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cut down

wander / wonder
along the sides of the street
Words often confused quiet/quite/quit
fall over in the wind
put down roots

make paper out of wood bark

Prepositions &
take in harden
Expressions The importance of trees
Trees are very
do damage to ring important to our life. They
take in carbon dioxide and
give us oxygen. If we cut
leave out tube down too many trees, there
would be more carbon
good for roots dioxide. This is very
harmful. Therefore, trees
make predictions protect us from global
calculate warming. Trees provide us
with many useful things such
do a favour as rubber and medicines.
extract Some trees may provide a
U.6:The importance of trees cure for diseases like
How does (this machine) work? Definitions width cancer. Planting trees is
Asking for Instructions very useful. We have to
How can I operate (this coffee machine)? Language plant more trees, especially
cardboard in towns and cities. This
First …. / Then…./ Next…./ Finally…. helps to reduce the amount
Giving Instructions instrument of pollution. Trees help to
First, switch it on, then press the red button keep the balance of nature.
If the balance of nature is
products upset, life on Earth will be
remove(v)remover/removal(n)removable(adj) impossible. We have to take
great care of trees and
rubber punish those who cut them
close(v) closure(n) closed(adj) down.

add(v) addition(n)additional(adj)
construct(v)construction(n) constructive(adj) toothpaste

measure(v) measurement (n) measurable(adj) turpentine

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