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Chart for CSC online Application

Before March 31 st 2018

Log in and complete online applications at
www.campuschina.org or
to choose the Agency No. of 10497 for
Wuhan University of Technology

Category A CategoryB CategoryC

Bi-Lateral UPP / SLJ
An Enrolled Student 1.No hard copies are needed from Only available for
should get the Pre- UPP / SLJ application; outstanding students
admission Letter from 2.Only selected UPP applicants shall studying at WUT
ISO. be informed to register at WUT via

Chinese Embassy in Wuhan University http://campuschina.

your Home country of Technology org/scholarshiplisten.

Approved JW201 and Admission Notice for Accepted Applicants

Around the end of Around middle July only if submitted: Around the end of June
June by CSC directly 1.Deposit of $100 by the authority in the
to the Approved 2.Letter of Commitment Host Univ. for the Approved
3.Online submission at admission.whut.edu.cn

Eligibility: Scholarshipcovers:
1. Age Ceiling: 25 for undergraduate, 35 for 1.Monthly living allowances: 2,500 for
master and 40 for doctoral candidate; undergraduate; 3,000 for master, and 3,500
2.For UPP of Category B: only applicants for for doctoral candidate.
postgraduate study of master or doctoral 2.Free accommodation on campus in twin-
degree who are living outside China over bed room for undergraduate and master,
one year; single room for doctoral candidate.
3. Pre-Admission Notice could be helpful for 3.Free tuition and insurance premium.
winning Bi-Lateral of Category A before 31/03.

For more details beyond CSC websites or our website at

please feel free to contact our International Admission Office
via fstudent@whut.edu.cn, or Tel/Fax: +86-27-87166636