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獸醫一 莊閔任

Chapter 1
We don't know about an otter
January 1st, 2018, everybody is celebrating the new year. On the morning of that day, an otter died in

Taipei Zoo. The scientific name of this otter was Lutra lutra chinensis( 歐 亞 水 獺 ).

The otter came from Kinmen. September 29th, last year, there's disturbance raised in
Baicun elementary school. Students was so interested in a little guy sneaking into their
classroom. They thought it was just a stray cat at first. For children's safe, the teacher dismiss
them, discovering that it wasn't a cat, but an otter bearing a festering wound on its neck.
That was caused by a bite. Other wounds could be found on its back, foot, and mouth part.
After the school contacted related institution, the otter was sent to Taipei Zoo from Kinmen
for emergency treatment.
According to the announce of the speaker of Taipei Zoo, the poor otter was a lutra chinensis , a species
on the imminent danger of extinction. Lutra chinensis is an endemic animal of Kinmen. The quantity of
lutra chinensis still alive there is less than 100, quite an astonishing number.
On the afternoon of September 29th, the emergency surgery was completed. At night, this little otter
waked up and had the strength to roar. Hence no one would expect its death on the beginning of 2018 due
to diffusive sepsis.
Stray animal is a critical environmental issue in Kinmen. It has high probability that the wounds were
caused by huge bites of a stray dog. Many stray animals live in the same inhabiting zone as otters' or
waterfowls'. Seeing a stray dog sleeping on grass is a common thing in campus. However, we know few
about stray animals. They do not only cause hygiene problem to environment. As a student majoring vet, I
once joined TNVR, which is the abbreviation of Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return. But it wasn't enough.
The problem is not caused by the stray dog themselves. What we must prevent is that those irresponsible
keeper abandon their pets. There's not a punishment legislation in Taiwan. Hence, we cannot always focus
on Twelve Night, which is not enough.

Chapter 2
not know about stray animals, neither.
Maybe they take
cement walls,
the stuff blustering and rolling through companions,
capturing ropes,
rusty cages,
and propofol,
are appearance of the whole world.