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Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

Grade 7 Religion Scrapbook Assignment

Due Dates:​ Last day of each month (2-3 assignments must be completed)
Final Project collected on:
The following items ​MUST​ be included in your scrapbook:
□ Title Page
□ Table of Contents
Personal Component
□ All About Me
□ Goals
□ All About My Family & Friends ​(family tree)
□ Birthday Page
□ What the Future Holds
□ Humour Page
□ Favourite Activities Page
□ All About St. Alphonsa School
□ Sports/Arts Page
□ Fads and Fashions
□ The Perfect Day
□ Music and Movies
□ Crossword or Word Search (including answer key)
□ Teen Issues
□ Ode to Grade 7
Faith Component
□ Personal Catholic Background
□ Confirmation Day Reflection
□ Confirmation Symbols and Images of the Holy Spirit
□ My Sponsor
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

***Be sure to include photographs and images throughout your scrapbook***
▪ Be sure to read all the descriptions carefully and include ​ALL​ details in your work
▪ Assignments will be due throughout the year and not just everything at the end of the
year. We will expect to see rough copies and good copies on a regular basis.
▪ All written work must be typed
▪ Everything must be coloured appropriately

Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Few activities Some activities Most activities All activities
completed with little completed with completed with completed
Completion of attention to detail some attention to attention to detail thoroughly and with
Activities detail attention to detail

Activities rarely Some activities Most activities All activities

enhanced by artwork enhanced by enhanced by enhanced by
graphics; poor effort artwork, graphics; artwork, graphics; artwork, graphics;
Presentation of at keeping work neat fair effort at good effort at excellent effort in
Work keeping work neat keeping work neat neatness and overall

Activities completed Activities Activities Activities completed

show little completed show completed show show excellent
Faith Component understanding of some good understanding of
Catholic doctrine understanding of understanding of Catholic doctrine
Catholic doctrine Catholic doctrine

Demonstrates little Demonstrates some Demonstrates Demonstrates very

insight and lacks insight and detailed much insight and insightful and
Personal details in few thoughts in some mostly detailed detailed thoughts in
Component activities activities thoughts in most each activity

Teacher’s Comments:
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

Grade 7 Religion/Family Life Scrapbook Assignment

This project is designed to get you thinking about your own thinking. Who you are is very much
determined by how you think, and how you think is influenced by your personal experience and
knowledge. The following descriptions will help you to complete each assignment. Specific lessons will
also be taught surrounding certain topics.


Title Page

Like the cover of a book, your title page has to be an attention ‘grabber’ that makes the reader want to
open your scrapbook and continue reading it.

It needs to include a title, (i.e. ‘My Grade 7 Year’, or ‘All About Me’), your name, visuals that represent

All About Me

Imagine that you are being interviewed and this is your chance to tell the world anything unique and
interesting about you! This page is the introduction to your scrapbook as a whole, so think of it like an
overview of who YOU are!

Things to Write About:

● What you like to do

● Personal Information: Your full name, how your parents decided on your name, your birth date
and place, etc.
● Your hobbies
● Family Information
● Cultural information – special traditions with your family etc.
● Interesting things you have done, places you have traveled


Our lives have many different aspects to them and therefore our goals also need to be varied. Your job
for this page is to set goals for at least ​five ​of the following areas of your life. Make sure that you think
these through. Think about what you want out of your life, and how you plan to achieve what you want.
Some goals are short term and some are long term. Think about how you will know when you have
achieved them. Everyone has different goals and want different things, so make these personal. Be sure
to explain each goal in detail, so that your objectives are clear.
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

Set goals for 5 areas of your life below:

● Family relationships
● Academic growth
● Financial goals
● Intellectual growth
● Organizational skills
● Physical growth
● Friendships
● Leadership abilities
● New responsibilities
● Artistic growth
● Spiritual growth
● Personality growth

All About My Family and Friends

Family and friends are very important in everyone’s life (even your pets!)

Things to include on this page:

● What does family mean to you

● Provide ‘stats’ on family members (full name, what they like, birthdays, likes, dislikes etc.)
● What special things does your family do
● Why is family so important
● Do you have any special bonds?
● What plans do you have for your future family
● What does friendship mean to you?
● Provide ‘stats’ on your friends (full name, what they are like, birthdays, likes, dislikes etc.)
● What special things do you and friends do together?
● Why are friends so important?

Birthday Page

This page is dedicated to your special day – the day you were born!

Things to include:

● Date and year of your birth

● Interesting events or facts surrounding your birth
● What happened in the world during your birth year/month/day
● Your horoscope sign and how it relates to your personality
● Chinese calendar year and how it relates to your personality
● Memorable birthday celebrations (best/worst)
● Plans for future birthdays
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

*Also include a paragraph that talks about what it means to get older, and how you feel about getting
older and growing up.

What the Future Holds

Have you ever wished you could see into the future and know what is in store for yourself and the
world? Not only do we all have our own personal hopes, goals and dreams, but we also have a vision of
what the world will be like in the future.

This is your opportunity to examine your thoughts about what the future will be like. Your writing will
focus on what you think the future will be like and what you hope the future will be like. Accompanying
visuals should reflect the content of your writing.

Things to include will be your thoughts on at least 6 of the following in the future:

● How you will be, look like, act, etc. in the future, and what will be important to you
● Technology
● Social Issues (poverty, famine, racism, discrimination, population)
● Environment
● War and Peace
● Medical Science
● Space Exploration
● Religion
● Popular Culture (Fashion, Music, Movies, etc.)

Humour Page

We all need laughter in our lives and this page is dedicated to humour! For this page, you get to pick
from 3 options! Make sure that you have a detailed and creative response for whichever one you pick.
Feel free to do a combination of all 3!

1. Select one cartoon character that you think represents your personality. Describe why you
relate to this character, and what similar qualities you share. You will be expected to
represent the character by drawing them, or gluing several cut outs on your page showing
the cartoon character.
2. You may be one of the lucky ones who has a talent for drawing and therefore, you may
choose to create your own comic strip. Explain how this strip reflects aspects of your life and
your personality.
3. This is a writing option. Reflect on the importance and value of humour in our lives. What
makes you laugh? What kinds of things do you find humorous? How important is a good
sense of humour? Why do people laugh and animals don’t? Or do they also laugh? What
does someone’s laughter tell you about him or her? Are there different types of laughter?
How does laughter affect our daily lives?
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

Favourite Activities

On this page you have two parts you have to complete.

1. You need to list your top ten activities that you like to do. You need to include pictures, graphics,
and other visuals to represent what you like to do.
2. For your written component you need to talk about the value of time. As you get older I am sure
that you are realizing that time seems to pass more quickly. Use the following questions to help
guide your writing.
a. Why is having some time on your hands a luxury?
b. What is your time schedule this year and how have things changed as you progress from
primary to junior to intermediate.
c. Is your life simpler or more complicated now?
d. Why is time so important?
e. What do you notice about time as you get older?
f. How do you make sure you have some spare time?
g. Have you had to make some important decisions this year based solely on the element
of time this year?
h. How do we learn to juggle life and deadlines, and are deadlines important?
i. What do you find steals your valuable time? What can you do to change this?

All About St. Alphonsa School

This page is designed for you to talk about St. Alphonsa School and the teachers, staff and friends within

▪ You may want to include a school map, pictures of the inside and outside of the school,
write up about your teachers, and any information about St. Alphonsa School that you think
is interesting or important.
▪ Teachers shape our lives every day and this can happen in and outside of the classroom. As
we travel through life we meet ‘teachers’ along the way, and under many circumstances.
Think of all the people you have learned from, these are all of your teachers!

Questions to Answer

● Who are your teachers? Describe them.

● Are they your parents, school teachers, coaches, instructors, relatives, friends?
● Think about the person who has taught you something; what makes them special? Why have
they had such an impact on your life?
● What qualities do your teachers have that you admire?
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

Sports/Arts Page

You get to choose whether you will be making this a Sports page, or an Arts page, or both. To do this,
use visuals that represent your interests in either/both and create a written response that takes the
following questions into consideration:

● What is the role of the Arts/Sports?

● Address the value of the Arts/Sports and why they are held in such high regard to so many
● What does art or sport do for you?
● Do you think that Arts/Sports are overrated? Are athletes or artists over/under paid?
● What role does Art/Sports play in your life?
● Include anything else that you think is relevant

Fads and Fashions

What’s hot and what’s not? Styles, trends, fads, and fashions are constantly changing. You are to write
about how fads and fashions play a role in today’s world. Speak from a teenager’s point of view. What
trends are considered to be “cool” and what styles, labels, item, etc… are really considered desirable by
teens of today. Here are some questions and ideas to guide you:

● Discuss your personal feelings about fashion

● What do you like to wear and why?
● What stores are popular?
● What outfits are the trend right now?
● How important is it to you to have the latest trends?
● Has fashion ever affected you negatively?
● For visuals, think about including pictures of clothing, footwear, sportswear, accessories,
hairstyles, new hobbies, music, and cars.

The Perfect Day

You have 24 hours to do whatever you want – money is no object! You can go anywhere with anyone
you want! Make sure you explain ​why​ you choose to do everything. The sky is the limit so have fun – oh,
and stay appropriate!

● What would you choose to do?

● Where would you choose to go?
● With whom would you choose to spend this time with?
● What activities would you do?
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

Music and Movies

Think about the gift of music and movies. I can’t imagine human beings not being able to enjoy and
express themselves through music and film.

● What is your favourite type of music? What is your favourite song?

● What is your favourite artist, band, and type of music?
● What role does music play in your life?
● How important is music in your world?
● What does music do for you and others?
● What makes good music?
● What types of movies do you like? Who is your favourite actor/actress?
● What makes a god movie?
● What is your favourite movie? Why?
● The music and movie industry spend millions of dollars every year on their creations, what do
you think of this?

Create a Crossword and/or Word Search

Create a crossword or word search about grade 7 memories.

▪ Word Search – must include at least 30 words

▪ Crossword – must include at least 20 words

Use a word search or crossword puzzle maker website to assist you in creating this page.

You must also include an answer key.

Teen Issues

Being a teenager today brings with it many challenges; some which have always existed, and some
new ones that were never a concern for your parents. During these critical teen years, you will find
yourself in situations where you will be forced to make life changing decisions. This page is designed to
open your eyes a little and to get you to start thinking about what the responsible choices will be for

Many of you already have what it takes to make the right decision, yet some of you may not always
choose to take the right path. This decision to go the wrong way may stem from peer pressure, self-pity,
rebellion against authority, rebellion against your parents, friends, stress, addiction etc… Remember
that whatever path you choose to take, you will have to live with the decisions you make and sometimes
these choices will affect the rest of your life.

In the fast paced world of today’s teenager, there is sometimes not enough time to properly consider
the consequences of your actions. It is easy to feel invincible and unstoppable when you are at the
prime of your young life, but it is imperative that you do well in life. The following is a list of some issues
Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________

that all of you may face to some degree or another in the upcoming years of high school, college,
university and the workforce. Some of you may even be faced with these issues right now.

Teen Issues continued

▪ Drugs
▪ Smoking
▪ Drinking
▪ Relationships
▪ Peer Pressure
▪ Abuse
▪ Parental Pressure and Expectations
▪ Fear of Failure
▪ School – where do I fit in?
▪ Friends and how they change; should I move on or hang on?
▪ Harassment

Ode to Grade 7

An ode is a poem written to praise, respect, applaud, and glorify a particular person, place, thing, ideal,
event, situation, etc… It honours the “subject” and “puts it on a pedestal”. It is also written to keep
memories alive.

To write your ode to grade 7, you need to reflect upon all the events of the ten months in Grade 7.

▪ What have you learned?

▪ What have you gained?
▪ What were the best times, and what were the worst?
▪ How have your grade 7 experiences helped your intellectual, emotional, spiritual, mental, and
social growth, health and well-being?
▪ What do you want to remember for the rest of your life?

Your ode can be written in a rhyming format or in free verse. Choose what works best for you to express
yourself effectively. Visually, make sure that you represent what is in your ode as well. Represent your
feelings from the first day of school to the last day of school.

Remember​: This is your scrapbook page so make it memorable.

Name​: _____________________________ Date​: ____________________________


Personal Catholic Background

Include thoughts (using words) and pictures about your Baptism, First Communion and First
Reconciliation (ask your parents for help if needed). Think about how you felt throughout the day and
the importance of each day. Also include your personal opinion on what it means to be Catholic and how
you follow this each day.

Confirmation Day Reflection

Include thoughts (using words) and pictures about your Confirmation. Think about how you felt
throughout the day and the importance of this day. Think about all the preparation you have done to get
to this point: attending a Catholic school, Confirmation classes, religion classes, family influence etc…
Discuss the importance of receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation Symbols and Images of the Holy Spirit

Represent the symbols for Confirmation and the Holy Spirit.

▪ Use the internet, religion textbook or other resources

My Sponsor ​(If you are not being confirmed; base this section on who you would chose)

Your sponsor plays an important role in your life and he/she should help guide you throughout. Include
a picture of your sponsor as well as the following information:

▪ Name
▪ Relationship to you
▪ Why you chose him/her as your sponsor
▪ Why he/she is important to you