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To: Professor Marchesseault

From: Miranda Martinez
Subject: Personal Brand Narrative
Date: March 15, 2018

To become a successful business professional, I must refine my personal brand to support

my values and accurately reflect how others perceive my personality. To obtain a realistic
reflection, I completed the People Style Questionnaire, Culture Match survey, and analyzed
data from an Outside Leadership Communication Evaluation. This document will allow you
to explore the main themes that encompass my personal brand, as determined by myself,
peers, coworkers, and family. Moreover, this report will explain the reality of my
professional persona through assessing my People Style, understanding my Culture Match,
and aligning the disconnects of my personal brand.

People Style Assessment

The People Style Assessment determined that I am an Analytic. According to the
questionnaire, an Analytic is serious, exacting, indecisive, and logical. Overall, Analytics are
less assertive and less emotive. In addition, Analytics demonstrate a “more structured use of
time” and “more orientation toward facts and logic.” These statements exemplify the precise
nature of an Analytic, and I deem reflect aspects of my personality. I aim to portray through
my personal brand that I am driven, organized, and sincere. The logic and rationale of an
Analytic displays my commitment to hard work and attention to detail.

Secondly, the results of my Outside Leadership Communication Evaluation do not clearly

align with the results of my People Style Questionnaire. The Outside Leadership
Communication Evaluation was distributed to five members of my personal and
professional network. These individuals include two family members, two peers, and one
coworker. Gathering information from various members of my network assists me to attain
a comprehensive, 360-degree assessment of my personal brand.

Interestingly, three out of the five responses rated me as a Driver. According to People Style,
a Driver is dominating, independent, formal, and practical. Drivers are traditionally less
emotive and more assertive. Though I agree that I am an independent, formal, and practical
person, I do not consider myself dominating. In fact, I often find myself being indecisive and
less assertive. Though I continue to improve my indecisiveness and assertiveness, I find it
notable that my audience already recognizes this characteristic in my personal brand.

Culture Match Assessment

The Culture Match assessment focuses on four independent dimensions of personality:
Collaboration and Consideration, Extroversion and Decisiveness, Innovation and Change,
and Precision and Planning. Each category is evaluated as low, medium, or high correlation.
Though I evaluated myself as an Analytic, the Outside Leadership Communication
Evaluation demonstrates that my personality is much more complex. As stated, three
individuals rated me as a driver, one as an analytic, and one as an expressive. To compare
my internal perspective as an analytic with my external view as a driver, I will focus on the
Extraversion and Decisiveness and Precision and Planning dimensions.
In the Extraversion and Decisiveness category, I was rated in the middle. This category
exemplifies a competitive environment where people are outgoing, assertive, and enjoy
leadership. A low rating in this area demonstrates a preference for teamwork, rather than
competition and aggressiveness. In my opinion, a balance in this category is essential. It is
important to be assertive, but not overbearing.

Personally, I consider myself to be somewhat introverted. I strive to be more outgoing, and

sometimes struggle to be assertive. For example, when choosing a company for the
Integrated Team Projects, I was confident with my decision to choose Ford; however,
several of my more assertive teammates decided Costco would be the best fit. This situation
exemplifies that I value taking the lead, but also recognize that teamwork requires
compromises. These characteristics show traits of both an Analytic and a Driver.

In the Precision and Planning dimension, I was rated very high. This attests to both my
Analytical and Driver People Styles by showing that I value logic, seriousness, and
practicality. For example, when deciding on a University to attend, I proceeded with a very
formal and careful approach. I created an excel spreadsheet to illustrate the pros and cons
of each school, such as location, price, and academics. This allowed me to effectively
compare and contrast each school. This supports the claim that I can be both an Analytic
and Driver. Analytically, this task is both logical and exacting; however, from a Driver
perspective, it is a formal and practical approach to the situation.

Personal Brand Alignment

Through exploring the results of my People Style Questionnaire, Culture Match assessment,
and Outside Leadership Communication Evaluation, I found a slight disconnect between
how I see my personal brand and how others perceive it. These assessments illustrate that I
am both an Analytic and a Driver. I am overall a less emotive individual; however, my
assertiveness varies depending on my audience. Both personality types exemplify my desire
for logic and practicality, which help differentiate me as a driven, organized, and sincere

As someone hoping to pursue a career in the sports industry, I deem it necessary to seek a
balance between these two personality traits. The sports industry is known for being highly
competitive and exclusive. Therefore, I strive to hone in on certain aspects of a Driver in my
professional career. I must commit to being more assertive in order to distinguish myself as
a driven and organized individual. Secondly, it is necessary to continue portraying myself as
an Analytic. Logic and attention to detail are two crucial characteristics in any sports field.
Aligning these personality types will assist me to become a unique, versatile, and reliable

This report illustrates a disconnect between the internal and external perceptions of my
personal brand. Through synthesizing the results of the People Style Questionnaire, Culture
Match assessment, and Outside Leadership Communication Evaluation, I determined that I
am both an Analytic and a Driver. My ability to focus on positive aspects of each personality
style will aid my success as a business professional. If you have any additional questions or
inquiries, please contact me at mirandamartinez@email.arizona.edu.