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American History 2010.0004 – MWF 12:30-1:20p.m.

– 3 Hours
Alicia Duffy – alicia.duffy@ucf.edu – 527 Colbourn Hall
Office Hours: MW 11:30-12:20 or by appointment ~ Spring 2018

This is a fast-paced class covering the origins and growth of the United States. The class will be a general overview of American history from
exploration to the Civil War. The course will survey significant historical trends, events and individuals. An emphasis is placed on understanding the
cause and effects of historical moments. No video or audio recording without the written permission of the instructor.
Required Reading exams will be allowed for the Laptops, iPads, and mobile
Roark, James L., et al. The final exam. Students are responsible technology are valuable
American Promise A History of As each exam includes for providing a new, resources for today’s students.
the extensive essay writing, unmarred greenbook and However, they can also be a
United States Value organization and factual pink scantron for each distraction. Should a student’s
Edition Volume I: To support, the three exams will exam. portable device interfere with
1877. 7th ed. Boston: meet three parts of the Gordon learning, that student will be
Bedford/St. Martin’s, Rule criteria for the course. Writing Assignment required to turn off and
2017. This writing assignment discontinue usage of the
WebCourses readings The instructor reserves satisfies the requirements for device.
the right to amend this the fourth Gordon Rule criteria
Grading: for the course. Each student is
25% - Exam I Final grades are issued responsible for answering all of
Plagiarism means trying to the essay questions for ten
25% - Exam II on a straight scale.
present words or ideas of documents supplied on
25% - Exam III
another as your own. It is a WebCourses. You may choose
5% - Cumulative Final
serious matter and will be dealt which documents.
14% - Quizzes & Attendance
with by an automatic failure of All written assignments
6% - Writing Assignment
the assignment. must be typed, double-spaced,
Exams Quizzes, Attendance & with a twelve-point font, and
There are three unit exams Extra Credit cover page. Please staple a
worth 25% each. Exam III is Seven quizzes will be given copy of the assignment rubric
scheduled for the Final Exam at the discretion of the to your last page; the rubric can
period. At that time, students instructor. be found at the class
will also compete a short- Each quiz is worth 2% of your WebCourses page. Answers
answer Cumulative Final, final grade. There are no make- must be thoughtful, clearly
which is worth 5% of the total up quizzes given. However, organized and written in
grade. students may replace 2% of paragraphs. All citations must
Exams include the their total grade by visiting be documented with footnotes
following formats: essays, ONE historic fort, museum, or using Chicago-style formatting.
multiple choice, matching, and approved site. Please provide Assignments will not be
true/false. The exams will the instructor with a “selfie” as accepted without this format.
cover material from both the photographic proof and a one- The assignment is due
lectures and readings. Make-up page typed description of the April 16, 2017.
exams will be given at the time spent. This may also be
discretion of the instructor with used as Extra Credit if not A Word About
a doctor’s note or court needed as a make-up. Due on or Technology
paperwork. NO make-up before April 23, 2017.
Date Lecture Topic Documents to read before class
Native Americans For 1/17: Tiano, Genesis,
January 8-12 Chapter 1
Early European Explorers Seneca Origin Story, Aristotle
January 15 School Holiday

January 17 Explorers & The Mexica Chapter 2 Columbus, Cortes

Early English Exploration
January 19-22 Chapter 3 Lawes Divine, Bacon’s Rebellion
& Jamestown
Indentured Servants & Indenture Servants ~ Two contracts,
January 24-26 Chapter 3
Bacon’s Rebellion Frethorne, Mittelberger
Mayflower Compact, John Winthrop,
January 29-31 New England Colonies Chapter 4
Laws of Massachusetts
Establishing the rest Equiano’s Interesting Narrative,
February 2-5 Chapter 5
of the Colonies Middle Passage
February 7 Colonial Life Chapter 5 Benjamin Franklin

February 9 Exam I

February 12-14 Imperial Wars Chapter 6 Imperial Wars Handout, Albany Plan
Warren speech, Adams letters,
February 16-21 The British Empire & the Acts Chapter 6
Common Sense, Burke
February 23- The Declaration of Independence,
The War for Independence Chapter 7
March 2 Paul Revere, Ethan Allen
Articles of Confederation The Bill of Rights,
March 5-7 Chapter 8
& the Constitution Federalist Papers #10
March 12-16 Spring Break

March 9 & 19 Washington’s Administration Chapter 9

March 21 Exam II

March 23-26 Adams & Jefferson Chapter 10

March 28-
Madison & Monroe Chapter 10 Monroe Doctrine
April 2
Chapter 11
April 4-6 Capitalism, Lowell & JQAdams Lowell Girl
Chapter 12
Jackson & Sectionalism
April 9-11 Chapter 11
VanBuren / Harrison
April 13 Tyler / Polk / Mexican War Chapter 12

April 16 Paper Due

Cotton Kingdom & Slavery Chapter 13
April 16-18 Dred Scott
Kansas & the Republicans Chapter 14
April 20-23 The American Civil War Chapter 15

Friday, April 27 Exam III / Final Exam – 10am

Webcourses Pre/Post Test
All faculty are required to document students’ academic activity at the beginning of each course.
As part of the UCF History Department's yearly Assessment process and to comply with mandatory
UCF Attendance policy, ALL students in General Education Program (GEP) history courses (AMH2010,
AMH2020, EUH2000, EUH2001, WOH2012 or WOH2022) are required to take a pre-test and a post-
test. As such, students are enrolled in a GEP Assessment section in UCF Webcourses. Login with your
NID to Webcourses, select the GEP section for your course type (will say "GEP" in front of the course
name), and complete the assessment tests within the semester deadlines. These brief multiple choice
tests assess core historical concepts, evaluate student learning outcomes, and complete part of your
semester responsibilities for the UCF Attendance requirement. The scores will not be used for tabulating
semester grades. Questions regarding the process may be directed to the GEP Assessment Coordinator.
For Spring 2018, students must complete the GEP Assessment pre-test no later than
5p.m. Friday, January 12, 2018. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the
disbursement of your financial aid.