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What is a What is a 3

scoring record? point play? A Skip 4 Which teams

ROLL Who wins A fast
break/an alley
The worst
` Different kinds used to be the NBA teams in
of records?
crossover? spaces the best? AGAIN trophy?
oop/ a shot
the NBA +
downtown? why?

The best
players in
NBA are

Lose a What is a What is a triple

double? A LOSE A The best NBA
ROLL What is a Skip 3
blocked teams this free throw?
TURN shot? A double- TURN year + some AGAIN A jump ball? SPACES
rebound? players.

What does
NBA mean?
How many
Boardgame What does it
mean if a
player is
Explain a
turnover- a
loose ball
players? injured?

What is a
captain? A ROLL Name 4 What is the
draft? Who
Skip 4 What does
famous MVP MVP mean-
coach? An AGAIN winners in gets first spaces. how do you
owner? the past. choice? receive it?

GO A bench How many What is How do you

warmer? The different overtime? get to the
BACK 3 sixth man? countries play
Double NBA playoffs
in the NBA?
SPACES Defense? overtime?

What is a
Why is
basketball so
Your favorite
team +
Describe a
great Roll
foul? What popular? player and basketball
happens? Your ideas. explain why. player.

Name NBA Skip 4 SKIP 2

Who is
brothers and
sons of spaces SPACES Anthony?
Kevin Durant?
players. LeBron James?

Name 4 Name all the Qualifications What is a

famous players get into the swish? A
former pictured on NBA. slam dunk? A
players . the board. rim shot?

Go Qualities of How many Things that SKIP 4 Why do SKIP 3

great players- games in each teams
back 4
players wear
physical & round of the besides their SPACES change SPACES
mental. playoffs?
uniform. coaches?

Name 5 Name 8 great

kinds of boardgame players in the
NBA + their

Roll Lose a
What is a Why is a
Skip 5
Name all the What does What do Name 4
buzzer positions on rookie referees do? players that player
beater? A a team. How again mean? A spaces Name 2 turn are not traded? What
clutch shot? American & is a trade?
many start? substitute? fouls. countries