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Changing Public Epistemology Commented [MOU1]: Think of a title that more clearly

connects to the situation in Indonesia

Indonesia has always been known as a beautiful country made up of thousands of islands,

with its most famous island called Bali, and its richness in spice. Behind this beauty is the vile

overshadow of Indonesian politics that is corrupt and unjust. Indonesia is the world’s largest

Muslim-majority country that governs the majority of people’s day to day activities. The thought Commented [MOU2]: Combine this into one paragraph--
its purpose is to frame the issue that you’ll be arguing about,
the injustice in Indonesian politics
of Islamic Politics in Indonesia has various epistemology, either being viewed from political

parties and its politicians or the public, who are both Muslim and non-Muslim. Islamic political

parties and organizations have always won votes and the public’s support. They have capitalized

upon economic grievances and religion, as the role of Islamic party ideology has been used on

economic appeals so that uncertain voters can oversee the parties’ economic policies and just

recognize the parties’ religiosity ties. This is the religion influenced politics that Indonesia is

currently facing.

Religion and Politics in Indonesia Commented [MOU3]: These section headings aren’t
needed. Readers can follow the movement of your discussion
without them
Indonesia has a current population of 265 million people and 89% of them is a Muslim,

predominantly Sunni, a sect originally founded, in the ninth-century Arabia, by Imam Syafii. Commented [MOU4]: In approximately which century?

Indonesia has a lot of political parties such as PDIP, Golkar, Democrat, PKB, Gerindra, Nasdem,

PKS, PAN, Hanura, PBB, PBR, PPP and PMB. These parties have different ideals and visions,

though not all are influenced heavily by religion as they have their own agenda. Still, many of

them are Muslim and seek to promote Islamic Shari’ah law in Indonesia. According to Muhammad

Azhar (2015), in his study of the reconstruction of epistemology and thoughts of Islam politics in

Indonesia, “partai Islam yang secara jelas mencantumkan atau memiliki idealisme keislaman dan

kaitannya dengan penegakan syariat Islam antara lain: PBB, PPP, PKS, PBR, dan PMB.” [“from
Indonesian to English, Islamic parties which clearly includes or has Islamic idealism and its

relation to the enforcement of Islamic Shari’ah among others are: PBB, PPP, PKS, PBR, and

PMB.”] (2).