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The content has fully reached the A very well organized piece of Outstanding use of a varied and The content displays an outstanding The piece of writing has been
communicative aims of the unit. writing enhanced by illustrations accurate range of language and spelling of words and lexical items. outstanding in terms of showing
Conversations are effectively that are relevant and coherent with lexical items that show The punctuation is flawless and competence in the use of
communicated and sound natural the conversations. There is a natural competence in the use language, makes the content not only attractive communicative patterns
due to the inclusion of well and a very attractive flow of expressions and vocabulary but also easy to be followed by the acquired in the unit and
selected pieces of language, conversations that make the expected in the course and level reader. according to the Book level the
expressions and illustrations. content fully comprehensible and student is in.

The content has mostly reached A well-organized piece of writing Very good use of lexical items and The content displays very few spelling The piece of writing has been
the communicative aims of the where most of the illustrations grammatical structures with a few mistakes. The punctuation is very well very good in terms of showing
unit. Conversations sound mostly support the conversations. There inaccuracies in its use. It reflects a used most of the times, making the competence in the use of
3 natural, though a few more pieces is mostly a natural and attractive very good command of language for piece of content clear and easy to be communicative patterns
of language and expressions flow of conversations that make the the level the student is in, though followed. acquired in the unit and
would have been desirable. content comprehensible and more complex structures and lexical according to the Book level the
Nevertheless, the content attractive. items are expected to be used. student is in.
conveys the message in a very
successful way.

The content shows good evidence The presentation follows a logical Good range of lexical items and There are some spelling and The piece of writing has been
that the communicative aims of structure that flows due to a good grammatical structures with some punctuation mistakes that do not good in terms of showing
the unit have been reached. use of conversations and inaccuracies in its use. It reflects a interfere with communication but are competence in the use of
Conversations are generally good, illustrations that help. Nevertheless, good command of language, though expected to be improved. communicative patterns
but they need improvement. some lapses are perceived, making more complex use of structures and acquired in the unit and
the content somewhat difficult to lexical items is expected to according to the Book level the
be followed. maximize the student’s level- student is in.

The content shows a partial The presentation shows a fair Limited range of vocabulary and Frequent spelling mistakes and The piece of writing is still in
achievement of the attempt in terms of organization grammatical structures making the limited command of punctuation progress. It has not achieved
communicative aims of the unit and cohesion. The use of cohesive piece of writing unfitted for the items imped the reader to understand the aim in terms of showing
either because they are still in devices is not good enough to make level the student is in. the core of the content. competence in the use of
progress or because they lack of the content be understood. communicative patterns
supportive illustrations for the acquired in the unit and
task according to the Book level the
student is in.

The content is irrelevant for the Little or no formal structure, Poor range of vocabulary and Lots of spelling mistakes and poor or The piece of writing is below
task. Arguments that support the making the information/ideas faulty use of grammatical non-existent command of what is expected in terms of
0 ideas are poor and content fails in difficult to be followed. structures make the whole writing punctuation items. showing competence in the use
conveying a clear message for the difficult to be understood of communicative patterns
reader. acquired so far.