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-: Canara Bank Debit card - VISA /

The Canara Bank Debit Card is issued in association with
Visa/MasterCard. You can enjoy the convenience of cashless shopping with
Canara Bank Debit Card.

W.e.f 01.12.2013, in terms of RBI guideline, all Visa / Master card

Standard Debit cards issued shall be enabled for domestic usage only. Cards
enabled for international usage shall be EMV Chip & PIN Card and shall be
issued at the specific request of the customer.A one time issuance charge of Rs
250.00 plus applicable ST shall be levied towards cost of EMV cards.

With your Canara Bank Debit Card you get access to your account
whenever and wherever you want. You can use it to purchase goods at merchant
establishments, for making payment online and withdraw cash in India and

Facilities available to Debit cards holders in Canara Bank ATMs.

 Balance enquiry
 Cash withdrawals: Cash at our ATM Rs. 25,000 per day Rs. 50,000 per day
for Platinum Debit card
 Mini statement :view/print last 10 transactions of the account selected
 PIN can be changed as desired by the customer
 Update your Mobile number to receive SMS alerts for all types of
transactions, involving usage of cards at various channels.
 Mobile top up
 Immediate payment service (IMPS) using Mobile number and MMID of the
beneficiary accountholder.
 Railway E-ticketing:
 Debit cardholders can book railway ticket through IRCTC website
 Ticket booking charges Rs. 10/-
 Cancellation refund: credited to account on receiving the refund from
 Payment of Electricity bills of Reliance infrastructure Ltd. through ATMs
in Mumbai, Electricity bills of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board in Tamil Nadu
& Electricity bills of Bihar state Electricity Board in Bihar.
E-Shoppe: Internet purchases:

 Customers can make payment using their Canara Bank Debit cards for
online purchases from select web merchants. Link provided on our website
‘e-Shoppe’. A service charge of `. 10/- is collected from customers account.

Cash withdrawal at Point of sale at Merchant establishments:

 Swipe your card to draw cash up to Rs. 1000/- per day

 Convenient to draw cash while you shop
 Need not wait in quees at ATMs / Branches
 Increase in cash outlets particularly in centres with few ATMs
 Charges are very low compared to charges levied for usage at other Bank
ATMs (`.15 for cash withdrawal from current/ OD a/c and 6th transaction
onwards per month from SB a/c. )
 Facility for cash only or cash with purchase are available

Earn Cash Back on your Purchases:

 Cash Back to individual Canara Bank Debit Cardholders (including Joint

Accounts) where the constitution is Individual has been introduced.
 Only Purchase transactions with Canara Bank Debit Card are eligible.
Cash withdrawals are not eligible.
 Minimum Purchase amount per transaction is ` 10,000
 Cash Back is at ` 0.25 per ` 100. Fraction of ` 100 are ignored.
 Cash Back will be credited to the Debit Card holder’s account on the next
working day.
If Debit card is lost or misplaced :

 Please call 1800 425 6000 / 1800 425 7000 to get the card hotlisted /
blocked. Also inform the Branch where the card is issued, for blocking the
 Now Canara Bank Debit Card can be hot-listed / blocked by sending SMS
to 5607060 from Card Holders’ mobile number registered with the Bank
as follows.


2. What are facilities available in SMS Request/Enquiry and How to use it ?

Following facilities available to you

 Registration for SMS Banking

 Change of primary account
 View of balance in CASA
 View of Term Deposit details
 Issued Cheque status
 View of last 5 transactions
 De-register for SMS Banking
 Help message for Keywords
Canara Bank offers one more value added service, i.,e Tele Banking
services to its customers for handling banking related
services right from their home. By dialing the number
allotted by the bank, customers can transact most of
the banking transactions. Presently Telebanking
facility is available throughout the day. This facility is
available only for the account holders in our Core
Banking branches. The customers can dial toll free no.
1800 425 0018 within India to get the following services from the Bank.


Canara Credit Card is designed to meet your life style with anything you
might need to make your experience a sheer pleasure. No matter where you are
across the world, luxury and comfort is always at hand.

Our cards enjoy the privilege of worldwide acceptance and free insurance
coverage against the risk of death due to accident. Canara Credit Cards are
backed by a wide network of CANARA BANK branches and 24 Card Service
centers located at many important cities spread across the country. CANARA
BANK is the principal member of VISA-WORLDWIDE and MASTERCARD INC.
Our Credit Card Products :

1.VISA Credit Cards

Gold ( EMV )
2.Master Credit Cards
Gold ( EMV )
3.Corporate Credit Card ( EMV )

Canara credit card privileges:

 Canara Credit Card is accepted throughout the world

 Minimum Gross income to get CANARA CARD is Rs.100,000 p.a. only.
 Liberal Card limit. Get up to 30% of your gross annual income as your
Card limit. Fixing of the limit is at the sole discretion of Canara Bank.
 Cash withdrawal limit up to 50% of your card limit (Maximum Rs. 50,000
Cash withdrawal charges only Rs.30 per thousand. Minimum Rs.30 only.
 Free Credit period from 20-50 days
 Cash withdrawal facility at all ATMs of Canara bank & other Bank ATMs.
 No interest on cash withdrawal if paid by the due date. If not paid by the
due date,interest is charged from due date only and not from the date of
Cash withdrawal.
 No financial charges! i.e., interest on subsequent transactions till it
becomes due, for the customers having revolving facility.
 Opt for Revolving Payment system and pay only 5% of the billed amount
and defer the payment. Carried over balance attracts service charges at
2.5% p.m. plus applicable service tax only.
 We provide free accident Insurance to you and your spouse too against the
risk of death due to accident.
 Lost Card protection! Liability restricted to Rs.1,000 only from the time of
 Free card replacement in case of mutilation / loss of card.
 Free SMS alerts on all transactions. Please provide your Mobile Phone
number for activating this facility

Bonus Loyalty Points:

 National electronic fund transfer (neft) facility available for payment of

card dues. Ifsc code: cnrb0001912 account number as card number.
 Get free Demand Draft from any of the branches towards payment of your
card dues. You can also remit cash or Cheque at any branches of Canara
Bank towards repayment of card dues.
 You may cover your family with Floating Medical Insurance Cover under
Family Canara Mediclaim Policy with United India Insurance Company
Limited at discounted rates.