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AP Literature Poetry Rubric 180 38 Persuasive discussion and convincing analysis of poet’s use of poetic devices and how they convey ‘meaning. Consistent and effective control over elements of composition. Language appropriate to the analysis of poetry. Textual references are apt and specific. Perceptive analysis. Sophisticated writ o 76 Reasonable discussion and reasonable analysis of poetic devices and how they convey meaning. Less thorough or less precise in their discussion of author's use of poetic devices than 8/9. ‘Analysis of relationship between devices and meaning is less convincing than 8/9. Expresses ideas clearly. Makes references to the text. 7 has better developed analysis and more consistent command of the elements of effective composition hana 6. | © Plausible discussion and plausible analysis of poet’s use of poetic devices and how they convey meaning, 0. Superfcia in discussion, 0 agve. , . 7 rormiaie. SHOWS organization is present (Minimally supported by references to the text. CO Relies on paraphrase. Minor misinterretation ofthe poem 1 Has some control of language but possesses surface errors. Not well conceived 1 Not well organized. 0_Not well developed. pocooojsooo00 34 {1 fails to offer an adequate analysis of the poem. Partial analysis. B_Unconvincing analysis. 1D Ignores the poet's use of poetic devices to convey meaning. 1D Ignores the meaning of the work. D._Evidence from poems slight. Evidence is misconstrued. Only paraphrases. 1D Writing lacks control over conventions of composition. 1D. Inadequate develop of ideas. O Accumulation of errors 1 Focusis unclear. 1 Focusis inconsistent. 1D Focus is repetitive Contains a significant misreading. G_inept writing - 'DSome attempt was made to respond to prompt. Uitte clarity. Uitte organization. 11 Uttle support from the poem. 1. Serious errors in grammar and mechanics, D Complete misreading D_Unacceptably brief. O._Uttle coherent discussion of the poem