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1. A. Light reading 45. A. flimsy

2. D. Simile 46. A. smell
3. FLUENCY 47. B. glimpse
4. B. Euphemism/s 48. A sweet sounding; whistle
5. D. Context Clues 49. A. as a result
6. B. Scanning 50. B. significant
7. D. Personification 51. A. sweet sounding; whistle
8. D. Understatement 52. C. maturity
9. A. looked forward to 53.
10. A. a working theory 54. C. she wants cookies and her mom said no
11. A. stripes 55. D. Harm can be avoided if we are careful
12. A. a reason to do something 56. C. Time lost for loved one could cause a lifetime regret
13. B .fragile 57. B. Sense of Humor
14. B. uglier 58. A. Strict and demanding
15. D. stole 59. B. Regret and sorrow
16. B. go away 60. B. They erode or wear away things
17. B. Pie Graph 61. B. Personification; a dishwashing machine is described as foul- mouthed,
18. A. jail roaring, and spitting.
19. C. Metaphor 62. D. Responsive
20. C. Hyperbole 63. C. the word is the symbol for experience
21. A Idiom 64. D. breakfast must be well- prepared and be eaten before starting the day.
22. D. Personification 65. B. truth fears no trial
23. D. Metaphor 66.
24. C. Metaphor 67. C. Say what you need to say if it is for the betterment of an individual
25. A. Hyperbole 68. D. It has lines and unconfined traditional rhythmical
26. A. Simile 69. B. To compare the breeze to the sweet smell of roses
27. B. Simile 70. A. Stars
28. D. hyperbole 71. A. It tells us something about the weather.
29. B. Hyperbole and Simile 72. A. Like fireflies at night
30. B. doesn't make sense 73. A. Land pollution will be lessened
31. FALSE 74. A. Using mobile phones while driving is risky
32. D. got the most marks at all 75.
33. C. have been successful 76. D. Teenagers have different viewpoints from their parents.
34. C. the important man 77. B. to inform
35. B. things do occur 78. D. personality
36. A. in person 79. A. Imaginative
37. C. get two things done at the same time 80. C. to fill abundantly or excessively
38. TRUE 81. B. it is a cry of sorrow and grief .
39. FALSE 82. C. It means having unlimited power
40. A. Context Clues 83. B.As a noun, it means “a large gathering of people.” .
41. A. Context Clues 84. c. This word means “existing at the beginning of time or of the
42. B. honesty development of something.”
43. B. beginner 85 D. To blaspheme means to swear in a way that insults religion.
44. C. hesitant 86 .B It means punishment for doing something wrong.
87. B. his or her
88. D he or she.
89. D. their
90. C. tending to sooth
91. D. stare
92. C. Should
93. A,. must
94. B. can
95. B. should
96. B. overcame
97. C. innate
98. B. Hyperbole
100. metaphor

A. Figures of Speech B. Euphemism/s C. Idiomatic Expressions D. Context Clues

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