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Grade 7 Physical Education – Josh Burgess

Date: November 21, 2017 Title of the Lesson: Floor hockey games with teams
Curriculum Area: Health and Physical Education Time: 40-50m

Overall Expectations Specific Expectations

Strand of Study: A-Active living A1.1 actively participate in a wide variety of program activities,
A1. Participate actively and regularly in a wide variety of physical activities, and according to their capabilities
demonstrate an understanding of factors that encourage lifelong participation in A1.2 demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute to their
physical activity. personal enjoyment of being active.
Background Information: Assessment:
 Students who are engaged and participating are meeting
Third lesson of the floor hockey unit. Students have been introduced to assessment criteria.
the basic concepts of floor hockey but haven’t yet played games with  Teacher will assess via an observation checklist.
full defense or with goalies.

Success Criteria: Students participate in the activities and experience a Learning goals:
floor hockey game situation.
By the end of the lesson, the students should have experienced a
floor hockey game situation.
Students are expected to participate and be in proper uniform.
 The rules and instructions for each of the activities are explained Mental Set
before we leave for the gym. (5m) Sharing the Purpose/Objectives
 Warm up game: “Ladders”- students partner and line up across Modelling
from each other on their stomachs. The instructor calls out numbers, and Check for Understanding
the corresponding students play each other until a goal has been scored. Guided Practice
Early rounds may involve only 1-2 partners, but can be increased as Independent Practice
game progresses (5-10m) Closure
 Activity 1: “3 on 2 both ways, shooter stays”- Two lines formed
at either side of half, behind pylons. One person from each line fills for Materials/Resources:
the defense while the play is on the opposite side. There are no goalies - Hockey sticks
in net. (20m) - Hockey nets
 Activity 2: “King’s court”- Group divided into 3 with pinnies. - Pylons
Two goalies will be selected who will stay on the whole time. - Goggles
When one team scores, the team that was off and the team that was - Hockey ball(s)
scored on switch and a new point starts. - Pinnies
- Goalie safety pads
- Intro powerpoint

Found in the equipment room beside the gymnasium

Bloom's Taxonomy: Multiple Intelligences:
Knowledge Linguistic
Understanding Logical/Mathematical
Application Spatial
Analysis Musical
Synthesis Bodily/Kinesthetic
Evaluation Interpersonal
Personal Notes/Reminders/Homework/Other Considerations:
Not all students may be able to participate (injury, illness, shoes, etc.). A handout will be provided to them to work on during the period.
The first aid kit is in the equipment room.

Post-lesson Reflection: