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OFFICER-SALES ,(Emp No. 58946 )

Axis Bank Ltd. .

Dear Sir

Acceptance of Resignation

With reference to your resignation letter dated November 25, 2013 , we advise that your resignation from the Bank's
service is being processed and will be accepted, subject to your fulfilling the following conditions:

1. You ensure that all books of accounts, laptops, library books, records, registers, documents including the
Power of Attorney, if any, passwords etc. whether manual or in computerized form which are in your custody
and the keys which are in your possession are handed over to an authorized official to the latter's full
satisfaction and against proper acknowledgement.

Please note that this is not a relieving letter. Your resignation will be deemed to be accepted and you will
stand to be relieved from the Bank's service as at the close of business on February 25, 2014 , only after
complying with the terms & conditions mentioned in above.

All dues to the bank will have to be paid before the last working day and not adjusted against salary receivable after
last working day. Relieving letter will be issued only after settlement of all dues.

Please note that as per the ESOP Scheme of the Bank if an employee who has been granted options, resigns from
the services of the Bank he/she has to exercise the options already vested on him/her within three months of his/her
relieving date. If exercise of options is not made within a period of three months of the relieving date of the employee,
the unexercised options will lapse thereafter.

You are advised of your continuing obligations under the banking secrecy provisions to keep secret all transactions
which have come to your knowledge while in the service of the Bank.

The following forms will have to be completed and submitted by you:-

1. Letter addressed to the Trustees, Provident Fund of the Axis Bank Ltd.
2. Separation Questionnaire form to be filled and forwarded directly to us by you in a sealed envelope.
3. Confirmation from various authorities as mentioned in 'Compliance Form'.
4. Superannuation Form Shall be filled up by eligible employees Only.

Yours faithfully,

Vice President-HR
Central Office

Copy to:Branch Head

1. Kindly arrange to credit the recoveries to SL Recovery from staff account no.004012910140 with proper
narration.(Emp No. / Head of Recovery) under advise to us.
2. F&F Calculation sheet is available on ESS TSR Darashaw site.