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1. Is international law a law?

2. What are the bases of international law?

3. What is meant by jus cogens?

4. What is meant by erga omnes?

5. What is meant by opinion juris?

6. What are the sources of international law?

7. Distinguish "soft law" from "hard law"?

8. How do we distinguish Private International Law for Public International Law?

9. Is there collective responsibility for a breach of international law?

10. What is the extent of a State's freedom of action?

11. Distinguish between the Monist and Dualist theories of International Law.

12. Distinguish between the Doctrine of Incorporation and the Doctrine of Transformation.

13. In case of conflict between municipal law and international law, which should prevail?

14. What are the Calvo and Drago Doctrines?

15. What is the Doctrine of Sovereign Equality of States?

16. What is the Doctrine of Non-Intervention?

17. What is the Principle of Self-Determination of People?