neckband with adjustable velcro head strap for extra support

Hands-Free Full-Duplex, lightweight, compact radio communication system. user seeking an easily
Without base or relay, on a coded network, this is the simplest mobile actuated PTT button.
voicecom which works in a multitude of industry sectors. Users have great Delivered with an
PTT7000 with TJ101 quick
freedom to work and communicate in a variety of environments, therefore optional protection disconnect connector

increasing personal safety and productivity. The SWATCOM DX is a wireless ring that eliminates Headset order code: 76332
Standard colour: Black
“intercom” for professionals, for use in many demanding situations. It’s small, the risk of accidental PTT button actuation. Made
compact rugged design, and ease of use also makes it the product. It allows from a highly resilient plastic housing, making it
a natural conversation between users despite physical obstacles (walls, floors, extremely durable and environmental protected.
etc.), even when wearing protective equipment including SCBA (self-contained The headset is connected with a threaded 3.5 mm
breathing apparatus). The SWATCOM DX unit attaches to the headset in jack to eliminate the risk of the headset accidently
similar way to a Press-to-Talk (PTT) switch, but does not have to be operated unplugging. The radio cable is molded into the PTT
in order for the user to be heard (i.e. full-duplex), the handsets themselves do with a rugged strain relief for added strength.
not operate as a walkie-talkie. Three users can be in a full-duplex conference
with an infinite number of users that can also listen into the dialogue. The
digital coded wireless network is deployed within seconds, on a license-free
radio band allowing the use of SWATCOM DX practically everywhere and
invisio M3h
independently. utilizes the patented
Bone Conduction
n ATEX (IP67) and NON-ATEX (IP66) versions
Microphone. It
n High signal penetration (even through Faraday cage)
has no external
n Modular design for easy ‘Plug and Play’ operation
microphone and
n Coded digital network n Paging feature
captures vibrations
n Range up to 1 km (1000m line of sight) with ½ wave antenna
in the user's jawbone
n DSP (Digital Signal Processing) n Can be deployed within seconds
converting them
n Internal and external antenna versions
to crisp and clear
n Hands-free self-synchronised system (Exclusive Patent) n Encryption
sound. No external ambient noise around the user
n 3 user conference mode (Full-Duplex) or more (2+X mode)
is picked up. Ad a result, the headset can be used in
n Additional users in ‘LISTEN’ mode n Hands free or PTT options
extreme situaltions with no interference commonly
n Wide range of headsets n Up to 10 hour battery life
found when communicating in these environments.
n Programmable Alarms - Man Down, Impact, Immobility

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
earmuffs & Accessories

3M Peltor x5 ear defender

The 3M™ Peltor™ X5A Headband ear muff is a
high performance hearing protector offering
37(dB) attenuation for use against extremely
high noise environments , which often require
double protection. Despite the larger cups
the ear muffs remain relatively lightweight
with excellent balance and wearer comfort.
The wire headband is electrically insulated for
reliable protection. 37 SNR attenuation.


3M Peltor optime III earmuffs

3M Peltor bullseye 1 folding earmuffs
(Bullseye 3)
(shotgunner )
Optime III is a super-muff, and has been
This lightweight, slim line earmuff has a collapsible headband for easy storage in a pocket or case.
developed for use in extremely noisy
It has a bevelled lower edge to fit snugly and comfortably without getting in the way. Available in
environments. The protection is based on
red, green and black. 27 SNR attenuation.
new technology with a double casing that
PEL-93389 black minimises resonance. This results in maximum
PEL-93390 RED high-frequency muffling. The sealing rings are
shooting accessories & rescue toolsProtection

PEL-93391 green broad and filled with soft plastic foam for the
best fit and low contact pressure.
PEL-GREEN NSN -4240-09-510-1162
35 SNR attenuation.

3M Peltor microphone covers

Microphone covers for 3M Peltor SwatTac and
Pro-Tac (pair).

3M Peltor optime II folding earmuffs

(Bullseye 2)
Developed for demanding noise-hazard
environments, the Optime II muffles even
extremely low frequencies to a maximum
degree. The sealing rings are filled with a unique 3M Peltor hygiene kits
combination of liquid and foam creating an
Ear cushions and attenuation cushions are easy to
optimum seal with low contact pressure, which
replace and, to ensure good function and hygiene,
provides snug comfort even when worn for long
should be replaced approximately twice a year.
periods. The sealing rings also have ventilation
channels and are covered with soft, patterned, PEL-93386 RED and black, BULLseye i
hygienic foil. 31 SNR attenuation. PEL-93392 green, BULLseye i
PEL-93388 PEL-93387 black, Optime II
PEL-93415 black, Optime III
PEL-93396 green, Sportac
PEL-93420/H black, SporTac
PEL-93416/H black, ProTac
PEL-93418/H green, ComTac
PEL-93419/H black, SwatTac

48 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Superfit 33


3M E·A·R ClearE·A·R 20
Made from a proprietary transparent polymer
3M E·A·R Classic Earplugs formulation, the ClearE·A·R 20 earplug has been
designed to worn discreetly in the ear. No roll-
Classic earplugs are made from a soft energy
down is required, the ClearE·A·R 20 has a flexible
absorbing polymer foam, which allows the user
stem for easy insertion and correct fitting.
to roll the plug down for easy insertion into
the ear canal and then expand slowly to form n SNR 20

earmuffs & accessories

a comfortable seal against noise. Ideal for use
370-1032 UF-01-021 Clear E•A•R20
wherever noise is a problem, either in work or
Box of 50 pairs
leisure activities.
n Classic - SNR 28
n Superfit - SNR 33
3m E-A-R Combat Arms Single-Sided
Earplugs 93380/A Classic Box of 250 Pairs
Combat Arms earplugs are specifically designed to 70071513603 Superfit33
meet the unique hearing protection needs of the Box of 200 Pairs
armed forces. In the open/weapons fire setting,
they allow situational awareness yet protect
against dangerous peak levels with a filter element
that reacts instantaneously to provide increased
protection. In the closed/steady noise setting, they
protect against high-level steady noise like aircraft
and armoured vehicles.
n Weapons Fire - SNR 21
3M E·A·R Combat ArmsTM Dual End
n Steady Noise - SNR 7 Military and Police Reusable Ear
370-1030 Single-sided Combat Arms
Earplugs - Small Combat Arms earplug’s have a patented
Box of 50 pairs design which allows wearers to hear low-level
sounds critical to mission safety – conversation,
370-1031 Single-sided Combat Arms footsteps, rifle bolts, approaching enemies.
Earplugs - Regular When needed, the filter on each plug reacts
Box of 50 pairs 3M E·A·Rsoft Yellow Neons
to provide instant protection from high-level
370-1032 Single-sided Combat Arms The softest, smoothest, highest protecting noises like weapon fire and explosions.
Earplugs - Large earplugs available today. Their shaped foam
n Patented dual-protection
Box of 50 pairs provides maximum comfort with excellent
n Low-level sounds heard clearly
attenuation. Made from a slow expanding,
n High impulse noise blocked instantly
environmentally friendly, polyurethane foam
material, these earplugs provide evenly n Premolded triple-flange design fits
distributed pressure, giving flexibility and most earcanals
a good seal with optimum comfort. n Comfortable & reusable
n SNR 36 n Green end - SNR 25
n Yellow end - SNR 7
93380/I ES-01-001 Soft yellow Neons
Box of 250 Pairs 93380/C Combat Arms Reusable
Box of 50 pairs

www. gmktp.co.uk 3

Radio accessories

All of the radio accessories use Kevlar reinforced

cabling and come with a 12 month manufacturers
warranty. Available for Sepura and Tetra radio.

remote Speaker mic


n High clarity
sepura Listen Only Earpiece
n Built in 3.5mm
for swattac xp
audio jack
n Optional PRRRpsp2gL01
emergency button
n Specially designed for
security applications

Airsys Listen Only Airsys Two-wire with Airsys single wire with
Earpiece with Acoustic TUBE acoustic tube
Acoustic Tube 11ACH2042K1 11ACH4040Y6
11ACH2042K1 Features

n Surgical grade acoustic tube;

discreet and comfortable
n Quick-fasten secure structure
n Environmental PU cable reinforced
with Kevlar
n Optional ear mold
D shape with PTT allows ambient sounds
PRR- 11DCH104054 n Discreet communication
Features in sensitive environments
n Environmental PU cable reinforced
with Kevlar
n Plugs into speaker microphone and Airsys G shape with PTT and SEPURA BLACK DUAL
radios to increase security and Lapel Mic EARBUD SIDE SOCKET
reduce ambient noise; WITH SCREW
ideal for security 11ECH1040T1
applicatons AIR-NRP01-EOASP2
n Available for 2.5mm,
3.5mm straight and right-angle n Soft, discreet and comfortable
and also 3.5mm threaded n Environmental PU cable reinforced
connectors with Kevlar
n Discreet communication
in sensitive environments
n Suitable for many

Airsys Lightweight Headset motorola D shape with listen only sepura G shape with listen only
12RHS0226 PRR-11DZZ11MT1 PRR-11EZZ12SP
Features Features
n Environmental n Environmental PU cable reinforced
n PU Cable with Kevlar n Soft, discreet and comfortable
n Kevlar Reinforced n Plugs into speaker microphone and n Environmental PU cable reinforced
n Robust Design radios to increase security and with Kevlar
reduce ambient noise; ideal for n Discreet communication
security applicatons in sensitive environments
n Available for 2.5mm, n Suitable for many
3.5mm straight and applications
right-angle and also 3.5mm
threaded connectors

50 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


goggles & glasses

pezt goggles 3M Peltor maxim ballistic TAC Pac

These glasses feature a lens changing system and
come supplied with 3 sets of interchangeable lenses
in clear, amber and bronze, an adjustable headband
and a protective carry pouch. The clear lens is ideal for
protection, the amber lens suitable for use in poor light,
and the bronze lense suits medium light conditions.
Prescription insert
also available.



Ideally suited for law enforcement/tactical use, the

tactical Pezt Phantom goggles have a flame and
temperature resistant frame and feature double layer 3M Peltor maxim single clear lens

goggles & glasses

interchangeable clear and smoke polycarbonate
Maxim clear lens withsuperior eye coverage.
lenses which are fog proof, scratch resistant, offer full
protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays and liquid PEL-94388/C
droplets/splashes and are high velocity medium
impact resistant. These ergonomically designed high
performance goggles combine excellent design
technology and comfort. The goggles come with a
fabric carry case.

94384 Phantom

3m Peltor safety glasses

Safety with style. Very lightweight,
the 3M™ Classic shooting glasses
are a sleek, modern design offering
excellent coverage and field of vision.
They are available in 3 lens options.
Soft flexible temples offer improved
Anti-scratch and anti-fog.


The Pezt Intruder goggles are advanced design low

profile high performance goggles ideally suited
for law enforcement/tactical use. The double layer
polycarbonate lenses are designed to protect ocular PEL-94460 clear lenses
areas against droplets and splashes of liquid, and PEL-94461 grey lenses
are also treated to be scratch and mist resistant. PEL-94462 amber lenses
The goggles feature frames that have upper and lower
ventilation slots with open cell flame resistant foam.
The lens is resistant against high speed, low energy
impact up to 120mps. The headband is manufactured
from three layers of pure silicone for better grip on all
surfaces. The goggles come with a fabric carry case.

94387 Intruder (black)

93485 Intruder (desert)
PEZ-00006 Intruder Spectacle Inserts
PEZ-00007 Intruder clear spare 2.8MM LENS

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
goggles & glasses

For over a hundred years Bollé have rigorously BOLLé X1000 TACTICAL GOGGLES CLEAR
pursued their objective of assessing risk, in the The X1000 offers the choice of
professional work environment and providing
real, technological solutions.
interchangeable lenses which can be
adapted for use with or without prescription NEW
spectacles (specific RX lens shape).
All Bollé safety eyewear products comply with
The X1000 goggle fits under most military
the most stringent European Standards. They
helmets offering comfort, adaptability
also combine excellent design with the latest
and protection.
lenses and coatings to give you eyewear you
can rely on what ever the conditions. ■ Panoramic field of vision coatings
■ Ballistic lens
■ Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings

Ventilated frame
High heat resistant TPV frame
■ Pivot for helmet wearers
■ Quick release system

BOL-00002 clear
BOL-00003 replacement lens clear
BOL-00004 replacement lens smoke



This is a low profile model, compatible with all

types of helmet. The X800 is fitted with panoramic
ballistic lenses for increased protection with out
compromising the field of vision. The Ultra Ventilated
frame prevents the lenses from misting over.
■ Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings
■ Panoramic field of vision
■ Ballistic PC lens
■ Ultra Ventilated frame
■ Bi-material comfort frame


With it’s low profile double ballistic lens, the X1000
dual lens goggle offers the best anti-fog resistance.
Featuring equalizer technology which uses a waterproof,
breathable vent to allow moisture to escape. The result is
distortion free vision and no fogging at any altitude.


Chronosoft is well known to those used to working
in extreme heat. Its Krayton frame resists extreme
temperatures and its sealed double lens is especially
effective for resisting toxic fumes.
BOL-00006 clear

52 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

The Raider ballistic spectacle is supplied with interchangeable temples NEW
and strap, providing maximum protection. With three one piece
interchangeable lenses in clear, smoke and yellow all light
conditions are manageable. An internal, snap in foam
frame converts these spectacles into goggles for
increased protection from dust.
■ Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings
■ Ultra high ballistic polycarbonate lens
■ Comfort foam
■ Free spectacle insert


The Raid ballistic spectacle is also supplied with
interchangeable clear, yellow and smoke lenses.
An internal, snap in foam frame converts these
spectacles into goggles. Also supplied with both
temples and strap.

goggles & glasses

■ Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings
■ Ultra high ballistic polycarbonate lens
■ Comfort foam



A really versatile product which can be worn with temples or with BOLLé CONTOUR
the interchangeable strap. Supplied with 3 interchangeable lenses; Metal framed glasses which fit tight to the temple,
clear, smoke and ESP. A snap on internal foam frame, quickly thereby providing increased upper protection.
adapts these glasses into goggles.
■ Non-slip TIPGRIP temples
■ Panoramic vision ■ 160% Flex temples
■ Non-slip bridge ■ Non-slip bridge
■ Comfortable, non-slip straight temples ■ Anti-static
BOL-00009 black frame BOL-00010 BRONZE FRAME CLEAR LENS

www. gmktp.co.uk 3

PEZT Blast
These glasses have a wrap around design with
cushioned non-slip rubber temple pads for
superior comfort. Straight fit ergonomic temples
and anatomically shaped nose bridge adapts to all
users. Featuring fog and scratch proof high impact
polycarbonate lens for maximum protection. Meets
EN166 Standards.

uvex hawk
The Hawk features the new lens changing system
from Uvex. Each pair comes with three sets of
interchangeable lenses and a carry case. The black
frames include litemirror silver lenses for protection
against intensive light, litemirror orange lenses to
give super contrast on sunny days and litemirror clear
lenses for protection on windy days against dust and
insects. The silver transparent frames are equipped
uvex racer
with litemirror silver and litemirror clear lenses for use
as above and also litemirror rose for good contrast These glasses feature a stylish
and sun protection throughout the day. black frame with three sets

of interchangeable lenses in
94417 black frame smoke, clear and orange.
94419 silver frame
94415 black frame

uvex flash
Eye protection for the budget-conscious,
these stylish shooting glasses have a black
frame and are available in four lens colours.

94401 smoke lens

94402 yellow lens
94403 orange lens
94404 clear lens

54 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

110 82 m 295 167m 60 m
4750 cd 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min
lights & torches

100 101m 75 80 m 80/20 60 m

6500 cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 4380 cd 40 min

Providing power is nothing without control,

the heart of each Ledwave light is the highly
tuned IC (integrated
118 circuit), which
101 m optimises
548 241m 80/20 60 m
4475 cd 1 hrs 14250 cd 3 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
the power, efficiency and bulb life of every torch.
These lights also provide a bright Hot-Spot ongoing Winner
centre with maximum light yield and of MOD Contract to supply a
70 117 m 390 255 m 90m
wide corona. 105/20
3400 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs 3395 cd high-intensity
1 hrs light to British
Forces in 2008/12
Ledwave 86117 xp1 trooper Light
n Type: LED 154 m
85m 220 182m
65/15 710
5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 min
X 2 cd
n Batteries: CR123A3375 1 hrs
110 82 m 295 167m 60 m
n Width: 145 mm 4750 cd 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min

n Length:180
35 mm 151 m 160/30 132m 390 255 m
5680 cd 1 hrs 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs
n Weight 109 grams 60 m
100 101m 75 80 m 80/20
6500 cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
239 m 203m 265 180 m
NSN-6230-99-613-3622 225
14258 cd 2 hrs 10350 cd 1 hrs 8200 cd 40 hrs
LEDWAVE 86300 MTL DEFENSER 1max light
101 m 241m 60 m
LEDWAVE XP-1 TROOPER 3rd generation
118 n 548
Type: LED
14250 cd
4380 cd 40 min
4475 cd 1 hrs 3 hrs
This new 2010
110 version is 15% brighter
82 m (150 real lumens) and offers 20%
60/13 30 m n Batteries: CR123A
480 X 3
5610 cd 2 hrs 770 cd 1 hrs 1 hrs
more output than the 2008 model. The light boasts a new battery runtime n Width: 150mm
indicator and it is military compliant. It has passed
Mil-Spec Test MIL-STD-
117 m 255 m 90m
3400 cd 1 hrs n 390
Length: 35 mm
16300 cd
3395 cd 1 hrs
461E and MIL-STD-810F and ESD101 ISOm
10605 2001. Furthermore it has a Mil- 2 hrs
115 565 272 m
Spec T-6 aluminium4220housing
cd with Mil-Spec type IIb anodizing with 18490
2 hrs double
cd Weight: 82
3nhrs 128m
110 295 167m 80/20
o-ring seals and a hardened glass lens. 4750 cd
LED-00094 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min
85m 220 154 m 182m
65/15 710
3375 cd 1 hrs 5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 min
n Type: LED 163 m 137 m
370 184/41
13285 cd 1 hrs 4720 cd 3 hrs
n Batteries: CR123A X 2 100 101m 75 80 m 80/20

lights & torches

6500 cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs
n Width: 145 mm 180 151 m 160/30 132m 390 255 m
123 m 5680 cd 1 hrs 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs
n Length: 120
35 mm
7495 cd 1 hrs 120/30 84 m
4320 cd 3 hrs
n Weight 115 grams 118 101 m 241m 80/20
239 m cd
4475225 1 hrs203mm cd
14250265 3 hrs180 m
110 LED-00100 82 m 535
295 167m 80/20 10350 cd
8200 cd 40 hrs
4750 cd 2 hrs cd
13980 402min
hrs 4380 cd 401min

70 117 m 390 255 m

Ledwave 87900 Vanguard 105/20
110 82 m
80 m
3400 cd
60/13 86101 1z1
30 m
60 m 16300480
cd 2 hrs
100 75 5610 cd 2 hrs 80/20 770 cd 1 hrs 1 hrs
n Type:
cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs xenon light
4380 cd 40 min

n Batteries: CR123A X 2 n Type: Xenon

85m 220 154 m
101m 65/15 710
n Width: 141 mm 115 Batteries: CR123A1 hrs
565 X 2 272 m 5950 cd 2.5 hrs
101 m 4220 cd 241m 2 hrs 18490 cd 60 m 3 hrs
118 548 80/20
4475 cd
n Length: 33 mm 1 hrs 14250 cd 3 hrs n Width: 35.5
4380 mm
cd 40 min

n Weight: 85 grams n Length: 135.5 mm

180 151 m 13282
mm 390
370 163 m 184/41 137 m 160/30
110 295
n cd
5680 Weight: 4720
110 1 hrs
grams 8730 cdcd 12hrs
LED-00055 117 m 110 82 mcd
255 m
1 hrs
295 167cd
3 hrs
4750 60 m
70 390
4750 cd 2 hrs 105/20
13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min
3400 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs LED-00004 3395 cd 1 hrs

120 123 m 535 239 m 84 m 225 203m 265

7495 cd 1 hrs 120/30
14258 cd 2 hrs 100 10350 cd 101m 1 hrs 75
4320 cd 3 hrs
101m 80 m 6500 cd 60 m 1 hrs
65/15 85m 100 220 154 m 75 710 182m 80/20
3375 cd 1 hrs 6500 cd 5950 cd 1 hrs 2.5 hrs 2690 cd 8300 cd 2 hrs 40 min 4380 cd 40 min

110 m 82 30 m
82 m Ledwave 86118 XP 1R Trooper Z MAX
60/13 480
Ledwave 86103 z2 duo 110 cd
5610 295 2 hrs167m 118 cd
770 101 m 1 hrs60 m 548
4750 cd 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min
180 151 m
118 160/30 101 m 132m Rechargeable
390 241m 255 m
4475 cd 60 m 1 hrs
n Type: cd
5680 Xenon + LED 1 hrs 4475 cd 8730 cd 1 hrs 1 hrs 548 14250 cd 16300 cd 3 hrs 2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
n Type: LED
n Batteries: CR123A X 3 115 101m
565 272 m
101m 4220 Batteries:
ncd Rechargeable
2 hrs 80 m 18490 cd 3 hrs60 m
100 75 70 80/20 117 m
535 n Width: 35 mm 239 m 225 6500 cd
1 hrs 265 2690 cd
180 m
2 hrs 3400 cd
4380 cd 1 hrs 40 min 390
14258 cd 2 hrs 70 117cd
10350 m 1 hrs 390 n Width: 35 mm
255 cd
m 40 hrs105/20 90m
n Length: 137 mm 3400 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs 3395 cd 1 hrs
n Length:163
mm 137 m
n Weight: 118 grams 370 184/41
13285 cd 1 hrs 4720 cd 3 hrs
101 m n Weight: 162 grams 241m 85m 60 m 220
82 m 118 548 65/15 80/20
110 LED-00105 60/13 cd
30 m 480
14250 cd 3375 cd 182cd 1 hrs 40 min
5610 cd 2 hrs 65/15 4475
m 11hrs
hrs 220 154 m
1 hrs
3 hrs
4380 m
3375 cd 1 hrs 5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 min
120 123 m 84 m
7495 cd 1 hrs 120/30
4320 cd 3 hrs
101m 180 151 m 160/3
115 70
565 272
117mm 390 255 m 105/20 90m
4220 cd 2 hrs 180 151cd
m 132m 5680 cd 255cd
m 1 hrs
3400 cd 31hrs
hrs160/30 16300 cd 2 hrs 390 3395 1 hrs
5680 cd 1 hrs 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs

163 m 137 m 535 239 m 225

370 184/41 3
13285 cd 1 hrs 535 65/15 239cd
4720 m
3375 cd
3 hrs
1 hrs 225
220 203m
5950 cd
154 m
2.5 hrs
265 www.
710cd gmktp.co.uk
14258 180 m
8300 cd
2 182
hrsm 55
40 min
14258 cd 2 hrs 10350 cd 1 hrs 8200 cd 40 hrs
110 82 m
110 82 m 295 167m 4750 cd 2mhrs
4750 cd 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min

82 m
2 hrs
& 295
13980 cd
40 min
4380 cd
60 m
40 min

100 101m
Ledwave 86104 z4 targeter II Light 100 101m 75 80 m 80/20
6500 cd
60 m
1 hrs
6500 cd 1 hrs Ledwave 86107
2690 cd z10 targeter III light
2 hrs 4380 cd 40 mi
101m n Type: Xenon 75 80 m 80/20 60 m
cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 110 n Type:
min 82 m 295 167m
n Batteries: CR123A X 2 4750 cd 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min
n Batteries: Rechargeable 118 101 m
n Length: 35.5 mm 118 101 m
548 241m 80/20
4475 cd 601mhrs
4475 cd 1 hrs n Width: 198 mm
14250 cd 3 hrs 4380 cd 40 mi
101 m n Width: 137 mm 241m 80/20 60 m
cd 1 hrs 14250 cd 3 hrs 4380 cd 100 n Length:
40 min46 mm
101m 75 80 m
n Weight: 118 grams 6500 cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs
n Weight: 280 grams 70 117 m
LED-00018 70 117 m 390 255 m 3400 cd
105/20 90
3400 cd 1 hrs LED-0001916300cd 2 hrs 3395 cd 1 hr
117 m 390 255 m 90m
cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs 3395 cd 118 1 hrs 101 m
548 241m
4475 cd 1 hrs 14250 cd 3 hrs
85m 154 m 65/15 182
65/15 220 3375 cd
710 1mhrs
3375 cd 1 hrs 5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 mi
85m 220 154 m 182m
cd 1 hrs 5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 min 117 m 255 m
70 390
Ledwave 86537 TL-1 151 m
3400 cd 1 hrs
180 16300 cd 151 m 2 hrs
180 160/30 390
5680 cd 255
n Type: Led 5680 cd 1 hrs 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hr
151 m 132m 390 255 m
0 cd n Batteries:
1 hrs CR123A X 2 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs
65/15Ledwave MAX targeter LED Light 220
85m 154 m
3375 cd 1 hrs 535 5950 cd 239 m 2.5mhrs
n Width: 134 mm 535 239 m 225 LED 203m 265
14258 cd
2 hrs
14258 cd 2 hrs
n Type: 10350 cd 1 hrs 8200 cd 40 hr
n Length: 33 mm 225 203m 265 180 m
239 m
8200 cd
n Batteries:
40 hrs
CR123A X 2
8 cd 2 hrs 10350 cd 1 hrs
n Weight: 95 grams 180 151 m 160/30 132m
n Width:
cd mm 1 hrs 110 8730 cd 82 m 1 hrs
82 m
LED-00043 110 60/13 30 m 480
5610 cd 2 hrs
5610 cd 2 hrs n Length: 46 770
mm cd 1 hrs 1 hrs
82 m 30 m 480
cd 2 hrs 770 cd 1 hrs 1 hrs n Weight: 177 grams 203m
535 239 m 225
14258 cd 2 hrs 115 10350 cd 101m 1 hrs
115 101m LED-00095 272 m 4220 cd 2 hrs
4220 cd 2 hrs 18490 cd 3 hrs
101m 272 m
cd 2 hrs 18490 cd 3 hrs 82 m
110 30 m
60/13 163 m
5610 cd 2 hrs 370 770 cd 1 hrs
163 m 137 m
370 184/41 13285 cd 1 hrs
13285 cd 1 hrs 4720 cd 3 hrs
163 m 137 m
5 cd 1 hrs 4720 cd 3 hrs
115 101m 272 m
120 123 m
4220 cd

123 m 2 hrs 18490 cd 3 hrs

120 120/30 84 m 7495 cd 1 hrs
7495 cd 1 hrs 4320 cd 3 hrs
123 m 84 m
cd 1 hrs 120/30 LEDWAVE 86090 C2 & C4-Camo LED
4320 cd 3 hrs 137 m
370 163 m 184/41
13285 cd
C2 1 hrs C4 4720 cd 3 hrs

295 167m 80/20 60 m n Type: LED n Type: LED

13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min
120 n Batteries: CR123A
123 X
m 1 n Batteries: C4: CR123A X 2
120/30 84 m
7495 cd 1 hrs 4320 cd 3 hrs
n Width: 122 mm n Width: 36.5 mm
60 m
75 80 m 80/20 n Length: 36.5 mm n Length: 170 mm
2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
n Weight: 77 grams n Weight: 103 grams

LED-00076 LED-00079
548 241m 80/20
110 82 m 60 m 295LED-00077 167m 60 m
14250 cd 3 hrs cd cd
47504380 40 min
2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min

390 255 m 105/20

100 101m 90m 75 C4 80 m 80/20 60 m
16300 cd 2 hrs cd cd
65003395 1 hrs1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min

220 154 m 182m

710 101 m 241m 60 m
5950 cd 2.5 hrs 118 8300 cd 40 min 548 80/20
110 4475 cd 82 m 1 hrs 295 14250 cd 167m 3 hrs 4380 cd 60 m 40 min
4750 cd 2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min
Ledwave 86905N led Predator
160/30 The LED Predator™
packs power and versatility
390 into a tough, compact
255 m and
8730 cd 1 hrs 70 16300 cd 117 m 2 hrs 390 255 m 105/20 90m
handy package. It features a super strong
100 LED 3400
cd of101 generating
m 890
1 hrs 75 16300 cd 80 m 2 hrs 80/20 3395 cd 60 m 1 hrs
6500 cd 1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
lumens in a very concentrate hot spot. The beam is powerful and narrow
180 m
225 enough to reach targets up to 250 meters away and enough surround
203 m 265
10350 cd 1 hrs 8200 cd 40 hrs 154 m
85m 220 182m
beam to make it perfect for patrol or65/15
search-and-rescue operations,1but 710
3375 cd 101 m hrs 5950 cd 241m 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 60 m 40 min
118 548 80/20
also compact enough to use as a weapon light. 4475Its
cdrugged power LED 1 hrsis 14250 cd 3 hrs 4380 cd 40 min

the most powerful30 m LED available so far in the industry and has no filament
cd 1 hrs
break or to burn out.1The
LED Predator
180 is operated by 8 151
x AAm
batteries. 160/30 132m 390 255 m
5680 cd 1 hrs 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs
70 117 m 390 255 m 90m
LED-00080 105/20
3400 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs 3395 cd 1 hrs
272 m
18490 cd 3 hrs 239 m 203m 265 180 m
535 225
14258 cd 2 hrs 10350 cd 1 hrs 8200 cd 40 hrs
154 m
56 GMK TACTICAL Products 201365/15 85m 220 710 182m
3375 cd 1 hrs 5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 min
137 m
82 m 295 167m 60 m
2 hrs 13980 cd 40 min 4380 cd 40 min

101m 75 80 m 80/20 60 m
1 hrs 2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min

lights & torches

101 m 241m 80/20 60 m
1 hrs 14250 cd 3 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
Ledwave HR3 Frontline Li-ION
Rechargeable Ledwave A-100 angle adjustable Mount
with Quick-Release
n Type: Xenon
117 m 255 m 90m
390 105/20 n To mount flashlights with a maximum bezel
Batteries: Rechargable 16300cd 2 hrs 3395 cd 1 hrs
diameter of 56mm on a Weaver or Picatinny Rail
n Width: 198 mm
n The recoil proof, spring loaded locking device
85m n Length: 46110
m m 295 167mm
182 80/20 60 m
4750 cd cd 2 hrs 710 13980 cdcd 4040
can be4380
cd to five different
40 minside angles
1 hrs 5950 2.5 hrs 8300
n Weight: 280 grams (90 degrees left, 45 left, 90 center, 45 right, 90 right
LED-00042 in relation to Picatinny rail)
151 m 160/30
100 132
101m m 75390 80255
m m without tools
80/20 60 m
1 hrs cdcd
6500 1 hrs
1 hrs cdcd
2690 2 hrs
2 hrs 4380 cd 40 min
n material: polymer,
matte black,
239 m 225 203m
101 m
265 180 m weight: 69.5g 60 m
118 10350 cd 1 hrs 8200 cd 241m 40 hrs 80/20
2 hrs 548
4475 cd 1 hrs 14250 cd 3 hrs 4380 cd 40 min

82 m
Ledwave 87250 pel 4 2nd GEN30 m
60/13 480
2 hrs 70 sized),770 cd 117 m 1 hrs output levels 1 hrs 255 m 90m
Compact (pocket high-intensity, selectable- 390 LED flashlight for tactical, 105/20
3400 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs 3395 cd 1 hrs
self-defense, outdoor, weapon light and general use. The PEL-4 has a virtually indestructible
2nd generation light emitting diode (LED) provides two output levels of white light: a long-
running low beam
2 hrs (+3018490
cd and85
ambrilliant, 3tactical-level
hrs high
beam with nearly four
154 m 182m
65/15 710
The GB range of police and military
times the light of a larger
3375 two-D-cell
cd flashlight
1 hrsenough 5950 cd 2.5 hrs 8300 cd 40 mindynamic entry

amount of light to temporarily blind a suspect. helmet brackets have been produced in high quality
163 m 184/41 137 m steel or aluminium and are the only brackets in the
n Type: Xenon
1 hrs 110 4720 cd
82 m 3 hrs 295 167m 80/20 60 m
180 4750 cd
151 m
2 hrs 160/30 13980 cd
40 min world
390 manufactured
4380 cd to255ensure
m that
40 minthe integrity of all
5680 cd 1 hrs 8730 cd 1 hrs 16300 cd 2 hrs
n Batteries:AAA X 4 ballistic and riot helmets are maintained. In use with
123 m
n Width: 145 mm many dynamic entry teams in the UK and abroad.
84 m
1 hrs 120/30
n Length: 43100
535 4320 cd 101m
239 m 3 hrs 75
225 203
80mm 265
Supplied in a variety of power
80/20 coated finishes
6500 cd
14258 12hrs
hrs 2690cd
10350 cd 12hrs
hrs 8200 cd
4380 cd 40hrs
40 min
n Weight: 137 grams n Camouflage/Sand/ White for military use.

lights & torches

LED-00056 Matt Black or Blue for police/
110 82 m 295 167m 60 m
4750 cd 82
101mm 2 hrs 60/13
13980 cd 30 mm
241 40 min 480government
4380 cd 60 m 40 min
5610 cd 21hrs
hrs 14250cd
770 cd 13hrs
hrs 14380
hrs cd 40 min
n No holes need to be drilled
into the Kevlar or Riot
100115 101m
101m 75 80 m
272 m 80/20 helmet thereby maintaining
60 m
6500 cd 117 m 1 hrs 565 2690 cd 2 hrs 4380 cd 90m
40 min
70 4220 cd 2 hrs 390 255 m
3400 cd 1 hrs
18490 cd
16300 cd
3 hrs the International
3395 cd
Safety 1 hrs
2 hrs
Ledwave 87450 pel 5 2nd GEN Standard. Manufactured to
n Type: Xenon the highest specification
370 163
101 mm 137
241mm 60 m
118 184/41
548 80/20 for durability and load
n Batteries:AAA
65/15X 4 4475 cdcd
13285 85m 1 1hrs
hrs 220 4720
14250 cdcd 154 m 3 hrs
3 hrs 710 4380 cd 182m 40 min
3375 cd 1 hrs 5950 cd 2.5 hrs carrying8300 cd 40 min
n Width: 138 mm
n Can be used in
n Length: 35120
mm 123 m 84 m
70 7495 cd 117 m
151 m 1 hrs 120/30
390 4320 cd
255 m
132m 3 hrs 105/20conjunction with 90255
180 160/30 390
n Weight: 117 grams
3400 cd
5680 cd
1 hrs
1 hrs 16300 cd
8730 cd
2 hrs
1 hrs 3395 cd
the GS Kevlar
1 hrs
cdhelmet whilst using
2 hrs the S10 Respirator
LED-00057 GAB-00001 Aluminium Helmet Bracket
m m 220 154 mm
GAB-00002 Steel and
265 m Aluminium
182180 m Helmet Bracket
535 225 710
3375 cd cd
14258 1 hrs
2 hrs 5950 cdcd
10350 2.5 1hrs
hrs 8300 cd cd
8200 4040

87940/87950 Nightstorm
151 m Infra Red160/30 132m
255 m
110 82 m 30 m 390
cdcd 1 hrs 60/13 8730 cd 1 hrs cd mount which 2canhrs be used
5610 2 hrs 770 cd 1 hrs Flashlight and 1Laser

n Filterless solution for visible white-and infrared light in on any Picatinny/Weaver rail. Easy to fit and
one combined Torch. dismantle. Light-weight. 180
535115 239 m101m 225 203m 265
272 m
14258 cdcd 2 hrs 565 10350 cd 1 hrs from reinforced
8200 polymer
cd 40 hrs
4220 2 hrs 18490 cd 3 hrs
n Equipped with an LED Cree XPG (R5) + infrared LEDs composite.
n Type: LED n Exceptional design detail
110 82163
m m 30137
m m 480
370 60/13
n Batteries: CR123A X13285
2 cdcd
5610 2 hrs
1 hrs cd cd
7704720 1 hrs
3 hrs n Fits all Picatinny
1 hrs rails

n Width: 179 mm n Efficient and easy to fit

n Length: 52 mm n Quick release mechanism
115 101123
m m 27284
m m
120 565
n Weight: 229 grams cd cd
7495 2 hrs
1 hrs 18490 cdcd
4320 3 hrs
3 hrs n Designed for easy flashlight insertion
and retention
n Molded from reinforced plastic composite
370 163 m 184/41 137 m
13285 cd 1 hrs 4720 cd 3 hrs TD1-BK2

120 123 m
7495 cd 1 hrs 120/30 84 m
www. gmktp.co.uk 3
4320 cd 3 hrs
lights & torches


Ledwave a-02/filters
n Blue, green, red and
infrared filters
n Use with Trooper and
Vanguard torches
Ledwave a-21filters
LED-00084 blue n Blue, red and green filters
LED-00082 green n Use with Z3 and Z4 torches LEDWAVE A-49 STROBE SWITCH
LED-00083 red LED-00012 Cable switch plug in jack w/function strobe.
LED-00037 Ledwave A-49 Strobe Switch,
Fits XP-1, XP1R Raptor Turbo
Ledwave a-29
Ledwave a-28 infrared filter
infrared filter
n Infrared filter
n Infrared filter
n Use with Z3 and
n Use with Z1 and Z2
Z4 torches

a-06 holster for z1 & z2

n Holster for Z1 and Z2 torches LEDWAVE A-106 CABLE SWITCH
n Cable switch plug in jack, duo
n Fits XP1, Z1 and Defenser


Ledwave A-65 cable switch

n Black cable switch
n Fits C-1, C-3 and C-9 polymer lights


Ledwave A-14 holster

n Ledwave holster to fit Z-3,
Z-4, ZR-8 and XR-66 lights
Ledwave a-48
cable switch Ledwave A-58 Picatinny Mount Ring
n Cable switch plug-in jack n Low Picatinny mount

n Fits XP-1, Z1, Z3, Z4 and Wild n Fits all 25mm diameter lights

Finder torches LED-00032

Ledwave Traffic Cone
Ledwave a-103
cable switch A-07 Traffic Cone for Z3, XR66 and HR3 Frontline lights

n Fits XP-1, Z1, Z3, Z4 and Wild Finder torches LED-00045

LED-00075 A-98 Traffic Cone for XP1, XP11, XP33 and XP55 lights

Panasonic batteries
n Lithium Ledwave A-04 rail mount
PSA- CR123A n Barrel mount type 2 rail system
n Fits Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4 and Wild Finder torches


58 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

shooting Accessories & rescue tools
m o b i l e s n i p i n g pa c k a g e

When GMK started looking for products and

equipment to support our line of sniper rifles,
we were able to lean on 40 years of experience
in supplying the demanding commercial
market with rifles and accessories, which
put us in a good position to understand the
needs of today’s Tactical Rifleman. From high
quality rifle rests for both temporary and more
permanent positioning, through the highly
regarded MilDot master system, and on to
specialised rescue tools, we have been able to
source a range of products that will enhance the
operational performance of any rifleman.


The Mini-Sharpshooters Rest is an inexpensive option
to add to your Rifle Officer’s kit. It is small enough to
fit in a pocket and will attach to virtually any camera
tripod or monopod to provide a steady platform from
which to shoot. Beanbag support constructed of
1000 denier Cordura. Rest Precision machined from
aircraft grade aluminium, black anodised to provide Mini Tripod
a non-reflective finish. This mini tripod extends from 18" to 57", weighs
just under 5lbs with a load capacity of 9lbs. Positive
GRP-1700 Mini Sharp quick action/quiet leg lock levers. Centre column

shooting accessories & rescue tools

shooters Rifle Rest has half ball leveling head with spirit level.
Beanbag support that will fit virtually any camera
tripod or monopod.
The option of assembling
a complete mobile sniping
package is also available:
e the
when you purchas
Re Mini Tripod
Optional spiked feet Mini Sharpshooters
d MSP Bag
To fit above. with Spiked Feet an
together as our Mo
Sniping Package.

This bag has been specifically designed by Centermass for police and military
snipers to carry the Mobile Sniping Package and is tried and tested in combat
with US Special Operations Forces.

Its primary benefit is its modularity. The Molle & Alice attachment capabilities
allow the user to add virtually whatever additional equipment they may need
for a specific task. You can add ammo pouches, binocular pouches, canteen, or
attach the MSP Bag to your current drag bag.

The bag is constructed using the highest quality

materials including 1000 denier Cordura &
3/8" closed cell foam to ensure adequate

padding. Its outside dimensions are:

28" L x 8" H x 4" D.

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shooting Accessories & rescue tools
RIFLE RESTS & tripods

Centermass Gen 11 Conversion Kit

Our T.S.S.R. Gen II Conversion kit allows anyone
who currently owns a Mini-Sharpshooters®Rifle Rest
to upgrade.

Centermass Gen 11 Tactical

Sharpshooters Rifle Rest
This rest is universal and attaches to most
commercially made tripods or heads.
It accommodates many different shooting positions
and accepts most long guns. The TSSR GEN II is
constructed of aluminum;

n Weighs 2 lbs. 2 oz.;

n Length is seven inches (7”)
n Width is eight and half (8.5”)
n Height is three and one quarter (3.25”) tall.

shooting accessories & rescue tools

Shooters Ridge
Stalk Stick/Mono-Pod
Adjustable from 29" to 64", this mono-pod
has a moulded hand piece and wrist
strap for a secure grip and a cupped rest
area for stable gun support. The rest can
be unscrewed to reveal a thread which
will fit a camera or spotting scope.

Centermass Sharpshooter QR Rest MAnnfrotto 327 Head

This simple device allows virtually any weapon This ergonomic heads is designed to be intuitive to use
with a Picatinny rail to integrate and lock to most in a variety of different settings. While being gripped
commercially made camera tripods, heads, and by your hand, the head is free to move but is securely
Q-R shoes. locked in position as soon as you let go. This latest
EDF-CM1-SSQR generation of joystick heads offers reduced weight from
improved materials and improved speed and comfort.
Main Features steady pod rifle rest

n Single locking lever Adjustable from 26" to 64", this

two-legged rifle rest has a rifle
n TFriction control using hollow sphere technology
cradle and provides a sturdy
n Ergonomic Design base from any position; kneeling,
n Magnesium Body Shell for strength and lightness sitting or standing.

MAN-327RC2 SHR-40850

60 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Shooters Ridge Rifle Bi-pod Tactical Sharpshooters
With adjustable legs from 9" to 13", this bi-pod is Urban Sniping Package
compact and lightweight with no assembly required. n Track moving targets
The telescopic legs have spring return and extend
n Fully adjustable
quickly and easily. The bi-pod attaches easily to the
sling swivel stud. n Use in standing, sitting or kneeling positions
n Clamps weapon to rest if required
n Accepts most rifles – Sako TRG, Tikka T3, AI etc.

n Complete package including rest, tripod

and covert carry bag
* Items can be purchased individually, please phone for details.

Ultrec quick change/bi/tripods

NEW n Quickly change between the standard v-bracket and optional
camera mounts
n Rubberised gun support for quiet operation and to protect
your gun
n Gun support rotates 360o for easy allignment with target
n Available in both camo and non-glare black finish
n Three section telescoping aluminium legs with a 6” foream
grip on each leg.

rifle rests & tripods

n Adjustable leg lengths from 18” to 44”
(46-112cm or from 24” to 64” (61-163).
n Black finished models include a sale printed on the
centretube of each leg for consistent height adjustment.
n Quick and reliable flip tab lock mechanism for the legs
n Velcro strap included to secure legs closed while carrying sticks
n Includes deluxe carrying case with removable shoulder strap
*One year limited warranty

ULT-QCB-SB Quick Change Bipod - Black

ULT-QCBC-SB Quick Change Bipod - Carbon Fibre
ULT-QCT-SB Quick Change Tripod - Black
ULT-QCTC-SB Quick Change Tripod - Carbon fibre

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SMoke grenades, light sticks and markers

centanex CTX-6- op, CTX-9- op

Ignition Type: FOL – Fly off Lever
centanex CTX Trainer Unit
Function: 9 or 6 Burst Operational Unit
Sound Output: 182db @ 1m Ignition Type: FOL – Fly off Lever
Blast Pressure: 3.78 PSI0 Function: Single Burst
Delay: 0.5 seconds or 1 sec Sound Output: 165-182db @ 1m – Customer
Light Output: 2 million Candela Option
Delay: 1.5 seconds
Hazard Type: 1.4S
Light Output: 0.5 – 2 million Candela –
Key features: Customer Option
n Green Light Technology (507-545nm) Hazard Type: 1.4S
n Anodised Aluminium Body Key features
n Reduced Smoke Obscuration n Reloadable Unit
n Static from point of function n Cost effective
n Unique Dual Venting System n Green Light
n Zero Projectile Hazard Technology
n Anodised Aluminium
Centanex MK7 Thunderflash Centanex MK9 Thunderflash n Reduced Smoke
Ignition Type: Friction Strike Ignition Type: Friction Strike Output
Function: Single Burst Function: Single Burst n Zero Projectile Hazard
Sound Output: 165db @ 1m Sound Output: 185db @ 1m
Delay: 5.5 seconds Delay: 5.5 seconds
Light Output: 0.5 million candela Light Output: 0.75 million candela CTX-TR-1-R RELOAD
Hazard Type: 1.4G Hazard Type: 1.4G

Key features Key features

n Biodegradable Cardboard Construction n Biodegradable Cardboard Construction
n Ideal for cost effective training n Ideal for cost effective training Centanex Smoke screen
enhancement i.e. public order/firearms enhancement i.e. public order/firearms
Ignition Type: FOL – Fly Off Lever
CTX-TH-MK7 Function: Low Toxicity Screening Smoke
CTX-TH-MK9 Deployment
Centanex MK7 Maroon Duration: 60 seconds
Ignition Type: Electric Delay: 3 seconds
Function: Single Burst Hazard Type: 1.4G
Sound Output: 165db @ 1m
Key features
Light Output: 0.5 million candela
Hazard Type: 1.4G n Colour White or Blue

n Heavy smoke density for large area coverage

Centanex MK9 Maroon CTX-SMK-SCR-BLUE
Ignition Type: Electric
Function: Single Burst
Sound Output: 185db @ 1m
Light Output: 0.75 million candela
Hazard Type: 1.4G

Key features
n Biodegradable Cardboard
Ideal for cost effective
training enhancement
i.e. public order/firearms
n Optional Igniter Lead
Length: 0.3m or 1m


62 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013
GMK are now factory appointed distributors for the full range of
Cyalume® lighting and explosive simulation products. Cyalume
Technologies is the world leader in the design, development and
production of chemiluminescent and photoluminescent/reflective
technologies, its lightsticks and other products are in use with NATO
forces throughout the world.

Cyalume 71/2” Flexband

The 7 ½” (19cm) Flexband is the ideal emergency marker. FlexBands can be
placed on the wrists, stretchers, door knobs, tree branches etc.
Combine FlexBands together to mark larger areas.
CY-00010 CYALUME Flexband
Cyalume 6” Snaplight©
With a simple bend, snap and shake, 6” (15cm) SnapLight
industrial grade, phthalate-free chemical lightsticks provide
instant light for all emergency situations. Each SnapLight
creates 360o of illumination, and is visible up to 1 mile. They
are non toxic, non flammable, waterproof and generate no
heat or sparks.
Cyalume 8” ultrahigh density flare alternative
CY-00003 CYALUME 6IN SNAPLIGHT BLUE 8 HRS Developed as a safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional
CY-00004 CYALUME 6IN CHEMLIGHT IR 8 HRS incendiary flares currently used by both the emergency services and
the military. With reflective strip, it enhances visibility up to 1 mile during
emergencies. The attached wire stand allows easy set up and activation. With
a new-patented formulation, the 8” (20cm) flare alternative provides superior

pyrotechnics & light sticks

performance in cold and warm climates and can be used in wet or dry weather.
Ideally used at accident scenes, vehicle breakdowns, as hazard markers to alert
drivers of obstacles in the road.
CY-00012 CYALUME orange ultrA high

Cyalume 10” flare alternative

10” (25cm) Flare alternative fits securely in a metal bipod stand to
prevent rolling and is visible up to 1 mile.
CY-00011 CYALUME 2 HR Green, Yellow, Red

Cyalume 8” ID markers
Cyalume’s latest product, Cypads ™ are chemiluminescent adhesive pads which
operate on the same principle as a traditional lightstick. They come in both
visible (10 hour duration) and infra-red (8 hour duration) versions. They have
self- adhesive backing for speedy surface mounting, together with hook and
hole for hanging on wire or filament. They can also be marked with permanent
Cyalume 12” snaplight lightstick pens for visible or covert messaging.
Widely used by both the emergency services and the military. 12”
(30cm) Snaplight provides 3 x the light of a 6” lightstick. Ideally
used for area lighting, signaling and evacuations when directing
individuals to safety. Individually wrapped in foil. Stick with a hole
punched at the top for easy hanging. CY-00007 CYPAD ID MARKER IR 8 HRS
CY-00013 CYALUME 12 HR green

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shooting Accessories & rescue tools

KESTREL 4500 Applied Ballistics

Kestrel 4500NV with Horus Vision
The Kestrel 4500NV with Marksman wanting to increase accuracy should look seriously at the Kestrel NEW
Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics, packed with
Horus® Vision software
is a unique high end NEW features to improve long distance accuracy.
precision shooting tool. Features include the ability to;
It combines critical
environmental data from n Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range
the Kestrel 4500 with rifle shooting.
an integrated targeting n Select from the super accurate ‘Litz’ library of G1 or G7
software solution using ballistic coefficient when calculating a trajectory.
Horus ATrag advanced
proprietary ballistics n Get ballistic coefficient data for more than 225 long
algorithms. range bullets.
Multiple guns and rounds n Measure up to 15 environmental parameters at your
from the extensive fingertips.
Horus database can be
n "Train" the software to match your specific rifle based
customised. Once these
on observed impacts at long range with the ballistic
parameters are set, the
calibration feature.
Kestrel takes over. It tracks
all the environmental Power is from an easily replaceable standard lithium coin type
data that affects a bullets cell, which will typically give up to 300 hours of operation. The instrument automatically
trajectory in real time and switches off if no keys are pressed for 45 minutes.
automatically updates
the firing solution. The
outputs even take coriolis
and spin drift into account.

With its built-in digital compass the Kestrel is able

kestrel 3500 pocket weather meter
The Kestrel 3500 provides comprehensive environmental
to account for the wind's direction and speed, data on nine different measurements whilst being incredibly
shooting accessories & rescue tools

along with the target's bearing. simple to use. Simply turn it on and scroll left and right to see
RPR-4500HV exactly what the environment is doing. When you're done, slip
on the hard cover and your Kestrel 3500 Pocket Wind Meter is
just about indestructible. With built-in temperature, humidity
kestrel 2000 Hand held anemometer and barometric pressure sensors. It uses high precision ZytelR
Kestrel 2000 Measures bearings and a light weight impeller to provide accurate air flow
measurements even at low speeds. The impeller assembly is
n Current wind speed
replaceable by the user in the case of damage.
n Maximum wind gust
Measures: Current wind speed, Average wind speed, Maximum
n Average wind speed
wind speed, Temperature, Wind Chill, Relative Humidity, Heat
n Air, water & snow Index, Dew Point, Wet Bulb temperature, Barometric pressure
temperature and Altitude.
n Reliable, portable and easy to use
n User-replaceable impeller
n Waterproof and floats kestrel 4000 POCKET WEATHER TRACKER NEW
n Large easy-to-read display Kestrel 4000 Measures
with backlight n Current wind speed
n Data hold function n Average wind speed
n Wind chill n Maximum wind speed
RPR00010 n Temperature
n Wind Chill
n Relative Humidity
n Heat index
n Dew Point
n Wet bulb temperature
n Barometric pressure
n Altitude
n Density altitude
n Time & Date

64 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

kestrel 4400 & 4600 Heat Stress Trackers
visicolor target - 8'' bull
Human heat stress results from a combination of many environmental factors - air temperature and
humidity along with radiant heat from the sun and surfaces, balanced by the cooling effect of breezes
or air flow. Working or exercising in high temperatures may lead to heat illness, or at the very least loss of
concentration resulting in impaired performance, which may cause mistakes or even accidents.
The Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Tracker is a portable handheld device that monitors environmental condi-
tions to avoid this situation arising.

Kestrel 4400 measures

n Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
n Thermal Work Limit (TWL)
n Naturally Aspirated Wet Bulb
n Globe Temperature
n Mean Radiant Temperature (MRT)

Kestrel 4400 also measures

n Current wind speed
n Average wind speed
n Maximum wind speed
n Air, water & snow temperature
n Wind Chill

shooting accessories & rescue tools

Kestrel 4600 Measures: visicolor target - coyote
n Wind speed & Wind Direction When hit, each different colour zone on the target
produces a highly visible colour splash. Pack of 10.
n Temperature
n Wind chill SHR-45821

n Barometric pressure
n Altitude
n Kestrel 4600 can help measure and predict plume movements when
mounted on a tripod with Vane
Please call for more detailed information sheets.


Mil Dot Master Calculator

The Mildot Master is a practical and easy to use analog calculator that comprises of only two parts,
needs no power, fits easily in a shirt or jacket pocket and is weatherproof. The quick-to-align scales
provide a direct readout of range and bullet drop/wind drift, plus convert yards to meters. It can also
determine angle of fire and eliminates hold over errors for uphill or downhill shots.

The calculator size is only 31/4" (8.4cm) wide, 61/4" (16.5cm) long, and is made of riveted khaki-colored
heavy vinyl, a slide, which moves within the sleeve. The slide is calibrated for yards on one side and
meters on the other. It includes a 27 page instruction book, which is easy to read and follow so that
anyone can understand the mildot system within a few minutes. It includes several sample tests to
check your comprehension level.

visicolor target - deer


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shooting Accessories & rescue tools



n Handle Colour: Black or Silver n Handle Material Stainless Steel

GERBER MP800 Legend
n Patented Saf.T.Plus locking system n Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon
n Handle Colour: Black or Silver
n One-handed opening pliers n Pliers Type: Needlenose
n Patented Saf.T.Plus locking system
n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty n Handle Color: Black Oxide
n One-handed opening pliers
n Flick of the wrist, one-handed opening pliers
n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty
Components: n Compact, lighweight, non-reflective coating

n Bluntnose pliers or Needle Nose n Patented Saf.T.Plus


n Tungsten carbide insert cutters

n needle nose pliers with index able, replaceable
n wire crimper Components:
carbide cutters
n fine edge knife n needlenose pliers
n fine edge knife
n serrated knife n wire cutter
n Fiskars scissors
n cross point screwdriver n wire crimper
n cross point screwdriver
n small n serrated knife blade
n small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers
n medium and large flat blade screwdrivers n Fiskars scissors
n lanyard ring
n lanyard ring n cross point screwdriver
n bottle opener and file
n can opener n small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers
n Contoured aluminium handles with rubber
inserts for grip n bottle opener n can opener

n Tungsten carbide insert cutters n file n bottle opener

n Patented Saf.T.Plus n ruler n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty

n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty

SIL-00005 SIL-00006 MP600 - SS- Blunt n Overall Length: 5.55"

SIL-00007 MP600 - Blk - Blunt n Closed Length: 4.37"

SIL-00001 MP600 - Blk - Needle n Weight: 6.6 oz.

SIL-00008 MP600 - SS - Needle SIL-00004

66 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013



n Handle Material: stainless steel n Stainless Steel – Black
n Sheath Material: ballistic nylon n Half Fine / Half Serrated Blunt nosed Blade
n One-handed opening
n Pliers Type: sliding jaw n Strap Cutter
n Inboard tools
n V-cut wire cutters n Philips Screwdriver
n Fully locking blades
n Opening assist for smaller tools n Flat Head Screwdriver
n Components:
n V-cut wire cutters
n Outboard heavy duty tools n needlenose pliers
n wire cutter

Components: n partially serrated knife blade
n Overall Length: 14.0 cm
n needlenose pliers n cross point screwdriver
n Closed Length: 9.1 cm
n saw blade n small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers
n Weight: 141.8 g
n can opener n can opener
n cross driver n bottle opener
n fine edge blade n file
n scissors n saw
n small and medium flat drivers n scissors
n bottle opener n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty
n serrated knife
n lanyard n Overall Length: 6.61"
n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty n Closed Length: 4.92"
n Weight: 8.6 oz.
n Overall Length: 5.8" SIL-00002
n Closed Length: 4.4"
n Weight: 8.75 oz.

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shooting Accessories & rescue tools
multi-tools, knives, cutters & Accessories

n Handle Material: stainless steel
n Sheath Material: ballistic nylon
n Pliers Type: sliding jaw
n V-cut wire cutters
n Opening assist for smaller tools
n Outboard heavy duty tools
n needlenose pliers
n saw blade
n can opener
n cross driver GERBER Hinderer rescue knife
n fine edge blade Components:
n scissors n Hook cutter

n small and medium flat drivers n Safely slices seatbelts

n bottle opener n Window punch

n serrated knife n Oxygen tank valve opening

n lanyard n Overall Length: 8.5"

n Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty n Blade Length: 3.5"

n Closed Length: 5.1"

n Overall Length: 5.8" n Weight: 5.6 oz.

n Closed Length: 4.4"

n Weight: 8.75 oz. SIL-00011
shooting accessories & rescue tools



Components: NEW
n 420HC Stainless Steel
n Single Bevel Knife Edge with Blunt Hook
n Textured Edge Handle
n Glass Breaker/Lanyard Hole
n Integrated Oxygen Tank Wrench
n Friction Lock Sheath
n Made in the USA

n Blade Length: 2.92"

n Overall Length: 8.12"
n Weight: 3.04 oz.

68 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

NEW Grip Gloves are custom moulded for each pistol model. Ideal for polymer frame
handguns with no replacement grips available. Made from Pachmayr Decelerator
material, Grip Gloves deliver
enhanced control and will absorb
recoil. The ultra-soft, ultra-stretchy
material makes installation a snap.
Distinctive ventilated side panels
and finger grooves provide more
instinctive gun orientation and a
professional look.
94660 05160 Tactical Grip Glove
GERBER Strap Cutter Beretta 92
94664 05164 Tactical Grip Glove
n Blade: 420HC Stainless steel black Glock 17-22
n Colour: Black 94668 05168 Tactical Grip Glove SIG 220-229
n Cuts through nylon straps and seat belts in
n Overall Length: 4.375" mesa TACTICAL
n Blade Length: 3.5" SureShell™ shotshell carriers were developed in response to requests from law enforcement
SIL-00012 agencies and armorers for shell carrier solutions that retained ammunition reliably and could
withstand the rigors of daily use and abuse. Fabricated from the highest quality materials, they
feature an innovative rubber friction retention system and tough construction to endure years
of use and abuse.

muti-tools , knives, Cutters & Accessories

Sure shell receiver carriers - 6 shell 12 ga rem 870 MES-90210
Sure shell receiver carriers - 6 shell 12ga benm1/m2 MES-90840
Sure shell receiver carriers - 6 shell 12ga benm1/m2 MES-90870
bÖker magnum Lifesaver
Sure shell receiver carriers - 4 shell 12ga benm1/m2 MES-91210
The Magnum Lifesaver from Boker is a hefty rescue knife that is the Urbino tac stock for benellI m4/m1014 cheek riser MES-91470
perfect choice in emergency situations. The 440 stainless steel blade
Urbino tac stock for benellI m1/m2 cheek riser 12g MES-91510
is black finished with guards, one of which can be used as a flipper to
Urbino tac stock rem cheek riser 12ga MES-91550
quickly open the blade. The sturdy aluminum scales feature grip-tape
inserts on the front side and a tip-down pocket clip on back. The Sure shell stock carriers - 4 shell 12ga benm1/m2 MES-91840
integrated seatbelt cutter and glass-breaker make the lifesaver a true Sure shell receiver carriers - 6 shell 12ga bensnova MES-92000
life saver. Sure shell receiver carriers - 6 shell 12ga bensnova MES-92010
n Overall Length: 22.5cm Side mount picatinny rail - remington 870 MES-92150

n Blade Length: 9.5 cm

n Weight: 203g

bÖker magnum Black Rescue

A small rescue knife with big performance.
Featuring a partially serrated tanto style , black
coated 440 stainless steel linerlock blade.
With a belt cutter and glass breaker available
whilst the blade is closed. The black anodized
aluminum handle.
n Overall length: 14.0cm
n Blade length: 5.3cm
n Weight: 85g

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shooting Accessories & rescue tools

GP1/GP2 Integrated Bipod Grip with X36c/k 4 rail system for H&K G36C/K
fixed or swivel base n Compliant with MIL-STD 1913
An integrated grip with fixed position integrated n Exceptional design allows you to fit
bipod utilising a quick detach Picatinny rail system. numerous mission-specific accessories such
as forearm grip, bipod, flashlight and others,
n Bipods fixed or swivel position
on any of the four Picatinny Rails
n Instantaneous pushbutton release of the
n Milled of billet aviation grade
bipod legs. aluminium using CNC machinery
n Manufactured of durable polymer composite with
n Light weight
a solid aluminium core FFG-4 Folding Vertical Grip
n Easy to fit. No Gunsmithing
n Patent pending n Folding Steady Grip
is required
n Lifetime warranty n Locks at horizontal, vertical, 45° and 135° positions
n Fits Picatinny/Weaver Rail
n Light-weight
n Molded from reinforced polymer composite
n Length in vertical position: 4.5 inches/11.5cm
n No gunsmithing required
n Battery compartment optional

PCS Rail Covers
TDI-Arms Rail Covers are specially designed to fit
a Picatinny/Weaver rail
n Easy to fit
n Polymer made

UHF-5 5 POSITION LIGHT/LASER MOUNT n 5.5" long rail covers available

Flashlight mount locks in any of five positions allowing n 1.75" short rail covers available
the flashlight to be mounted on either side of the
shooting accessories & rescue tools

pistol or rifle.
n UFH1 - Fits 0.71"-0.81" diameter (rifle model)
n UFH2 - Fits 0.84"-0.94" diameter (rifle model)
n UFH3 - Fits 0.96" - 1.06" diameter (rifle model)
n UFH4 - 5 Position Laser/Flashlight Mount Fits
1.11" - 1.20" diameter (rifle model)
TDI BUNGEE SLING Flashlight and Laser mount which can be used
A one position bungee sling on any Picatinny/Weaver rail. Easy to fit and
dismantle. Light-weight. Molded from reinforced
TDI S1P polymer composite.
n Fits all Picatinny rails
n Efficient and easy to fit
n Quick release mechanism
n Designed for easy flashlight
insertion and retention
n Molded from reinforced
plastic composite
37mm GL & BAton
gun 3 Rail Adaptor TDI-BK1 - ¾" Diameter
TDI-S1P-HK n Specifically designed TDI-BK2 - 1" diameter narrow clip
for the 37mm TDI-BK2-LMT - 1" diameter THICK clip
baton gun
n Compliant with MIL-STD
BVG vertical Grip
n Exceptional design allows
the secure mounting of n Fits hand guard equipped with a
various Picatinny/Weaver weaver or Picatinny rail system
devices such as forearm grip, bipod, flashlight and n Waterproof compartment for three
laser etc, to your launcher CR123 Batteries
n 5 Position for fitting the rails n Quick detach mechanism
n Milled of billet aviation grade aluminium n Moulded from reinforced
Elite Single Point bungee Sling black using CNC machinery plastic composite

70 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

clothing & accessories
TAser accessories

Some items can be bought off the shelf and

function perfectly well, but we all know some just
need to be more specialised and custom made.

Modern firearms, as demonstrated by the extensive

Beretta Group offering, come in a wide range of types
and models, and the possible after sales items that
can be attached for operational use, means they are
often outside a ‘standard’ fit. This is why as well as a full
range of standard size grab bags, we can also offer a
bespoke manufacturing service to fit any combination
of weapons and equipment.

Similarly, the hard cases we can offer come with either

a standard foam liner or can be custom cut to take a
specific weapon and accessories.

There are many tasks and loads that need to be taken TASER tHIGH HOLSTER TASER CID HARNESS
into consideration when designing a tactical vest. The Taser Thigh Holster is constructed of 1000 denier Our Taser CID Harness has been
We know trying to make one that will carry out all nylon. It has an internal foam layer to protect the weapon, specifically designed for maximum
these objectives is likely to satisfy few of them, so we as well as an internal stiffener to provide stability as well as flexibility whilst wearing a Taser. It has a
get our vests manufactured to the user’s requirement. easy re-holstering. Fits Taser X26. holster pocket that has three different
This means we can make specific vests for such items positions so that the gun itself can be
n Snap retention strap with Velcro over-strap for
as baton rounds, or for specialised roles such as positioned best for the wearer. It is also
additional retention
instructors in high visibility yellow. Finally, of course, interchangeable from the left to the right
we all come in different shapes and sizes, so being able n Belt drop attachment with quick-release buckle
and vice versa. It has been manufactured
to produce tactical vests to a wide range of sizes and n Adjustable thigh strap with quick-release buckle in mesh and cordura fabrics.
fits even in small numbers is a valuable service we are and non-slip backing
pleased to provide. n Additional pocket for two extra taser
n Dual pouches for spare cartridges
n Also available in belt and thigh versions
n Vertical zip pocket
n Also available with anti-arming clip
n Adjustable straps
n A product when worn, is very covert
n Additional attachment strap available

Taser accessories

The Taser Belt Holster is constructed of 1000
denier nylon. It has an internal foam layer to pro-
tect the weapon, as well as an internal stiffener
to provide stability as well as easy re-holstering.
Fits Taser X26.
n Two belt loops fit belts up to 1.75" or up to
2.25" wide
n Snap retention strap with velcro over-strap
for additional retention
n Dual pouches for spare cartridges
n Also available in MOLLE compatible and
thigh versions
n Also available with anti-arming clip

www. gmktp.co.uk 713

CL o t h i n g & a c c e s s o r i e s


The IWB Belt Clip Holster is constructed exclusively for inside the waistband carry and maximum
concealability. It’s constructed of multi-layer, turned and quilted ballistic nylon. It has a sturdy spring steel
clip that clamps on and off belts up to 2.25" wide. It is ambidextrous and is available in sizes to fit most
pistols and revolvers. This holster's sleek, comfortable design has made it one of Elite’s best sellers.


Code: Fits:

A Kel-Tec P-3AT,P-32; Colt 25 Auto; Beretta 21,950,3032; Taurus PT-22,PT-25; Minx; Sterling 300 25; F.I.E. Titan; Walther TPH22/25

L SandW, Colt, Ruger 357 frame revolvers 2.5"-3"

1 2-3" SandW J frame 2" Chief/Bodyguard/Centennial; Colt Detective series; Taurus 85, 605 2.25" revolvers

2 Walther PP/PPK/PPKS series; SIG Sauer P230; HandK HK4; Colt 380 Govt/Mustang; Beretta 84/85/86/70S/90; AMT Backup 380;
Astra Constable series; Llama IIIA 380; Mauser HSC 380; Firestar 9mm/.40 pistols
3 Colt Commander/Officers; 4" Colt, Ruger, SandW, Taurus, Rossi revolvers (all frames); Steyr GB;

4 Colt Government series; Browning HiPower; SandW M 41 5.5", 422 6"; AMT
Hardballer; Automag II 4.5"; Ruger MK4
5 Glock 17,20,21,22,31,32; Sig Sauer P220/P226/P225; Taurus 92/99/100; Beretta 92/96; FN P-9; Browning Pro 9; HandK USP; Ruger

P85/P89/P90/P91/P93/P94/P95/P345/SR9; Springfield XD 5"; SandW MandP, 39/59/3900/5900, 1000/4000/4500 series, Sigma

series 9/40, 910, 410; CZ75/85

5C Glock 19,23,28,29,30,33,36; Sig Sauer P228/P229/P239/P245/SP2340; Taurus 24/7; Beretta 8000/9000, PX4; Springfield XD 4";
SandW Compact; HiPoint 9mm
6 Glock 26/27; Taurus PT111/145; Kel-Tec P11; Springfield XD 3"

7 SandW Sigma 380 3"; Kahr Arms P9/40,MK9/40,K9/40,PM9/40,CW9; Kel-Tec PF9

8 Colt Defender, Para Ordnance 12-45, Kimber Ultra Carry, Springfield Armory Ultra Compact.

9 2.5"-3"Large Frame Revolvers

72 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

Rifle bags

Tactical Rifle Bags

Durable and hardwearing, our Discreet Tactical Grab bags
are guaranteed for two years and utilise only the finest
materials available.

Standard Features on all Discreet Bags include:

n 1000D Cordura® Nylon
n ½" Closed cell padding on each side of the case
n Heavy duty YKK® zips
n Velcro lined exterior accessory pocket
n Wrap and carry handles
n Detachable shoulder strap with extra padding
n Two year warranty

GAL-00001 SQ 38" Carry Bag

GAL-00002 SQ 30" Carry Bag

Galati Gear Rollup Shooters Pad

Prevent damage from underbrush and moist ground with the Roll-up Shooters Mat. The mat's compact
and hands-free design make law enforcement and military toils more comfortable and effective.

Ideal for any type of firearm, the Roll-Up Shooters Mat is created from Cordura nylon and provides
durable resistance on any ground cover. The water resistant material protects the mat from absorbing any
moisture. The mat consists of three panels with ½" of padding. An additional flap folds out on each side to
provide extra space. When in use, the mat measures 67" in length and 51" in width.

When not in use, the mat folds up into a convenient secure size through the use of wrap-around straps
and buckle system. A detachable and adjustable carry strap attaches to the mat so that it can be carried
hands-free across the back.

n Rolled up dimensions: 27" x 13"

n Open dimensions: 67" x 51"

n Guaranteed 2 Year Warranty



rifle bags

The Covert Operations Cases are constructed of padded

1000 denier nylon with closed cell foam padding and
heavy-duty zippers and hardware. They have a large
padded external pocket, and 2-4 internal cartridge
pouches. They are available in five sizes from 16" to 36"
in black only.

Model Size Fits

ESS-COC-16-B 40.5cm x 27cm 16" x 10.5" MP-5K
ESS-COC-22-B 56cm x 27cm 22" x 10.5" MP 5-A3
ESS-COC-22-CT 55cm x 32.5cm 22" x 13" MP5 Kurtz
ESS-COC-26-B 66cm x 27cm 26" x 10.5" MP 5-SD
ESS-COC-33-B 91cm x 33cm 36" x 13" G36, M4, SIG 556
ESS-COC-36-B 91cm x 33cm 36" x 13" G36, M4, SIG 556

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
clothing& accessories

drop leg bag with mag pouches

A drop leg dump pouch with one belt attachment and
two thigh straps. Zippered top allows rapid storage of
spent mags. Molle exterior allows for up to 2 extra mag
pouches to be attached.
KDN - 0002

Spare belt clip for 2” fastex buckles such as those used

on the Drop Leg Dump Pouch.
KDN – 0003

Pouches are available for all requirements, G36 CQB,

stun grenades, M4, Glock Magazines, dump pouches

ELITE Chest rig

Constructed of 1000 denier nylon Like all of our products, these bags
are constructed with superior materials and workmanship, and are a good
example of the rugged durability for which our products have become
known. Each of these bags has three individual mag compartments with
quick-release fasteners. They can be worn on the belt with alice clips
or over the shoulder with the quick release strap provided.
n Adjustable quick-release shoulder strap
n Mounts to belt with ALICE clips or use shoulder strap
n Removable waist strap with quick-release buckle
n Quick release fasteners on pouches
Holds 6 mags for either M4 or G36 CQB
ESS-MB223 for M4
ESS-MB223/A for G36

Tactical Grab and Go bag

Durable and hardwearing, our Discreet Tactical Grab
bags are guaranteed for two years and utilise only the
finest materials available.
rifle bags

Standard Features on all Discreet Bags include:

n Designed by GMK for UK Law Enforcement

n Future proof due to Molle interior/exterior

n Includes 3 G36 CQB Pouches or 3 others to your
n 2 Elasticated Flash Bang pouches
n Shoulder, waist and thigh straps to maximise stability
when on the move
n Sealable letter box dump aperture on lid
n Manufactured from 1000D Mil Spec Nylon
n FIVE year Material and Stitching warranty
KDN 0001

74 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

cartridge pouches


n Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
n Internal loops hold 12 cartridges, plus
room for
an additional 12 cartridges
n Designed to fit MOLLE compatible
modular equipment, including our vests
and packs
n Velcro closure



The Discreet Security Pack is a versatile
concealed-carry pack that can be worn
on a belt or over the shoulder.
n Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
n Main compartment, plus exterior
compartment with flap and zippered
n Dual Velcro-wrap belt loops allow pack to OPEN MAG POUCH WITH CLIP
be put on or taken off without removing n Constructed of heavy-duty nylon webbing
n Designed to be worn inside trousers
n Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap
n Steel spring clip fits over belts up to
n Available in black only 2.25” wide
n Includes two removable holsters to secure
the gun inside. The holsters are attached ESS-OMP-L Fits 9mm/40/45cal. Double
with Velcro, and are completely adjustable column mags Single Mag Pouch
for height and angle. Just choose which
Fits 9mm/40/45cal. Double
holster fits your gun best
column mags Twin Mag Pouch
n Dimensions: 6.5"W x 6.5"H X 1.5"D.


AVENGER GUNPACK cartridge pouches & GLOVES

n The Avenger Pack is designed to be carried on a
belt, with the handle or over the shoulder with the
strap provided
n Main compartment includes two Velcro-adjustable
holsters to fit most medium to large handguns
n Accessory compartment has loops for spare
magazines and hook for keys
n Flat front accessory pocket
n Elastic accessory cord
n YKK zippers and heavy-duty hardware
n Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
n MOLLE straps on side for attaching accessory
Dimensions: 6.5"W x 9"H x 4"D (includes front pocket)


www. gmktp.co.uk 3
clothing & accessories
ammo carriers and bags


n Sides easily onto belt, no flap
n Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
n Fit belts up to 2.25" wide
n Quick access to ammo

ESS-SSCB Shotgun, holds six 20g/12g cartridges


This butt-stock cartridge carrier is made to be
mounted on rifle or shotgun stocks. They are
constructed of 1000 denier nylon with elastic
loops for cartridges. They attach to the stock with SHOTGUN BELT
Velcro hook and loop for easy on/off. This shotgun Universal shotgun belt holds 25 shells
cartridge carrier holds five 12/20 gauge shotgun
n Elastic loops hold twenty five 12/20 gauge
cartridges. Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
ESS-BSWS Shotgun, holds five cartridges n Contoured for quick-release buckle
n One size fits all
n Black only


Mission Pack
The Mission Pack is constructed of 1000 denier
nylon. It has one large main compartment with
divided zippered compartment and hydration
compartment. It has a large middle compartment
with multiple dividers, pockets and mesh
compartments. On the front is a flat zippered
pocket with MOLLE loops for attaching modular
accessory pouches. Between the front zippered
Core Defender Belly-Band Holster pouch and main compartment is a flat zippered
The Core Defender from Elite Survival Systems compartment for tucking a jacket, etc. The pack
provides a great method of concealment for those has upper and lower compression straps to keep
who prefer the convenience and quick access the cargo secure, and a vented back panel with
provided by abdominal-strap carry. s-shaped backpack straps. On the top is a non-slip
n Constructed of orthopedic ergonomic elastic carry handle. A truly unique design
(latex free) n Includes water-resistant rain cover.

n Strong-side and cross-draw sections n This item is available in Black or Coyote Tan.

n Ambidextrous n Hydration reservoir, insulated tube, and

n Fits small to large frame autos and small to bite-valve with cover are also installed if

medium frame revolvers purchased as an option.

n Three additional rear compartments to hold ESS-7710

mags, flashlight, handcuffs, etc.
n Available in black or tan
n Available in four sizes
n Made in the USA

Sizes: Small - 28"-32"

Medium - 33"-36"
Large - 37"-40"
X-Large - 41"-45


76 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

bags & backpacks

The Combat Pack is a three-day pack with an
internal compartment for hydration reservoir.
It has one main inside compartment with
compression straps and a large front compartment
with diagonal zipper. Outside are multiple accessory
pockets for a radio, pop flares and other accessory
items as well as web loops on the front and
bottom to attach accessory pouches. It has a dense
padded back panel with s-shaped backpack straps
and sternum strap and a waist strap with built-in
accessory pouches. On the bottom are built-in free
fall straps which can be tucked away when not in
use. The Combat Pack is available in black only.
Total volume: 41 litres


range bag
Two zippered pistol
compartments and
adjustable internal
compartments and
pockets to keep all your
range needs in
one place.


ESS - RBBM - medium



Extra large duffle bag holds everything you

need in one tough bag:
n 1000 Denier Nylon Construction

n Measures 35" x 15" x 15"

n Full-length #10 zipper with storm flap
n Exterior zippered pocket with storm flap
n Adjustable compression straps on top
n Wrap-around handles with extra wide
handle wrap, plus moulded carry handles
on ends
n Includes 2" padded shoulder strap
n 2" x 8" Velcro patch for ID


www. gmktp.co.uk 3
clothing & accessories


Our Commander Waterproof Jacket stays comfortable
no matter what your demands. Standing, working, or
sitting. Reliability and durability come as standard.
The outer fabric of this jacket is manufactured in a high
spec rip-stop fabric with a Teflon coating giving a quick
drying, hard wearing performance.

n S-3XL


This is a game changing revolutionary garment in – NOMEX / KERMEL
the business of fire protection from both a design The reliable and rugged qualities of our Coveralls
and fabric perspective. Our Momentum Coverall make them ideal for any tough situation where high
brings never before attained levels of flexibiity, specification is of foremost importance. This Kermel
lightness and operational effectiveness. Coverall is designed to carry everything you need

The coverall is manufacture in a fabric which and as such has plenty of pockets for storage.
ONE PIECE CARGO TROUSER is inherently non flammable material that will
n 2 rear pockets and 2 ankle pockets
The combat style One Piece Cargo Trouser has been withstand temperatures exceeding 3000 degrees
for over 2 minutes. n 2 easily accessible sleeve pockets
manufactured using a high spec rip-stop fabric with
a water repellent finish which gives a quick drying, n 2 large secure thigh pockets (big enough for
n Tailored silhouette allows lightness and amazing
hard wearing performance. Male and female respirator)
freedom of movement
sizing available. n Elasticated waist and cuffs
n Elasticated waist and leg hems
n 4 secure zip pockets n Inner leg zips for ease of wear with boots
n Inner leg zips for ease of wear
n Reinforced seat and knees n Full hood which fits over hood and respirator
n Flex-tech movement system on shoulder and
which folds away into the collar when not in use
n D-Ring back areas
n Removeable Police badge for front
n Tab adjusters on each calf n Bespoke pocket system available on request
KD710B KD- F-3

78 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


Panzer Cap was designed for covert
situations to scrunch up and fit in a pocket
Manufactured in a lightweight breathable polyester Our white Coolmax´ T-Shirt is the perfect base/mid when not needed. Available in either Black
knit fabric that has excellent wicking properties and layer that helps keep you dry and comfortable all day. or Hi Vis Yellow colourways. Has checkered
enables easy care. tape and a stretchable back.
n Quick drying high performance fabric that wicks
n Snag resistant quick drying fabric away moisture n Checkered tape
n Easy Care - No ironing needed. n Ideal for wearing under any top layer clothing n Name/logo markings
n Button plaquette front n V-Neck KD 911
n Colourfast KD 604V

clothing & ACCESSORIES

Our weapon harness fits comfortably and snug
and allows the covert carrying and use of weapons vest
such as shotgun, mp5, baton gun and other items. Bespoke vests and plate carriers available to your design at off the shelf prices.
Genuine H & K clips.
n UK and Europe manufacture ensures the highest quality
n Elasticated arm straps for comfort Please call for more informatiion.
n Cordura fabric base for support
n Additional attachment strap available

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
clothing & accessories


COBRA-7 means total control of where your
equipment is positioned. Our NEW Molle System Tac
Vest responds to the changing demands of your job.
Wear it over or under other garments. The Cobra-7 is
your fail safe operational partner.

n Molle modular system

n Integrated wire feed system
n Even weight distribution
n Equipment always in easy reach
n Custom fit
n Bespoke pocket options


This vest is an updated version of our firearms stretch
back chassis. The stretch back is adjustable to take into
account the bulkier armour worn by firearms officers.
The garment includes integral wire feed system and
drop down high visibility panels that can be stored away
when not in use. The elasticated waist tucks the garment
neatly over the body armour.

n Pockets include: quick cuffs, large magazine, MP5,

CS gas, Pyro (flashbangs), medical/utility, asp, radio
docket on shoulder
n Taser holster with quick release secure cover and the
facility to hold extra cartridges
n High visibility armlets come as standard
KD -591

Based on our successful Optima Equipment Vest, our Innova ProCuff Vest offers even more
flexibility to carrying equipment on the body with additional pockets. Manufactured in high
spec EN471 hi-vis cordura and mesh fabrics.

n Vertical zip and cuff pockets


n Asp, CS Ggas and mobile phone pocket

n Radio docking ports
n 3M reflective tape
n Additional radio and leg restraint pockets
n Velcro patch for optional badging
n Full hood which fits over hood and respirator which folds away into the collar when not in
n Removeable police badge for front


80 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013


vestguard MAX-1 Nine-Shot Hard Armour Plate

Currently the world's best performing multi-hit plate. The MAX-1 represents the latest
advances in ceramic and composite hard armour without impacting on cost.
The MAX-1 stops 9 shots of the AK-47 round or 9 shots of the SS109 round.

n Unique ceramic and composite construction

n Drop Proof

n Fully water, oil end vibration resistant

n Temperature, high altitude and pressure resistant

n Ergonomic curved finish, optimised for fit and comfort

n CE Marked & NIJ Certified

vestguard Lightweight Overt Tactical Vest

Designed specifically for UK police firearms and tactical teams. Supplied
with either NIJ Certified or CAST approved body armour.

n MOLLE System

n KliekFast System incorporated (Where required)

n 4 points of adjustment for ergonomlc fit

n CE Marked & Manufactured in the UK

vests, helmets and armour

VestGuard SF Helmet vestguard Ballistic Sheilds & Armour

With the ability to stop the high powered .44 Magnum handgun round, Used by rapid entry teams and special forces, the ballistic shield is
this NU Level Ilia (3A) helmet surpasses the specification of other ballistic designed to offer high-end protection against handgun and rifle fire.
helmets such as the Ops-Core FAST Helmet.
n Optional view port & integrated lighting units
n Optional Rail System & Night Vision Shroud upgrade
n Identity badges
n Fully adjustable internal harness with quick release
n NU & CAST approved
n Manufactured In the UK

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
clothing & accessories

peli Hard cases

Hard cases provide the safest transportable environment for
sensitive, expensive or vital equipment. A full line of sizes covers
almost every utilisation, in practically any environment.

n Custom cut service for any weapon is available.

n Tough, rugged and lightweight
n Airtight, watertight, impervious to mother nature
n Dent-resistant, shatter-resistant, virtually unbreakable
n Guaranteed for life
n Safe and secure


Peli glock case

Designed for Law Enforcement Agencies. This rugged and compact handgun
case is designed to hold 16 Glocks models 16, 19, 22 or Glock 23 along with 16
extra magazine clips. Extremely durable to ensure that your expensive Glock
gun receives the lasting, reliable protection it deserves. Field testing has proven
that these gun cases are indestructible, with a seal so tight, they are 100%
watertight to more than 30 feet.

n Dual locking flanges allow you to secure your case

with a padlock. Peli Stun
n Tough, rugged and lightweight Grenade case
n Airtight, watertight, impervious to mother nature PELI-000006
n Dent-resistant, shatter-resistant, virtually unbreakable
n Guaranteed for life
n Safe and secure


Peli GLOCK case

Peli G36 glock case
Also fits Taser.
Also designed for Law Enforcement Agencies. This
rugged and compact handgun case is designed to PELI-000007
hold 16 Glocks models 16, 19, 22 or Glock 23 along
with 16 extra magazine clips. Extremely durable to
ensure that your expensive Glock guns receive the
lasting, reliable protection it deserves.
Field testing has proven that these gun cases are
indestructible, with a seal so tight, they are 100%
watertight to more than 30 feet.


82 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

gun maintenance

For over 20 years, Tetra has specialised in the development and manufacture of
performance products for the firearms industry. Hunters, competitive shooters,
law enforcement, military personnel and collectors worldwide recognise Tetra®
Gun care to be of the highest quality and value available on the market today.
Their standards for performance and value continue to lead the industry
through innovation and product quality.

prosmith premium cleaning rods

Cleans barrels quickly and easily without risk of TET-900 8" universal pistol rod
damage. Manufactured from heat-treated stainless TET-905 8" universal twin-tip pistol rod
steel for maximum strength and coated in DuPont® TET-1215 20" pistol rod (suitable for MP5)
TufcoatTM, with exclusive spinning Delrin® handle TET-907 29" .17 rifle rod
and screw-on Delrin® bushing and brass collar
TET-908 36" .17 rifle rod
centre rod in the barrel to prevent scratching.
TET-1216 24" .22 rifle rod (suitable for H & K G36)
TET-910 29" .22 rifle rod
TET-915 36" .22 rifle rod
TET-920 29" .30 rifle rod
TET-925 36" .30 rifle rod’
TET-940 34" universal shotgun rod

TETRA valupro cleaning kits

The Valupro compact cleaning kits are available in an
assortment of rifle/handgun and shotgun sizes. Containing
everything you need to maintain and clean your firearms,
these cleaning kits are compactly fitted into a convenient
organising tray and sturdy polypropylene travel case.

TET-710 .22/.25 PISTOL cleaning kit

TET-730 .22/.223 rifle cleaning kit
TET-735 .243/.254/6mm rifle cleaning kit
gun maintenance

TET-740 .270-.284/6.5-7mm rifle cleaning kit

TET-745 .30 rifle cleaning kit
TET-750 12g shotgun cleaning kit
TET-755 ­­­­20g shotgun cleaning kit
TET-748 28g shotgun cleaning kit

www. gmktp.co.uk 3
gun maintenance
cleaning materials

tetra gun grease tetra Blue & RUST tetra gun copper
REMOVER solvent
A heavy duty fluoropolymer
grease to protect metal-to- Quickly removes rust and This fast-acting extra-
metal surfaces. This gun grease old blue easily without strength formula quickly and
is quick to apply and easy to damaging the base metal. effectively removes copper,
use. It reduces friction, is low lead, plastic, carbon and dirt
odour, doesn’t migrate or from firearm barrels without
rust remover 3oz
attract fouling, and bonds ‘etching’ them.
well to metals to smooth TET-501 4oz
and protect.
TET-601 8oz
TET-004 1oz

tetra gun liquid blue

Excellent for scratches and
touch-ups, this easy-to-use and
non-streaky liquid blue is perfect tetra
tetra gun spray lubricant for steel touch-up. cleaning
This gun spray is an all-in- patches
TET-002 liquid blue 3oz
one cleaner, lubricant and These 100%
preservative. The quick cotton cleaning
evaporating solvent contains a patches are
light polymer lubricant and is extremely
excellent for removing fouling soft, durable
and providing rust protection. Tetra Gun Synthetic-SafeAction and absorbent,
Blaster providing a great
3.75oz Maximum cleaning power for all firearms. The new multi-purpose
TET-202 synthetic cleaner/degreaser is safe for all polymers, cleaning and
8oz plastics, and metals. Blasts away dirt, application tool
grit & fouling: for wiping away stubborn fouling or applying your
favourite Tetra® Gun solvent or lubricant. Available in
n Cleans & degreases a range of sizes in clamshell packaging which can be
n No disassembly required hung on a peg board or left free standing.
n Safe for all synthetic firearm finish
n 300 ml. TET-1100 .17-.22, pack of 800
TET-1110 .243/7mm, pack of 500
TET-006 TET-1120 .30-.45, pack of 300
TET-1130 universal, pack of 150

tetra gun lubricant tetra gun action blaster

This fluoropolymer gun lubricant Maximum strength firearm cleaner/
provides bore conditioning for degreaser for the most demanding
increased velocity, improved of metal cleaning tasks. This quick
gun maintenance

accuracy and easy clean-up. It is easy evaporating solvent liquefies

to use, provides rust protection and and eliminates carbon fouling.
migrates to hard-to-reach places. An economical and efficient
cleaner with black powder bore
TET-302 1oz
cleaning capability.
TET-303 4oz
TET-304 8oz TET-009 12oz
TET-007 18oz

84 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

gun maintenance

Tetra Professional
gun cleaning vice
The professional gun
care vice is designed to
support any style forend
and stock size. Strong and
sturdy, the vice features
rubber on the parts that
come into contact with the
gun and work surface to
protect against scratches.
Handy compartments are
provided for storage of small
components and Tetra® Gun
care products.

prosmith bore mops prosmith phosphor bronze brushes prosmith brass jags

Superior quality mops for safe cleaning and Tightly wound precision brass core brushes to Close tolerance fit provides maximum cleaning
lubrication. These durable and reusable bore mops effectively remove fouling from gun barrels. power and versatility. These brass jags will
effectively apply lubricant and cleaning solvents and These bronze brushes come in a variety of sizes accommodate all ProSmith cleaning rods and are
absorb contaminants. enabling close tolerance specification for perfect machined from high quality brass. With perfect bore
bore fit. They are durable and reusable and will seal and fit and excellent durability, they provide
TET-1019 .17 mop maximum cleaning power.
not harm or scratch steel barrels.
TET-1020 .22 mop
TET-999 .17 brush TET-962 .17 brass jag
TET-1022 .243/6mm mop
TET-1000 .22 brush TET-965 .22 brass jag
TET-1023 .25 mop
TET-1002 .243/6mm brush TET-968 .243/6mm brass jag
TET-1024 .270/7mm mop
TET-1003 .25 bronze brush TET-969 .25 brass jag
TET-1026 .30 mop
TET-1004 .270/7mm brush TET-970 .270/7mm brass jag
TET-1027 .338 mop
TET-1006 .30 brush TET-972 .30 brass jag
TET-1028 .357/.38/9mm mop
TET-1007 .338 brush TET-973 .338 brass jag
TET-1030 .40/.41 mop
TET-1008 .357/.38/9mm brush TET-974 .357/.38/9mm brass jag
TET-1032 .44/.45 mop
TET-1010 .40/.41 brush TET-976 .40/.41 brass jag
TET-1034 12g mop
TET-1012 .44/.45 brush TET-978 .44/.45 brass jag
TET-1033 20g mop
TET-1014 12g brush TET-980 12g brass jag
TET-1038 28g mop
TET-1013 20g brush TET-982 20g brass jag
TET-1040 .410 mop
TET-1015 28g brush TET-984 28g brass jag
TET-1017 .410 brush TET-988 .410 brass jag
TET-1016 Brass patch holder

ProSmith .22-.45 Universal

Bore Guide
gun maintenance



www. gmktp.co.uk 3
gun maintenance
cleaning materials

forrest foam oil & cleaners

A Finnish rifle barrel cleaner with patented foam
technology for the complete removal of copper

93307 Rifle barrel cleaner, 90ml can,
box of 12 cans

93308 Rifle barrel cleaner, 500ml can,

box of 12 cans

93309 Synthetic gun oil, 150ml can,

box of 12 cans

wallet cleaning kit

Wooden two-piece rod with jag, wool mop, phosphor-bronze
brush and cloth for use with 12g and 20g shotguns. Packed in
robust wallet. UK threads.

93351 12g

split brass jag

UK thread size.

93336 12g
93338 20g

payne-gallwey chamber brush

UK thread size.

93343 chamber brush 12g

93344 barrel brush 12g
93345 barrel brush 20g

H&K chamber face

cleaning BRUSH
H& K Cleaning chamber face brush
gun maintenance

is made of stainless steel with a

8-32 thread.
phosphor-bronze brush wool mop
UK thread size. UK thread size.

93340 12g 93346 12g
93342 20g 93348 20g
93341 .410g

86 GMK TACTICAL Products 2013

brands represented:

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