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Appendix B: D.R.O.P.

(Determined, Responsible, Optimistic, and Prepared)

FISCAL YEAR July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019
Dates of Operation: July 16, 2018-August 10, 2018
FY Allocation: $26,460


Category Computation Budget

Salary 2 counselors and 2 teachers @ $25/hr for 5 hours a day 4 days a $8,000
Fringe None $2,460
Supplies Notebooks, workbooks, calculators, book bags, pens, mechanical
pencils, paper, 3 ring binders, flashdrives, dry erase markers, dry
erasers and fee for laptop purchase, food $5,900
Travel Gas for school buses $7,000
Printing Printing $100
Contracts School Activity Bus Usage $3,000
Other Current N/A
Subcontract N/A
Indirect Costs N/A
TOTAL $26,460


SALARY - $8,000

Salary - Instruct. Support I $8,000

Position Computation All Year

(2) Counselors (5 hours @ $25.00) x $4,000
16 days
(2) Teachers (5 hours@ $25.00) x $4,000
16 days


Instructional Staff - Benefits $2,460

Description Computation School Year
Social Security - 5880.110.211 (7.65% of $8,000) $612
Retirement - 5880.110.221 (4.23% of $8,000) $338
Hospitalization - 5880.110.231 (16.82% of $8,000) $1,345
Workman’s Comp - 5880.110.232 (1.3% of $8,000) $104
Fringe Benefit Rates for Instructional Staff

SUPPLIES - $5,000

Supplies & Materials $5,900

Items Computation Summer
Supplies for Classroom Activities and School Supplies 1,000 $1,000
School supplies will be provided to students and teachers will purchase materials to supplement learning. In addition, each
student will have their user fee paid in order to be able to take their district provided devices home during the school year.

Other Food Purchases $6,600

Items Computation Summer
Breakfast Snack and Lunch (16 days x15.00) x 20 students $4,800

Snacks for breakfast and a lunch will be provided daily. Snacks will be purchased in bulk from wholesale store and lunch will be
purchased and delivered daily.


Printing and Binding Fees $200

Items Computation School Year
Printing for program curricula and marketing materials (1,000@ $0.10) $100
Basic Printing of program curricula and marketing materials are requested.

TOTAL: 26,460

Program Evaluation

Participants will be evaluated monthly by monitoring their academic progress, discipline referrals and attendance. Each
month of data will be compared to where the students were last year at the same time. Participants will also complete a post
comprehension test on the first day of the program and then given a post test on the next to the last day of the program. In
addition, interviews will be conducted to determine if students used the strategies taught over the summer and if students
saw any benefits from the community service activity.