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false about bone scan ตรงแอค

AC A. 3-4hr without specfic prepare
B. ใช้Tc with phosphate compound
C. depend on vascular and osteoblastic activity
Radiotherapy D. increase in various pathology
E. sen and spec in bone metastasis

MDCU70 R2 7. Bone scan is generally helpful in these

conditions except which of the followings?
1. Which of the following application is for A. Identifying bone metastasis
detecting annihilation radiation B. A man with cellulitis suspected contiguous
A. Gamma camera osteomyelitis
B. SPECT C. Incidental finding of bone lesion on x-ray
C. PET differentiating benign and malignant tumor
D. D. Differentiating prosthetic loosening and
E. Dose calibrator periprosthetic infection
E. A child with bone pain suspected Perthes
2. PHA of gamma camera? disease (avascular necrosis of femoral epiphysis)
A. C… for dead time count loss
B. Separate scatter events from photopeak events 9. A women came to hospital with dizziness,
C. Produce the pulse of the same height for any palpitation and perspiration. Urine catecholamine
single radionuclide testing was positive and suspected for
D. Detect the coincidence events pheochromocytoma. CT scan was unremarkable.
E. Automatic corrects for camera-uniformoty She was sent to nuclear medicine for ectopic or
extra-adrenal site. What is the appropriate
3. Which of the following studies does not provide radioopharmaceuticals in this patient?
relative renal function? A.Tc99m-MIBG
A. Tc99m DTPA renal function B.Tc99m-MIBI
B. Tc99m DTPA direct cystography C.Tc99m-antiCEA
C. Tc99m DMSA cystography D.Y90-antiCD20
D. Tc99m DTPA indirect cystography E.Ga67
E. Tc99m MAG3 captopril scan
10. Pattern of communicating hydrocephalus in csf 14.คนไข้39ปีThyrotoxicosis
scan ตรวจi131uptake
A. isualize in basal cistern 4hr 3hr--> 70 24hr -->75
B. visualize in sylvian fissure in 24hr A. follicular thyroid carcinoma
C. visualize in parasaggital legion in 4hr B. grave's disease
D. visualize in lateral ventricle in 4hr C. thyrotoxicosis
E. visualize in lateral ventricle in 24hr D. subacute thyroiditis
E. iodine induced thyrotoxicosis
11. Which patient with epilepsy is less useful for
SPECT 15.incorrect I-131 in hyperthyroidism
A.unilateral temporal lobe lesion with concordant A. preg is contraindication
pre surgical work up B. no iv contrast 4 wk
B. Unilateral temporal lobe lesion with partial C. no need stop beta blocker
discordant pre surgical work up D. stop atd 3-7 d
C. Unilateral temporal lobe lesion with no lesion in E. low dose iodine 2 wk
D. Extratemporal lobe lesion with no mri lesion 16. ผญ อายุ16 เป็นsle ใช้ยาสเตียรอยด์ ส่งตรวจbmdอะไร
E. Visualize 2 mri lesion A. hip+lumbar spine
B. hip+low thoracic
12. which is correct regarding DISIDA scan C. humerus+non dominant forearm
A. non-visualization of CBD is the pathognomonic D. dominant forearm+total body
sign of BA E. lumbar+total less body
B. in childen more than 3 months, BA can not be
clearly differented with neonatal hepatitis 17. 65 years old female with hyperthyroidism มา
C. can not be used in patient with bilirubin more ตรวจ bmd ได้
than 15mg% T score: Lumbar spine -1.9 , Total hip femur. -2.2 ,
D. acute cholecystitis can be ruled out in children Neck of femur -2.8 ให้ diagnosis?
with visualization of gall bladder
E. fasting less than 6 hrs can produce false negative
for acute cholecystitis
18.A 65 year-old-woman presents with dyspnea at D. < 1000 cGy/wk
rest and pleuritic chest pain. Her physical E. All of above
examination shows tachycardia and right ankle
swelling. She has history of right ankle arthroplasty 22. Which one is the most radiosensitive organ?
two days ago and allergic to contrast media. Which A. Ovary
is the most appropriate pharmaceuticals for this B. Heart
patient? C. Lung
A. MDP D. Testis
B. DTPA E. Small bowel
D. phytate 23. A 70-year old lady was diagnosed stage1 non
E. microcolloids small cell lung cancer. She was considered as
medical operable due to her underlying coronary
19. indication for Tc99m-RBC in GI bleeding heart disease and congestive heart failure. What is
A. 69ปี,ผช,suspected lower GI bleed proper management?
B. 30ปี,ผญ,upper GI bleed A. Best supportive care
C. 55ปี,ผญ,bleeding at pancreas B. Definite radiation
D. 45ปี,ผญ,liver C. Concurrent chemoradiotherapy
E. 32ปี,ผญ,spleem D. Palliative radiation
E. Stereotactic ablative radiation
20. What is the positive criteria of meckel
diverticulum? 24. ชาย 57 มาด้วย cough & hemoptysis พบ mass ที่
A. Tc-pertechnetate Mid or right lower abdomen right upper lung. biopsy shows Adenocarcinoma
ทาง lat ค่อน anterior with multiple node enlarge work up metastasis
B. Tc-pertechnetate mid or right lower abdomen shows no metastasis. Diagnosed as NSCLC T2N2M0.
ทาง lat ค่อน posterior What is the next step ?
C. Anterior part in lateral view A. Palliative RT
D. Posterior part in lateral view B. Palliative CMT
E. เห็นที่ left lower abdomen C. CCRT
D. Target therapy
21. Conventional treatment for rt E. Preop RT
A. 180-200 cGy/fractiona
B. Once a day 25. Stotactic
C. 5 times/wk 26. 100 mr/hr - 2 meter
28. อะไรคือ Procedure of simulation 35. CA Breast the common metas sites?
A. Design orientation of beam, size and blocks and A. Bone
mark the patient B. Adrenal gland
B. Design number of irradiated beams C. Cervical LN
C. Select energy type D. Renal
D. ... E. All of above
E. X-ray for estimate size of lesion
36. ข้อใดเป็น radiation technique ที่ใช้ในการรักษา
29. Brain multiple lesion superficial cancer
A. Intraoperative radiotherapy
30. Which condition is not considered as indications B. Intracavitary brachytherapy
of surgery in patients with spinal cord compression? C. Electron
A. No prior tissue or pathologic confirmation D. Stereotactic radiotherapy
B. Multiple levels of spinal cord compression E. Stereotactic body radiotherapy
C. Bony fragments causing spinal cord compression
D. Prior heavily radiation 37. 32 yr thai female diagnosis cervical cancer stage
E. Radioresistant tumor such as renal cell IIb and cervical biopsy reveal well differentiate
carcinoma adenocarcinoma. What is management?
A. No further treatment
32 ข้อใดไม่ใช่เครื่องมือในการทา stimulation B. external radiation
A. conventional x ray C. Brachytherapy
B. Us D. Radical hysterectomy
C. CT E. Concurrent chemotherapy with brachytherapy
E. PET/CT 38. What is not the risk factor for uterine cancer
33. ข้อใดถูกเกี่ยวกับ simulation B.HPV
A. bone เป็น landmark ของ 2D C.old age
B. 3D ดูได้ละเอียดกว่า 2D D.unopposed estrogen
C. 4D ใช้ใน lung cancer เพราะมีการเคลื่อนไหวขณะ E.nulliparity
D. therapeutic CT ต่างจาก diagnostic CT ตรง large
bore, flat bed, ...
E. ถูกทุกข้อ
39. What following is considered the treatment
option in early stage head and neck cancer?
A. Combined radiotherapy and targeted therapy
B. Combined chemoradiation
C. Radiation alone
D. Chemotherapy alone
E. Targeted therapy alone

40. What is the best radiotherapy technique to

treat head & neck cancer in terms of reduction of
side effect
A. 2D radiotheraphy
B. 3D radiotheraphy
D. 3D brachytherapy
E. I-131 ablation

xx. Cardiac Perfusion , ischemia

A. Normal uptake stress test ,
B. Normal uptake stress ,
C. High uptake stress
D. Low uptake stress , normal uptake rest test
E. Low uptake stress , low uptake rest test