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8 Contents High Times October 2017


Growing pot for a living is a local tradition

that has been practiced and handed down
from generation to generation.
Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis—page 74

10 Internet 45 2017 Pot Jobs Report 95 The Crimes of Reefer Madness

12 Editor’s Letter Cannabis has become the country’s Government propaganda played an enormous
14 Letters
16 Contact High fastest-growing industry, and employment role in pushing the prohibition of cannabis
23 Highwitness News opportunities abound. Find out how you can get onto an unsuspecting public. We examine the
Progress in protecting legal

involved! By Jen Bernstein true-crime cases that were used to create reefer
pot and High Five
madness. By Mona Zhang
30 Lifestyle
32 Entertainment 59 Kush Gets Serious
The thriving grassroots of 311 A legendary seed-breeding company has 105 Weed in Wine Country
and Reviews released a new strain that’s turning heads Cannabis lovers, growers and ganjapreneurs
38 Cannabusiness around the world. Find out the methods Serious assembled for a three-day celebration in Sonoma
Trans-High Market Seeds used to produce a bold new variety. County, CA to savor and share the region’s best
Quotations weed at the 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup. By Mary
120 Gear 74 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis Jane Gibson
131 Dear Danko
138 Edibles Learn the secrets to growing the best pot
140 Dr. Mitch on Earth from the experienced farmers of 112 The High Times Interview: Doug Stanhope
142 NORMLizer/ FFOTM Humboldt County. Veteran cultivators reveal Comedian Doug Stanhope joins Johnny Depp
146 Pix of the Crop
150 Next Month their techniques for producing sustainable, all- for an exclusive conversation on stand-up
156 The Pot 40 natural marijuana. By Danny Danko comedy, cannabis, creativity, fame and more.
10 Internet High Times October 2017

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Mag Believe it or not because of
my ex military experience. Italy
gave me a recommendation for
Z cannabis. 2 years ago. It’s all in
This month we’re examining the legendary sustainable cultivation
practices of the Emerald Triangle (“Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis,” @Cayce420: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag
page 74) and this photo, posted by @diggs_terra caught our eye. I got me a stoner chicken and she
The long exposure, taken by @jasonhartwick, perfectly captures the is awesome!
Northern California night sky and eco-friendly cannabis, grown to
@moldresistant: @HIGH_TIMES_
perfection by @humboldtseeds. Mag @DrDabber No thanks on
While the cannabis industry has made great economic strides in the dabs. Straight-flower blunts
recent years, it would be best served by adopting the sustainable, #freedom
all-natural, Earth-friendly methods practiced by the experienced
@Evefandango: @HIGH_TIMES_
growers of the Emerald Triangle, who have passed along these Mag Honey infused tinctures are
techniques from generation to generation. the best and only thing I have
found helpful for sleep (and pain).
No more pills. Just the honey

Z @highergtv: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag
If only they sold edibles along
This month we explain how to get a job in the marijuana industry with hotdogs in States that have
in our 2017 Pot Jobs Report (page 45). The business of bud is legalized it! @MLB #LegalizeIt @
booming and workers from a wide range of backgrounds are MichaelStusser
looking to get involved in the cannabis industry. But whether
@William05348838: @HIGH_
you’ve got your sights set on becoming a budtender, cultivator TIMES_Mag Jeff sessions needs to
or cannabusiness owner, you’re going to have to relocate if you go back to the 1950s where he’ll
currently live in a prohibition state. feel comfortable but it’s the 2017
Thanks to a historic election in 2016, there are now eight legal- and cannabis is going to become
marijuana states—from California’s massive market to Maine’s
incipient industry. So, we decided to ask our readers which legal- @GunnetteP: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag
pot state they’d most like to relocate to for a cannabis job. @JeffreyWHills1 Lobby congress
Colorado, with its well-established cannabis scene, came in first to get THC off schedule 1

by a wide margin with 34 percent of the vote. California, which @calihighguys: @HIGH_TIMES_
will introduce recreational pot sales in 2018, finished second with Mag People need to tip the can-
20 percent. Oregon, Nevada and Washington State garnered nabis delivery guy too!!
13, 10 and 9 percent of the vote respectively, while East Coast
@BreakingBiff: @HIGH_TIMES_
newcomers Maine and Massachusetts each got 6 percent. Alaska Mag I got the hots for my bud-
finished last with just 3 percent of the vote. tender But she said she don’t date
Take our latest poll online! potheads
12 Editor’s Letter High Times October 2017

Trimming nugs
is a good way to
supplement your


Adam Levin


Mike Gianakos Matt Stang

Mary C. McEvoy
Frank Max


Danny Danko David Newberg

Get a Job!
In the years since High Times came out with its first annual “Pot CHIEF CANNABIS OFFICER
Jobs Report” in 2014, the cannabis industry has experienced Nico Escondido
Mary Jane Gibson
remarkable growth. Analysts estimate that by 2025, the business of
cannabis will be worth more than $24 billion—up from an estimated
$6.6 billion in 2016. This incredible surge is due in large part to
the 2016 election, which saw four additional states—California,
Emily Cegielski
Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada—legalize recreational cannabis.
Eight states now boast legal pot, and they’re home to 63 million
people—meaning that 20 percent of the country’s population now
lives in a state that allows the recreational use of cannabis by adults.
Rick Szykowny
Add medical marijuana to that picture, and more than half of the
country’s population (nearly 60 percent) lives in a state with some
form of legal, regulated marijuana use. Leo Rechetniak

What does all this mean? Among other things, jobs—and plenty
of them. New Frontier Data estimates that, nationwide, the cannabis
Dr. Mitch Earleywine Christian Ramirez
industry will account for at least 255,000 jobs by 2020. Naturally, if
more states join the ranks of legalized states in subsequent elections,
those numbers will only rise. FOUNDING
While there is some cause for concern regarding the new PUBLISHER/EDITOR
Thomas King Forçade
administration—especially President Trump’s penchant for
surrounding himself with old-timey drug warriors—the booming
market, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue
that it generates, will make it awfully tough for anybody to put the CONTRIBUTORS
toothpaste back in the tube. In short, there’s never been a better time Mike Adams, Erik Altieri,
to get involved in the legal marijuana industry. Find out how to get Paul Armentano, Erik Biksa, Sean Black,
your start in our 2017 “Pot Jobs Report.” Mel Frank, Andre Grossmann,
Brian Jahn, K of Trichome Tech,
Also in this issue, we travel to California’s Humboldt County to
Lochfoot, Kevin Mahmalji, Maureen Meehan,
learn the techniques of the Emerald Triangle’s master growers, and
Mark Miller, Harry Resin, Chris Roberts,
we tell the story of the latest masterpiece from the legendary seed Michael Simmons
bank Serious Seeds. We also explore the true crimes behind the
reefer-madness propaganda that the federal government used to
sell pot prohibition, and we report on our 2017 NorCal Cup, held
in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. Plus Johnny Depp sits down with
HIGH TIMES October 2017 No. 501 (ISSN #0362-630X), published monthly by Trans-High Corporation,
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14 Letters
High Times, 250 West High Times October 2017
57th St., Suite 920,
New York, NY 10107
Great Times, High Times Email: hteditor@ Yes We Cannabis
It was at my first NORML conference, hightimes.com Attorney General
in Washington, DC, in the fall of 1973, Sessions, enough
that I met Tom Forçade, the founder of is enough—it is no
High Times. I was introduced to him by longer acceptable for you
Keith Stroup, who had started NORML to claim that marijuana
three years earlier. Tom looked like a has no medical benefit!
movie star to me, with his wide-brimmed And working to enforce
hat and long hair. I learned that he had legislation against medi-
made a lot of money smuggling mari- cal patients should be
juana and would use some of it to create criminal. Here in Con-
a magazine devoted to enjoyment of necticut, there are over
the drug and to reforming the draco- 18,000 registered medical
nian marijuana laws in this country. We marijuana patients, of
smoked a very powerful and good-tasting which I am one. 
joint together and went downstairs Since you’re the coun-
to join the conference activities. Not try’s top law-enforcement
long after that, I met Michael Ken- official, I would like to
nedy [former High Times legal counsel think that you are capable
and chairman] through NORML. We of reviewing the facts and
became friends immediately, although I evidence in an unbiased
was just a law student and Michael was way, but instead it seems
the most impressive lawyer I had ever your views are skewed by
met. I came to know many others who the funds earned from the
worked at High Times over the years. I prison-for-profit industry,
still remember the trip to New York City the pharmaceutical indus-
and the offices of High Times with the try, big alcohol and big
NORML board. We got to the office in
time to take a smoke break at 4:20 pm.
High Times an nd NOORM ML tobacco, as well as many
other industries that could
That is where “420” started for me. I also have worked toge etheer forr potentially lose their prof-
remember the trip to Amsterdam for the
Cannabis Cup. Great times always with
the reform of mariijuaana a its due to medical mari-
juana’s effectiveness. 
the HT group. High Times and NORML laws and the prote ectiion
n I am personally
have worked together for the reform of
marijuana laws and the protection of our
of our liberty for overr offended that you consider
the American people to
liberty for over 40 years. It’s the way Tom 40 years. be so dimwitted that they
and Michael wanted it.  would stand by while you
Steve Dillon to wipe the car down and scent it by continue the War on Drugs (or the war on
Chair of the NORML board of directors rubbing a bud in it, thus transferring minorities—let’s call it for what it is). You,
the scent to the car’s carpet and seats. sir, are gearing up for a hard-fought bat-
They then take the tag number down tle with a demographic that cares deeply
Resisting Change and later call in an anonymous tip on about this issue and has loved ones suffer-
I live in Indiana. It was deemed one of the the car smelling like pot.  ing from illnesses that cannabis can treat,
last states that would consider medical They call it “spreading the weed.” They relieve or even help cure. Please take a
marijuana use, but just recently the state figure the more time cops spend on these moment and check your morals. 
passed a bill that would allow people who cars with the K-9s, the fewer pot busts Colin S.
need marijuana medicinally to use canna- they will make, thus jamming up the sys- Guilford, Connecticut
bis oil, though without any THC. How- tem. Just think what it would do to the
ever, children still get taken away from system if this could be done all across the
parents who smoke, and the cops still country.  Glaring Omission
arrest you for a gram of weed out here. Loknlode  I loved the 500th issue and applaud High
Jeanna Times for reaching a milestone that few
Indiana magazines have achieved. However, I was
Sounds like someone in your town is spinning
yarns. Nonetheless, do not try this. I mean, would
a little disappointed that Michael Ken-
you want some gun smuggler telling the cops nedy didn’t get more coverage. Kennedy
Informing for Change that you’ve got a trunk full of unregistered TEC- was the driving force behind the maga-
There’s a story floating around my 9s? No, you wouldn’t; that would suck. This idea zine from Tom Forçade’s suicide in the
hometown that some guys who get is in the same vein as dosing someone: Even if late ‘70s up until his death in 2016. I
high and work at the local car wash are you believe they deserve it, you just don’t do it. can say with the utmost certainty that
Ever. Your local car-wash guys would be much
“scenting” the customers’ cars. When a HT would not have published 500 issues
better served by getting involved in the local
car comes in that has government tags marijuana-law reform community. Join NORML, without his guidance.
on it or obviously belongs to someone advocate for legalization and fight unjust can- Donny. B
who is well-to-do, they take a rag used nabis laws like a responsible adult. Palo Alto, CA
16 High Times October 2017

NORCAL WINNERS High Times brought the Cannabis Cup back

to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA and the
competition was fierce. Behold the flower winners from the 2017
NorCal Cannabis Cup! Read more about this epic event, and check
out all the winners, on page 105. Photos by Justin Cannabis

Ill OG
(LA Kush in collaboration with
CHR and Flight Farms )

(Greenwolf with Alien Labs and Seed Junkies)
(Fig Farms)

MOTHER PUCKER OREO COOKIES (LA Kush in collaboration with
(Buds & Roses) (Zeki Farms) CHR and Bert Baccarat)
(Lumpy’s Flowers) (Greenwolf with Green Line Organics)

(Purple Frost Genetics)


(Terraform Genetics) (3C Farms)
18 High Times October 2017

SERIOUS KUSH Serious Kush yields big resinous colas filled

with buds covered in swollen glandular trichomes. Get an inside
look at the genetic techniques necessary to create a new strain
developed by bud breeding legends Serious Seeds on page 59.
Photo by Green Born Identity (GBI)

October 2017 High Times 21

HUMBOLDT’S FINEST BUDS Feast your eyes upon this gorgeous
bounty of an organic and sustainable pot harvest from the collec-
tive of farmers known as Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis. Find out more
about the innovative techniques used to produce some of the best
sun-grown cannabis in the world on page 74. Photo by Justin Cannabis
October 2017 High Times Highwitness News 23
Style Entertainment
Celebrate Smoke 311
Celebration Pipes has Omaha rockers 311 con-
produced unique smok- tinue to carry the flag for
ing devices since 1973. See cannabis after nearly 30
their latest creation! p.30 years together. p.32

invests in
High Times!

the retrograde forces now

in charge at the White
House and the Justice
 The Small Business Tax
Equity Act would repeal
the onerous penalties and
provisions that unfairly
hit legal marijuana busi-
nesses, such as denying
them the right to claim
tax deductions and cred-
its. Cannabusinesses are
required to jump through
an array of regulatory
hoops as it is, and they
already pay enough in
damn taxes!
 The Responsibly
Addressing the Marijuana
Policy Gap Act (admittedly
a mouthful, and the acro-
nym RAMPGA doesn’t help
much) aims to bridge the
yawning gap between state
and federal laws by remov-
ng federal criminal penal-
ies and asset forfeiture for
ndividuals and businesses
ho are in compliance
with state law. And that’s
only the tip of this iceberg:
The bill would also allow
annabis companies to use
banks just like every other business, and
ProtectingtheLegal-PotStates it would protect cannabis users from the
current federal abuses of power, such as
A do-nothing Congress actually appears to be doing denying them public housing or financial
something to bridge the perverse chasm between aid for education, among other things.
state and federal marijuana laws. By Mike DiPaola The bill would also relieve veterans and
Native Americans from some of the
idiotic punishments attendant to federal
The news out of Washington, DC swings The Congressional Cannabis Caucus pot prohibition.
between gloomy and terrifying these (it may take a while to get used to saying  The Marijuana Revenue and Regula-
days, but if you look closely, you’ll see that) has introduced a suite of bills that tion Act would essentially make the
something encouraging: There are will help protect both the consumers of business of cannabis much more like
politicians—real, live politicians—who weed and the businesses that produce the business of alcohol or tobacco, but it

are doing the hard work necessary to and deliver it. These bills, as well as would also respect the policies of those
solidify the gains of the pro-marijuana other legislative maneuvers throughout states that aren’t quite ready for the
movement. the country, appear to be a response to green revolution.
24 Highwitness News High Times October 2017

It’s a good thing the country has

some sane representation on the legisla- Itt’s a go
ood thiing th he co
ountry has
tive side, since the executive branch is some san ne reeprese enta
ation on the
egisla ativ
ve siide, sin
nce the executive
basically pond scum. The head of the
Department of Justice, Attorney General
Jeff Sessions, is sticking to his old-school
drug-warrior guns, stating: “We need
branch h iss bassically
y pon
nd scum.
grown-ups in charge in Washington to they want the federal government to butt to tread lightly and wisely when it comes
say marijuana is... a very real danger.” out of states that have legalized pot, and to cannabis policy. “As governors of states
Sessions has not yet done anything 88 percent say they’re for medical mari- that have legalized marijuana in some
to roll back the marijuana movement’s juana. Those numbers are huge. form, we ask the Trump administration
gains, but his dopey comments alone The pro-weed pols are certainly aware to engage with us before embarking on
might already be obstructing further that they have public opinion on their any changes to regulatory and enforce-
progress. For example, both Colorado and side. In a letter to the House Subcom- ment systems,” the governors said.
Alaska were poised to pass legislation mittee on Commerce, Justice, Science In a separate appeal to the admin-
that would allow marijuana consumption and Related Agencies, founding Congres- istration, Colorado Attorney General
at clubs or dispensaries, but they’ve put it sional Cannabis Caucus member Dana Cynthia Coffman, a Republican, invited
on hold over fears that it would antago- Rohrabacher (R-CA) requested that the Sessions and his staff to come to the
nize the reactionary attorney general and subcommittee include language in its Rocky Mountain State to see firsthand
his mercurial boss in the White House. upcoming appropriations bill that would how the recreational pot industry works.
(Maine is now also mulling whether to bar the Justice Department from pros- The AG’s office has expressed an interest
put its social-clubs legislation on hold.) ecuting legal medical marijuana purvey- in doing so.
One would like to believe that the cur- ors and users. “We believe such a policy Perhaps that’s the best form of persua-
rent spate of weed-friendly lawmaking is is not only consistent with the wishes of sion: demonstration rather than words.
a reflection of the public will, as should a bipartisan majority of the members of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper
be the case in a democracy. And there the House,” Rohrabacher wrote, “but also was once an opponent of legalization,
are data to back that up: Support for with the wishes of the American people.” but now he’s witnessed the benefits of
pot in the United States is at an all-time Forty-three representatives from both freeing the green, including mitigating
high, with 61 percent of the population sides of the aisle co-signed the letter. many of the worst effects of the War on
favoring legalization. A CBS poll taken in In another letter, this one to the Drugs. No doubt he likes the tax revenue
late January noted a 5 percent jump in departments of Justice and the Treasury, too: The fact that legalization has put
support over the previous year. Seventy- the governors of Alaska, Colorado, Ore- plenty of shekels in the public coffers
one percent of the people surveyed say gon and Washington exhorted the Feds only sweetens the pot. m

HIGH FIVE by Mark Miller

Your Cannabis-Tax Dollars at Work

The revenue from state taxes on marijuana isn’t just improving infrastructure, it’s also improving lives.

Reducing Crime Protecting the Helping Supporting Health Care Funding Law Enforcement
In 2016, Alaska passed a Environment the Homeless In Washington State, more Even law-enforcement agen-
bill directing half of the California finally joined the Colorado’s new budget than 60 percent of the cies benefit from legal bud.
proceeds from the state’s ranks of the recreational bill determines the expected $730 million in In 2016, Oregon collected
excise tax on commercial pot pot states last year, and it distribution of the state’s tax revenue collected from $44 million in recreational
into programs intended to plans to direct a portion of Marijuana Tax Cash Fund, recreational pot sales over pot revenue, and after the
reduce the number of repeat the expected $1.2 billion in which raked in $105 mil- the next two years will be initial regulatory taxes were
criminal offenders. This year, annual tax revenue to its lion for the 2016–17 fiscal divided among the state’s covered, 15 percent of the
$3 million in reefer revenue Environmental Restoration year. According to Money public-health programs, remainder was doled out
(projected to increase to $6 and Protection Account. magazine, $15.3 million of including Medicaid. to the state police, with
million in subsequent years) This money will be used to these funds will be used According to reports, the another 10 percent going
will bolster a fund to reduce reverse the environmental to establish “permanent marijuana-money boom to each city and county
recidivism rates by address- impacts caused by illicit supportive housing” and will enable lawmakers to law enforcement. That’s 35
ing the various issues associ- cannabis cultivation and to general assistance for redistribute $356 million percent—or more than a
ated with repeat offenses, discourage illegal grows on the homeless and those that was previously used to third—of Oregon’s leftover
such as substance abuse and public lands that damage “at risk” of losing their pay the state’s share of its cannabis taxes being used
domestic violence. the surrounding ecosystem. residences. Medicaid bill. to support the police.
Inside the
Wide World
26 Highwitness News of Weed
The Weed Biz BREATHTAKING Mr. Marley steps up.
Continues to Boom TECHNOLOGY
Sales of recreational weed will surpass
those of medical pot for the first
time ever this year, predicts Mari-
juana Business Daily in its recently
published Marijuana Business
Factbook 2017, with total cannabis
sales expected to top $5 billion, up A company in Oak-
from $4 billion in 2016. The Factbook land, California,
offers an array of sales data and other has developed
information on the rapidly expand- what it calls “the
ing industry, comparing the herb to first technology to
other consumer products as points of rapidly, accurately,
reference. For example, people spend and inexpen-
about four times as much on cannabis sively detect and
as they do on movie tickets, though measure the levels
only half as much as on beer, and of both marijuana
nearly 20 times the combined sales of and alcohol in a
Viagra and Cialis. There are now more person’s breath.”
marijuana workers than there are Hound Labs Inc. Higher Times
bakers, and they will soon outnumber has commenced It’s official, High Times has been acquired by a group of entrepreneurs,
even telemarketers. The explosive clinical trials of cannabis pioneers and entertainment veterans—marking the com-
growth in the industry thus far, and its hand-held pany’s first change in ownership since its inception in 1974.
the potential for even more, has gotten breathalyzer at The new High Times Holding Company (HTHC), comprised of our
the attention of investors. “The good the University of Cannabis Cup events, a number of digital properties as well as the print
news is that cannabis businesses will California, San publication in your hands, was purchased by an investment group with
have more access to capital than in the Francisco, and experience in media, entertainment, technology and, not least of all,
past,” the Factbook concludes, “assum- expects to publish cannabis.
ing the Trump administration doesn’t the results later The transaction was spearheaded by investment firm Oreva Capital
send a chill throughout the industry.” this year. The prod- and its founder Adam Levin. “To say we are bullish about the oppor-
uct has attracted tunities to expand High Times would be an understatement,” Levin
the attention of enthused. “It has great brand equity and a solid audience base.”
Smuggler Cop Busted investors, includ- Among the new investors is musician Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, co-
A Seattle police officer has been ing venture-cap- founder of Stony Hill dispensaries (and composer of the album Stony
charged with smuggling hundreds of ital heavyweight Hill). “It is now an honor to be a part of the High Times legacy that I’ve
pounds of weed to the East Coast. Alex Benchmark, which been a fan of for so many years.”
Chapackdee, a 17-year veteran of the backed the early
department, and his brother-in-law, development of
Tuan Van Le, were nabbed along with Twitter, Uber, Insta-
two other men following an FBI inves- gram and other Internal Revenue
tigation launched in 2015. According notable start-ups Shitheels
to the grand-jury indictment handed and is ponying up The Internal Revenue Service
down in US District Court, Chapackdee $8.1 million. The is determined to crack down
was paid $10,000 a month to “keep an buyers for Hound on weed merchants, even in
eye on all of Tuan Van Le’s marijuana Labs’ new device fully legal states like Colorado.
grow houses in Seattle and to provide would likely be Because cannabis, insofar
law enforcement information.” The cop police depart- as the federal government is
allegedly picked up another $15,000 ments across the concerned, is illegal under the
for every smuggling jaunt he made land, so we can’t in Controlled Substances Act, pot
from Washington to points east. He good conscience businesses don’t get to enjoy the
had been under surveillance since wish the company perks of normal taxpayers, in particular the right to declare business expenses.
at least 2016 via a camera hidden all the best in this Ground zero for IRS perfidy is Colorado, where G-men are exploiting information
outside his Seattle apartment and was endeavor. gleaned from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compli-
also being tracked by his cell-phone   ance system, which is used to track marijuana plants from seed to sale statewide.
signal, which allegedly showed several The IRS is poking its nose into METRC records to identify “illegal” activities and
cross-country trips. Chapackdee and deny deductions. According to the Denver Post, several cannabusinesses in the
his cohorts are looking at mandatory state are mounting a legal challenge to the Feds: The latest is Rifle Remedies, a
five-year prison sentences, on top of medical pot business in Silt, which is petitioning to quash the IRS summonses
fines of up to $5 million, if convicted. for state records. “The IRS wants a situation where on the one hand, a person
Money-laundering charges could tack will not be prosecuted for violating CSA when selling state-legal marijuana, but,
on an additional 20 years and another on the other hand, will have their business deductions denied,” the company’s
$250,000 in fines. motion says. “This is an Alice in Wonderland approach.”
28 Highwitness News
Slightly Less TESTING-POSITIVE Morning in
Selective Service VIBRATIONS
The Secret Service is looking to
expand its ranks by some 3,000
agents in the coming years. To
bolster the available candidate pool,
the agency’s new director, Trump
appointee Randolph Alles, has said
the Secret Service will ease up on
restrictions that would have barred More job appli-
pot smokers in the past. “We need cants in the United
more people. The mission has States are testing
changed,” Alles said in his debut positive for drugs,
news conference. according to a
Previously, applicants weren’t eli- report from the lab-
gible if they had used pot at the age analysis company
of 23 or older; younger stoners could Quest Diagnos-
get in, but only if at least three years tics. The use of
had passed since they last blazed. marijuana, cocaine,
With the change in policy, applicants amphetamines
24 and younger now must have only and heroin are at
a year since their last smoke session; their highest rates
28-year-olds need a five-year cushion. in more than a
Applicants who have used ecstasy can decade. States like
still serve, but five years must have Colorado, where
passed since their last rave; for coke the unemployment
rate is well below
users, it’s 10 years. American Exceptionalism
the national aver-
Americans lead the world in waking and baking. According to the 2017
age and (perhaps
Global Drug Survey of 29 drug-using countries, a whopping 21.9 percent
National Standards not coincidentally)
of the Americans who smoke pot torch one up within an hour of getting
for Pot Industry marijuana has
out of bed. The United States was followed by Mexico and Greece, with
been legalized for
The marijuana industry is growing 18.4 and 15.9 percent wake-and-bakers, respectively. Americans also
adult use, are find-
at an unprecedented rate, and other vape more than the people of other nations, and are the least likely
ing that the talent
than outright bans, regulations vary to be mixing tobacco into their herb. The last bit of data inspired the
pool of potential
vastly between states, creating a com- founder and managing director of the Global Drug Survey, Adam R.
employees is being
plicated legal patchwork that can be Winstock, to extend his kudos: “Congratulations America. Don’t worry
further eroded by
difficult (and expensive) for startups about your leader, fake news and the endless incredulous headlines
positive drug-test
or smaller companies to navigate. In that will no doubt follow in the coming months, it’s time to celebrate
results for pot. “We
June, the industry took a step toward your position as the world’s most enlightened and healthy users of can-
have been tracking
standardization with the announce- nabis.” U-S-A! U-S-A!
ment of the National Association of the trends in mari-
Cannabis Businesses (NACB), the first juana positivity in
self-regulatory organization (SRO) states that have
focused on cannabis. Their mis- passed medical Study: CBD Reduces Good medicine
sion is to “support the compliance, and recreational Seizures
transparency and growth of legal marijuana use Cannabidiol can reduce seizures
cannabis businesses in the U.S.” and statutes for several in children with Dravet syndrome,
to “establish voluntary national stan- years now,” said according to a new study discussed in
dards that address critical issues such Quest’s director the New England Journal of Medicine.
as advertising and financial integrity,” of science and Dravet syndrome, a rare lifelong form
according to the NACB. technology, Barry of epilepsy that begins in infancy,
The NACB is headed by former Sample. “2016 is characterized by frequent and
advisor to Joe Biden, Andrew Kline, is the first year prolonged seizures. The study, based
as president and Joshua Laterman, a since Colorado on 120 subjects in multiple locations,
global financial and investment firm and Washington is the first large-scale randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The results
veteran, as CEO. They bring with approved showed that the CBD subjects’ seizures were reduced by 39 percent compared
them a team of experts and veterans recreational use with the placebo group (although adverse effects, such as fatigue and vomiting,
from both inside and outside of the that the rates of also increased with CBD). “It’s a landmark study in many ways,” said lead inves-
marijuana industry. year-over-year tigator Dr. Orrin Devinsky, director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at the
Founding members of the NACB change were NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, speaking to Medscape Medical
include Buds & Roses, Etain, Green sharply higher News. “People have been prescribing cannabis products for epilepsy for 4,000
Dot Labs, Local Product of Colorado, than the national years from historical records, and for the first time we actually have scientific
Matrix NV, Mesa Organics and others. average.” evidence that a compound from cannabis works.”
30 High Style High Times October 2017

The legendary
Jamaican strain
Lamb's Bread,
as envisioned
by UK artist Joe



This deluxe pipe wouldn’t be out of place in
the hands of one of the hobbits or dwarves
from The Lord of the Rings. Each lava-
stoneware piece is individually sculpted,
fired twice, and plated with precious metals
and lusters. A Shire-dwelling creature
would surely be pleased with the golden
details reflecting the glow of a well-packed
bowl, as will any marijuana-loving mortal.
The Celebration Pipe was created by
company founder Da Piper as a Christmas
stocking stuffer back in 1973—and the very
next spring, he became a founding adver-
tiser in High Times. Since then, one-of-a-
kind Celebration Pipes have been crafted
for legendary artists like Bob Marley, Willie
Nelson, Arlo Guthrie, Jefferson Starship,
and many others. For the full story behind
the Celebration Pipe, check out the com-
pany’s website. celebrationpipes.com

A dynamic new collaboration between the cannabis industry
and the arts community, 1964 Supply Co. launched its inau-
gural line with a limited-edition series created by nine world-
renowned illustrators, tattoo artists, animators and sculptors.
Each artist sampled the strain they were designing the packag- HERBAL HIEROGLYPHS
ing for and then created work inspired by their experience. KushMoji is a free weed-themed emoji
The gorgeous, detailed artwork for strains like Blue Dream keyboard that connects cannabis companies
and Lamb’s Bread by UK illustrator Joe Wilson, or Bubba Kush with weed lovers through branded emojis
by Vancouver-based that link back to the companies’ websites.
Bubba Kush tattoo artist Katie So, Cannabis companies can’t use traditional
by Katie So
makes this series uber- digital-marketing techniques on social-
collectible. media platforms like Facebook because pot
The cannabis itself Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint by products are still flagged as “inappropriate”
Jeremy Fish
is sustainably grown in content. That’s where KushMoji comes in:
100 percent organic soil using absolutely no synthetic The app offers an advertising platform for
chemicals, pesticides or fungicides. The flowers, oil cannabis brands, while giving users access
cartridges and pre-rolls come in three kinds of kind: to an entire emoji library of products, with
Lift (sativa), Flow (indica) and Tune (CBD)—a branding an interactive element that provides pricing
strategy that has become increasingly common among information, reviews and more. It’s a marriage
cannabis companies appealing to newer consumers. of marijuana and tech that will appeal to
1964 Supply Co. has orchestrated an eye-opening inter- anyone who uses their emoji keyboard more
section of great weed and great art for its first foray into than they actually type out “Let’s get baked.”
the world of legal marijuana. suppliedby1964.com kushmoji.io
32 Entertainment High Times October 2017

Know that they

have always
been down,

Fighting the Good Fight

311 watches their grassroots thrive. By Kyle Eustice
On a luxury cruise ship some- vibe. I always knew my fan When they started playing Omaha scene back then. For
where in the middle of the base was awesome, but to out for the first time, magic us, it was a wide-open map.”
Caribbean, 311 vocalist Nick have that was really special.” happened. 311 performed 311’s path eventually led
Hexum disguised himself as 311’s insanely devoted some of their earliest shows the group to Los Angeles,
a ninja for the ceremonial followers have carried the at the Ranch Bowl, a now- where they nabbed a record
costume-night portion of the Omaha natives from obscurity defunct Omaha venue where deal with Capricorn Records.
annual 311 Caribbean Cruise, to multi-platinum-selling- their fan base began to plant Following their 1993 debut
giving him a rare opportu- artist status. Hexum, bassist its roots. Music, 311 affirmed their
nity to experience the band’s Aaron “P-Nut” Wills and “When we first played kinship with cannabis culture
fans at their most unfiltered. drummer Chad Sexton were together, it was just like this with the release of their
As he navigated the sea of just teenagers when they explosion in my frontal lobe,” second album, Grassroots.
spirited people, he recalls formed the band back in Hexum says. “We played with Marijuana has always been
being moved by the love and 1988. MC/vocalist Doug “SA” so much energy, and it felt so an underlying current push-
acceptance he felt emanating Martinez and guitarist Tim explosive and free that I knew ing the band to new creative
from the crowd. Mahoney joined the group we could go really far with heights and providing a cause
“Nobody knew it was me, shortly thereafter, and the five it. What was nice about the they could believe in. It all
so I just mingled,” Hexum young musicians stumbled Omaha crowd was, they were started at the 1991 Hemp Fest,

says from his home in onto their signature sound willing to get into us just as a pro-marijuana music festival
Topanga Canyon, California. after bonding over a mutual much as any national band. held in downtown Omaha—
“They were like, ‘Hey, it’s a love of reggae, hip-hop and There wasn’t a lot of pre- one that Hexum remembers
ninja!’ It was just such a cool punk rock. conceived notions about the like it was yesterday.
34 Entertainment High Times October 2017

eal to get to find out about

Grassroots annabis from the magazine,
firmly planted ecause there was no internet
back then]. That was our
nly source on how to grow,
e different names or what
e strains look like. And the
hart High Times had in the
ack—311 was in there con-
istently every month. When
we first appeared there, we
ouldn’t believe it… it was a
ind of validation.”
SA recalls flying to New
York City for a show in 1994
nd doing his first interview
ith High Times. “We smoked
o much weed that day,” he
ays fondly. “I don’t think
Nick and I had ever smoked
hat much weed. We were so
igh by the time the show
tarted we didn’t know how
o begin the show. We decided
we better start with ‘Fuck the
ullshit’ and go hard because
we were so stoned [laughs].”
As 311 prepares to release
eir 12th studio album,
“It’s just heartwarming to see people osaic, its title and cover
where,” the married father who have carried the flag of cannabis art—composed of nearly
of three says. “We didn’t get 10,000 microscopic photos of
for so long, even at a time when you
were really at risk. Whether it’s High
to smoke because the cops the band’s fans—tell a deeper
were watching. I went on a story.
fairly long tirade about the Times, Cypress Hill or 311, we’ve been “We thought that was a
hypocrisy of these politicians fighting the good fight forever." perfect title, because our
with their martinis, prescrip- music is a mosaic of so many
tion drugs and cigarettes, and we made it last a long time also stretches back to the different styles,” Hexum
how they were trying to keep and were real appreciative early ’90s, when the band explains. “We’ve always
a safe alternative away from of the quality. Now I think was routinely featured in the wanted no limits. What 311
us. I remember the cops just everyone is totally spoiled,” magazine. With High Times is today is not just a band—
glaring at me. That was ballsy he adds with a laugh. “The recently celebrating its 500th it’s a community that we’ve
for the day—and it was just good thing is, the prices are issue (Sept. ’17), Hexum created. [The album cover]
a dream for what was finally going down… but the world expressed a measure of awe at points to all the good things
going to happen. We’ve been of concentrates is the world the magazine’s well-deserved that are unique about us, and
keeping the culture going I’m in.” longevity. the music has a more wild
in our own way; it’s always Fortunately, 311 are now “It’s just heartwarming to creativity because it has more
music and cannabis for us.” the purveyors of the 311 see people who have carried of a cannabis flavor to it.”
P-Nut, who lives in Pasa- Grassroots Uplifter, a dispos- the flag of cannabis for so “Marijuana is natural,”
dena, CA, with his wife and able vape pen that’s changed long, even at a time when you P-Nut concludes. “It’s not
two boys, recalls a time when the game not only for P-Nut, were really at risk,” he says. these weird chemicals that
dirt weed was sometimes the but for countless other “Whether it’s High Times, people are creating in labs
only thing available—espe- connoisseurs. Cypress Hill or 311, we’ve and making one molecule off
cially in the band’s home “There was a lack of been fighting the good fight so it’s legal. Fuck that—give
state. “It was nearly impos- something consistent in the forever. It was such a big people weed!” m
sible to find anything quality marketplace,” P-Nut explains.
in Omaha back then,” he says. “It was also a way to expand
“But even in Los Angeles… I our brand. It’s a dream come A Toker’s Evolution
remember when I first moved true… the 18-year-old versions P-Nut starts his day with a sativa concentrate, tran-

sitions to a hybrid in the afternoon, and winds down

out here, I would drive 90 of us would be high-fiving
with an indica extract at night—a regimen that has
miles to get a quarter-ounce each other.” served him well since he gave up smoking flowers
of good bud, and I’d be stoked Not surprisingly, 311’s four years ago.
about it. In the lean days, relationship with High Times
36 Entertainment High Times October 2017



› With a lineup that

includes Faith No More’s
and offset by Patton’s wail-
ing, maniacal vocal layers.
Mike Patton, ex-Slayer drum- Rippers like “Shillelagh” and
mer Dave Lombardo, the “Idiopathic” screech by in
Locust’s Justin Pearson and under three minutes apiece,
Retox’s Michael Crain, Dead while the band ventures
Dead Cross
Cross are a supergroup with into more gloriously bizarre
Dead Cross
(Ipecac/Three One G) a need for speed. Their debut territory on “Gag Reflex” and
is a 28-minute blitzkrieg of a doomy cover of Bauhaus’
hardcore propelled by Lom- classic “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

Pride Goeth Before a Squall bardo’s fleet-footed blasts Killer stuff. J. Bennett

Brooklyn punks shi focus

but stay wild. › Ten tracks of simple,
garagey punk that recalls
varies, the vocalist has a
three-note range, and yet I
peak New Bomb Turks in its was just as stoked with this
Though Brooklyn’s Vanity bill their sophomore savagery. Even coming out album on the fifth listen as I
LP, a follow-up to their excellent 2015 album Vain of shitty computer speakers, was when the digital needle
in Life, as a departure from the ragged, street- these brief tunes squall and dropped on it the first time.
punk-inflected stomp that marked their debut, Moral Panic tear and completely over- The overall effect is that of
I deeply doubt that fans of that album will feel Moral Panic
(Slovenly) come such occasionally stale a hand squeezing your heart
let down. Back then, Vanity claimed to be an Oi! (or timeless) titles/themes as for 22 minutes and releasing
band, but their loose-limbed, fuzzy jangle and “Smoke/Drink” and “Ripped long enough to let ya get a
clattery, Kenney Jones–style drumming read as Jeans.” The speed never breath to go again. Polly Watson
more sped-up “Poolhall Richard” than straight-
ahead Shock Troops.
Don’t Be Shy finds the band continuing to look
to the working-class rock of the ’70s for inspira-
› The satisfyingly bombas-
tic Humanz could also be
Journey-esque “We Got the
Power” and the lo-fi groove
called Too Many Cooks. Fea- of “Andromeda.” Ironically,
tion, from the gappy Ron Wood lick right outta
turing a whopping 25 guest Humanz finally takes a
Rod Stewart’s “Sweet Little Rock ’n’ Roller” that
artists spread over 20 tracks, breath on “Busted and Blue,”
introduces album opener “You’ll Never Matter
Humanz plays like a collec- the lone tune featuring the
Much to Them,” to the chiming “Gasoline Alley” Gorillaz
Humanz tion of singles produced by band itself. Soaring and
outro of the aptly titled “Pounding Boogie” and
(Parlophone) Damon Albarn. The album sorrowful, it reminds us that
the “Debris”-channeling wistfulness of the stand-
is not without its highlights, this enduring supergroup
out acoustic instrumental “A Moment’s Peace.”
including the Grace Jones works best when they keep
Later decades also prove influential, as in the title
punk rocker “Charger,” the things simple. Tommy Smith
track, which comes in hot with

a fantastic, sweetly needling
Since the early 2000s, lavish production quality. But
super-repeater guitar figure
Bonobo’s breezy elec- the album is never less than
over a wide-open hi-hat and
tronica has been a steadfast engrossing, especially the
rapid, slapping 4/4 beat, and
fixture of the genre—tracks thump of standout “Outlier”
is magnified midpoint by a
from his groundbreaking and the catchy vocal loops
watery, frenetic rhythm-guitar
VANITY Black Sands can still be heard of “Bambro Koyo Ganda.”
part that recalls “Leave Them Bonobo
Don’t Be Shy Migration in trendy restaurants. Lay- Migration wins the award as
(Katorga Works) All Behind” by early-’90s shoe-
(Ninja Tune) ered with jazzy hooks mashed the season’s best soundtrack
gaze lords Ride.
with syncopated drumming, for driving down the coast
Make no mistake, though:
Migration sometimes risks while thinking wistfully of
Over all of this is a sheen
homogenizing songs with its your ex. Tommy Smith
that’s unique to our fraught moment—the afore-
mentioned Woody lick, for example, practically BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS

evaporates into a dissipated, almost childishly Teenage hippie Danny 1967—sans cartoon clichés—
sung chorus that, like the album’s hooky, disaf- Goldberg experienced an recounts the pursuit of
fected closer “Let’s Keep Drinking,” could only be epiphany during a late-’60s wisdom and joy, as well as a
from this decade. Vanity was originally the project acid trip: He had “permis- crazy quilt of counterculture
of vocalist/guitarist Evan Radigan and guitarist sion” to be happy. Rejecting cool. And despite the demar-
Colman Durkee; although the latter co-wrote this social rigidity, Goldberg fol- cation insisted on by some,
album, he left before it was recorded to pursue a In Search of the lowed his heart and became he shows that spirituality,
career in social work. Radigan, whose vocals here Lost Chord: 1967
and the Hippie a top businessman in rock activism and business are not
are appealingly strained without sounding raw, Idea music, a political activist and incompatible. Best line: “1967
has soldiered on in the ensuing months. Here’s Danny Goldberg author. His analysis of what is a trip millions of people
hoping he raises a new army for album number (Akashic Books)
it meant to be a hippie in took together.” Michael Simmons
three. Polly Watson
38 Cannabusiness by J. J. McCoy High Times October 2017

The NFL’s Pot Problem

It’s time to end the league’s bruising, misguided policy toward cannabis.

J. J. McCoy is senior editor for New Frontier Data


football during NFL games,
players have habitually treated represent a serious
pain after games and practice financial incentive
sessions with everything from beers to to maintain the
over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or status quo.
powerful prescription painkillers. The Conversely, advo-
NFL’s dependence on drugs for pain cates say that can-
management has drawn the atten- nabis provides a far
tion of law enforcement, has been the safer and healthier
subject of a federal lawsuit and is under alternative for play-
investigation by the Drug Enforcement ers, who have long
Administration. understood how
How bad has it gotten? Consider that medical marijuana
in a given season, the league overall can deliver the
averages a 100 percent injury rate: Even relief they seek for
a team’s backups and third-stringers get sore backs, knees
hurt. Those casualties add up over time, and shoulders, or
with predictable results. A 2011 survey to help mitigate
of more than 600 retired players by the their frequent
Washington University School of Medicine A survey of more than 600 retired players by headaches and
(funded by ESPN) found that they used the Washington University School of Medicine sleepless nights.
opioids at an overall rate four times that In an interview
of the general US population. And no found that they used opioids at an overall rate with New Fron-
other major professional sport features so four times that of the general US population. tier Data, former
many outspoken proponents of cannabis’s NFL player Boo
medicinal qualities, which makes sense families in the push for enlightened Williams opined that much of the NFL’s
given that no other sport is so closely change in the NFL’s marijuana policy. resistance to reforming its cannabis
associated with pain and injury. While major obstacles remain, there policy is due to corporate pressure, nota-
As noted in New Frontier Data’s “The is a definite movement in pro-football bly from the alcohol and pharmaceutical
Cannabis Industry Annual Report: 2017 circles to change the way that cannabis industries. “There’s going to be loss of
Legal Marijuana Outlook,” Kannalife, is perceived and regulated by the league, profit from competition,” he said, if the
a company founded in 2010, holds an which currently includes it on its list of legalization of adult-use cannabis leads
exclusive license with the National Insti- banned substances. to fans replacing their Budweiser with
tutes of Health for the commercializa- Last spring, NFL Commissioner Roger buds, or their Miller Lites with lighting
tion of US patent #6630507 (a cannabis Goodell said that he opposes letting up. But Williams also noted the league’s
patent held by the US government). Kan- players use pot recreationally, but that disingenuous policy when it comes to
nalife is focused on developing cannabis- he is willing to listen to the league’s public-service announcements versus
based neuroprotective medicines for the medical advisers on its potential value as actual deeds. “You see the NFL saying
treatment of hepatic encephalopathy and a medicine. “To date,” Goodell insisted, ‘Don’t drink and drive,’” Williams said,
chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). “they haven’t said, ‘This is a change we “yet half the stadium has been tailgating,
As football fans and anyone who saw think you should make that’s in the best and you don’t see any roadblocks set up
the 2014 feature film Concussion know, interests of the health and safety of our coming out of the stadium.”
CTE has gained heightened visibility in players.’ If they do, we’re certainly going Such issues relating to the NFL are, of
recent years due to the number of cur- to consider that.” course, also areas of continued research
rent and former NFL players and other But critics say that Goodell and the by New Frontier Data, which will be
athletes who have been diagnosed with NFL have in fact been dragging their publishing further reports on canna-
diseases linked to concussive impacts. heels due to political and business pres- bis and its applications regarding CTE
With increased public pressure to sure. The Trump administration’s mixed and PTSD for professional athletes and
address the frequency of CTE and messages about cannabis policy, com- veterans of the military, along with the
the abuse of prescription painkillers, bined with the ubiquitous (and highly projected market effects on the alcohol
the National Football League Players profitable) ads that promote alcohol and pharmaceutical industries. Stay
Association is looking to involve players’ and various pharmaceutical drugs tuned for more. m
40 Markets THMQ High Times October 2017

- ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
ALABAMA Mobile Sour Cheese $280
KUSH ALASKA Fairbanks Girl Scout Cookies 280
$335 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
ARKANSAS Benton Golden Goat 420
ARIZONA Phoenix Gorilla Glue 200
4 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
CALIFORNIA La Mesa Gorilla Glue #1 240
San Francisco Cherry Cookies 280
GIRL ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
SCOUT COLORADO Boulder Durban Berry 260
COOKIES ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
$282 CONNECTICUT South Windsor Bianca 320
FLORIDA Clearwater Sour Diesel 400
2 Doral Skunk OG 425
GEORGIA Duluth Moonrock 425
DIESEL ———————————————————————————————————————————
(Tangie) IDAHO Shelbyville Master OG 350
$325 ———————————————————————————————————————————
“The best way to chill
ILLINOIS Chicago Purple Kush 450
after a long day. Tangie
NA ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
gets my head right.” INDIANA Indianapolis Purple Alien OG 420
–Salt Lake City, UT ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
KENTUCKY Paducah Pineapple Express 430
GORILLA ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
GLUE LOUISIANA New Orleans Strawberry Cough 420
$280 (Gorilla Glue #4) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
“So sticky and stinky. MAINE Ellsworth Hash Plant 280
I can’t get enough of ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
NA MARYLAND Baltimore Trainwreck 420
this strain.”
–New York, NY ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
MICHIGAN Ypsilanti Kosher Tangie Kush 350
TANGIE ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
$323 MISSOURI St. Louis Headband 360
MONTANA Kalispell Northern Lights 220
MARKET ANALYSIS Prices by the ounce NEBRASKA Omaha Girl Scout Cookies 250
Nationwide pot prices on average are slightly lower as THMQ enters NEVADA Las Vegas Tangie Cookies 320
the final quarter of 2017. The US Price Index fell below its previous ———————————————————————————————————————————
month’s average due to declining prices in the West, where legal NEW JERSEY Hoboken Sour Diesel 300
cannabis dominates the market. Pre-fall harvest prices in the East ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
were up $3 per ounce from their previous average, while the South NEW MEXICO Santa Fe Blue Dream 320
held steady at $370 an ounce. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
NEW YORK New York Gorilla Glue #4 420
305 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
US Price Index Eastern Index NORTH CAROLINA Greenville Sour Diesel 275
YTD Average: $332 YTD Average: $354 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
OHIO Delaware White Berry 375

OKLAHOMA Tulsa Fruity Pebbles 320





OREGON Bend Obama Kush 220



PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh Gorilla Glue #4 400
RHODE ISLAND Providence Snowbud 288
SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Ghost Train Haze 400
TENNESSEE Memphis Sour Apple 300
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
TEXAS Dallas Deadhead OG 400
Houston Skywalker OG 420
Southern Index Western Index UTAH Salt Lake City Tangie 300
YTD Average: $363 YTD Average: $264 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
VERMONT Brattleboro Green Mountain 390


WASHINGTON Seattle Black Russian 220



Vancouver Alien Candy 235




WISCONSIN Kenosha Lemon Kush 320

CANADA Toronto Kosher Kush $C160
(Sour Diesel) Super Silver Haze 170
“You can’t beat the Victoria Space Bomb C190
smell and taste of this ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
classic strain.”
Jul Aug Sep Oct May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct High Times wants to know what you’re smoking.
–Hoboken, NJ Submit your strain information including location and price by the ounce to
thmq@hightimes.com, or tweet us (#THMQ). (Super Silver Haze)
“Not the easiest strain
to grow, but well
worth the wait.”
–Toronto, CANADA
October 2017 High Times 45

How to Get
a Pot Job Trimming is a good
way to get your
foot in the door at a

Thanks to legalization in eight states and medical-cannabis programs in more than

half the country, marijuana jobs are booming. So whether you’re new to

the field or a growroom veteran with years of experience to offer, High Times
has the advice you need to open doors and get started. By Jen Bernstein
46 How to Get a Pot Job High Times October 2017

Many cannabusinesses
hire seasonal help for

re you looking for a job the legal-marijuana industry, which was positions. Of these newly created jobs,
or hoping to start a new worth an estimated $6.5 billion in 2016, retail accounted for more than 35
career? If you’re ready to will be worth $24 billion by 2025; the percent. However, administrative (22
join one of the fastest- medical market alone is estimated to percent) and agricultural (12 percent)
growing industries in reach $13.2 billion by that time. also made up a significant portion of
the country—whose success has already Since the road to legalization follows those jobs.
been likened to the explosive growth of no single path or model, determining Using MPG’s model of growth in Colo-
the dot-com boom in the 1990s—con- the number of jobs created as a way to rado, New Frontier estimates that recre-
sider seeking employment in the canna- show growth can be difficult. In fact, the ational and medical cannabis programs
bis industry. With eight legal-marijuana US Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t could easily create 280,000 jobs nation-
states, and more than half of the states even recognize jobs created by the can- wide by 2020. Additionally, if more states
in the country allowing for some kind of nabis industry due to pot’s continued come on board with medical or adult-use
medical cannabis use, there are tons of illegality on the federal level. However, cannabis legislation and industrialized
jobs being created in an industry tran- thanks to reporting from the Marijuana hemp takes off, then these numbers
sitioning out of the black market. And Policy Group (MPG), an analysis of Colo- could well be significantly higher.
the money being made is considerable: rado’s cannabis industry showed that Where other industries are failing,
According to New Frontier, a leading legalization brought 18,000 new jobs cannabis is thriving, and workers from
cannabis analytics and research firm, to the state—13,000 of those full-time other fields are increasingly seeking
marijuana-related jobs. Employment in
agriculture, manufacturing and utilities
are all down, according to the Bureau of
Labor Statistics. As a result, many skilled
workers can be found transferring their
experience and putting it to good use in
the cannabis industry. Agricultural expe-
rience is highly valued, and the ability to
grow cannabis is always a plus. Cultiva-
tion is actually a great entry point for
individuals who are eager to be hands-on
and learn on the job. Such workers are
very valuable to large-scale cannabis

growers, who typically ramp up their

staffing during the planting and harvest
seasons. Come harvest time, you’ll be
cashing in on lots of green.
48 How to Get a Pot Job High Times October 2017

jobs are

According to data from leafly.com, drug-warrior-stacked administration, recreational sales have seen the incred-
thanks to legalization, 123,000 full- whose attitude toward marijuana differs ible value of legal cannabis through
time positions have been created in greatly from that of the public at large, the flood of tax revenue created. That
the United States thus far. California, where the majority support legalization. money has been a boon to previously
which was already the largest cannabis But peering into our cannabis crystal underfunded infrastructure and educa-
producer in the country, created an ball, the future looks bright nonethe- tion programs, and it’s hard to imagine
estimated 43,374 full-time jobs. less, with four new adult-use states and state governments wanting to part with
Ideally, the national press would blast six newly approved medical programs all that much-needed cash.
headlines like “Legalization Spurs Job being voted into existence in 2016 alone. What can we expect as we move into
Growth” or “Unemployment Numbers It certainly appears that the industry is 2018? Job seekers should check out
Down Thanks to Cannabis,” if only far too entrenched for the clock to turn the employment scene in states that
to annoy our 45th president and his back. States that have implemented are expanding their medical programs,
like Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as
states like California—the most popu-
lous in the nation—where recreational
sales will begin in 2018. Potential gan-
japreneurs should take note of recent
New Frontier data, which shows the
most growth in delivery services and
in the demand for flowers (54 percent),
edibles (15.6 percent) and concen-
trates (15 percent). Following market
research can help you prepare for and
take advantage of the latest trends.
Fortunately, the cannabis-data industry

is growing quickly as well, providing

aspiring cannabusiness-people with the
tools they need to stay on top of market
50 How to Get a Pot Job High Times October 2017

Dispensary workers
follow strict guide-
lines behind the
counter and behind
the scenes.

Ganjapreneurs: comparable to what they previously made in other industries.

Job functions like project management, environmental
In Their Own Words compliance and supply-chain logistics are all areas that have
David Bernstein, CEO of weedhire.com, weighs in on the current become more prevalent than ever before in the legal cannabis
state of the job market, which businesses are hiring and the best industry. 
states to set your sights on.  There are still many jobs tied to sales and manufacturing,
such as budtenders, growers and trimmers, but as states like
What we’ve seen with jobs in the cannabis industry is an evolu- Colorado, Washington and even California fine-tune their regu-
tion—you could even say maturity. Businesses that were start- lations, businesses are tasked with staffing up to ensure that
ups two years ago and faced with so many obstacles have begun they can meet these ever-changing regulations. Because of this,
to staff as developed businesses, and this seems to mirror the we are also seeing an uptick in hiring for accounting and legal
industry growth as a whole. to ensure regulatory compliance. 
We are definitely seeing more jobs tied to management, In the new recreational states like Nevada, the growth
operations and regulatory compliance. Now more than ever, in jobs overall has increased and will continue to grow and

there are opportunities for experienced management person- expand as sales began July 1. Hopefully, more clarity will come
nel from other industries to work in cannabis. Because these from the new administration on the federal government’s over-
experienced businesses can now rely on consistent revenue, all position, but until then, the industry will continue to work
it means qualified individuals can even make an income toward maturity and stability.
52 How to Get a Pot Job High Times October 2017

Edibles and tinctures now make up a bigger portion

of the cannabis industry market share. Five Ways to Get Your
Foot in the Door
Regardless of whether you have cannabis-specific
experience, create a résumé that details your rel-
evant skills. If you have management training and
you’re applying to run a dispensary, or have worked
at a nursery and possess a great green thumb, then
outlining such employment skills is a must. The
same is true if your experience was pre-legalization
or in a state that currently has a medical marijuana
program. No job is too small to list: If you trimmed
dozens of pounds of weed during harvest, you have
valuable training and hands-on experience that will
be attractive to dispensary managers looking to fill
such a role. Keep your résumé up to date and use
LinkedIn as a tool to help employers to find you.

If you’re living in a non-legal state, you’ll have to
be prepared to move to a place where there’s job
availability. Job sites like WeedHire (weedhire.
com), Ms. Mary Staffing (msmarystaffing.com) and
420careers.com list all of the most current jobs
available by state.


As in any new company or industry, full-time posi-
tions are sometimes hard to come by. Companies
in start-up mode may not have the financial means
to hire you full-time right off the bat, but as time
progresses and you become a valuable resource,
they may decide to offer you a full-time position.
Other companies have trial periods, after which
your job performance will be evaluated for a full-
time gig. It is generally worth the investment of
time to take a part-time position because, even if
you’re unable to land full-time employment with
that company, you’ll come away with relevant
Scott Giannotti, managing director makes hemp farming different from
experience to add to your résumé.
of the Cannabis World Congress & cannabis farming is that growing
Business Exposition and founder hemp is truly agriculture, using
of New York’s Cannabis and Hemp farming technology and methods,
If you’re lacking relevant job experience, be proac-
Association, breaks down the growing whereas growing marijuana is akin
tive by taking a training or certificate program
field of hemp and where and how to to horticulture.
at a cannabis-specific school like Oaksterdam
get involved. For people looking to get their foot
University in California or Clover Leaf University
in the door, a great thing would be in Colorado. Highlighting these programs on your
The hemp industry is exploding, to find out who is growing hemp in résumé will help you stand out from an overflowing
and by 2020 analysts are projecting your state and ask to volunteer on pool of job seekers.
a surge of $2 billion to $3 billion a the farm with planting and harvest-
year from the $600 million market ing. Another possibility is becoming GET ACTIVE
in 2017. The fast-growing segment of a sales rep for a CBD company: Find Meet as many people as you can so they know
the market—CBD hemp oil, currently out if anyone in your state is manu- you’re actively looking for a cannabusiness career.
estimated at $125 million to $150 facturing CBD hemp-oil products and Join a local meet-up group, engage with other
million per year—is expected to triple look for a job in packing, shipping activists and attend events, and always work to
in size, swelling to a robust $450 mil- or sales. Because hemp is still just a expand your networking circle. Doing field research
lion to $500 million by 2020. $600-million-a-year industry, jobs are by attending job fairs and meeting company reps
Job seekers can expect to find hard to find—but they are coming, so will help you burnish your interview skills and clue

work in the hemp market in the the best thing to do right now is to you in to open positions (some of which may be
following areas: extracting for CBD get educated on the hemp industry unlisted), as well as help put a face to your name
hemp oil, business development and find out which segments interest when you submit your application.
(sales), marketing and farming. What you most.
54 Betting on Bud
How to Get a Pot Job
High Times July 2017
High Times October 2017

Chloe Villano is CEO, founder and presi- for training government officials, local
dent of Colorado’s Clover Leaf University, municipalities, investors, entrepreneurs,
the first and only state-accredited canna- business owners, medical professionals,
bis training school. From medical profes- legal professionals, managers, in-house
sionals to marijuana-industry workers, employees, and occupational profession-
there’s something for everyone to learn at als in all matters related to the emerging
Clover Leaf. cannabis market.
Our curriculum integrates all industry
There’s no doubt that marijuana is the positions, from budtenders to cultiva-
fastest-growing industry in America tors. CLU has launched various research-
today. To date, 26 states have legalized and-development projects concerning
medical marijuana for qualified patients, cannabis, and we strive to raise aware-
and eight states and the District of ness about its potential to benefit society
Columbia have laws legalizing marijuana through patient and consumer educa-
for recreational use, including California, tion, and by creating a knowledgeable
Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, which A tray of industry and workforce.
passed measures legalizing marijuana in finely cured We are helping the various stakehold-
the November 2016 elections.  cannabis, ers create a standard of excellence for the
ready for
There is no limit to the possibilities processing.
cannabis industry. At CLU, we give you
this provides for the new legal marijuana the resources to succeed. The best advice
industry—and getting in on the ground we can give you is to get educated and
floor creates an opportunity unlike any
Getting in on the ground get a job now! The marijuana industry
other. The industry will create tens of floor creates an opportunity is projected to create more jobs than
thousands of jobs in every legal state. unlike any other. The industry manufacturing by 2020. In the first year
There is also a huge opportunity for will create tens of thousands of legalization, over 10,000 jobs were
people to open new businesses in this of jobs in every legal state. created virtually overnight in the state
sector.  of Colorado. Currently, there are over
  My school, Clover Leaf University, is the bar high for ethics, best practices, 30,000 employees in the industry in
the cannabis industry’s leading multi- corporate business standards and tech- Colorado alone, and that isn’t even close
spectrum educational institution, with nological innovation. We offer a state-of- to what we’ll see in larger markets such
a fundamental commitment to setting the-art, multi-level educational platform as California in the near future.m


October 2017 High Times 59


Before the legendary cannabis-breeding company Serious Seeds unveiled a new strain called l
Serious Kush they asked a trusted grower to try out four potential versions and assess the
flavo aroma and potency of each Our cultivation correspondent reports on the results
Story & photos by Green Born Identity (GBI)
High Times October 2017

Serious Kush
packs on weight
as it matures.


There’s no end in sight for the global
phenomenon known as “Kushma-
nia,” with new Kush-based strains
and phenotypes popping out of
the ground like mushrooms every
month. But one variety stands out
from the rest as a rare and precious
specimen that deserves special
attention. This new strain comes
from Serious Seeds, the renowned
and long-established seed company
based in the Netherlands. The
strain is called Serious Kush, and it
consists of one of their classic best-
sellers, White Russian, crossed with
the legendary OG Kush.
While Serious Seeds has slightly
stepped up the frequency with
which they release new strains in
recent years, they’re still laudably
pursuing their strict quality-before-
quantity policy, so the expectations
for this new Kush variety were high.
And according to Serious breeder
Simon, their customers won’t be
disappointed: “I’m personally very
happy with the result of the Serious
Kush. Also, many very experienced
people who tried it remark to me
that this version is, quote, ‘the best
they’ve ever smoked’!”

SERIOUS HISTORY several dozen or more varieties, Simon and batches and thus are always hand-selected
For well over two decades, Serious Seeds his team have focused on just a handful of and fresh. Simon’s emphasis on stability
has been at the forefront of marijuana strains and kept them bred true, with superb and consistency may have cost him a few
breeding. Founded in Amsterdam in 1995 flavor, scent and potency as well as impec- dollars over the years, but the reputation
by Simon, the company has won multiple cable germination rates. he’s built for his products remains impec-
Cannabis Cups and was one of the inaugural The Serious stable of strains includes cable. That’s why we—and the rest of the
entrants in our High Times Seed Bank Hall of such stalwarts as AK-47, Kali Mist, Bubble world’s cannabis connoisseurs—have been
Fame back in 2007. While many other com- Gum and White Russian. The seeds for these so anxiously awaiting a new release from
panies have expanded their line to include award-winning strains are produced in small the Serious team.
62 Kush Gets Serious High Times October 2017

Breeder Simon
examines a lab

BREEDING KUSH The whole process for breeding Serious Kush took about a year
Asked why he created Serious Kush, Simon said: “A few years ago, and a half. After the initial selection stage for possible parents,
while I was on a trip to Canada, somebody gave me very resinous Simon ended up with four different parent combos, from which
buds of an accidental cross between White Russian and OG Kush.” a clear winner eventually emerged. As Simon notes, the keeper
The potent strain quickly became a favorite among the people who pheno offers a nice new blend of Kush’s trademark fuel aroma with
tried it. “It was a great combo—a more subtle but clear and fuel-like the sweet and spicy undertones of White Russian. Serious Kush
‘Kushy’ taste combined with the structure and yield of White Russian, grows to a height of 75 to 85 centimeters when given four weeks of
which even after smoking for a long period doesn’t lose its strength vegetative time, then requires 56 to 63 days in the flowering stage
and attractiveness. So I decided to start an actual breeding project to mature, after which growers are rewarded with 300 to 450 grams
back home with White Russian and OG Kush.” per square meter.

Simon and Paul

of Serious Seeds
seem happy with
the results.
64 Kush Gets Serious High Times October 2017

Serious Kush
exhibits extensive

GROWING SERIOUSLY Although he knew these seeds were fresh and in optimum condition,
It was with a good deal of excitement and pride that Serious seed he was stunned by the fact that every single one of them sprouted per-
tester Mr. Power Planter approached the opportunity to become a part fectly. A germination rate of 100% from 40 seeds is undoubtedly an
of this important new breeding project. This was at the crucial stage impressive achievement. It turned out to be a great start!
when Simon—still not sure which cross would ultimately prove to be After Mr. Power Planter had transplanted them into 7.5-liter
the best—wanted to see those different parent lines grown out next pots, the plants grew beautifully in the vegetative stage. All of them
to one another. As Simon reports, “By this time, we had plants of the displayed that typical Serious quality, defined by healthy, vigorous
same crosses growing at different locations, but Mr. PP was the first to and compact growth on strong branches. In the veg stage, the four
offer a head-to-head comparison of those lines. So his work was very lines didn’t show much difference, apart from the fact that two were
helpful to give us strong hints toward finding the favorite for which we growing a bit more compactly—but aside from that, all of the plants
were searching.” For this test, Mr. Power Planter received four different resembled each other fairly closely, with similar or identical growth
White Russian x OG Kush lines in the form of 10 feminized seeds each. patterns and the same medium-broad, dark-green shade leaves.
66 Kush Gets Serious High Times October 2017

Serious Kush
colas swell under
grow lights.

KUSH FLOWERS were clearly on the indica side, some of them SERIOUS SCENTS
“Simon seems to have done an excellent gradually differed in shape and calyx-to-leaf- “The super-rich aroma of these plants is
breeding job up to this point,” Mr. Power ratio—no huge surprise when you have four likewise impressive,” Mr. Power Planter
Planter noted, “as there already is a pretty different lines growing. But after eight weeks continued. “Here we have a higher degree of
good degree of vegetative uniformity, both of flowering, all of the buds had three crucial variation as a matter of course, with two of the
within and among these four lines.” When things in common: They were all extremely four lines basically giving off that typical Kush
he switched the 40 plants to the flowering big, extremely dense and extremely resinous! odor, sweetened with a sugary note of White
stage after four weeks of veg growth, they As far as the eye could see, Mr. Power Russian. I presume that these two lines will
were about 40 to 55 cm tall. Pre-flowering Planter’s sizable growroom was crowded with be shortlisted by Simon, as a ‘Kushy’ aroma
set in about a week later, with all of the plants huge, fat head buds and heavily bud-laden certainly is an important selection criterion
exhibiting what Mr. Power Planter wanted to side branches. “Now this is some really seri- for him.”
see: female flowers. ous—even insane—overall quality!” he said The flowering times ran approximately
Stem elongation continued until week four enthusiastically. “When I heard that I would eight to 10 weeks, with most of the plants ma-
of the flowering stage and naturally revealed grow four different genetic lines from an inter- turing between weeks eight and nine. When
a bit more dissimilarity between the lines due mediate stage of breeding, I had expected that Simon came to inspect the plants after eight
to somewhat different stretching behavior. only one or two would perform very well—but weeks of flowering, he was stoked by the
This led to a couple of plants looking like certainly not all of them to rock the show in sight of Mr. Power Planter’s results. He happily
dense indica bushes later on—albeit very well- such a stunning manner! Simply amazing… sniffed around the growroom, busily made
branched indica bushes—while the others some of these plants are among the most res- notes about the plants’ characteristics and
were taller and had a more open branching inous cannabis specimens I’ve ever witnessed. took some photos. “Making a decision is not
structure. They’re so white that one gets almost blinded going to be easy indeed,” he told Mr. Power
More differences became evident in terms by the incredible abundance of resin that Planter. “And, of course, I also need to include
of bud formation. While the buds overall seems be to dripping out of the buds!” the actual dry end-products into my choice.”
68 Kush Gets Serious High Times October 2017

Dry Serious Kush

bud packs an Once Mr. Power Planter had har-
indica punch. vested and dried his entire White
Russian x OG Kush crop, the
average yield turned out to be
about 90 grams per plant, which
Mr. PP considered highly remark-
able for an experimental strain.
He had also gained an abun-
dance of heavily resinous leafy
material from the harvest that
would later be processed into
plenty of primo hashish. Without
a doubt, this new Serious strain
had proven to be a supremely
productive hash plant as well.
Simon was keen to get some
detailed feedback as soon as
possible. Given the sheer mass
of buds harvested, test-smoking
them all in a short period of time
would be an impossible task,
so Mr. Power Planter—together
with a couple of friends—decided
to focus on a range of selected
specimens from each of the four

All of these superb and incred-
ibly frosty buds looked and
smelled like true champions. The
fuel scent produced by two of
the lines had not only survived
the drying process but had
even gained in intensity, though
mixed with notes of sweetness
and spiciness. The other two
lines were sweet and savory,
also promising a delicious taste
Test-smoking the dried buds
felt like an exciting feast. The
guys weren’t surprised at all
when every single nugget they
sampled turned out to pack a
jaw-dropping indica punch that
brought on a tremendously
strong sensation of stoniness
and relaxation—one potent
enough to astound even jaded
smokers like Mr. Power Planter
and his pals. As Mr. PP reported:
“This is eye-rollingly intense
marijuana coming with all the
hallmarks desired from a mighty
Kush strain—a full-blast body-
and-head turn lasting for hours
and providing a deep, long-last-
ing breath of blissful relaxation
that gives you glazed eyes and
a feeling of having your head in
the clouds.
70 Kush Gets Serious High Times October 2017

“These indica-driven effects are great for

Simon shows
off his newest unwinding and alleviating stress and pain, so I’m
creation. sure that Serious Kush will become very popular
with medical patients. Some of the buds also
revealed a lofty sativa effect after the first tokes—
which sooner or later gave way to that mighty
indica hammer, though. As for the flavor, all the
buds delivered an intense burst of spicy sweet-
ness that lingered on the tongue and palate very
long—a yummy full-mouth taste that was deeply
enjoyed by all of us.”
All four of the potential Serious Kush lines had
passed Mr. Power Planter’s test grow with flying
colors. After Simon was able to test a selection of
the dry buds himself, he reported several weeks
later that he’d chosen line number three as the
winner—one of the two lines with a powerful
Kush aroma—and would continue the breeding
process with the parental combination from
which it had emerged.
It didn’t take long for Simon to announce the
official name of his new strain, Serious Kush, and
promise that it would hit the market in early 2017.
Mr. Power Planter and his friends were absolutely
certain that when it did, Serious Kush would
capture the hearts of Kush fans everywhere. The
first official confirmation came when Mr. Power
Planter’s friend Cloudz entered Serious Kush (at
that point still called White Russian Kush) into the
ICMag Cup 2016 and took home third place in the
Indica Growers category. m

Finest Cannabis
u off a rocky coastline, in the shadow of the tallest trees on earth,
marijuana farmers combine age-old techniques with sustainable practices
to produce some of the most potent and pristine pot on the planet.
Story by Danny Danko photos by Justin Cannabis
Outdoor plants
bathe in full
sunshine, soaking
up the rays as they
76 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis High Times October 2017

A Humboldt’s
Finest farmer
inspects growing

The Triangle Offense

“Craft cannabis” is a popular term these days, but what
does it truly mean? What special skills does it take to
produce premium-quality pot? What can marijuana
connoisseurs, patients and producers do to ensure that
the buds and hash they create or consume are clean, safe
and potent, with minimal, if any, impact on the environ-
ment? I traveled to the best place in the world to find
the answers to these questions: Northern California’s
Emerald Triangle, three counties—Trinity, Mendocino
and Humboldt—where the closely guarded secrets of
proper marijuana horticulture reside quietly among the
giant redwoods.
Cannabis has been an integral part of the culture here
for many decades. Growing pot for a living is a local
tradition that has been practiced and handed down from
generation to generation—and always with an eye to
reducing the environmental impacts. Contrary to mis-
leading news reports, the pot farmers I met here seek to
protect their culture over the long term, and that means
using sustainable practices and improving the soil year
after year. This is a healthy environment that they wish
to maintain and treat with the proper respect.
The climate also plays an important role in the area’s
justly renowned reputation for weed. Hot days and cool
nights throughout the summer months result in huge,
healthy pot plants. The clean, moist air and fertile soil
produce a regional terroir—the term used by vintners to
refer to the unique qualities that a particular location
Plants grown in can impart to its bounty. As with wine or cheese, the
rows allow easy
final product reflects its environment, and the growers
access to all sides.
of Humboldt cherish and nurture these traditions.
78 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis High Times October 2017

Greenhouses and
an orchard work
as wind breaks.

Humboldt’s Finest Farms

I had the pleasure to speak with Joseph Shepp, the CEO of
Humboldt’s Finest, who has accumulated decades of wisdom
on strains, locations and techniques. Shepp explained to me
the driving philosophy of his business: “We seek to meet the
demand for high-quality, sun-grown cannabis using sus-
tainable practices and without chemical fertilizers or toxic
With all this in mind, Shepp formed Humboldt’s Finest in
1996 as an alliance of local pot farmers dedicated to creating a
great artisanal product while also meeting high standards for
workers’ rights, safety and health. Thus far, three farms have
signed on: Humboldt Hills Natural Farms, Mattole River Farms
and Humboldt Green Farms, each with its own microclimate
well suited for marijuana growing. Their considerable efforts
to naturally nurture their crops are helping to restore the eco-
systems and salmon populations in the Eel and Mattole rivers.
Shepp was born and raised in Humboldt, left to earn his
MBA, and then returned with a plan to gather together the
best local growers in order to protect the culture, history and
wilderness of the area while also sharing it with the world.
He believes that scrupulous cannabis consumers will demand
a product with purity and be willing to pay a little extra to
ensure that they’re consuming something that can be verified
as authentic to the region and true to its history of quality in
“One of our ultimate goals,” Shepp says, “is to achieve an
official appellation—such as Champagne, for instance—that
will identify our products’ geographical origin and protect
our rights to our historical legacy.” With so many large
Mr. Nice colas
corporations getting into the cultivation business these
grown in full sun
swell to achieve days, it sounds like a good idea to differentiate locally grown
their full potential. goods from mass-produced product. But what exactly is the
Blue Dream
84 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis High Times October 2017

Aerating water adds oxygen and increases

microbial activity.

A large pond
Tips From Humboldt’s Finest
stores water for
the dry season. SAVING WATER: Water is a precious
resource in California and in many other
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? parts of the world, so water conservation is
One of the more advanced and underappreciated sustainable-farming practices is an important part of cannabis cultivation.
the collection of rainwater in order to reduce dependency on rivers and streams Here are some tips to help you save water:
during drier times. Humboldt’s Finest growers capture the rainwater during the wet
MULCHING. Did you know that adding a
winter season and store it in specially built ponds and giant tanks for use during
layer of mulch to the top of your soil can
the summer, which can get quite dry. The recent drought in California highlighted
save as much as 75 percent of your water,
the need to ease the pressure on local aquifers caused by farming. which is otherwise lost through evapora-
Instead of stressing rivers and pulling water from the ecosystem when it’s needed tion? Mulch can consist of shredded bark,
most, these forward-thinking cultivators collect the water when it’s most plentiful straw or even cardboard used to cover the
and save that bounty for future use. This protects the region’s salmon, which can soil and protect it from the sun.
be greatly impacted by the diversion of water when rivers are already low. Remov-
ing groundwater from watersheds during hot summers creates serious challenges, WATERING TIMES. Watering in the morning
and the growers at Humboldt’s Finest seek ways to improve conditions for already and evening when it’s cooler can also save
struggling fish populations. a lot of water. Watering when it’s hot will
lead to more evaporation before the water
reaches the roots.

CLEAN BUDS: Now that lab testing has

become a common practice, growers are
discovering how easy it is to produce moldy
cannabis without even realizing it, since
mold can grow inside the buds and not be
visible. This can have major health impacts
on pot users, so here are some tips for keep-
ing your cannabis clean:


we all want to let our buds pack on as
much weight as possible, don’t harvest too
late: Buds start to decompose if left on the
branches for too long, leading to microbial
growth inside. How do you know the proper
time to harvest? You’ll need to break out
your magnifying glass and check out the tri-
chomes, the glandular, hairy part of the buds.
Harvest while the trichomes are still clear,
before they turn an opaque white, for optimal
potency and reduced decomposition. If in
doubt, ask a professional to take a look.


harvesting and drying your buds, be sure to
Plant feeding is use gloves and work with clean surfaces and
done in mornings containers. Just a little contamination can
or evenings to
lead to microbial growth on your buds.
conserve water.
86 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis High Times October 2017

enhances the
full spectrum
of essential oil

Plants will incor-

porate themselves Let the Sun Shine
into the trellising All of Humboldt’s Finest cannabis is sun-grown,
as they grow. meaning that it’s cultivated outdoors or in green-
houses instead of in growrooms that require strong
lights and powerful air-conditioning systems. Not
only is it far more sustainable and cheaper to grow
under the sun, but farmers here have found that
patients actually prefer the result.
Over the years, outdoor pot has earned a mixed
reputation as leafy, loose and weak—mostly because
it had to be hidden and grown near trees in shade.
When it’s grown under the full sun, however, the
full spectrum of light it receives results in a more
complete bouquet of active compounds, including
terpenes, flavonoids, and the all-important cannabi-
noids like THC and CBD. Humboldt’s Finest plants
Greenhouse are pampered as though they’re in a spa, with the
material protects
greenhouses opened during the day and closed up
plants from wind
and rain. when wind or rain is a factor.
Growing marijuana plants indoors uses an
enormous amount of energy, and some grow sites
also create a ton of toxic runoff from the synthetic
nutrients, pesticides or fungicides that they use. But
the carbon footprint of Humboldt’s Finest is poten-
tially negative: Their outdoor plants actually take in
carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen,
thereby reducing the impact of greenhouse gases.
Large plants grown outdoors or in greenhouses
require large containers filled with a loose and airy
soilless mix. The farmers here employ light-depriva-
tion techniques to shorten or extend the seasons and
manage to grow two full harvests per year.
88 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis High Times October 2017

Plants grown in
loose airy soil
develop massive
colas as they

Digging in the Dirt nutrient applications simply can’t rival.

Another hugely important aspect of ecological pot produc- But why is this important for the consumer? Fewer nutrients
tion is building better soil. The multi-generational botanists at result in a cleaner-burning product with better aroma and
Humboldt’s Finest dedicate themselves to improving the qual- flavor. Overfeeding runs rampant in the cannabis-cultivation
ity of their growing medium in several ways. Composting, cover arena, and most of the pot available on the market today has
crops, companion planting, and crop rotation are just a few of way too many residual salts and minerals to be considered
the techniques these farmers use to create and sustain a living aficionado-quality. Humboldt’s Finest growers use natural pest-
ecosystem that enhances itself year after year. management techniques, including predator insects such as
Cover crops in the winter include clover and legumes to fix ladybugs, to control aphids and other intrusive bugs.
nitrogen and to reduce the leaching of nutrients during the wet Medical patients should also be concerned about the level of
season. The addition in the spring of beneficial bacteria and metals and other additives that may be present within the cells
fungi helps create a vibrant life in the soil. The worms thrive of their nugs. Plants grown in a healthy living soil need less
and end up doing much of the work, aerating the soil and flushing as they near harvest because they’ve remained prop-
leaving behind rich castings. This type of microbial activity in erly fed throughout their life cycle. Joints and bowls will stay lit
the medium encourages the mycorrhizal strands to help break and burn to a clean, white ash. The flavor of buds and concen-
down organic nutrients for easier uptake by roots. This sym- trates will stay true to the essence of the flower, unadulterated
biotic relationship nurtures the plants in ways that chemical by any contaminants.

Cover crops
renew the fertility
of the soil year
after year.

Companion plants
can alert growers
to pest infestations
and other issues.
90 Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis High Times October 2017

Finished strains
are harvested
gently at Hum-
boldt’s Finest.

The Final Product

The strains grown by Humboldt’s Fin-
Their intention is other microbials as well as to determine
the cannabinoid levels and terpene
est include Girl Scout Cookies, Scout to honor the region’s profile. At the moment, the cannabis
Master, Sunset Sherbet, XJ-13 and OG collective produces flower in eighths and
Kush. These are all stalwarts of the West past contributions to in pre-rolled joints. All of the packag-
Coast cannabis scene, and the versions
that Humboldt’s Finest farmers grow are
cannabis cultivation ing is childproof and environmentally
sustainable as well, consisting of
choice specimens. All have been bred to and culture while handmade compostable boxes instead of
withstand the moist late-season condi-
tions and handle the rigors of outdoor ensuring that their way non-biodegradable plastic. The prod-
ucts receive Patient Focused Certifica-
life. The plants grow big and branchy,
requiring several levels of trellising in
of life and earth-healthy tion from Americans for Safe Access
in adherence with ASA’s strict quality
order to hold up their heavy, bud-laden practices continue for standards for medical cannabis products
boughs as they swell.
Each strain grown by Humboldt’s
many years. and businesses.
Overall, the famers united under the
Finest boasts several unique properties, Humboldt’s Finest umbrella seek to pre-
and all have stood the test of time. The serve the legacy of Humboldt County’s
OG Kush is a California classic, with the heritage family farms. Their intention is
earthy scent and indica-fueled body buzz to honor the region’s past contributions
known far and wide. Their Girl Scout to cannabis cultivation and culture while
Cookies and Scout Master provide the ensuring that their way of life and earth-
electric, energetic vibes great for treating healthy practices continue for many
stress, migraines and pain. The hybrid years. They’re also creating a “Grown in
Sunset Sherbet offers the best of both Humboldt” seal that will list the strain,
worlds, with complex effects for body grower, lab results and origin of every
and mind. XJ-13 is the sativa-dominant product that reaches the shelves to alert
Jack Herer/G-13 cross perfect for creativ- the consumer to its legitimacy. Future
ity and friendly gatherings, and report- plans include taking over an old aban-
edly very effective for those coping with doned logging mill and turning it into a
anxiety and depression. cannabis-production facility, bringing the
Everything that Humboldt’s Finest region’s reconciliation with its history
grows is lab-tested for fungus, pests and and environment full circle. m
October 2017 High Times 95

The Crimes of
Reefer Madness
Convincing the country that cannabis posed such a danger to society that only prohibition could save it was never going to
be easy. Remember that, in the years before the peak reefer-madness era of the 1930s, marijuana was generally considered
a benign, medically efficacious substance that was widely available in American pharmacies. However, the nation’s nascent
drug warriors in the newly formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics, led by an enterprising propagandist named Harry Anslinger,
were able to co-opt a number of sensational crimes and disingenuously tie them to cannabis. With the help of marijuana
“experts” like Dr. James C. Munch, the FBN succeeded in creating an anti-cannabis campaign that le an indelible mark on
the American psyche, ultimately resulting in pot’s prohibition. In reality, the crimes used in furtherance of Anslinger’s cru-
sade oen had little or nothing whatsoever to do with cannabis. These are the true crimes of reefer madness. By Mona Zhang
96 The Crimes of Reefer Madness High Times October 2017

“Aer two puffs on a marijuana cigarette, Munch in a 1966 paper for the Bulletin But perhaps the most notorious of
I was turned into a bat.” on Narcotics, a publication of the United Munch’s tales was one from Tampa, FL, in
Such was the testimony of Dr. James Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 1933. Munch claimed that a man named
C. Munch, a marijuana “expert” who was To illustrate his point, Munch included Victor Licata “[m]urdered his father,
called as a witness in two murder trials nearly 70 “authenticated case reports” of mother, sister and two brothers with
in 1938. Munch was a Temple University crimes committed by those who’d smoked an ax, while under influence of mari-
pharmacologist who’d ingratiated himself cannabis. (Anslinger, who helmed the FBN huana. Didn’t know of all this until next
with Harry J. Anslinger and became his for more than 30 years, made a habit of morning.”
unconscionable henchman at the Federal collecting salacious stories to illustrate The story of Victor Licata was widely
Bureau of Narcotics—the predecessor of the evils of pot.) “This objective evidence used to promote the theory of a link
the Drug Enforcement Administration. supports published statements of the asso- between cannabis and violent crime. As
Munch had experimented with the ciation between the use of marihuana and previously reported in High Times (April
reefer on himself, and he explained its various types of crime,” Munch asserted. ’13), the 20-year-old Florida man became

Marijuana Licata’s act of

James C.
murdering his
family with an
ax was certainly
horrific, and thus
the perfect case
for Anslinger to
capitalize on.
instrumental in Anslinger’s budding War
on Drugs. Licata’s act of murdering his
family with an ax was certainly horrific,
and thus the perfect case for Anslinger to
capitalize on. He insisted that Licata had
been smoking pot and was greatly aided
by a press eager to play up the killer’s
allegedly psychosis-inducing effects at the The “Objective” Evidence marijuana “addiction.”
trials of Ethel “Bunny” Sohl and Arthur The types of crimes that Munch attrib- There was, of course, no evidence that
Friedman. Both were on trial for murder, uted to cannabis use included murder, Licata was driven insane by marijuana.
and both attempted to blame the devil’s rape and robbery. Even bigamy fell under However, the troubled young man was
weed for their deeds. his umbrella of pot-induced mayhem: diagnosed with “dementia praecox,” an
“After the first cigarette, I felt as if I had Munch wrote of an unidentified defen- early psychiatric term for schizophrenia.
wings,” Munch said of his experience. “I dant in 1938 that “[a]fter smoking 2 His family’s well-documented history of
seemed to have great blue wings and I was marihuana cigarettes, [he] married [a] mental illness was eventually made known
flying around the world.” waitress, although already married and to the public, but not until after Anslinger
Munch went on to enjoy a successful with 3-year-old child. Everything went had gotten what he wanted out of the
career fighting the War on Drugs as an blank, and he had no control.” story that he and Munch created.
expert pharmacologist working for several
government agencies. He held various
positions at hospitals in Philadelphia and
served as the director of pharmacology
research at Temple for more than two
decades—an impressive résumé that gave
him an air of credibility regarding what he
painted as a little-understood and fright-
ening narcotic. Munch’s status as a well-
respected doctor and scholar aided him
in convincing many that marijuana could
drive otherwise law-abiding citizens to
commit murder. His work greatly assisted
Anslinger in demonizing and ultimately
prohibiting cannabis in the 1930s.
“Literature surveys and personal con-
tacts have clearly demonstrated the asso-
ciation between the use of marihuana and
Ax murderer Victor Licata’s mug shot
the commission of various crimes,” wrote
98 The Crimes of Reefer Madness High Times October 2017

A Terrible Crime commit his crime. The following year, Policy Association. The organization, well
“Smoked 2 marihuana cigarettes, then Munch also cited Ashworth’s case as regarded by wonks of the era, even drew
raped his 7-year old daughter… Outcome: representative of the “various crimes praise from the president: “The [FPA] is
Death in gas,” Munch wrote about the committed by individuals after use and performing a high duty in facilitating the
case of Oscar Ralph Ashworth in 1938. while under the influence of marihuana lucid presentation of the facts of world
Despite including the Ashworth crime (usually smoked).” problems and their impact upon the
in his “authenticated” case file, Munch United States,” Roosevelt once wrote.
seems to have gotten most of the basic Among these “facts” was a list of 10
facts wrong. The Feds continued cases “culled at random from the files of
Ashworth pleaded guilty to kidnapping for years to use Ashworth’s the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics” and used
a 7-year-old girl in Missouri and was sen- case as an example of to illustrate marijuana’s direct role in
tenced to be executed in the gas chamber.
However, Munch’s accusation of mari-
marijuana-fueled depravity, violent crime. The list included Ogden
and his supposed confession to the
juana consumption appears to be com- despite knowing that trunk murder after smoking marijuana.
pletely unfounded: There is no evidence cannabis wasn’t a factor However, a well-respected psychiatrist at
that Ashworth ever smoked pot. Also, the in it at all. Even decades New York’s Bellevue Hospital found no
girl wasn’t his daughter, and even though
Ashworth confessed to committing some
later, Ashworth’s story evidence to support the claim.
Ogden “was examined in this clinic,”
kind of assault on her, he was never was invoked by those wrote Walter Bromberg in the Journal
charged with rape, as Munch asserts—nor who wanted to prop up of the American Medical Association two
did he die in the gas chamber. prohibition. years after the crime. “There was no indi-
Much of the coverage of this case cation in the examination or history of
concerned the efforts by Ashworth’s the use of any drug.” According to Brom-
attorneys to intervene in his execution “Killer Confesses berg, “The investigation by the probation
and save his life. But that didn’t stop less in Trunk Murder!” department failed to indicate use of the
scrupulous reports from being published So blasted the headlines in August drug marihuana.”
and subsequently used as anti-pot pro- of 1937, the same month that Presi- Bromberg went on to look for evidence
paganda. According to Courtney Ryley dent Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the of the link between marijuana use and
Cooper’s 1939 book Designs in Scarlet: “A Marihuana Tax Act into law, effectively violent crime that drug warriors like
newspaper made the statement that [Ash- prohibiting the cannabis trade. Anslinger insisted on, only to come up
worth] was a marihuana fiend and that The murder of Oliver George Sinecal empty-handed. His clinic saw some 17,000
he had committed his crime while under by a man named Joseph Ogden came to criminals over the course of more than
the influence of the drug. Federal sources be known as the “trunk murder.” Ogden six years and found several hundred who
reported that as far as could be learned, had shot Sinecal and stuffed his body into had “direct experience with marihuana.”
the whole story originated in the mind a trunk with the intention of shipping In those individuals, Bromberg noted
of a cub reporter who asked the sex-mur- it to Memphis, Tennessee. After lugging “the absence of true addiction and the
derer after he had been sentenced: ‘Why it to the Railway Express Agency, Ogden negative connection with major crime.
didn’t you tell the court that you smoked told the clerk that the unusually heavy Especially is this noteworthy among
marihuana cigarettes?’” piece of luggage contained silverware sexual offenders and in cases of assault or
However, Ashworth was no “sex- and hurried away. The clerk, moving the murder.”
murderer”: He had previously served time trunk on the platform, saw that it left a The psychiatrist also delved into court
for stealing a hog and for raping a young trail of blood. He promptly notified the records. In sampling the cases of 1,500
girl, and he received a death sentence authorities. drug offenders, Bromberg found only 135
for kidnapping another young girl a year The story of Joseph Ogden also came to cannabis consumers. Of those, the major-
or two after his release from prison on be included in Munch’s case file of violent ity (about 70 percent) had no previous
the rape charge. But Cooper himself was crimes allegedly linked to cannabis. “While criminal record. About 20 percent had
no stranger to reefer-madness rantings, both smoking marihuana cigarettes, been charged with other crimes, while oth-
having helped Anslinger write the propa- [Ogden] shot and killed room-mate G. ers had only drug charges on their records.
ganda book Marijuana, Assassin of Youth Sinecal, who wanted to borrow 20 to buy “Among those with longer records… none
in 1937. However, if his account is correct, heroin,” Munch wrote. “Put body in trunk, showed progression from the use of drugs
the Feds continued for years to use Ash- to get rid of it. Arrested that night, had 20 to other crimes,” he wrote.
worth’s case as an example of marijuana- marihuana cigarettes; had been selling in Bromberg had hit on an insight that
fueled depravity, despite knowing that Miami restaurant before crime. Previous most Americans have slowly come to
cannabis wasn’t a factor in it at all. criminal record.” According to Munch, accept: the relative lack of harm associ-
Even decades later, Ashworth’s story Ogden even stated: “I was fearless after ated with cannabis and the absurdity
was invoked by those who wanted to prop smoking marihuana cigarettes but would of its prohibition. “The earlier use of
up prohibition. The case was reportedly not have done this without marihuana.” marihuana apparently did not predispose
dredged up by the now-defunct Inter- But as in the case of Oscar Ralph Ash- [them] to crime,” he wrote, “even that of
national Narcotic Enforcement Officers’ worth, the details about marijuana ciga- using other drugs.”
Association to illustrate the dangers of rettes appear to be entirely fabricated. Bromberg then issued a prescient
cannabis during a 1965 conference—27 The story of Ogden’s crime was warning: “The extravagant claims… that
years after the alleged “marihuana fiend” featured in the Foreign Policy Bulletin, crime is caused by addiction to mari-
was supposedly spurred by the drug to a publication of the nonprofit Foreign huana demands careful scrutiny.”
100 The Crimes of Reefer Madness High Times October 2017

Marihuana, Runs Amuck With Butcher

Knife,” reads a 1925 item from The New
York Times. Valle, allegedly driven mad
from smoking marijuana, stabbed two
workers in the hospital kitchen before
running into the ward and killing four
patients. “Police say that after he was
taken to the jail and quieted he denied all
knowledge of the affray,” the Times story
Cases like Valle’s were perfect for the
narrative that Anslinger and his men
promoted. And, indeed, this case became
one of many used as racist anti-pot propa-
ganda when Anslinger came to power.
Academic texts on the beginnings of pro-
hibition in the United States often attribute
such lurid coverage to anti-Mexican racism.
But this type of coverage was common
in Mexico as well. Before reefer madness
became a staple of American news, the
Mexican press was filled with sensational
A newspaper clipping depicts Ethel Sohl before and after the “Devil’s Weed.” stories of marijuana-induced insanity, of
“addicts” going on murderous rampages.
Unintended Consequences documented. He warned that Mexi- Between 1854 and 1920, the large
In his own eagerness to make the case for cans and African-Americans were more majority of references to marijuana in the
marijuana and madness, Munch testified disposed to use the drug, which allegedly Mexican press included stories of violence
at the trial of Ethel Sohl that her reefer made them lust after white women. He and madness attributed to the use of pot,
smoking led her to “form the intent” of waged a cruel campaign against Billie according to an analysis by historian Isaac
holding up and murdering a bus driver. Holiday when he learned that the rising Campos. This was partly due to marijuana
Sohl herself testified that the marijuana black star was addicted to heroin, which being associated and confused with other
cigarettes “made wrong things seem right.” included planting drugs on the singer and plants (such as peyote, mushrooms and
Ironically, it fell to the prosecutor in the imprisoning her. (The damning details of datura) used by Indian shamans. But
case to argue that marijuana had nothing Anslinger’s crusade against Holiday are another key factor in the way the Mexican
to do with the crime: “If you men open the well told in Johann Hari’s book Chasing press portrayed the drug was classism—a
door to a fantastic defense of this kind, it the Scream.) But when he found out that close cousin of institutional racism in the
will be all right for anyone to commit a the white actress Judy Garland was simi- United States.
murder if only he first smokes marijuana.” larly addicted, Anslinger called her into From the beginnings of recreational
Indeed, cannabis was a looming factor his office for a friendly chat and advised cannabis use in Mexico, it was “associated
in the case and emphasized by the media: her to take longer vacations. with prisons and soldiers’ barracks. That
“Mrs. Sohl Constantly Smoked Marijuana, In the hospital where Billie Holiday was definitely a class issue,” Campos said.
Murder Jury Hears,” read one headline. passed away, narcotics agents handcuffed Thanks to its links with criminal types,
Sohl’s defense attorney argued that pot use her to the bed, interrogated her and cannabis “developed a reputation for
had diminished her capacity to tell right threatened to take her back to prison. She producing violence.” It wasn’t a far leap in
from wrong. “Although counsel said that died, in 1959, before they could do so. Ten a country where alcohol-fueled violence
his defense was not insanity, it amounted years later, Garland was found dead from was rampant. This was a drug consumed
substantially to that,” observed the judge. a barbiturate overdose in her home. by prisoners, soldiers (who were typically
Instead of being sentenced to death, As one digs deeper into newspaper marginalized and conscripted) and Mexi-
Ethel Sohl got life in prison. Munch’s archives, the reefer-madness headlines can Indians (who were viewed by elites as
reefer-madness testimony was having the take on an increasingly racist tone. “Mexi- primitive and uncivilized).
unintended effect of resulting in lesser cans Grow Weed and School Students “Mexican ideas spread to the US and
sentences for these alleged marijuana- Smoke It, Police Chief Says,” reads one helped reinforce ideas in the US that mari-
crazed killers. particularly illustrative headline from juana could cause madness and maybe
Harry Anslinger put a stop to this, 1928. Prejudice against brown people? even violence,” Campos explained. “Mexi-
threatening Munch with the loss of his Check. Concern for children? Check. can elites in 1920 had very similar ideas
position at the FBN. As a result, Munch Overreliance on law-enforcement sources? about vice and intoxication as their peers
stopped testifying and went on to have a Check. Nearly 90 years later, these themes in the US.” Both were “anti-alcohol, anti-
long career advising the federal govern- remain. vice and very puritanical in their views.”
ment on the dangers of reefer. Current media consumers will likely As Campos writes in his book Home
be unsurprised by the era’s coverage of Grown, “the result was a powerful, inter-
The Racism of Reefer Madness “crazed” Mexicans raping and murdering. national prohibitionist alliance between
By now, the racist underpinnings of Take the case of Escrado Valle: “KILLS Mexico and the United States. We are still
Anslinger’s War on Drugs have been well SIX IN A HOSPITAL. Mexican, Crazed by living with the consequences.” m
October 2017 High Times 105

Strain samples on display

The weed was lit...

Greetings from Advanced Nutrients! literally.

Purple reigns
A Weed Fest supreme!

in Wine Country
Northern California’s famed
cannabis community came to
celebrate the best of their best
at the High Times Cannabis Cup
in Sonoma. By Mary Jane Gibson

Artist Ernest Doty

Infused cotton
The crowd candy packs a
assembles for the medicated punch.
hotly anticipated
awards show.

brought fire weed
and positive vibes.
106 A Weed Fest in Wine Country High Times October 2017

hen the NorCal Cannabis Cup

took place in early June, ganja-
preneurs, weed connoisseurs
and the entire cannabis community were
abuzz over the breaking news that High
Times magazine had changed hands. As
attendees streamed into the Sonoma
County Fairgrounds for a budtastic
weekend, High Times was getting a lot
of attention from the mainstream media
about the investment group that had
recently purchased a 60 percent stake
in the company. Reporters roamed
the fairgrounds, interviewing vendors,
seasoned smokers, cannabis newbies Psychedelic
Preparing for the body painting
and HT staffers alike about what exactly
Top Cannabis Chef by Black Light
this new era will mean for High Times. So Cook-Off Visuals

in Edibles Village—where, over

the course of two days, eight tal-
ented chefs battled for the title
of Top Cannabis Chef. Brandon
Allen, the winning chef at our So-
Cal cook-off, presided over the
competition, handing Chef Mar-
cus of Soul Sugar Kitchen the
title after an exciting final round
judged by edibles experts.
After taking in the sights and
smoke (or vapor, or dabs), folks
headed to the seminar stage to
hear industry experts and their
guests speak about a variety of
topics: maximizing your grow,
cannabis-law compliance, pot
and PTSD and much more. And
when the munchies hit, there
was a non-medicated food op-
tion available for every palate.
Cup-goers con- Whether you were in the mood
centrate on what’s
for a giant corndog or a mouth-
watering vegan feast, a plethora
we showed them: It means the biggest and Free massage? of food stands, grills and trucks
best celebration of cannabis anywhere in the Don’t mind if I do! dished out sustenance for the
world—and we’re continuing to grow. masses.
On the verdant fairgrounds, tens of thou- As the sun began to set, con-
sands of weed enthusiasts roamed a multi- certgoers trucked over to the
tude of spaces featuring product demonstra- huge Grace Pavilion to check
tions, medicating areas, seminars and swank out 311, with stony California
VIP lounges. There was plenty to delight the rockers Fortunate Youth open-
eye: The National Joint League was on hand ing for the venerable band (read
to show off their giant smokable artistic our interview with 311 on page
blunts; the Black Light Visuals body-painting 32). A perfect combination of
station transformed bare skin into glowing uplifting tunes and great weed
works of art; and Ernest Doty of the ISI Group drew the Saturday-night crowd
painted a massive heady masterpiece over in, and they drifted out hum-
the weekend as a backdrop to the festivities. ming happily after blazing sets
As always, the healing herb was cel- from both bands.
ebrated in all its forms, in hundreds of booths The Cup competition at the
offering everything from vape cartridges and heart of the event was as strong
rosin presses to edibles, topicals and special- as ever, with 400 entries in 14
ty joints. The experiences included a topicals categories—a far cry from the
massage spa and the ever-popular cook-off days when there were only four
108 A Weed Fest in Wine Country High Times October 2017

C.R.A.F.T. won for 311 got down on First-time win-

Best CBD Flower. Saturday night. ners Indigo Pro

or five entries in each category! (Check out page 110

The impressive
for the winners.) A major victory was enjoyed by first- new Cannabis
time entrant Keith Healy of Fig Farms: He had a single Cups, designed
Banana Fig #8 plant—just enough to get him into by Alex and
Allyson Grey.
the competition—and won first place for Best Indica
Flower. All of which proves that it’s not how much you
have that matters, but rather how good it is. When
asked for his advice to anyone considering entering
the Cannabis Cup, Healy told High Times: “Listen
to your gut. The fact that a single plant won—and
also that Fig Farms won on our first try—means that
anyone can, regardless of the size of their farm. Don’t
be afraid to go for it.” Quality over quantity!
The Sunday-afternoon awards show was hosted
by comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, who brought his wry
observational humor to bear on the stony crowd
assembled to find out who’d been named the best of
the best. The winners bounded—or, in some cases,
ambled—onto the stage to hoist their shiny trophies
proudly and give shout-outs to their mentors and
collaborators. Legendary hash-maker CubanGrower
came to the stage to accept the award for Best Non-
Critical Concen-
Solvent Hash for Exotic Genetix, while his partner trates took home
Mike looked on approvingly via Skype on an iPad. two first place
And newbie first-time winners Indigo Pro were all awards.
smiles as they accepted their award for Best Vape
It was an emotional moment for many when
cultivation veteran Kyle Kushman introduced a hero
of the marijuana movement, Eddy Lepp, who was
given the High Times Lifetime Achievement Award in
recognition of his decades-long fight to free the leaf.
Lepp served an eight-year sentence in federal prison
for growing marijuana, finally regaining his freedom
just last year. He accepted the award with a stirring
vow to continue the fight to legalize marijuana, and
the enthusiastic crowd hollered its support.
Following the awards show, reggae royalty The
Wailers graced the stage for a set infused with their
generous irie vibes, and Sublime with Rome closed
out the weekend with an upbeat, joyous set on a
sunny Sunday evening in NorCal. Then Cup-goers
smoked their last joints together, shouldered their
swag bags, and headed home with plenty of glorious
pot tales to share with their friends. m
110 Betting on Bud High Times July 2017
110 A Weed Fest in Wine Country High Times October 2017

Cannabis Cup
1st Place: Golden State Banana by 2nd Place: CBD Bath Bomb 1st Place: Sour Diesel 100% Cannabis
Critical Concentrates with LA Kush by Kush Queen Oil by Indigo Pro

Winners and CHR

2nd Place: True OG Live Resin
by Elemental Seeds with Dabblicious
3rd Place: Rich Cannabis Body Cream
by Cannaderm


2nd Place: Gelato
by 710 Kingpen with Greenwolf
3rd Place: Gelato #33 by Gold Drop
with Blue River and Alien Labs
BEST INDICA FLOWER 3rd Place: Lemon Fuel Live Resin Bud- 1st Place: Blueberry Peach CBD/THC
1st Place: Banana Fig #8 by Fig Farms der by Doctors Orders with Paper by Sensi Sweets BEST NON-SOLVENT HASH
2nd Place: Wedding Cake by Green- Planes and Alien Labs 2nd Place: Toasted Sesame CBD Miso 1st Place: Milk & Cookies Drysift Rosin
wolf with Alien Labs and Seed Junkies by Higher Vision with OM Edibles and Wax by Exotic Genetics
3rd Place: Ill OG by LA Kush in collab- BEST SATIVA CONCENTRATE Talking Trees Farm 2nd Place: Lemon Tangie
oration with CHR and Flight Farms 1st Place: Yellow Cake by Royal Key 3rd Place: 60mg THC-CBD Sea Salted by Rosin Brothers with Greenwolf
Organics with Greenwolf Caramels by Higher Confections 3rd Place: Lemon Peel 7 Star Hash
BEST SATIVA FLOWER 2nd Place: : Kosher Jack by Pearl Rosin by Dank Czar
1st Place: L.A. Snow by Lumpy’s Flowers Pharma with Spoiled Patients Collec- BEST CBD CONCENTRATE
2nd Place: Orange Tree by Greenwolf tive and Golden State Green 1st Place: Strawnana DC by Critical BEST BOOTH
with Green Line Organics 3rd Place: Slymer by CannaCruz Concentrates with Synergy Cannabis 1st Place: California’s Finest
3rd Place: Vanish by Purple Frost Co and LA Kush 2nd Place: Los Angeles Kush x Brass
Genetics BEST HYBRID CONCENTRATE 2nd Place: Blueberry Headband 1:1 Knuckles
1st Place: Pineapple Crush Live Resin THC Distillate and CBD Crystalline 3rd Place: SHO Products
BEST HYBRID FLOWER by Humboldt’s Finest by Fleur D’Elite with Humboldt Seed
1st Place: Mother Pucker 2nd Place: Strawnana Walker by GC Organization and Boys in the Wood BEST GLASS
by Buds & Roses Processing Extracts Papa Bear
2nd Place: Oreo Cookies 3rd Place: Frostilope by Utopia 3rd Place: Sun Kiss 1:1 Sauce by Gold
by Zeki Farms Drop and Blue River and Original BEST PRODUCT
3rd Place: Bert’s Honor BEST EDIBLE Breeders League 1st Place: California’s Finest / Nick &
by LA Kush in collaboration with CHR 1st Place: Satori Chocolates by Nate Diaz / Synergy
and Bert Baccarat CannaCraft BEST MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT 2nd Place: Brass Knuckles X Los
2nd Place: Stratus: Blueberry, Lemon 1st Place: The Bless Army Pre-Roll by Angeles Kush X LAK Extracts
BEST CBD FLOWER & Poppy Seeds Cluster by Atlas Sunnabis and Bohemian Highway 3rd Place: The Soil King
1st Place: CBD OG by C.R.A.F.T. Edibles Rosin Artists
2nd Place: Blood Orange Cookies 3rd Place: Cannabis Love Bar by 2nd Place: White Recluse Pre Rolls by BEST VAPORIZER
by Terraform Genetics LuLu’s Botanicals with Higher Vision White Recluse By Canna Innovations The Aurora by Dr. Dabber
3rd Place: 3C AC/DC by 3C Farms 3rd Place: Cannarillo by Jack’s Extracts
1st Place: 1:3 CBD Rich Relief Balm Chef Marcus
112 The High Times Interview High Times October 2017
October 2017 High Times The High Times Interview 113




114 The High Times Interview High Times October 2017

DEPP: I don’t know if I’ve told fucking people outside my

you this or not, but I’m a great certainly has a gate with cameras like you do.
admirer—maybe even a little unique sense You’re fucked.
more than admirer. Maybe it’s of style.
a man crush, but your sense Well, it’s a weird thing because,
of style… well, to me, it speaks certainly both of us, to a
volumes about a person, obvi- degree… I mean, it’s all relative.
ously—their sense of style. You live under a micro-
STANHOPE: I have two scope where nobody has a
outfits: I have ’70s vintage clear view from the other side.
and pajamas. You’re the amoeba, and all the
students have glaucoma.
Well, that’s exactly it, because
you could have gone in the We’re in privileged positions,
direction of, say, the Pips of you know what I mean? We
Gladys Knight fame or The must say that. I mean, the last
Temptations or whatever, but thing that I’d want to hear ever
you went for the early Mike in my life is some fucking actor
Douglas look, which I like a lot. whining about his inability to
The used-car salesman. deal with certain occupational
When you have leisure suits, hazards. It’s ludicrous to com-
they’re flat-belly. My gut plain about.
sticks out—I have the bloated, You never go out.
alcoholic, distended-internal-
organs belly—so I can’t wear No, but I mean, that’s just a part
them. of—
That’s what I love about
No, I saw you recently… you you: I live like you… even
looked great. You looked fan- though nobody knows who the
tastic when I saw you. fuck I am, I still never go out.
No, no, I wear, like, the “Comedy fucked me in that I never had an
sport coat—the Herb Tarlek adulthood. It stole that from me. I started it (Laughs) Well, you know, it’s a
from WKRP in Cincinnati. weird road. I became an actor
at 23 and now I’m 50, and all I do for a living by mistake—I mean, literally by
You were describing the place is get drunk and yell at people. ” accident. And I wonder if there
you’re in. Do you remem- was ever a conscious moment
ber when I first tracked you before, but it was the one that Seinfeld on that”—but people of choice for you. Did you make
down and we had our first really took me aback. It made still jumped in and went, “Oh, a conscious decision—say-
interaction? me—well, not to blow too much shit, that happens to me all ing, “I’m going to be a fucking
Yes. That was Victoria, smoke up your ass just yet… the fucking time!” comedian”—or was it actually
BC—I think it was a Days You were the first person not really having a choice in
Inn—and you called me. I that I remember hearing That’s the thing, though: It’s the matter?
was standing outside in a that from. It was a bit that I the absolute truth. I mean, you No, I was never a guy who
parking lot in the pouring thought was only for me: “Did know my obsession with the thinks, “This is what I was
rain, trying to stand under a you ever try to sleep sober? fucking truth, and so for me it sent here to do.” I fell into it—I
tree so I could smoke when I It’s like a carnival in your was like, “Well, there’s Lenny couldn’t sing karaoke, and I
talked to you, because I don’t head when you’re trying to Bruce. There’s George Carlin. wasn’t attractive and wasn’t
like to talk to people I don’t sleep sober.” I thought I was There’s Don Rickles. There’s athletic, and I still wanted to
know when I’m not smoking the only alcoholic fuck-up Richard Pryor. This guy’s a bun- get laid. But I had that funny
or drinking. My tour man- left—but so many people dle of gis—absolute nonstop thing going on, so I said, “I’ll
ager and I were doing acid, since then have said, “That’s information and correctness.” try this open-mic shit”—and
and I called you again in the the bit! That’s the bit that I I’m kind of happy to live it just carried me from there.
morning. I go, “Hey, whatever fucking heard!” in this age. When I grew up, I never planned any of this.
happens, if we’re doing acid, there were four channels, Every credit on my résumé is a
don’t let me fucking acid-dial That’s it right there. That’s the and now there’s the internet pile of dog shit that I acciden-
Johnny Depp, because he just one that really struck me, and and cable. There’s a billion tally stepped in.
called me and I have his num- why I was truly captivated channels, and I like to be in
ber, and that would be bad.” then. a watered-down field where (Laughs) What age were you
Those are the bits that you if the Kentucky Derby went then?
It did sort of spring out of really enjoy. The cliché is that from 20 horses to a billion Twenty-three. That’s about

nowhere. The first thing I saw “some of these are just for horses, yeah, the people that the same age you started with
of yours was No Refunds. I me,” and you go, “Oh, wow, like my horse will find me. the acting because your band
know we’ve talked about this I wasn’t trying to be Jerry But I don’t have to deal with sucked.
116 The High Times Interview High Times October 2017

Exactly… that’s exactly the Well, of course. But I think they always try to… and
age. But you were weaned it’s a good thing that you when they stop offer-
on some pretty abstract don’t necessarily audit—I ing me weed, then I’m
humor, right, by your can’t see you holding back. going to feel kind of out
mom? I mean, I don’t remember of touch, like: “What
Yeah. When we were you telling me about any did I do wrong that you
young, my mother had a performance that you just won’t offer me drugs that
truck-stop waitress’s sense felt was an absolute dog. I I don’t do?” Because I’ll
of humor. So when we can’t see you saying, “All trade those drugs out for
were kids saying “fuck,” right, I’m sorry,” or what- drugs that I do do.
she was on board… and ever. I just see you plowing
farts were funny too. But through. What is your relationship
she established a lot of it. Oh, no, there were lots with marijuana these days?
of fucking tragic messes I gave marijuana every
The thing of it is, impor- coming up. (Laughs) I possible opportunity to
tant comedy comes from mean, it took a lot of work for me ever since
somewhere. It’s built in and, failures to beat this kind I was 13—and now I’m
as I remember reading, of callus onto my back. 50. I remember being a
essentially by the age of Those are still the funniest kid, skipping school and
3 years old, we’re cooked, stories. No one lays back smoking weed and going
we’re done—that’s who we in their chaise lounge and home and just having the
are. So that was built into goes, “Hey, remember that bed spins, hiding from my
you. The timing was built time I killed in Cincin- dad when he came home
in, because you don’t learn nati?” No, you talk about early from work… and up
that shit now. You just don’t the beatings. Kind of like until a couple years ago,
learn it now… it’s lost. war veterans. eating brownies: “Well,
The one thing I’ve no, if you eat this edible,
learned is, I never try to Sure. It’s sort of like when it’s different.” It’s never
analyze it. I don’t know I did my first few mov- different. Some people,
why the fuck I do, I just ies—in my mind, I was still a weed doesn’t work for. Joe
do. And it works… You musician, so I never really Rogan—I smoked some of
don’t know why you are made a conscious deci- his [pot]. Joe Rogan is the
what you are—stop fuck- sion to become an actor. most radical, hard-core
ing asking questions when It just happened because weed smoker—like I am as
you’re just throwing darts I needed dough, and I an alcoholic. I can some-
at the answers. was asked to audition for times drink 20 drinks in
something, and I did and I a night and still maintain.
Yeah, Hunter Thompson got it. You know, it was just Rogan can smoke this
very wisely said, “Buy the a weird cycle of events. monster weed, where I
ticket, take the ride.” People Yes. Sometimes I just took a hit and fell
are so afraid of the ride, or understand why people apart—to the point where
so hooked on the result of would hate you: “Yeah, I he had to tweet people
the ride— was trying to be in a band, that were at the show:
Or the meaning to the but I had to do ‘movie “Sorry about Doug Stan-
ride. star’ as my side gig.” hope’s performance. I’m to
blame. #weedforeveryone.”
That’s exactly it. What I Yeah—and again, I will
hope is that—right before never be the fucking whiny (Laughs) Okay, this is a
that hideous, God-awful actor going, “Oh, poor fuck- weird question, because I
moment of the funny face ing me.” You know, people don’t know how to do this
and just “Toodle-oo!”—they want to take their pho- at all. I’ve tried like hell, but
don’t have the thought: “Aw tograph with you. When it just doesn’t work for me
shit, none of this meant any- they stop wanting to take a yet. Do you have the abil-
thing. I labored, I worried, I photograph with you, that’s ity to unwind? If you do,
searched, I prayed—I did all when you should fucking how the fuck do you do it?
this. It’s all horseshit… ” worry, I suppose, in this Because I’d like to know.
I have no answers, but racket. It’s [hard], because
every day I wish I could I say the same thing there’s always something
have the same point of about weed. People that needs to be done, and
view for any 24-hour always try to palm me you know this. But three
period. I wish I was in weed when I’m always years ago, I did my own
some system where I don’t talking about how I personal rehab. I have an
constantly question myself. don’t smoke weed. But old vintage trailer on my
118 The High Times Interview High Times October 2017

property, and I sat in it for 30 days. Two I think I have, like, 12 or 14 albums
drinks a day, no smoking, because I was out, and I think it’s the second one where
trying to quit smoking—that’ll kill me I talked about people saying, “Hey, keep
long before alcohol does. We podcasted with it. You’re going to make it someday.”
every day, even if it was just 10 minutes, And I said, “I thought I already did… I’m
and I’d put out how it was going, and it doing comedy for a living.”
was good.
Did you find yourself a bit jumpy? Comedy fucked me in that I never
(Laughs) Jumpy, yes, but if you tell had an adulthood. It stole that from me.
people, “Listen, I’m going to rehab,” I started it at 23 and now I’m 50, and all
they think it’s dire straits. No, I just I do for a living is get drunk and yell at
need you to stop fucking calling me. I people. I never get to be an adult. Yeah,
need to make it sound dire because, if I’ve been a kid my whole stupid life.
I say, “Hey, I’m starting to get in better
health,” they go, ‘Well, fuck you. Jimmy’s One of the most brilliant things you said
only in town for two days. You’ve got in No Refunds was, “You die at the end,
to drink with us!” So if you say “rehab,” stupid. Didn’t anybody tell you?”
they go: “Oh, you must be dying!” You If I had a catchphrase, that would be
have to bring it to extremes before it: “You die at the end.” You’re worrying
people stop fucking with you. So I was about fucking minor shit, and so-and-
in my own rehab for 30 days. But I felt so said something over the other side
so much better. I didn’t wake up every of the cubicle about your work ethic?
day thinking about dying. I felt great. You’re dead at the end. Is that what
So, yeah, I go on rehabs. you’re going to worry about?

Let’s do the worst sitcom ever… just
for fun. HT: What do you think of the current
cannabis-legalization trend?
I could do that in my sleep. STANHOPE: I think it’s destroying a
There’s a lot of money in it. You can great black-market economy for people
have it—I’d just like to be part of a fuck- who were otherwise unemployable. You
ing prank. I just want to fuck stuff up. used to buy your weed from Sean at his
Not in a suicide-vest kind of way, but bachelor apartment behind Applebee’s
just to goof on this whole stupid fucking next to the fire station. You were happy,
industry. Sean was happy. Then all of a sudden
they’re selling weed at Walgreen’s, and
Exactly— anyone with a plantar’s wart or a bad
I’ll do it high. I just want to be the haircut can get a medical marijuana
guy that’s awkwardly high in every card. Now Sean is fucked: Not only is
episode. I get high and I can’t talk to his under-the-table livelihood ripped out
anybody. But out of respect for High from under him; now he doesn’t even
Times, I’ll get high in every episode have those friends that used to pretend
and then I won’t say shit. Because that to like him. Sure, he can still sell weed,
wouldn’t be acting. but he’ll have to do it at Walgreen’s
wearing a blue smock and a nametag for
Well, you’d have to actually get high, nine bucks an hour before taxes… if he
though. can pass the drug test, that is.
Yeah, I know. That way, I wouldn’t  
have to act—I’d just sit there paralyzed HT: Do you have any desire to get involved
and wouldn’t make eye contact. in the cannabis industry?
STANHOPE: If I were money-moti-
(Laughs) Here’s another question that I’d vated, I would spread insidious lies that
really love to know your answer to. Since marijuana is dangerous and addictive
coming up the ranks and everything, and leads to dancing with white women,
people kept talking about this thing “suc- that your children are at risk of riding
cess,” and it confused me. I really didn’t that freight train straight into hell or
understand success. I couldn’t quite get an opium den. Then I’d parlay that
a visual of it, or a feeling of what it was fear into a chain of overpriced “rehab”
supposed to be. I didn’t know what any of centers that can cure them and shake
it meant. Do you have a visual for success? Satan from their souls. But I am not
What does it look like to you? that ambitious. I am a drunk. m
120 Gear High Times October 2017

1 3

2 4

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122 Special Advertising Section High Times October 2017



Ms. Feldman
hard at work
behind the
counter of
Ruth’s Alterna-
tive Caring
124 Special Advertising Section High Times October 2017

sister called me a dick-tramp.

“Travis is like Wow. And this is the sister
the son I never
had. Until I had
you were sleeping with before
him and he you met Zeke?
was born. At
that point, he Yes, when I was a lesbian.
became the
When you were? [Chuckles]
son I already
had... and he
still is.” Anyway, where were we?

No, in the conversation.

Don’t remember. My guess
would be my status as an icon.

Yes. Right. You’ve spent the

last 50 years as a leader in the
cannabis industry. I bet you’ve
gotten hella high with some
famous people.
Oh, yeah. I’m not one to
gossip. But ask me about Wil-
lie Nelson.

Tell me about Willie Nel—

So it’s 1973. I’m backstage
First of all, Ruth, thanks for probably a guy. [Thinks] You Two months and he’s with Willie for the first Fourth
agreeing to this interview. It’s know, now that I think about already micro-pube-managing? of July Picnic Festival at Hurl-
an honor to finally have you. it, maybe that was yesterday. but Ranch. [Editor’s note: 10
Yeah, what took you so [Yells to Travis again] Travis? Well, we were friends for a long minutes of giggling ensues.]
long? Did I get high yesterday? time before that.
[Editor’s note: A brief half- So what happened? You said “butt.” [Giggles]
Our intern Sarah has been hour exchange ensues.] Yes. [Giggles] Yeah, with a name
e-mailing you for the last 15 It’s a long story. like that, he didn’t stand a
years. Fascinating. Sounds like your I got time—Olivia, Carter, chance. So, Willie and I are
She has? roots go deep. Jenny and Pete are running trying a new strain, something
Oh, sweetie, I don’t worry the store. [Editor’s note: he said he got from Hurlbut
Yeah. Is your e-mail still about my roots now. I just Olivia, Carter, Jenny and Pete himself. [Editor’s note: Three
Clinton4Prez92@compuserve. let it go gray. That goes for are all characters employees minutes of giggling ensues.]
com? downstairs too, if you know who act work alongside Ruth I don’t know what’s in this
[Pause] Let me check with what I mean. and have any number of stuff, but whatever it is, Willie
our IT department. [Yelling] amusing idiosyncrasies and and I feel electric. Next thing I
Travis! [Editor’s note: At this I do. quirks.] know, I’m on the stage singing
point, a brief, tense conversa- I mean my pubic hair. “On the Road Again” with my
tion ensues between Ruth and Mind if I smoke? pants down to my ankles, my
Travis, her surprisingly black Oh. Guess I didn’t know what Please, you’re at Ruth’s. shirt on my legs, and my hat
son.] Sounds like Sarah’s fault. you meant. When you’re here, you’re high. on my chest. [Editor’s note:
What did you think I “On the Road Again” was writ-
Probably. She’s 40 and still an meant? Thanks. [Smokes] This stuff just ten in 1979.]
intern. The lights aren’t all on in really gives me laser focus, you
that attic. So, Ruth, tell us about I thought you meant you had a know. Amazing. How about Bob Mar-
your first cannabis experience. garden in your basement. ley? Did you know him?
I remember it like it was [Chuckles] [Editor’s note: At this point, A little. I helped organize

yesterday. The details are still the interviewer became fas- his museum in Jamaica. I was
vivid in my mind. [Pauses It’s funny you bring that up, cinated by the buttons on the there for the grand opening.
for 20 seconds] I was some- though, because my boyfriend, recording device, accidentally That’s when I suggested they
where with some guy—or Zeke, just asked me to get a turning it off for an indetermi- add bathrooms. The director
maybe it was a girl. I think I Brazilian, and I was just like— nate amount of time.] said, “Ruth, don’t worry ’bout
was a teenager, maybe, and I You’re not doing that. a t’ing.” I said, “No, I’m gonna
smoked pot and it felt really Oh, look, the red light’s back worry about this one. The
good. Then we watched a That’s what I said! I was like, “It’s on!... So anyway, things have visitors need a place to piss
movie and ate something. none of your business, espe- been a little weird between and shit.” But two weeks later,
No, we had sex. So it was cially aer only two months!” Zeke and me ever since his every little t’ing was all right.
126 Special Advertising Section High Times October 2017

and hands the interviewer a

A look inside surprisingly black tissue.]
Ruth’s Alterna-
tive Caring
dispensary Thank you. Your son’s so sweet.
He’s overcompensating for
his past. Travis recently came
on board after a trip to the
dark side.

TRAVIS: I got an MBA.

Wow, Travis, I can’t even imag-

ine what it was like to have
Ruth as your mother.

TRAVIS: Yeah, there were a

lot of times I had to imagine
it, too.

RUTH: Travis, sweetie, why

don’t you go talk to Carter?
He seems a little tense today.
[Travis leaves.] Carter, our
security guard, is a veteran
who’s dealing with some...

Is he using cannabis?
Not yet, but we’re trying.
As you know, there’s tons of
Are you tight with Snoop Dogg? get high and camp out under Well, let’s move on. Jump back evidence about the benefits of
Yeah. I was with him the the stars. She’d strum her for a second to 1972, when you cannabis for treating not only
night he decided to change guitar and compose while I gave your famous “Wooo in PTSD, but other mental con-
his name to Lion. I suggested played drums with two sticks Rage” speech. “We ‘wooo’ in ditions like bipolar disorder
Snoop Wolf, you know, just to and a dead agave plant. She anger! We ‘wooo’ for justice! and being a dick.
keep the dog theme alive, but wrote “Song for Sharon” just We ‘wooo’ for those who have
he told me nothing rhymes for me. had their freedom taken away I didn’t know being a dick was
with “wolf.” and can no longer ‘wooo’ for an illness.
But you’re Ruth. themselves!” That’s because it’s so com-
Yeah, like “orange.” I am… Wow, I’m impressed—I mon, we’ve accepted it as
What are you talking mean, wooo, I’m impressed. normal.
about? “Wolf” doesn’t rhyme So why’d she call you Sharon?
with “orange.” Because she was sharin’ Oh, yeah. Those words get Zeke doesn’t partake.
the credit. [Editor’s note: me out of bed in the morning. That’s ’cause he’s a dick.
No, I mean nothing rhymes Ruth waits for a laugh that Really powerful stuff.
with it. never comes.] Joni’s a class Thank you. I got the idea He is kind of a dick, right?
What do you mean? “Fit,” act—we’ve known each other when I noticed that every You deserve so much bet-
“bit,” “hit” … forever. time I said “marijuana”— ter. You have your whole life
ahead of you.
No, I mean nothing rhymes I love Joni Mitchell. I tried to get Wooo!
with “orange.” Zeke into her, but he was like, —people tended to say the All right, I wanted to get an
Not really. “Nothing,” “Eh, it’s too girly.” He’s more of a word “wooo.” I don’t know unbiased third-party opinion
“orange”—those two words Chainsmokers guy. what it is about “marijuana”— about something that hap-
don’t rhyme at all. Who? pened last week with Zeke.
Wooo! I’m all ears.
I think we may be off-topic The Chainsmokers… they’re —that does that. It’s an
here. like EDM. automatic-response thing. It’s Okay, so, we were at a bar and
Yeah, I think so, Sondheim. What? Pavlovian. I’d just dropped acid, but it
[Rolls eyes] Speaking of song- hadn’t kicked in yet, and all of a
writers, Joni Mitchell and I go Electronic dance music. Wooo! sudden, he whips out his—
robert voets/netflix

way back. That famous road [Squints] I gotta tell you, Yeah, the word “Pavlovian”
trip she took where she wrote this Zeke sounds like an does it too. [Editor’s note: At [Editor’s note: Continued
Hejira? I was with her. We’d asshole. this point, Travis crosses over on page 420.]
128 Special Advertising Section High Times October 2017

“This is the
crew of Ruth’s
Caring. We
have a lot of
fun here. Usu-
ally in half-hour

Ruth Sez ... Top Five Trippiest Crayons to Stare at When Ruth Sez ... Top Five Slang Terms for Marijuana:
You’re High: 5) Naughty green
5) Tickle Me Pink 4) Derf toast
4) Macaroni and Cheese 3) Children’s mushrooms
3) Polka Dots 2) Balls
2) Scarlett Johansson 1) Any noun in the English language
1) Blue or greenish-blue.
Ruth Sez ... Worst Songs to Listen to When You’re High:
Ruth Sez ... Top Five Favorite Strains:
5) “Paranoid,” Black Sabbath
5) Vin Diesel (“A faster, more furious version of Sour Diesel.
4) “You’re High and Your Mom Knows,” Iron Maiden
Often confused with The Rock Diesel.”)
3) “Oh Shit, It’s the Cops, Run Run Run Run,” the Beatles

4) Rhode Island Thunderfuck (“More manageable than its Alas-

2) “Memory,” from the musical Cats
kan cousin: You can breeze right through it in 35 minutes!”)
1) Any song by Justin Bieber
3) Placebo (“Direct from a government testing lab. Perfect for
fooling people into thinking they’re high, then humiliating
them in front of everyone.”) Ruth Sez ... Top Five Things I’m Staring at Right Now:
2) Spaghetti Bolognese (“Carefully engineered to taste exactly 5) Blank sheet of paper
like Spaghetti Bolognese. I always ask for al dente.”) 4) Entry for #5 on this list
1) Nelson’s Private Reserve (“Not Willie Nelson—Nelson, the 3) Entry for #4 on this list
band with the number-one hit “[Can’t Live Without Your] Love 2) Empty spot in space four feet in front of me
and Affection.”) 1) Who cares, I finished the assignment, motherfucker.
October 2017 High Times Dear Danko by @DannyDanko 131

Expert Grow Advice

Drip systems, cloning troubles, spider mites,
nutrients for specific strains and more…
Send your cannabis cultivation questions to @deardanko or deardanko@hightimes.com.

The indica Hash Plant is a

heavy feeder.

SUBJECT: Nutrients for Specific Strains

FROM: Chuckie Trichome

vI have a newbie grow question for

you. I’ve heard that there are certain
strains that require a larger or
smaller concentration of one or all
of the three main macronutrients in
order to help the plant reach its full
potential. So I’m wondering if there
are strains that require different con-
centrations of micronutrients or that
do better in certain grow mediums,
and if this is something that will have
a significant enough effect to be
worth worrying about.

Dear Chuckie,
Strains do have different nutri-
ent requirements. Sativa-dominant
strains tend to be lighter feeders
than indicas, meaning that they
need lower quantities (expressed
in ppm, or parts per million) of the
three main macronutrients—nitro-
gen, phosphorous and potassium—
as well as micronutrients.
Some strains, typically indi-
cas like Hash Plant and Grand
Daddy Purp, are big nitrogen hogs
and require heavier feeding than
hybrids or sativas. Also, some
strains prefer to be watered more
often than others. The best thing
you can do is to grow out a strain
many times in order to learn its
requirements and preferences. Once
you get to know a strain, you’ll
instinctively be able to process what

the plant is asking you for and how

much to provide in response.
132 Dear Danko High Times October 2017

Danko Tip: Never point a fan directly at your hanging branches after
harvest—the buds will dry out too quickly and burn improperly.

SUBJECT: Clear Plastic Cups

Drip systems
feed plants FROM: Hans
directly at their
roots. vI transplanted some clones into clear
plastic cups using Happy Frog potting soil
and Plant Success Granular to maximize
root growth. It’s been a couple of days,
and I have watered the clones as needed. I
noticed today, though, that there appears
to be a green moss or fungus developing
around the root-ball. Do you have any idea
what this is and what I might do to get rid
of it? Thank you very much.

Dear Hans,
What you’re seeing is algae that has
grown inside your container. The clear
plastic cups you’re using allow light to
reach the wet medium, creating the per-
fect conditions for this mossy mess to
develop and begin competing with your
plants for nutrients (as well as creating
a breeding ground for pests and harm-
ful molds). You should transplant your
clones immediately into larger, opaque
containers with plenty of soil mix. That
way, you’ll avoid the conditions that
allow algae to develop in your medium,
since it is by no means beneficial and can
be quite harmful to boot.

SUBJECT: Clones Won’t Root


vMy clones are only surviving at about a

30% rate. I use Dip Root hormone solution,
and I’ve tried putting them in several dif-
ferent kinds of mediums—rockwool cubes,
cotton cubes, Roto Rooter—but I still get
the same lousy survival rate. What advice
can you give me for more successful root-
SUBJECT: Drip Systems the roots receive. ing? I’m at my wit’s end.
FROM: Tick Tock
First, you need enough tubing to reach
all of the plants in your room. Drip sys- Dear NSL,
vI’ve heard of growers using individual lines tems are quite versatile, and you can The two most important factors in root-
to feed their plants drop by drop all day. customize them to fit almost any space ing clones are high humidity and heat
Is this effective, and if so, how would I go or number of plants. Cut the tubing in for the plants. Because your cuttings are
about setting up something like that for the lengths you need and secure a drip without roots in the beginning of the
myself? Thanks! emitter on the end of each piece. Then cloning process, they can only take in
firmly press the emitter into your grow- water through their cut ends and tran-
Dear TT, ing medium. Attach the reservoir end spire through their leaves, so they must
You’re referring to the hydroponic-grow- to your underwater pump and set the always be kept moist. A clear plastic lid
ing method known as the drip system, timer to drip as needed (typically about will create enough humidity inside a
in which tubing connected to each plant 10 minutes every two or three hours dur- cloning tray to raise your rate of success-
in your growroom draws liquid nutrient ing the “daytime” part of the light cycle). fully rooted clones. Cutting a couple of

solution from a central reservoir and dis- You will need to increase or decrease the quarter-sized holes in the clear lid will
penses it via drip emitters, which sit at feedings based on your plants’ size and keep enough air flowing to prevent mold
plant level and control how much water nutritional requirements. and rot in the root zone.
134 Dear Danko High Times October 2017

Danko Tip: Dead leaves and plant debris on floors are a breeding
ground for pests. Keep growroom surfaces clean at all times.

Never let your clones sit in a chilly medium or a cold nutri-

ent solution. (Even room temperature is too cold for proper
rooting.) Place a cheap electrical heating mat specifically made
for cloning underneath your tray; this will greatly increase
your success rate. Warmth encourages the cut ends to send out
roots so that, under the right conditions, you’ll soon have a
high percentage of young rooted clones ready to get bigger and

Use a sharp
blade when tak-
ing cuttings.

SUBJECT: Nutrients and Light

FROM: Salsa Verde

vVirtually every nutrient product I’ve seen has instructions on the

label saying to store them in a cool, dark place. But they aren’t kept
in the dark at grow stores, so what’s up with that? Also, does this
lead to a degradation of the products or lessen their effectiveness if
they’re stored in a non-dark area?

Dear Salsa,
The hope is that the grow store won’t have the product in stock
long enough to do any real damage to the nutes. The real prob-
lem arises when growers store their nutrients in their grow-
room, where they’re exposed to high-intensity discharge (HID)
lighting. Many times I’ve seen fertilizer bottles kept on a shelf
in a brightly lit grow space, and they will degrade quickly
under that scenario.
Some grow shops will show only display bottles and keep the
actual product in a dark back room, but these places are few
and far between. The best way to ensure that you’re buying a
fresh product that hasn’t sat on a store shelf for months under
fluorescent lighting or, God forbid, sunlight is to ask the clerk

if there are any sealed boxes of the nutrients you desire. Then,
once you get the bottles home, you should store them in a cool,
dark place for the best longevity.
136 Dear Danko High Times October 2017

Danko Tip: Every bend in your ducting slows down airflow, so keep it
straight, without any curves or sagging.

SUBJECT: Homemade Spider-Mite Spray state with zero tolerance for the green grow your own.
FROM: Craig K. (although our capital has working medical My first inclination is to advise you to
programs, something I still struggle to move to a safer location. Having seen how
vI’ve tried lots of ways to kill mites, and I’ve understand). After unfortunately losing easy it is to score cannabis flowers, con-
found that one tablespoon of lemon oil my connect to the Feds, I’ve had to resort centrates, tinctures, edibles and topicals
and one drop of dish soap mixed with a to other not-so-great means of trying to in states where marijuana laws have been
half-gallon of water works surprisingly obtain small amounts of bud. reformed, I can’t in good conscience rec-
well. Simply shake well, then spray until the Despite searching and shuffling through ommend that you stay in a place so strict,
leaves are drenched on top and underneath various online scam sites; attempting to deal harsh and unbending as Virginia. If relo-
as well as the stems. The plants don’t seem with bitcoin and the darker web sites and cation is at all possible, please consider a
to mind the spraying at all, and all the mites even awkwardly trying to spot the stoner- place like Colorado, Oregon, Washington
and eggs are dead the next day. Remember looking stereotype in my local rural camo- or any of the other states that have eased
to spray again after a few days to make sure hat-with-fishhook-type crowd, it has proven their cannabis laws. At the very least, visit
no bugs were able to hide from the first exceedingly difficult just to cop an eighth. one of those places to determine if a move
spraying. This solution is cheap and works I feel like I’m at my wit’s end, like I might would be in your best interests.
as well as or better than anything else I’ve as well go down to the local PD and ask If you insist on staying in Virginia or
tried. Please try it yourself, then help the how much it would cost to purchase a key are unable to leave due to circumstances,
masses out and pass the info along. to their evidence room. Thankfully, the you can try to grow your own. Just keep in
medical disorders I have aren’t as severe or mind that the law will not be sympathetic
Dear Craig, as life-threatening as some, but for fuck’s even if you’re taking it medicinally, so the
Thanks for the tip, and I will pass it sake, I’m just trying to get a little bud here, factors that are keeping you in Virginia
along to the readers! not heroin. With seemingly nowhere else to might become less important in the face of
turn, what would you do in my situation? possible legal consequences like stiff fines
SUBJECT: Can’t Find Bud
and/or prison time. And please do what-
Dear C.RUSH, ever you can to help change the laws where
Unless you can find a new connection, you live so that nobody has to deal with
vI live in Virginia, which is a not-so-friendly you basically have two choices: move or this type of distressful dilemma again. m
138 Psychedelicatessen High Times October 2017

made easy!

tbsp. molasses the chicken on the grill, skin-side

2 tbsp. dark-brown sugar down, and cook until lightly
1 Scotch bonnet pepper, charred on both sides, 12 to 16
roughly chopped minutes total. Brush the chicken
on both sides with the sauce and
1. Marinate the chicken: Whisk continue to cook, turning and
the oil, canna oil, garlic, salt basting often, until the chicken is
and jerk seasoning together in cooked through or an instant-
a large bowl. Add the chicken read thermometer inserted into
thighs and drumsticks and turn the thigh reads 160°F, about eight
to coat evenly with the mixture. minutes longer. Transfer to a plat-
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, ter and serve.
and refrigerate for at least eight
hours or overnight. Note: Since the chicken probably
won’t absorb all of the THC from
2. Make the tamarind barbecue the canna oil in the marinade,
sauce: Heat the coconut oil in a I use 1 tablespoon of the oil
medium saucepan over medium- for four servings instead of 2
high heat. Add the onion and teaspoons. If you like, add some
cook, stirring occasionally, until canna oil to the leftover barbe-
it starts to brown, two to three cue sauce (2 teaspoons for four
minutes. Reduce the heat to me- servings) and serve it alongside
dium and stir in the garlic, ginger, the chicken for dipping. m
chili powder, paprika, salt and
pepper, then cook, stirring, until
it is fragrant, about 30 seconds.
Stir in the tomato paste and cook,
stirring often, until the paste
darkens, about two minutes, then
deglaze the pan with ½ cup of

Jamaican Jerk Chicken water, stirring and scraping any

browned bits up from the bot-
tom of the pan. Stir in the diced
Make your marinated chicken the Marley way! tomatoes, tamarind concentrate,
By Cedella Marley mustard, honey, molasses and
brown sugar. Add the Scotch
You’re definitely going to get invited to a lot more parties if you show
bonnet pepper and reduce the
up with a platter of herb-boosted jerk chicken. Is there any dish at all heat to medium-low. Simmer
better for an outdoor summer gathering? I think not. The smell of gently, stirring occasionally, for
spicy jerk chicken grilling away stokes the appetite like no other (even 20 minutes. Cooking With Herb presents
if you don’t eat meat!). I make sure to buy chicken that was raised in cannabis cuisine with
humane and healthy conditions so I can feel good about what I am 3. Transfer the barbecue sauce to
authentic Jamaican flair,
giving my guests to put into their bodies. You can also grill up some a blender. Carefully pulse once or
including classic dishes like
jerk vegetables or serve plain vegetables with the extra barbecue twice to let off some steam, then
blend until smooth. Return to the this jerk-chicken recipe, as
sauce for your vegetarian friends. well as spicy patties, salt
saucepan and continue to cook
over medium-low heat, stirring fish, mango salads and
GRILLED JERK CHICKEN WITH Tamarind Barbecue Sauce occasionally, until the sauce other fresh, healthy fare en-
TAMARIND BARBECUE SAUCE 2 tbsp. coconut oil reduces a little and thickens joyed by the Marley family.
Serves four (5 mg THC per 1 medium red onion, quartered slightly, about 15 minutes. Pour Helpful instructions make
serving), with leftover barbecue 3 garlic cloves, smashed 1 cup of barbecue sauce into a it easy to dose your dishes
sauce. 1 tbsp. grated fresh ginger small bowl (refrigerate the rest of with THC, so all you have to
2 tbsp. chili powder the barbecue sauce for up to two
do is sit back and get irie!
Jerk Chicken 1 tbsp. smoked paprika weeks, or freeze 1-cup portions in
1 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil 2 tsp. fine sea salt resealable freezer bags for up to
or coconut oil 1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper six months).
1 tbsp. canna oil ¼ cup tomato paste Reprinted from Cooking With Herb
4 garlic cloves, minced 1 can (14 oz.) diced tomatoes 4. Make a medium-hot fire in a by arrangement with Pam Krauss
2 tbsp. jerk seasoning (with juices) charcoal grill, or heat a gas grill Books/Avery, a member of Penguin
¼ tsp. fine sea salt 3 tbsp. tamarind concentrate to medium. Grease the grill’s Group (USA) LLC, a Penguin Random
4 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs 2 tbsp. Dijon mustard grates using grilling tongs and House Company. Copyright © 2017,
4 organic chicken drumsticks 2 tbsp. honey a paper towel dipped in oil. Set Cedella Marley.
140 Ask Dr. Mitch High Times October 2017

Healthy Heads
Anxiety, crime, better
meditation and CBD vs THC.

Got a question for Dr. Mitch? Email him at 420research@gmail.com.

CBD can really take

the edge off
Ending pot prohibition is the
anxiety. right thing to do because it’s
immoral to penalize citizens
for owning a plant. Let’s not
expect it to fix every other
problem in the world, too.

Doesn’t cannabidiol turn into

THC in the stomach?
Buck Leadbelly

Hey Buck,
Nope. A study that used
Can cannabidiol really help with simulated stomach acid kind
anxiety? of found the result you men-
Jess Stress tion, but giving real CBD to
real people doesn’t lead to a
Hi Jess, detectable amount of THC in
For starters, anxiety responds real bodies. In one experi-
well to psychological treat- ment, researchers gave people
ments, so don’t hesitate to a total of 600 mg of CBD, and
go to abct.org to find a good the subjects never showed
therapist. (A few sessions can meaningful levels of THC in
work wonders!) Nevertheless, their blood.
CBD has shown consistent
anxiolytic effects in the lab.
We first saw CBD taking the I notice that friends of the plant
edge off THC-induced anxiety are more likely to experience
more than 30 years ago, so meaningful meditations. Any
I’m sure it could help folks research on this idea?
out in the real world if psy- Ma Hash Reeshi
chotherapy isn’t their thing.
Hey Ma,
Not exactly, but research
Is it true that getting rid of pro- does show that the personal
hibition gives law enforcement trait “absorption” seems to
more time to fight other crimes, be higher among cannabis
so the overall crime rate drops? users. People who score high
Bruce Wayne on absorption are more likely
to report vibrant memories,
Yo Bruce, vivid imaginations and get-
Have you noticed how canna- ting into altered states. So it
bis and cannabis-law reform wouldn’t surprise me if they
are expected to do more and had meaningful meditations,
more each year? Truth is, the but no one seems to have
states with decrim, recre- looked into that directly. m
ational or medical marijuana
report fewer property or Dr. Mitch Earleywine, PhD, is

violent crimes, but the dif- the author of Understanding

ferences haven’t reached Marijuana and The Parents’
statistical significance yet. Guide to Marijuana.
142 NORMLizer By Justin Strekal High Times October 2017

Stop Blocking Progress

Meet Steve Cook, the newest drug warrior in the Department of Justice.

Justin Strekal is the political director of NORML. Visit norml.org.

O YOU LIVE in a state that has is Cully Stimson, a senior legal fellow at Cook and Sessions are essentially in
reformed its marijuana laws? If the ultraconservative Heritage Founda- lock step advocating for the failed poli-
so, that’s increasingly normal: tion. Writing earlier this year, Stimson cies of the “Just Say No” era—policies
Eight states have enacted full legaliza- argued that the Justice Department, that resulted in the arrests of millions
tion, 30 have passed or implemented under President Trump’s new attorney of otherwise law-abiding citizens simply
medical marijuana programs, and 16 general, Jeff Sessions, should “rescind for possessing personal-use amounts of
have authorized the limited use of non- and replace” the Cole Memo “by reiterat- marijuana. With the majority of states
intoxicating CBD. ing that marijuana cultivation, distribu- now allowing and regulating some form
All of these laws have been liberalized tion, and sale are against federal law and of cannabis use, and with six out of 10
in the past 20 years under the continuing that while states may decriminalize pos- voters endorsing adult use, it makes no
umbrella of federal prohibition. While session of marijuana, they may not issue sense from a political, fiscal or cultural
there have been issues with particular licenses to sell it or commercialize it.” perspective to try to put this genie back
raids and seizures, the tensions caused This message has now been taken in the bottle.
by this disparity between state and up by Steve Cook, the associate deputy As the Justice Department contem-
federal marijuana laws have been eased attorney general fresh off completing plates its next move, state leaders are
over the last few years by what became the Justice Department’s new sentencing already taking action. Recently, Wash-
known as the Cole Memo. This Justice memo, which directs the nation’s federal ington Governor Jay Inslee (D), Colorado
Department memorandum, written by prosecutors to seek the steepest pos- Governor John Hickenlooper (D), Oregon
Deputy Attorney General James Cole in sible penalties for suspects charged with Governor Kate Brown (D) and Alaska
2013 and directed to the US Attorneys in drug crimes—reversing another Obama Governor Bill Walker (I) issued a letter to
all 50 states, instructed prosecutors not administration policy. This move will Attorney General Sessions and Treasury
to interfere with state legalization efforts send more people to prison for longer Secretary Seth Mnuchin calling on them
or those licensed to engage in the plant’s periods of time and is yet another step to uphold the Obama administration’s
production and sale, provided that such in the revival of failed Drug War policies hands-off policy toward marijuana legal-
persons did not sell marijuana to minors that engender disrespect for the law and ization, as outlined in the Cole Memo.
or divert the product to states that disproportionately affect communities It’s high time that members of Con-
have not legalized its use, among other of color. Cook has now been detailed to gress take action to align federal law
guidelines. the DOJ’s Task Force on Crime Reduction with the clear majority of public opinion.
But with the dawn of the Trump era, and Public Safety, which is charged with To add your voice to this fight, call your
the pot prohibitionists see their chance releasing new guidelines no later than representatives in Congress via the con-
to roll back this hard-won progress. One July 27 on a range of issues, including gressional switchboard at 202-224-3121,
prominent foe of marijuana-law reform marijuana. or e-mail them at norml.org/act. m

FREEDOM FIGHTER By Kevin Mahmalji, NORML national outreach coordinator

True Believer the hell this was happen- chemo to manage her Carolina NORML, and quickly found
Sonja Sutton discovered ing to me,” Sonja recalls. cancer. And while her herself taking a leadership role.
firsthand how cannabis “That’s when I realized doctors won’t publicly “NORML—the largest marijuana-
can save lives. cancer doesn’t discrimi- admit that cannabis advocacy organization in the
nate.” has helped, here she is, country—has a mission statement
As a firm believer in personal lib- As with most cancer 17 years later—one of the that I truly believe in,” Sonja says.
erty, Sonja Sutton always supported patients, the chemo caused rare survivors of this type of “Currently, I serve as the secretary
the idea of ending pot prohibition, Sonja to lose her appetite—and cancer. “Through my journey as a for North Carolina NORML and
but she never considered herself even though she was on a regimen cancer patient and survivor, I came NORML of the Piedmont Triad. I
a marijuana activist. However, all of pharmaceuticals, nothing helped to realize a variety of uses for have lobbied at the state capitol in
that changed in the spring of 2000, with the nausea. Taking matters cannabis and have become active support of marijuana-law reform,
after she received a diagnosis of into her own hands, she began in the reform of marijuana laws,” organized fundraisers and, most
terminal MFH sarcoma and began smoking cannabis and immedi- Sonja says. recently, spoke with Speaker of the
aggressive chemotherapy. “As I laid ately regained her appetite. Embracing her newfound pas- House Tim Moore on the issue. This
there watching the toxic chemicals Since then, Sonja has used a sion, Sonja immediately sought out plant saved my life, so I will forever
go into my chest, I wondered why combination of marijuana and volunteer opportunities with North be an activist.”
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148 Pix of the Crop High Times October 2017


Looking to choose what to pick
out for a night on the town. Looks like
I’m wearing green. Ras Brian



Hi, my name is Doren
and I’m a budtender
at Blackjack Collective in Las
Vegas, NV. Check out this Cook-
ies & Cream from Green Life
Productions. @dorenmalik


Here’s a shot of my personal
Bubba Kush x Grand Daddy Purple cross
pheno #1. Peace! J.D./A.K.A. Cola Monster
NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW YORK Fax: 405 231-0233 W. Benjamin McClain, Fax:214.969.0258
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National College for DUI 214.526.1900
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150 Next Month On Sale
Sept. 5 th
November 2017 Don’t Miss It!

ZThe Urban Growroom

Danny Danko describes the unique aspects of cannabis cultivation
for city dwellers, especially those living in condos or apartments
where odor control and sound suppression are of the utmost impor-
tance. Learn tips and tricks on how to survive and thrive while
growing in an urban environment.  

ZBrave New Therapeutic World

High Times examines the rapidly changing landscape of psychedelic-
assisted therapy and the emergence of exciting research into alter-
native healing methods.

Z2017 Midwest Cup

Strains and chefs and Nelly, oh my! We return to the Auto City
Speedway in Clio, Michigan, for our 2017 Midwest Cannabis Cup.
Read all about the fierce competition, incredible installations,
endless freebies and dope musical acts that proved to be the
real Fire Festival!

ZDrugged Soldiers
High Times investigates disturbing reports that the Pentagon is
pumping soldiers full of drugs to keep fighters on the battlefield. We
examine the duplicity of the federal government’s harsh Drug War
mentality regarding civilians while it recklessly pushes prescription
drugs on combat troops.
156 If you're stoned, it's time for . . . High Times October 2017

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