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Rebecca Mabe

1020 Nutwood Ave

Fullerton, CA 93845
(559) 299-3084

March 16, 2018

Ray Lozano
Clovis Unified School District
1450 Herndon Ave
Clovis CA, 93611

Dear Mr. Lozano,

In a recent conversation with Clovis School District teacher Kelli Cookingham, it was mentioned that
there is a current opening for a classroom teacher in grades four through six at Weldon Elementary
School. I would like to meet with you to discuss the opportunity and my unique qualifications in person.
As a Clovis Unified School District graduate myself, I am aware that the school district places premier
importance on the academic, physical and social needs of the students whom are served. Based on this
student centric approach, it is my belief that my skills in management and recent degree in educational
studies can help achieve a balance of academic excellence and social enrichment for students.

Following my conversation with Ms. Cookingham, I took the opportunity to review the “Vision and
Values” posted on the School District website. I noted that the district is seeking individuals who can
meet the educational needs of all students, establish high standards and accountability for students, and
can demonstrate a strong sense of community involvement. My degree in Educational Studies included
instruction in the education of the exceptional child as well as understanding the culturally diverse child.
In addition, as a professional business manager for the past ten years, I have had extensive experience in
setting goals with high expectations for my employees; and empowering them to reach those goals
through redirecting coaching and positive reinforcement. Additionally, I have fostered a positive
relationship with the community through philanthropic endeavors with previous employment that has
included such organizations as the Marjaree Mason Center, the Poverello House, and Big Brothers and
Big Sisters.

When reviewing the official job description for classroom teacher on your website; I noted that an
additional responsibility of the classroom teacher is to perform co-curricular activity instruction as
assigned. I am also in possession of a degree in music education and would be certified to instruct in the
areas of classroom music, choral performance, and band; should it be desired of me. While obtaining my
degree in Music Education I served as a “Section Leader” with the inaugurate Fresno County Youth Choir
and was responsible for the musical instruction of thirty high school aged girls; with measurable success.
I would be willing and eager to design or assist with any similar programs that enrich the lives of the
district’s students.

Clovis Unified School District is the most sought after school district in the central valley for students
because of its reputation for high standards and high quality outcomes for students. It is my desire to
work for a school district that is properly focused on student welfare and outcomes. I would like to
speak with you further about any job opportunities for classroom teacher that may be available. I will be
contacting your office on Monday March 26th to discuss the position further; but if you have any
questions you may contact me at (559) 299-3084 or e-mail me at Rebecca_Mabe@Yahoo.com. I look
forward to hearing from you and appreciate your time and consideration.

Rebecca Mabe