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Dissertations 2015/16

Surname Name Title

Agius David Behavioural Biases in Investments amongst the Maltese Population

Agius Ryan Comparing Different Methods for the Maltese Property Price Index
Aquilina Joshua Studying the Implication of Financial Innovation on the Profit Performance of Banks in Malta
Attard Luke Asset Quality Review: Its Impact on the Banking System in Malta
Attard Maria Graziella Reputational Risk Management in Local Credit Institutions
Azzopardi Denise Factors Influencing the Use of Mobile Banking: Malta as a Case Study
Azzopardi Frankie The Wealth Management Industry in Malta: Services Offered by Banks and other Financial Providers
Baena Medina Clementina Financial Aspects of Maltese Basketball
Bartolo Liona The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Risk Management
Bartolo Diana The Future of Crowdfunding in Malta
Bezzina Mark Evaluating the Past Returns of Investments Listed on the Malta Stock Exchange
Bickle Paul The Choice of Equity Financing Over Debt Financing of Maltese Companies
Borg Andrew An Analysis of the Implications of an Islamic Stock Exchange Index Based in Malta
Brincat Diane Forecasting the Stock Market Using Statistical and Time Series Techniques
Calleja Nigel Analysis of the Icelandic, Irish and Cypriot Financial Crisis.
Camilleri Maria National Culture and Dividend Policy - A Study of the Top 100 Global Companies
Camilleri Michelle Georgette Credit Risk Management: A Study of the Impact on Maltese Licensed Banks
Camilleri Andy Paul An In-Depth Analysis of the Spanish Financial Crisis
A Business Contiuity Plan Maturity Index: A Comparative Study of the Maltese Licensed Financial Services
Caruana Amandine Firms
Assessing the Levels of AML and CFT Risk Ecountered by Various Subject Persons. How is this Being Mitigated
Caruana Mandy and Managed?
Cassar Brendon Spotting a Price Bubble using Digital Signal Processing Methods
Cini Marija Developing a New Bond Index for the Local Market
Cluett Christian The Third Generation Curse: Family Businesses in Malta and their Principal Agent Theory
Ellul Denise Strategies Adopted by Banks to Attract Young Customers
Fenech Andrew Setting up an AIF in Europe: A Comparison of National Maturities
The Pension System in Malta: How can we solve the problem by amending the National Insurance brackets?
Francalanza Adrian

Galdes Veronica Funding and Liquidity Requirements Under CRD IV: Exploring the Impact on Malta's Credit Institutions
Gauci Borda Daniela Critical Success Factors in Mergers and Acquisitions - An Agency Theory Perspective
Grima Shirelle The Development State of the Investment Fund Industry in Malta
Lashko Al Balushi Omar A Critique of the Credit Rating Industry
Mifsud Laura The Second Market Abuse Directive (MAD II): A Study of its Impact on Malta's Financial Sector
Mifsud Gabriella Understanding the Common Reporting Standard; Implications and the Way Forward
Mifsud Mario The Implementation of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation in Malta: A Critical Analysis
Naudi Andrea An Analysis of the Macro-Prudential Tools and their Impact on Malta
Pace Donna Customers' Perceptions Towards Online Banking Services in Malta
Pisani Jeanette Robo-Advisors: An Emerging Disruptive Force in the Wealth Management Industry
Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Non-Performing Loans: An Empirical Study of Commercial
Pullicino Katya Banks in Malta, Italy, Spain, France and UK
Saliba Ian An Early Warning System for Bitcoin Prices
Saliba Stefano The Effects of Company Announcements on Bond Prices Listed on A Stock Exchange
Sammut Andrew PML: Designing a Maturity Index For Local Banks
Sammut Alessi David The Impact of the AIFM Directive on the Maltese Financial Sector
A Critical Analysis of Compliance by Local Banks with Measures for the Prevention of Money Laundering and
Schembri Janice Funding of Terrorism
Scicluna Nicole The Changes which were undertaken by the Maltese Banking Sector Due to the 2007-08 Financial Crisis
Spiteri Luana Sponsorships as Part of the Maltese Banks' Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Tabone James A Critical Analysis of the Impact of the Single Supervisory Mechanism on the Supervision of Malta's Banks
Theuma Joana An Empirical Analysis on the Socio-Demographic Factors Influencing the Adoption of Internet Banking

A Foresight Analysis on the Effectiveness of the European Fund for Strategic Investments on Growth and
Vella Karl Investment in Europe
Vella Svetlana Measuring the Path Towards a Cashless Society: The Maltese Perspective
Xiberras Elena The Challenges of Effective Bank Risk Management - A Local Perspective

Risk Tolerance: Comparison between Maltese and Gozitan Investor's Perceptions When Investing in Financial
Zammit Brandon Shaun Instruments Issued in Malta