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Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:44:24 No.65232440

Dumb phone general

Your anti-botnet.

490 KB JPG

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:47:23 No.65232467

My phone is already dumb because its operated by a retard

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:48:16 No.65232475

If it looks like a dumbphone doesn't mean it doesn't spy on your like a smartphone. The phone in the image looks newfangled enough
that it might contain a secret camera to spy on you!

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:50:46 No.65232491

Why not just make your own phone? It's extremely easy, even if you do it with baby shit like an Arduino.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:52:38 No.65232505

>Reminder: Write your mums obituary

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:54:21 No.65232517

Nokia 150 DualSim for 29€ masterrace here

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:56:03 No.65232527

You can still be tracked and the microhpone can still be accessed remotely.

If you are this paranoid you gotta go all the way.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)08:57:20 No.65232540

What's /g/'s thoughts on the Nokia 105. For £15 it seems like a bargain.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:00:46 No.65232572

Daily reminder that your country can know your location even if you use a "dumb phone" with triangulation:
Just don't use your phone or turn it off.
Another solution would be to create a system that use your landline telephone from distance but you will need another way to
communicate with your phone in your house.
TLDR: we need a new open-source freetard decentralized internet system to escape the botnet

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:02:18 No.65232585

Is there anything like the Punkt MP01 that is cheaper and available in Australia? I love the idea of a simple, clean looking 'dumb phone'
with a huge battery life to avoid distractions.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:08:44 No.65232634


Dumb phones can only give away your location, whereas smartphones leak a lot more information. They're still the better option.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:11:05 No.65232656

location is really important, this is one of the most sensitive info (at least you can hide your camera).

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:11:44 No.65232663

better, yes. not completely fool proof though. but then again... what is?

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:12:05 No.65232666

Looking for something slim(ish) with nice square corners.

Anything good going?

1.58 MB WEBM

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:13:10 No.65232674

It's like the least important thing. I don't give a fuck who knows where I am.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)09:18:22 No.65232729


True but your location is already given away the minute you step out of your home and into a public place. Even if the state
surveillance is minimal, the numerous private cctv footage can be subpoenaed against you.

The state will first want to know who you are and what you're doing before deciding it's worthwhile to track your location. If they can't
see through your 7 proxies, your location doesn't even matter.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:02:14 No.65233726

> fake ass
> holes in underwear
> goes outside only to stare at palm trees


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:05:42 No.65233769

>there are people right ITT who are too retarded enough that they cant turn off mobile data instead they get a shit
millennial are so far the dumbest generation in human history. they just jump le dumb phone bandwagon

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:06:14 No.65233772

>230$ for the dumbphone
Why the fuck?

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:07:52 No.65233794

Turns out it's easy to get money out of tinfoil-hatters and hipsters with little self-control.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:08:44 No.65233800

>he actually thinks that does anything to get rid of the botnet

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:13:30 No.65233844


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:16:59 No.65233871


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:17:29 No.65233875

had the nokia 100, really liked it

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:18:05 No.65233880

Nokia 150

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:21:24 No.65233916

I have had the 108 for about 3 years and recently got it unlocked so I can use my SIM (it was locked to Tesco, who even uses tesco
lmao) It's really decent and still going.
I actually bought one for my dad a few months earlier and it's still going strong as his daily driver. All for £12

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:22:46 No.65233935

only dumb people use dumb phones over touchscreen devices in this day and age

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:24:49 No.65233958

Here's the list of phones approved by the Ministry of Defense of Russia:

The others are considered botnet and are banned in the Army for example(since March 1th). This one is supposed to
be an ACTUAL anti-botnet phone with some anti-spy measures built-in.


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:26:16 No.65233971

>reminder: Write your mums obituary

Well that's just unpleasant, OP.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:28:25 No.65233996


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:30:35 No.65234020

>location is really important

No it fucking isn't. In order to find out where you live, the attacker must be nearby to track your cell phone. The government has you
anyway. It's a LOT more about the data that leaves your phone.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:34:26 No.65234065

That's an anti-NATO-botnet phone.


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:37:29 No.65234090

you must get a lot of pussy

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)11:48:42 No.65234202

Would installing a custom rom possibly help with the anti botnet or are they botnet on a hardware level?

139 KB PNG

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)12:24:42 No.65234591

>preferring NATO over russian botnet
NATO is literally a corporation at this point.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)12:29:39 No.65234652

Kind of bothers me that there aren't any carriers that offer only calls and texts. Everyone tries to shove data down your throat even for
a dumbphone that will never use it, and then crank up the price accordingly.
Fucking Jews.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)12:33:03 No.65234692


Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)14:14:17 No.65235774

I'm using t-mobile and have that option, the cheapest plan that's not pay per use. It's $5 extra per month to enable data. Although they
route any pictures texted to you as data so you might need to enable it for that. I don't know what other carriers offer plans without data
but maybe most carriers pay per use plans would work.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)14:15:44 No.65235782

Wireless technology in general is a botnet

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)14:17:08 No.65235803

What's a good dumbphones for technology inept parents? Their shitty 6 year old flips phones are almost dead.

Nokia? Is there some intermediate touch screen dumb phone that I can have my parents train on to eventually get a smart phone?

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)14:19:06 No.65235833

Nice (no, it's not nice actually) to meet you, virgin.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)15:23:23 No.65236608

>This one is supposed to be an ACTUAL anti-botnet phone with some anti-spy measures built-in.
That means it's actually a super botnet.

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)15:28:49 No.65236675

Reminder that the only reason to use a dumbphone over a smartphone for security reasons is if you have no need for
the extra functionality that smartphones offer (in which case securing one is a waste of your time) or you need
something disposable and therefore cheap. If you aren't retarded you can make a smartphone just as secure as a
dumb phone with no extra hassle when you use it by simply doing a clean AOSP install (or a major custom ROM like
189 KB JPG LineageOS) and not installing software that spies on you, along with using a VPN if you wish to use mobile data
(since cell service providers have gone to the extent of letting approved companies look up your IP address and get
your real name/address if you connect over mobile data and have been caught tampering with connections over mobile data in other

>whereas smartphones leak a lot more information.
No they don't you mongoloid. Smartphones "leak" the same amount of data about you as a dumb phone if you actually take basic
measures to secure them. Do you also think that all newer computers are at risk because you're stupid enough to run Windows 10?

I don't think you people understand what's possible with location data. It's not something that is only available after a group puts in a
request for it. See pic related, metadata about your connection to cell towers is recorded and was being kept for at least a year back in
2010. Police can get a warrant for it and cell service providers even

There are if you actually look. I only keep a cell phone for emergencies and my plan only includes talk and text with a limited number of

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)15:35:29 No.65236761

Any more news on 4G dumb phones for when companies in the US kill off 2G/3G support in late 2019/2020?

Anonymous 03/24/18(Sat)15:43:08 No.65236862

Why do you care?
Unless you're a terrorist or drug dealer?

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