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Cassidy Shostak

10611 Willowind Pl SE, Calgary AB  Phone Number: 1-403-993-4904  Email:



I am an educator who is dedicated to developing a positive relationship between students and
their learning experience. I have a passion for creating opportunities within the classroom that
accommodate to different learning needs and abilities. I believe in creating a classroom
atmosphere where students are willing to take on new challenges with a positive attitude. Above
all I believe in putting students first always.

2013-Present Bachelor of General Science/Bachelor of Education
The University of Lethbridge; Lethbridge, Alberta
B.Sc/B.Ed: Major: General Science (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology)
Specialization: Early Childhood Education

Intern Teacher (PSIII)
St. Philip Fine Arts School
Kindergarten – Teacher Mentor: Suehila Mahoney
Calgary, Alberta January 8th, 2018- April 27th, 2018
 Team taught 100% with my teacher mentor for 4 months.
 Developed detailed and engaging long-range plans, unit plans and lesson plans with a
focus on student-centered learning in all streams of the Kindergarten Program Statement.
 Tracked student progress using a variety of strategies to show consistency.
 Organized engaging and meaningful lessons for a variety of students with differing
learning needs.
Student Teacher (PSII)
St. John Paul II Elementary School
Grade 5 – Teacher Associate: Deanna Fink
Calgary, Alberta March 6, 2017 – April 22, 2017
 Taught 50 % of my teacher associates workload for 3 weeks and 100 % for the remaining
3 weeks.
 Develop engaging and detailed unit plans for Science, Social, Math, English Language
Arts, Health and Physical Education.
 Developed and evaluated student progress and assignments both formatively and for
summative assessment.
 Created engaging differentiated activities for a wide variety of student needs.

Student Teacher (PSI)

Huntsville School
Grade 1 / 2 – Teacher Associate: Mallory Finnie
Iron Springs, Alberta November 15 2016 – December 15th 2016
 Taught one third of my teacher associates workload for 4 weeks eventually taught full
time for the remaining week.
 Developed extremely detailed lesson plans for Math, English Language Arts, Science,
Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Art.
 Evaluated student progress and assignments for both formative and summative
 Developed engaging lessons and activities adapted for English Second Language

Student Teacher (ED 2500)

General Stewart Elementary School
Grade 3 – Teacher Associate: Lisa Jensen
Lethbridge, Alberta May 2015 -June 2015
 Assisted small groups / individuals students, read stories during language learning and
created bulletin boards.
 Led group centers with students.
 Performed enthusiastic readings of stories.
Bridges Consulting
Behavioural Coach
Lethbridge, Alberta January 2015-December 2017
 Physical and mental support for children with behavioural challenges and other
 Implement social skills and activity programming to help advance and develop specific
 Collect consistent and reliable individual data; including overall behavioural reports and
daily reports.
 Plan and implement recreational events for children.
 Safely transports clients to programming, recreational activities, and other locations
around the city.

Trico Centre Calgary

Special Needs Assistance / Camp Supervisor
Calgary, Alberta July 2015-August 2015
 Physical and mental support for children with behavioural challenges and other
exceptionalities within a summer camp environment.
 Camp counsellor supervisor and support for challenging campers or activities.
 Trained, supervised, and evaluated camp counsellor.
 Answered concerns and other questions of parents professionally.

University of Lethbridge Organization of Residence Students
Student Mentor
Lethbridge, Alberta September 2015– April 2016
 Support for a first-year resident student academically.
 Mentor for student in their study habits, time management, and organizational skills.
 Updated first year student on events provided by the university.
 Weekly scheduled study sessions to promote exceptional study habits, organization, and
community involvement.

Susan Price Bernie Varem
University Consultant Principal: St. Philip Fine Arts School
jordan23@telus.net bernie.varem@cssd.ab.ca
403-969-3457 School Phone: 403-500-2072

Suehila Mahoney Margot Thomson

Teacher Mentor Vice Principal St. Phillip Fine Arts School
suehila.mahoney@cssd.ab.ca margot.thomson@cssd.ab.ca
403-992-7226 School Phone: 403-500-2072