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Why Are People Unhay?

devil, or demons. He is also referred to as an evil spirit as well
as a spirit of confusion. Satan’s main job is to make mankind
ignorant of God, making their lives miserable and bringing
them to ultimate ruin. Evil spirits are Satan’s followers that
“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of make mankind either get caught up in religious living or
God” (Romans 3:23). incurable illnesses. Since such an evil being does exist, this is
why mankind’s problems of misery has not come to an end.
“The Cancer Has Spread to the Liver...” Recently, Without any control, they live as children of the devil and
witnessing a friend in deep affliction as well as another case of face unreasonable problems being unaware of the cause.
a young girl committing suicide in order to avoid watching People don’t face mental problems because they don’t have
her mother suffer from a fatal illness, forced me to ask this enough money. It is not because doctors don’t exist that
question. “Why do people, who should be happy, live in people face fatal illnesses. What is the real reason behind why
suffering and unhappiness?” People face various problems after partying all night, people feel empty and restless? This is
such as family problems, financial problems, health problems, due to the fact that they are separated from God. The day
and mental problems. As a result they seek comfort in they leave this world, they are bound to hell. The peace that
alcohol, gambling, excessive loose living, but ultimately fall we receive on earth is merely temporary. Free, corruptive
into more ruin and unhappiness. Why does this happen? living might provide momentary satisfaction, but it’s not true
happiness. It is certain that only greater emptiness, more
Beginning of Misfortune and the Result Originally, curses and unhappiness will follow.
God’s creational principle was that trees need to be planted in
the ground to live, fish need to dwell in the water to live, birds God’s Solution God sent Jesus Christ to this earth to solve
need to fly in the air to live, and mankind was created to be mankind’s fundamental problem and open the way of
with God to live. If fish leave the water and plants are salvation. Anyone who believes and accepts Jesus Christ
uprooted from the ground, they dry up and die. This becomes a child of God and God promises to be with that
principle is the same for mankind when they leave God. The person forever. You can accept Jesus Christ as your personal
first people, Adam and Eve, fell into Satan’s deception and ate Lord and Savior even right now.
from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The moment
mankind left God, unhappiness began. Just as an infant born
in a family line of slaves automatically becomes a slave, all of
Adam’s offsprings, without any exceptions, are born as
sinners. As a result, mental sufferings, disasters and problems “Beloved God, I am a sinner. Jesus, you came as the Christ. Lord,
continually seize man, causing even further problems of
physical illnesses. In order to find the solution, people bow I believe through your death on the cross and resurrection, you broke
down to trees, stones, and even the heads of pigs. Some buy down the authority of Satan and solved my life’s problem once and
fortunes to hang on their walls. Some get palm readings, for all. At this moment, I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
fortunes read, and firmly believe in the zodiac. Others even Please guide me and help me to enjoy the blessing given to me as a
call on shamans or clairvoyants to perform exorcisms. But child of God. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”
will these things really bring true happiness to people? Even
now this unhappiness is continually taking place and it’s
becoming worse each day. What is the reason behind all of
this? There is a great source that brings all this misery. The
Bible reveals his name as Satan, and also refers to him as the


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Moving Forward to True Healing...

“Do you want to get well?” The Bible mentions a clear promise of healing As Jesus healed
There’s a saying, “when we’re at the sick, He proclaimed the Gospel. The apostles as well as the
the lowest point of our lives, we Early Church also did the same. God gave us the promise of
must uncover the deepest the healing of illnesses in Mark chapter 16, verses 15-16, and
Matthew chapter 8 verse 17 says, “He took up our infirmities
meaning.” On September 18,
and carried our diseases.” Isaiah chapter 53, verse 5 says, “...by
2007, a computer science His wounds, we are healed.”
professor at Carnegie Mellon
University named Randy Pausch What is the main cause of disease? Some diseases are caused
(age 47), gave his final, by exertion, mistakes, or contagious activity and others just
lecture at the Pittsburgh campus on how to live a come due to old age. However, the Bible reveals that diseases
meaningful life. This was because Pausch was at the are caused by three important factors, and they cannot be cured
brink of death with 10 malignant tumors of pancreatic by mankind’s methods. First, some diseases are caused by sin.
cancer. He lectured, “Are we using our time for the right Homes involved in idol worship have various incurable
diseases or ill-fated disabilities flowing down their family lines
things? Time is all we have. One day we’ll come to
(Exodus 20:4-5). Present day medicine still has not found the
realize that we do not have the time that we thought we reason for these diseases. Secondly, there are diseases that
did.” Nowadays, everyone is interested in obtaining Satan brings. Invisibly, he afflicts people by penetrating into
good health. This is evident by just looking at the things people’s minds, hearts, environments, and nerves. Thirdly,
around us. One of the ten commandments of Harvard there are diseases with the will of God behind them. In order
University is as follows, “the today that I have easily for Paul not to fall into pride, throughout Paul’s whole lifetime,
wasted is the tomorrow that the yesterday’s dead God did not heal his incurable disease.
earnestly long for.” Our health is important, but what
kind of lives we live and what kind of people we meet is Upright healing has an upright process People mustn’t blindly
even more vital. depend on medical help or medicine; nor should they grab hold
of anything that claims to give instant healing results. Before
The work of healing that started in Bethesda In the Bible, anything, spiritual healing must take place. Since mankind’s
John chapter 5 mentions a paralyzed man of 38 years who had suffering began the moment they left God through the event of
heard others say angels come down to the pool to heal people Genesis chapter 3, the first and foremost thing people must do
when the water is stirred, so he sat beside the pool for the past is believe in Jesus Christ and become children of God. Also, by
38 years. One day Jesus came to this ill man and said, “Do the filling of the Holy Spirit, all they need to do is discontinue
you want to get well?” The man replied, “I have no one to sin and amid their current surroundings, make Christ their
help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am Lord. At this point, they may begin physical therapy(James
trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” Then 5:13-15). After healing they must constantly confess their faith
Jesus said, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” “At once with a heart of thanksgiving; just like the 38 year old ill man in
the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.” The John chapter 5, they need to have a life of testifying Jesus
man also went and testified what Jesus had done to the Jews. Christ. True healing, complete healing, is defined as God being
with us eternally.


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e Myery Hidden in Prayer

The mystery hidden in the answers of prayer An and persevere in prayer, they will begin to receive answers.
American religious scholar, C. Alice, stated, “if we examine
our worries, 40% are vested in events that haven’t even What kind of works take place when we pray? When we
occurred, 30% on things of the past, 12% on worries pray, three absolute things happen. When we pray, it’s a time
concerning others, 8% on worries about one’s health, and where the Holy Spirit takes complete responsibility over us, a
10% on the miscellaneous.” However, when these worries time where God guides us, a time where we’re clothed with the
abound, people become ensnared in them. In order to find authority of the filling of the Holy Spirit and a time where
answers, some seek help from clairvoyants or psychics, only we’re able to enjoy the blessing of heaven. Also, the Holy
to bring about more superstition and wander. According to the Spirit begins to work in the field. God mobilizes His angels,
March issue of the Monthly Chosun, Korea had 800 hundred answers our prayers, and it’s at this time the authority of
thousand registered sorcerers and the financial market of darkness can’t help but be broken down. In other words the
sorcery has skyrocketed. However, amid these problems, demonic forces will flee, and the forces of idols and curses will
answers are prepared, this is why God allows our feet to daily completely crumble. We will also receive spiritual and
enter these peoples’ fields. All religions have their own physical blessings and confirm that Jesus is the Christ which
liturgical prayers. They pray, but to things such as animals, allows God’s kingdom to come upon us.
stones, trees, hand made idols, and spirit dwelling dishes.
However, why is this the case? The Bible reveals that the Prayer is a spiritual science that will absolutely be answered.
reason why answers come to those who pray to other beings Without a doubt God answers prayers, but how does God
besides God is due to the fact that those answers are given by answer prayers? Some things get answered instantly, while
evil spirits (I Corinthians 10:20, Matthew 24:11). Unbelievers others don’t get answered at all. Since God is not a demon, He
believe that once they’ve received answers, everything will be does not give us things we do not need. What parent will give
fine and that is why they pray to such objects. Initially it may a knife to his son just because he asks for one? God’s plans for
appear as if they are receiving answers, however ultimately us is complete, therefore God always answers with better and
they will fail. This is because the main goal of evil spirits is greater. Now for children of God, crises are mere “high-risk
to drag mankind into destruction. opportunities” and all problems are mere prayer topics
(Philippians 4:6-7). Without having to even use the method of
How can one receive answers from God? In order to fighting or quarreling, with prayer, we can overcome and
receive answers from God, people must become children of change everything.
God. Just as our physical parents desire to give us good
things, God absolutely answers His children. When we believe
that Jesus Christ became the way for people to meet God,
delivered us from sin, curse, fate/destiny, and became the way
to escape the authority of hell, and accept Jesus Christ in our
hearts, we become children of God. At this time the doors of
answers naturally open. The moment we accept Jesus Christ
into our hearts, God gives us the right to receive answers to
prayer (John 16:24). This is why when God’s children throw
away all of their unbelief, factually have faith in God
God’ss Word,


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When Is God’s Power and Auoty Revealed?

A Bird is a True Bird When It Opens Its Wings A while

back, I read this saying in a book, “A bird is a bird when it “Dear Loving God, I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus came
opens its wings.” A former policy advisor of the National as the Christ, died on the cross, destroyed the authority of sin
Council of Disability, Dr. Young Woo Kang, honored as one and Satan through His resurrection, and finally solved all of
of 127 influential people in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt my life’s problems once and for all. Right now, I open the
Memorial, was born in a wealthy family. His childhood was door of my heart, and accept Jesus as my Savior and Christ.
happy until one day his father died in his middle school years. From now on, please lead me, and let me live my life enjoying
Shortly after, due to an oncoming soccer ball, Dr. Young the blessing of being a child of God. In the name of Jesus
became permanently blind. Being shocked by these events, Christ I pray, Amen.”
his mother’s health deteriorated and passed away, ultimately
leaving him orphaned. His older sister who took care of him From now on, we must fight three battles The first battle is
like a real parent, suddenly died as well, leaving him the fight against ourselves. We are free people who have
absolutely alone. However, rather than falling into utter escaped sin, Satan, and curse by believing in Jesus Christ
despair, he constantly held tight to his dreams. He stated, (John 8:32). Therefore, Jesus Christ is our Lord. If we entrust
“God led me to an edge of a cliff and told me to jump. The our circumstances to God, God will take full responsibility
moment I jumped, I realized I had wings.” There’s nothing over us. Secondly, we must fight against Satan who deceives
more disheartening than people who were called to be people in the last days. We cannot overcome his authority by
spiritual eagles soaring in the wind, living like ugly our own strength, however we can defeat him with Jesus’
ducklings. authority (1 Jn. 3:8, Lk. 10:19). If we pray in the name of
Jesus Christ, Satan will be bound and we will receive answers
God’s children possess wings of authority and power to prayer. Lastly, we should fight against the world. Receiving
Originally mankind was created in the image of God, so that guidance of the Holy Spirit is the way we overcome the world
they could live in peace with God. However, they fell into because the Spirit of God dwells in us. The blessing of
Satan’s temptations, committed sin, and were separated from heaven will be wherever the Holy Spirit dwells.
God. Since then, failure, death and pain has continuously
come to mankind. People live like sojourners in this world Despite our weaknesses… When we become children of
and will eventually return to their original homes (heaven or God, the blessings have already begun. Thus, even though we
hell). Fortunately, God opened the way so we could meet might have weaknesses, if we realize our unbelief and
Him, and destroyed the authority of sin, curse, and Satan. mistakes and repent, God will work through His power. No
Who is this being? Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God, at the life was created without purpose. In whatever circumstance or
same time He is God who came to earth in human form to situation, when we uncover God’s plan and purpose for us, as
solve all mankind’s problems. Whoever believes and accepts well as God’s desire for the age we live in, then we’re able to
Jesus, will be a child of God (John 1:12, 5:24). Right now, experience God’s power. Everything is prepared inside of
you can accept Jesus through prayer, and start your new life Christ (Colossians 2:2-3).
as children of God.


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How Shld We Go On From Here?

A Tangled Life In 1860, after the Civil War, two injured overcome us, leaving us with nothing to fear. When Jesus
soldiers returned to their hometown in joy. After the constant becomes master over our lives, He promises to take complete
blood shed of war, they were elated to see the beauty and responsibility over us. Just like it says in health club locker
peacefulness of their village. At this time, one of the two rooms, “personal belongings are the responsibility of the
young men noticed the town church. Upon seeing the church, owner, we are not responsible for any lost items.” Thirdly,
he came to the realization, “That’s right, the reason why I since people are weak and limited, we need to continually
have returned safely is due to God’s guidance.” From that renew our strength from the power of God. Gaining this
point on he resolved to live for God. However, the first thing strength is what we call prayer. When we pray in the name of
that caught the eye of the other young man was a bar full of Jesus Christ, the forces of Satan will flee, the angels of
prostitutes. Longing for that place for so long, he instantly heaven will be mobilized and the unseen work of the Holy
headed there, eating and drinking in merriment. After thirty Spirit will take place. Due to the start of one person, our
years had passed, the young lad that ran to the bar, wound up family and our family lines will be saved.
in prison, living each day in resentment. However the young
man who noticed the church, Grover Cleveland, ended up Do you want to begin a new life of victory in Jesus Christ?
with his face printed on the front page of the newspapers
celebrating his inauguration as the 22nd president of the
United States. Our momentary choices can produce such
different outcomes.

How should I Start From Here? First, there’s something we

must keep in mind. There is a being called Satan that only Lighthouse
the Bible reveals. On April 16, 2007, there was an open fire
massacre started by Seung Hee Choi at Virginia Tech
University killing 32 people. However, no one has been able
to medically or scientifically prove why he committed a such
a monstrous act. Even the Washington Post (WP) used the
term “spiritual problem” to describe the event. Continual
incomprehensible events and diseases arise; this is what we
call the work of Satan. Even today, Satan uses evil spirits,
spirits of deception, spirits of false prophets, spirits of heresy
and demons to deceive, corrupt and destroy people. However
there is no way mankind can solve these problems by their
own efforts or methods. The Bible reveals that only through
Jesus Christ we can overcome Satan’s work. We must
absolutely keep this fact in mind. Secondly, who we render Don’t Fear the Challenge!
our lives in lordship determines everything. If Satan is lord You may make mistakes inside the
over our hearts, whether we like it or not, we must obey him. Gospel, but you can never fail.
However, if Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all mankind’s
problems, is our Lord, then there’s
there s no one who can hurt or


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How Do One Chan Aer Receiving Salvation?

Two Questions That Change Lives During his travels, one How Do People Change After Salvation? We become eternal
day Reverend Reuben Torrey visited his friend’s house. children of God. We are set free from the law of sin and
Taking advantage of his long awaited guest, his friend asked death, and the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us forever. (Ro.
Rev. Torrey to preside for his family worship. However, one 8:2, 14:16-17, 5:24). We change from being slaves of sin into
member of the household did not participate, and that was the servants of holiness (Ro. 6:22). Our states of death and hell,
maid. As Reverend Torrey turned to leave, he left these words due to suffering in transgressions and sins, are resolved
with the maid. “Sister, I have a gift for you. Starting today, through grace and turn into states of enjoying the kingdom of
ask yourself, who am I?” That night as the maid tried to fall God (Eph. 2:5, Php. 3:20). Our lives once led by evil spirits,
asleep, the Pastor’s words kept ringing in her head over and will now be led by the Holy Spirit (Ga. 5:18). Nothing can
over again. As she began to question herself, “who am I,” the destroy us as God’s children; nothing can separate us from the
clearer the answer became. She realized she was a love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Ro.8:31-39).
husbandless, childless, moneyless, divorcee who worked as a Anyone who receives Jesus Christ and accepts Him in his/her
maid. The next day, Reverend Torrey revisited his friend’s heart will enjoy the blessing of becoming a child of God (Jn.
house. The maid’s eyes were terribly swollen due to her all 1:12).
night tears. “I have another gift for you,” said Reverend
Torrey. “From tonight on, please pray for 2 minutes - one
minute devoted to asking yourself who you are, and the other
minute devoted to asking who God is.” From that night on,
kneeling before God, she began to ask these two questions.
Amazingly, great changes took place in her heart. When we Lighthouse
ask ourselves who we are and who God is, we will come to
know the truth. If we ask ourselves these questions today, we
will factually see our correct self-image.

God’s perfect preparation God came to earth in human flesh

to save us. He died on the cross, resurrected in three days,
ascended into heaven, and dwells in us and guides us through
the Holy Spirit even today. Anyone who believes in this fact
will receive salvation and become a child of God. This is the
unconditional love of God and a gift given in grace. No
religion, zeal, established faith, philosophy, memorization of Just as wrinkles
do not lessen the value,
sacred scriptures or magical incantations can obtain salvation. Our weaknesses
All of these things might cause external, temporal changes, do not change our identities as children of God
but not true internal change. Christianity is not a religion of
mankind trying to obtain salvation by their own efforts, but
it’s about God personally coming to mankind, in flesh, to save
us. To the afflicted, Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are
weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”
rest (Mt. 11:28).


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Why Don’t I Have Aurance?

The old saying, “Faithful until our hair turns gray,” is now us the right to share the Gospel that is the solution to all life’s
obsolete for married couples who’ve been together for more problems. We’ve been given the right to break down and
than 20 years. The National Statistical Office (NSO) reported overcome the authority of Satan. All we need to do is open
a quadruple increase in the divorce rate of senior citizens our mouths wide and proclaim the name of Christ to the
married 20 years or more in the past 23 years. This means world. Also as children of God, irregardless of destiny, we
two out of every 10 couples that have divorced in the past have the right to enjoy the blessings of heaven, and the right
year are senior citizens. Out of all of these divorces, 46.8% to receive answers to prayer. God has permitted these
attribute their separations to personality differences, financial answers so that we may enjoy the blessings of world
problems,. family discord, spousal affairs, or mental/physical evangelism.
abuse. An even more outrageous phenomenon is the increase
in “pseudo divorces” for the sake of avoiding high taxes. The Now as children of God, all we need to do is receive the
unit of family is no longer a haven where spouses respect one guidance of the Holy Spirit who dwells inside of our hearts.
another, rather a place of discord and burden. Unfortunately, As we entrust all of our worries to God, make Jesus Christ the
this is not just happening in the framework of family, but also center of our lives, make prayer the priority of our lives, and
in the field. Clairvoyants boast that 4 out of 10 people that make the proclamation of the Gospel our life goals, God will
visit them are Christians. In 1999, a writer named Ahn wrote take care of everything. We will live lives of assurance. This
an article called, “Report: The Christian culture is in danger!” is the promise of God who personally loves each and
The book disclosed the fact that 30% of present Christians everyone of us.
actually visit psychics. Europe, with its once extravagant
display of Christian splendor, has now resorted to turning
churches into bars and mosques. According to Jeffrey
Hadden’s report in 1967 and the survey of Barna Research
Group in 2004, pastor are also wandering without assurance Thought I couldn’t go
and have lost the essence of faith. on, so I collapsed...
Why are so many believers living lives without assurance? It
is because they are unaware of the life, blessings, rights, and However...
methods of the life given to believers. If it’s a fact that we’ve God reminded me that
confessed with our mouths and believed and accepted Jesus He just wants me to
Christ into our hearts, then irrespective of our level of power, remain in the
Jesus resides in us through the Holy Spirit as He guides and
takes Lordship over our lives. This is the life of the saved. Covenant.
Those who are saved are no longer ensnared by original sin,
consequential sins, and ancestor sins, but completely True reformation is
delivered. We have been eternally freed from the burdens of
the world, authority of Satan and the authority of hell.
dwelling in God’s
Children of God cannot help but receive answers and receive guidance...
evidence that will be revealed through them. God has given


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Why Is Jus  Only Way?

The difference between those who’ve met God and those who and as evidence that He is God, He must resurrect. The only
have not. They say even the most wicked people become one that fulfilled all of these qualifications is Jesus Christ.
honest before their deaths. Here are confessions of two When we believe in Jesus Christ, our Original Sins,
people who became honest before their deaths. What made Consequential Sins, and Ancestor’s Sins are resolved. We are
them change at the end of their lives? In November of 1993, able to escape Satan’s authority and become children of God.
the most famous Buddhist monk of Korea, Sung Chul, sang We’re able to enjoy the blessing of answers to prayer and the
this dirge before his death. “Heaven is my witness of the blessings of heaven. Now, by praying the following
countless numbers I’ve led astray in falsehood; therefore my acceptance prayer, you may receive the solution to all of your
. as high as Mount Sumi. I am being thrown into
sins abound problems.
the fiery hell, my heart cries in anguish...” However, this was Loving God, I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus, You
the confession of Paul, the greatest evangelist of the Early came as the Christ, died on the cross, resurrected
Church, before his death. to destroy Satan’s authority and completely solved
“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have
all of my life’s problems once and for all. At this
kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of
righteousness, which the Lord the righteous Judge, will award moment, I open up my heart and accept Jesus as
to me on that day - and not only to me, but also to all who my Christ and Savior. Please lead me and help me
have longed for his appearing” (2 Timothy 4:7-8). to enjoy the blessing of being a child of God. In the
name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.
Is it really true that all religions are the same?
Many people believe that all religions are the same; they
believe doing good works, meritorious or virtuous deeds, is Do you know this
how they obtain salvation. However Christianity is not a mystery?
religion, but life itself. Religion is made by people and the
standards are measured by people’s actions, but the Gospel Money, fame, religion...
was given by God and God’s salvation is measured by Gospel There are endless man
standards. Those who are not saved are trapped in Satan’s made methods by which
stronghold. Therefore, for all of their lives they wander, lost people attempt to obtain
in Satan’s curses, only to fall into idolatry, ancestral rites, happiness, however, the
fortunes, exorcisms, calling upon spirits, and religions. true mystery of happiness
Factually speaking, they face suffering and hardships on this does not reside in man’s
earth, ultimately winding up in hell when they leave this methods or efforts.
world. Happiness comes by
knowing Jesus Christ
There is only One who can save alone.
Only the One that destroyed the devil’s authority once and for
all can be the Savior. He must be clothed in flesh, sinless,
and cannot be a descendant born of Adam who committed
Original Sin. A sinless person must die for the price of sin


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How Can We Meet God?

“What we have feared all along has finally happened.” “You are the main figures of this blessing” God
This was the most commonly expressed statement on promised that whoever believes in the work Jesus Christ
the Internet and newspapers this past week in response did and accepts Him will be given the authority to
to the group sexual assault against a little elementary become children of God. The moment we accept Jesus
girl student. These recent atrocious events are making it Christ, the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of God, enters
very difficult to live life without fear. Child sexual into our hearts and dwells in us forever. At this moment,
assaults have dramatically increased by 68%. Patients Satan’s authority departs from us eternally and we enjoy
with self-controlling issues have increased by 143%, the answers and evidence that God is with us. Won’t
. the rise in arsons, compulsive gambling,
explaining you accept Jesus into your heart today?
robbery, and murder. Casinos in Macao report a tripling
of Korean gamblers in the past three years reaching a
spending of one billion dollars by 350,000 Koreans
gamblers alone. Currently, 210,000 Korean students are
struggling with serious addiction to the Internet. Falling
into this grave state, people are in desperate need of
healing. Where does this darkness come from? Is there a

“Are we aware that one thing started it all, and one

thing ended it all?” Darkness and misery found its way
into the world after the Genesis chapter 3 event. People
were spiritual beings created in the image of God
ordained to live with Him. However, falling into Satan’s
deception, they became separated from God being
subdued by Satan’s authority over sin and death. God is
Spirit, He cannot be seen with physical eyes, nor be met
through mankind’s physical efforts. Thus, God, who is Loving God, I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus, You
Spirit, came to save people in human flesh; this is Christ came as the Christ, died on the cross, resurrected to
Jesus. On the cross, Jesus Christ solved all problems of destroy Satan’s authority and completely solved all
sin, curse, disaster, fate and Satan(the originator of my life’s problems once and for all. At this
misery), and opened the way to meet God. moment, I open up my heart and accept Jesus as my
Christ and Savior. Please lead me and help me to
enjoy the blessing of being a child of God. In the
name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.


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Why Can’t People Meet God?

What is the real meaning of life? By chance are we living Why is this the case? It’s due to the fact that they are ignorant
life without a clear reason? Are we one of the many people of Original Sin. Original Sin refers to mankind’s separation
wandering about questioning, “Is this how I’m really from God due to Satan’s temptation. Since Adam’s
supposed to live?” Have some of us given up altogether corruption, everyone was born into the darkness of Original
saying, “What can I do, I guess this is my lot.” Why do Sin. Only God could solve this problem. Therefore, those
people who live diligent lives, all of a sudden face depression who have not been resolved of this problem cannot meet God.
and emptiness? Attempting to resolve these problems, some They can meet God only after receiving salvation. Salvation
turn to religious living. Although they become zealous refers to those belonging to the authority of Satan, sin and
followers, their hidden problems remain unresolved. They hell, becoming children of God.
face more problems that bring further emptiness and ruin,
ultimately luring them into extreme measures of even suicide. Just as a corpse cannot move, dead souls’ efforts are
People are seeking happiness, then why are they unable to useless. Efforts of those who have not been saved result
find it? . merely in external changes. Nothing on earth is worthy
enough to obtain heaven. People cannot revive their own
Do you know the true reason behind human misery? Even souls with their own efforts, nor by the help of others. No
children know that fish are happy when they live in water, hero has ever been sent to the earth to defeat Satan. Therefore
and trees are happy when they are rooted in the ground. salvation is obtained by God’s grace through faith. God had
Likewise, humans were created to be happy with God and planned and promised to send Jesus Christ to save mankind.
unhappy separated from God. This confirms mankind’s state At this moment, if we believe and accept Jesus, we become
of unhappiness. If people meet God, all of their problems will eternal children of God, completely delivered from the power
be solved. Then why can’t people meet God? of darkness, hell, sin and Satan into a life of freedom and
It is because people are in the state of being separated   | 
from God. It was at this time that all failure and misery
began. Whether we believe it or not, the One who controls
our births, deaths, blessings and misfortunes is God. If so, it
makes sense for people to try to know God, yet people fail to Loving God, I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus, You came
do so. After mankind’s separation from God, unnoticeably, as the Christ, died on the cross, resurrected to destroy
Satan has been endlessly trying to deceive us. He afflicts Satan’s authority and completely solved all of my life’s
people with all sorts of diseases, problems and curses. Their problems once and for all. I open up my heart and accept
knowledge and wisdom have become darkened, making Jesus as my Christ and Savior. Please lead me and help
people absolutely ignorant of God. However, innately people me to enjoy the blessing of being a child of God. In the
have a desire to find God and so sincerely make their own name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.
attempts. Some try through sincere living or religions, others
through profound philosophies. Unfortunately, irregardless of
their attempts, they are unable to avoid the ultimate disasters
of failure and emptiness bound their way.


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