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BIM Presentation

What BIM
BIM Modeling Training FOR
What is BIM ?

Speaker- Zaw Lin Thein

Agenda for my BIM Presentation
 1.What is BIM ?
 2. BIM for Owners
 3.BIM for Architects
 4.Bim for Structural Engineers
 5.BIM for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
 6.BIM for Contractors
 7.BIM for Coordinators
 8. BIM for Planners
 9. BIM for Quantity Surveyor
 10.BIM for Facility Manager
 11.BIM History
 12.Conclusion
What is BIM ?

I - Information
B - Building
M - Modeling
What is BIM ?

 3D Model with rich Information.

 Parametric data
 Clash Detection
 Collaborative working
 BIM is just not 3D Model and defines as “file based
collaboration and library management.”
 BIM is virtual building technology.
For instance; if we construct a building,
there are main processes that is
About dealing with such king of this process,
when we run a building project , we need a
model which can give knowledge ,
Information. That named for, in other way,
Integrated Model Centric Methodology .
It’s base on model centric work flow.
What is BIM?
Benefits for BIM
Software for BIM
BIM For Owners
BIM For Owners
 Owners can use a building information model to:
 Increase building performance through BIM-based
energy and lighting design and analysis to improve
overall building performance
 Reduce the financial risk associated with the
project using the BIM model to obtain earlier and
more reliable cost estimates and improved
collaboration of the project team
 Shorten project schedule from approval to
completion by using building models to coordinate
and prefabricate design with reduced fi eld labor

Why architects use BIM?
 Going 3D, is better than 2D for spatial management
 It’s easy to create visualizations and communicate design
and construction planning to concerned people
 It’s easy to analyze Energy performance

 Information rich 3D models can be shared across

structural and MEP disciplines to enable Engineers

communicate design information in a better manner

 As the design and construction process becomes efficient,
it helps architects gain an edge over competition
Conceptual Design for Architects

Taiwan Tower

3D Modeling Analysis for Architects
lighting Analysis for Architects
BIM for Structure
BIM for Structural Engineers
 The current state of BIM is analyzed, giving
a general overview on how architectural;
engineering and construction firms are applying it
on their projects. The interlinking of BIM with
structural analysis software like ETABS, SAP2000 and
Robot Structural Analysis is evaluated. Also, an
independent structure is modelled in BIM and is
analyzed and designed in Robot Structural Analysis
software. Apart from it, the ease in redesigning and
modifying the structure is discussed
Benefits for Structural Engineers

 BIM Structural Engineers use Model which can be constantly updated

 -Changes in Design
 -General Specification
 -Keeping all data as accurate as possible
 BIM ensures
 - reduction in design
 - drafting errors
 - provides with lower designing cost
 - has grave
 impact on designing activities like, conceptual
 design and structural analysis
BIM for Structural Engineers

Structure Analysis and Design

Structural Design for BIM
Structural Analysis for BIM
BIM for
Mechanical and

 OfferCrucial Design Data directly from the

Architectural Design Model;
 Architectural Design are
-Ceiling Elevations
-Walls with Electrical Devices
-Walls with Plumbing
BIM supports MEP workflow
MEP Model
BIM sanitary model using BIM software
Air-con Model using BIM
BIM for
BIM for Electrical Engineers
BIM for
BIM benefits for Contractors

Bid Accuracy with Model-Based

Greater Efficiency in Change-
Order Management
Improved Subcontractor
Coordination with Schedule
Influence of BIM on contractors
BIM for
 What is a clash?
A clash occurs when elements of
different models occupy the same space.
A clash may be geometric (for example,
pipes passing through walls), schedule
based (when different aspects of work
that are supposed to be sequential are
scheduled to occur together or in
reverse), or changes/updates not made
to drawings.
 There are 3 main types of clashes that clash detection
seeks out:
1. Hard Clash: when two objects pass through each other.
Most BIM modelling software eliminate the likelihood for
this using clash detection rules based on embedded object
data (like the image above)

2. Soft Clash: work to detect clashes which occur when

objects encroach into geometric tolerances for other
objects (for example, a building being modelled too close
to a high tension wire).

3. 4D/Workflow Clash: clash resolves scheduling clashes

and abnormalities as well as delivery clashes (for
example, work crews arriving when there is no equipment
on site.)
Clash Detection Report
BIM for
Project planning for BIM
Objectives of Planning Engineers
 Planning Engineer Resume Objective
 Planning Engineers are professionals who work
alongside project managers on projects based at a
job site or at an office. They outline a sequence
of activities needed to complete work and
construction projects and connect the resources
together to ensure successful job completion. A
firm objective persuades prospective employers
to review your resume, so it’s imperative to focus
on your background in project management and
BIM for
BIM for Facility
BIMfacilitates collaboration
between project
participants, reducing errors
and field changes and
leading to a more efficient
and reliable delivery process
that reduces project time
and cost.
BIM History
 BIM is a process
 BIM is not a software
 BIM is not a data format
 BIM does not work only in buildings
 BIM is not a solution to all problems in building sectors
 BIM is possible to construct building successfully without
 BIM is a way of working
 Revit is a software
 Revit is a tool which used in BIM process

 •(BIM-02)Documentation
 •(BIM-03) Coordination and Collaboration
 •(BIM-04) Construction Project Planning
 •(BIM-05) Cost Analysis
 •(BIM-06) Facility Management
 •(BIM-07) Design Analysis
 •BIM for Infrastructure
-Urban Planning
Thank for your attention !