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Glossary Kamayan Salo-Salo

~ Dine with your hands ~

“We eat together”
The menus items are in their native tongue and it’s our Come in and celebrate the tradition of Kamayan -
pleasure to translate. If you prefer to guide your own path, “Eat with your hands.” No plates or cutlery, just a beautiful Asian Journey ~ Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu served
please refer to the glossary on the table. array of food plated on banana leaves. Our Kamayan dinner Family Style
offers a Filipino experience that leaves you licking your fingers. (Coming Soon)
!"#-Salamat “Masarap” Private Room
감사합니다 Gamsahamnida Sunday-Thursday 7:00
!"#$% Khob kun Friday & Saturday 6:00 and 8:30
Website for tickets | reservations

751 wharf street washington dc • kaliwadc.com

Philippines Korea Thailand

Adobong Manok Banchan
 Kaeng Daeng ~ Pu

Chicken, Garlic, Bayleaf, Vinegar $16 House Pickled and Fermented Vegetables $10 Red Curry, Blue Crab $20

Lechon Kawali Bibimbap (v) Kaeng Panaeng ~ Moo-Sam-Chan

Pork Belly, Mang Tomas $24 Pickled Vegetables, Rice, Gochujang $19 Panang Curry, Pork Belly $18

Kinilaw na Hamachi Jae Yuk Gui
 Nuer Pad Prik

* Raw Fish, Calamansi, Chili $18 Pork Belly, Gochujang $18 Beef, Green Pepper $19

Filipino Street BBQ Jjampong Pla ~ Tord Prik Takrai

Pork Belly, Banana Ketchup $15 Seafood, Shellfish, Egg Noodle $20 Whole Fried Fish, Chili, Lemongrass $22

Lumpiang Shanghai Hoe-Deop-Bap
 Nuer Yang Naam Jim Jaew

Pork and Shrimp Fried Roll $13 * Raw Fish, Avocado, Gochujang, Lettuce $15 Grilled Ribeye, Jaew $18

Kalderetang Cordero Yukhoe
 Hoi Pad Tao-Jiew

Braised Lamb Shoulder, Vegetables, Chili $21 * Raw Beef, Chili, Pine Nut, Crisp Tendon $14 Clams, Black Beans $14

Pancit Canton Yangnyeom Dak Pad Tua Faak Yaow

Egg Noodles, Shrimp, Green Onion, Crackling $16 Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich $14 Stir Fried Green Beans $8

Inasal na Manok Pogi-Yangnyeom-Gui
 Pad Pak Ruam

Grilled Half Chicken, Lemongrass, Annatto $20 Grilled Porgy, Sesame, Soy, Gochu Garu $18 Stir Fried Greens $8

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish

or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. Please be advised that food prepared here
may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, fish, and shellfish.