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February, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

Cassidy Shostak was employed through Bridges Consulting and worked in our home
for three years as a Behavioural Aide. Her role was to help our children develop their
social emotional skills but in reality, her job was much bigger than that. She helped care
for our five children and quickly became a part of our family.

Throughout her time with us, she worked conscientiously and diligently to help our
children further develop their frustration tolerance, flexibility/adaptability and
problem-solving skills. She showed incredible initiative, motivation and was self
directed. She worked at establishing a solid relationship with each child in our family
and quickly learned how to use their interests to engage them in new activities and

Cassidy was always enthusiastic and energetic and was never affected by negative
reactions from our children. She would persevere and continue working towards goals
in the Program Plan. Cassidy was able to adjust her approach to each child based on the
situation and their mood. She was able to intuitively read a situation and know how to
react in a firm, kind and respectful manner.

Cassidy became an essential part of our Behavioural Aide team and someone we could
rely on to help our children build essential cognitive and social skills. She was
professional and handled the demands of the job very well. The dynamic in our home
can shift very quickly and she could always keep up with those changing demands.
Cassidy had good communication skills, never hesitated to ask questions and was a
great team member. She trained a number of new Behavioural Aides as they joined our

We wish Cassidy the very best as she embarks on her career path. We feel confident
that she will enhance any child-family organization that she is employed with.

Please fell free to contact me at (403) 317-0201 if you wish to further discuss how
Cassidy would be an asset to your organization.


Alicia Mooney