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1. Title: 2012 Logline: Centers on the apocryphal date that the world is supposed to end on.

Writers: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser Agency: CAA Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Prod. Co: Centropolis Entertainment Price: $3M Genre: Action Disaster Date: 2/21/2008
Notes: Bidding war.

2. Title: Pierre Pierre Logline: A self-indulgent French nihilist transports a stolen painting from
Paris to London. Writers: Edwin Cannistraci, Frederick Seton Management: Category 5
Entertainment Studio: Fox Atomic Prod. Co: Escape Artists Price: $1M Genre: Comedy Date:
3/6/2008 Notes: Bidding war.

3. Title: Galahad Logline: After Lady Guinevere murders King Arthur and frames his most
loyal knight for the crime, the knight is forced to use the secret passages built into the walls of
Camelot to evade her agents while he gathers evidence and allies to depose the false Queen.
Writer: Ryan J. Condal Agency: WMA Management: Energy Prod. Co: Film Department
Price: Mid-six figures Genre: Action Thriller Date: 3/7/2008

4. Title: Animals Logline: All the world’s animals turn on humans and take back the planet.
Writer: Mike Sobel Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co: Original Film Price: Mid-six figures
Genre: Disaster Date: 3/7/2008

5. Title: The Low Dweller Logline: Set in Indiana in the mid-1980s, a man is released after
serving years in prison for murder, and wants only to follow through on his promise to marry his
long-suffering girlfriend. That is, until he discovers that his loser brother has been murdered after
getting involved in a seedy Midwestern gambling racket. While the man did time for a murder he
couldn’t avoid, he decides he can’t skip out on his obligation to avenge his brother’s murder.
Writer: Brad Ingelsby Agency: WMA Management: Energy Prod. Co: Relativity Media
Price: $650,000 against $1.1M Genre: Drama Thriller Date: 3/20/2008

6. Title: The Long Run Logline: A journalist helps exonerate a highly charismatic death row
inmate of a crime he didn’t commit. When the former inmate is recruited to run for elected
office, the journalist leaves his post to orchestrate his rise to political prominence but soon faces
a crisis of conscience as he discovers that his friend might be guilty of murder after all. Writer:
Stephen Belber Agency: ICM Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co: Overbrook Entertainment
Price: Low seven figures Genre: Drama Date: 3/24/2008 More: Preemptive purchase.

7. Title: C.O.D Logline: A New York City bike messenger becomes a puppet in an assassin’s
deadly game, forced to deliver bombs to save his family’s life. A female FBI agent with a
vendetta against the villain must work outside the system to catch the messenger and solve the
case before it takes on global implications. Writer: Lars Jacobson Agency: Original Artists
Studio: DreamWorks Pictures Prod. Co: Josephson Entertainment Price: Mid-six figures
Genre: Action Thriller Date: 3/24/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

8. Title: Imaginary Friends Logline: N/A Writers: Cornelius Uliano, Bryan Schulz Studio:
DreamWorks Pictures Price: Six-figure Genre: Fantasy Adventure Date: 3/26/2008 Notes:
Preemptive purchase. First sale for both writers.
9. Title: Janky Promoters Logline: Two music promoters get the chance to book a top-tier hip-
hop artist into a midsized California venue. The pair are ill equipped for such a task and
everything goes wrong. Writer: Ice Cube Agency: WMA Management: The Firm Prod. Co:
Dimension Films Genre: Comedy Date: 3/27/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

10. Title: Underage Logline: A man in his mid- to late 20s goes home with a young woman he’s
met in a bar. Later, he discovers she’s only 17 — a fact that allows her to blackmail him into
being her boyfriend for the next six months, so she can exact revenge on her ex-boyfriend.
Writer: Scott Neustadter, Michael Weber Agency: CAA Management: Kaplan/Perrone
Entertainment Studio: DreamWorks Pictures Prod. Co: Montecito Picture Company Price:
$500,000 against $900,000 Genre: Comedy Date: 3/27/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

11. Title: Hereafter Logline: A drama centered on three people — a blue-collar American, a
French journalist and a London school boy — who are touched by death in different ways.
Writer: Peter Morgan Agency: UTA Studio: DreamWorks Pictures Prod. Co:
Kennedy/Marshall Company Price: Low-seven figures against mid-seven figures Genre:
Thriller Date: 3/28/2008

12. Title: Plan B Logline: A single woman turns to artificial insemination to answer her ticking
biological clock only to meet the man of her dreams on the same day as her positive pregnancy
test results. Writer: Kate Angelo Agency: UTA Prod. Co: CBS Films Genre: Romantic
Comedy Date: 4/1/2008

13. Title: Man and Wife Logline: A professional killer must pretend to be an ordinary husband
to his wife who learns to love him in a totally unexpected way. Writer: Alan McElroy Agency:
Hohman Maybank Lieb Management: Circle of Confusion Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Prod. Co: Winter Road Entertainment Price: Mid-six figures Genre: Action Thriller Date:
4/2/2008 Notes: Bidding war.

14. Title: Self-Guided Logline: A man magically goes back to high school as a guidance
counselor to give advice to his younger self. Writer: Jared Stern Agency: WMA Management:
Industry Entertainment Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Prod. Co: Mandeville Films Price: Mid-
six against high-six figures Genre: Fantasy Date: 4/3/2008

15. Title: Hungry Rabbit Jumps Logline: Described as being in the vein of “The Game”.
Writer: Robert Tannen Agency: Featured Artists Agency Management: Shuman Company
Prod. Co: Endgame Entertainment Genre: Drama Thriller Date: 4/4/2008

16. Title: Treehouse Gang Logline: Four friends, known for their treasure-hunting abilities as
kids, meet up at their high school reunion and join forces for one last adventure while tackling
10-year-old grudges. Writer: Timothy Dowling Agency: Endeavor Studio: Warner Bros. Prod.
Co: Heyday Films Price: $750,000 against $1.5M Genre: Adventure Comedy Date: 4/4/2008
Notes: Bidding war.

17. Title: The Widow’s Adventure Logline: Two widowed sisters embark on an unlikely trip
from Chicago to Los Angeles, setting off an odyssey of revelation and reconciliation. Writer:
Jason Pomerance Agency: Gersh Prod. Co: Gold Circle Films Genre: Drama Comedy Date:
4/4/2008 Notes: Based on the novel by Charles Dickinson.

18. Title: Smash Logline: A rebellious teen moves to a suburban Midwest town, soon finding
himself racing and smashing up fast cars with a fast crowd. Writer: Aaron Philson Brown
Management: Luber/Roklin Prod. Co: New Regency Productions Price: Low-six figure
Genre: Teen Action Date: 4/9/2008 Notes: First time sale for writer.

19. Title: Thundercade Logline: A videogame junkie faces a midlife crisis when he discovers a
young punk has beaten the world record he has held since his teens. Determined to reclaim his
place in gaming history, he and two friends escape their 9-to-5 lives for a shot to win
Thundercade, the world’s ultimate gaming championship. Writer: Ernie Cline Management:
Farah Management Prod. Co: Lakeshore Entertainment Group Genre: Comedy Date: 4/9/2008

20. Title: Man Under Logline: A dysfunctional family comes together again when photographs
taken of them become the centerpiece of a MOMA exhibition, giving them newfound celebrity.
Writer: Ann Cherkis Agency: WMA Studio: Miramax Films Prod. Co: Scott Rudin
Productions Price: Low- to mid-six figures Genre: Comedy Date: 4/9/2008

21. Title: Court Appointed Attorney Logline: With the help of his client, a shy public defender
becomes a Johnnie Cochran type attorney. Writers: Brent Askari, Chum Langhorne Agency:
Paradigm Management: Brucks/McDonald Entertainment Prod. Co: Our Stories Films Genre:
Comedy Date: 4/10/2008

22. Title: Freshly Popped Logline: A teenage girl, working at movie theater, tries to decide to
whom she wants to lose her virginity. Writer: Megan Parsons Agency: Paradigm Management:
Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment Prod. Co: Overture Films Genre: Teen Comedy Date: 4/10/2008

23. Title: Battle: Los Angeles Logline: A Marine platoon battles an alien invasion which starts
in Santa Monica and heads east toward Los Angeles on the city streets. Writer: Chris Bertolini
Agency: Endeavor Management: Greenlit Management Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co:
Original Film Genre: Science Fiction Date: 4/11/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

24. Title: Bobism Logline: A shy college student discovers that life in 1,000 years will be based
on his blog. Writer: Ben Wexler Agency: Endeavor Management: 3 Arts Entertainment
Studio: MGM Prod. Co: Contrafilm Genre: Comedy Date: 4/11/2008

25. Title: Parents Weekend Logline: A college freshman, secretly attending art school, must
convince his parents he’s still enrolled in the college of their dreams. Writer: Barry Schwartz
Agency: WMA Management: Fuse Entertainment Prod. Co: Kopelson Entertainment Price:
Mid-six figures Genre: Comedy Date: 4/14/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

26. Title: Beaujolais Logline: Centers on a treasure-hunting adventurer. Writers: Mike Arnold,
Chris Poole Agency: CAA Management: Principato-Young Entertainment Studio: Twentieth
Century Fox Prod. Co: Conundrum Entertainment Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Date:
4/16/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.
27. Title: Iron Jack Logline: Set in the 1930s, a renowned novelist goes on a quest for a
legendary treasure. Writer: Johnny Rosenthal Agency: Paradigm Management: Foursight
Entertainment Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co: Broken Road Productions Price: $1.25M
against $2M Genre: Action Adventure Date: 4/18/2008 Notes: Bidding war.

28. Title: Zookeeper Logline: A zoo full of animals break the code of silence to help a down-on-
his-luck zookeeper get the woman of his dreams by introducing the secret mating habits of their
species. Writers: Jay Scherick, David Ronn Agency: ICM Studio: MGM Prod. Co: Broken
Road Productions Price: $2M against $3M Genre: Comedy Date: 4/22/2008

29. Title: Winter’s Discontent Logline: Herb Winter’s wife dies after 50 years of marriage,
prompting the long-faithful but sexually frustrated widower to move into a retirement
community with his best buddy so the two can start living the swinging single life. Writer: Paul
Fruchbom Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co: Atlas Entertainment Price: Low-six figures
Genre: Comedy Date: 4/22/2008

30. Title: The Heretic Logline: A fallen priest-turned-hitman is sent by a rogue archbishop to
assassinate Martin Luther, only to discover that not everyone is telling the truth. Writer: Javier
Rodriguez Management: Mad Hatter Entertainment Prod. Co: Phoenix Pictures Genre:
Adventure Thriller Date: 4/23/2008

31. Title: Hot for Teacher Logline: Three high school boys vow to have sex before they
graduate, and one of the teens plots to seduce a hot teacher. Writer: Jay Dyer Agency: CAA
Studio: Paramount Pictures Prod. Co: Bad Robot Genre: Drama Comedy Date: 4/25/2008

32. Title: Drill Team Logline: Set in the competitive world of high school drill teams, two rival
sisters lead their competing high schools to the national championships. Writer: Gregory
Anderson Agency: Endeavor Management: Underground Management Prod. Co: Rogue
Pictures Price: Low-six figures Genre: Teen Drama Date: 4/25/2008 Notes: Preemptive

33. Title: Brigadier Gerard Logline: Set during the 1800s, Etienne Gerard is a Hussar in the
French Army during the Napoleonic Wars. His most notable attribute is his vanity – he is utterly
convinced that he is the bravest soldier, greatest swordsman, accomplished horseman and gallant
lover in all France. The man is not entirely wrong since he displays notable bravery on many
occasions, but his self-satisfaction undercuts this quite often. Obsessed with honor and glory, he
is always ready with a stirring speech or a gallant remark to a lady. Writer: John Altschuler,
Dave Krinksy Agency: Endeavor Management: 3 Arts Entertainment Prod. Co: Media Rights
Capital Genre: Comedy Date: 4/28/2008 Notes: Based on a series of short stories by Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle, which were originally published in “The Strand” magazine between December
1894 and September 1903.

34. Title: Arena Logline: A group of modern-day soldiers are mysteriously transported from the
thick of battle to a terrain-shifting landscape where they must fight the best warriors of all
different eras and histories in a gladiatorial fight to the death — or be killed by the all powerful
operators of the “Arena.” Writers: Toby Wagstaff, Darren Howell Management: Original
Content Prod. Co: Summit Entertainment Genre: Supernatural Action Thriller Date: 4/28/2008

35. Title: Dumped Logline: Two lifelong friends experience a difficult “breakup” after one
suddenly embraces adulthood while the other refuses to let go of his careless bachelor lifestyle.
Writer: Scott Rothman Agency: CAA Management: Benderspink Studio: Columbia Pictures
Prod. Co: De Luca Productions Price: Low-six figures Genre: Drama Comedy Date:

36. Title: Executive VP David M. Murch’s Adventures in Zamethera Logline: A cold-hearted

investment banker gets a chance to revisit the forgotten, magical land of his childhood
imagination and must turn to his estranged 10-year-old son for help to save the land. Writers:
Michael M.B., Galvin Peter Speakman Agency: Paradigm Studio: MGM Prod. Co: Jim Wedaa
Price: $850,000 against $1.35M Genre: Comedy Fantasy Date: 5/1/2008 Notes: Preemptive

37. Title: Dan Mintner: Badass for Hire Logline: A man, who’s earned every military award,
discovers that his billionaire mentor and father figure has been kidnapped. Writer: Chad
Kultgen Agency: CAA Management: MXN Studio: New Line Cinema Prod. Co: Contrafilm
Price: $500,000 against $1M Genre: Comedy Date: 5/2/2008

38. Title: The Ditch Logline: Set in the future, a super maximum-security prison has been
constructed on Jupiter’s moon where Earth’s worst criminals are incarcerated. When a prison
guard’s family is taken hostage, he is coerced into helping the facility’s most notorious terrorist,
a man who was scheduled to be executed that day, escape. Writer: Sascha Penn Agency: CAA
Management: Madhouse Entertainment Studio: Warner Bros. Prod. Co: Madhouse
Entertainment Genre: Action Date: 5/5/2008

39. Title: The Knights Templar Logline: The Knights Templar, fresh from the Crusades, are
forced to fend off an invading vampire army set on destroying the Holy Grail. Writers: Adam
Torchia, Justin Stanley Agency: Bohrman Agency Management: Sleeping Giant Entertainment
Studio: Universal Pictures Prod. Co: Platt Productions Genre: Horror Action Date: 5/6/2008

40. Title: Little Big War Logline: A family must band together to fight action figures that come
to life and go on the attack. Writers: Jay Longino, Michael Browning Agency: ICM
Management: Roar Entertainment Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Prod. Co: New Regency
Productions Genre: Family Action Comedy Date: 5/7/2008

41. Title: Shared Fare Logline: A girl splits a cab fare with a total stranger and they end up in
love. Writer: Stacey Harman Agency: UTA Management: Benderspink Studio: DreamWorks
Prod. Co: Varsity Pictures Genre: Romantic Comedy Date: 5/12/2008 Notes: Based on the
true-life experience of Langley Perer, Benderspink’s director of development.

42. Title: Permission Logline: A husband and wife give each other permission to cheat on their
separate weekend vacations. When one does and the other doesn’t, everything changes when
they come home. Writer: Karen McCullah Lutz Agency: Paradigm Management: Jaret
Entertainment Prod. Co: CBS Films Genre: Comedy Date: 5/20/2008

43. Title: Untitled Matthew Michael Carnahan Project Logline: Follows the fates of a trio of
childhood friends from Chicago’s South Side. Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan Agency:
Endeavor Prod. Co: Mandate Pictures Price: Mid-six against high-six figures Genre: Crime
Drama Date: 5/20/2008

44. Title: Broken City Logline: Set in NYC, a former cop-turned-P.I., attempts to turn his life
around but finds himself thrust in the middle of the seedy backroom politics of a corrupt mayoral
election. Writer: Brian Tucker Prod. Co: Mandate Pictures Genre: Drama Date: 5/20/2008
Notes: Preemptive purchase, first-timer.

45. Title: Untitled Wendy Diane Miller Project Logline: A college student takes on a summer
internship and finds himself trapped in a dangerous affair with the boss’s wife. Writer: Wendy
Diane Miller Management: Luber/Roklin Prod. Co: Relativity Media, De Luca Productions
Genre: Thriller Romance Date: 5/21/2008 Notes: First sale for writer.

46. Title: Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Logline: A drunk, middle-aged reporter and a
teenager bond while finding themselves somehow pitted against a group of fanatical protesters.
Writer: Adam Sachs Management: Energy Prod. Co: Lionsgate, Broken Road Productions
Genre: Comedy Date: 5/24/2008

47. Title: Wedding Banned Logline: A long-divorced couple kidnap their daughter on her
wedding day to keep her from making the mistake of her life. The divorced parents rekindle their
relationship as they elude cops and the angry groom. Writers: Jack Amiel, Michael Begler
Agency: WMA Management: Anonymous Content Studio: Touchstone Pictures Prod. Co:
Mandeville Films Price: $850,000 against $1.6 million Genre: Comedy Date: 5/28/2008 Notes:
Preemptive purchase.

48. Title: Frat Chance Logline: A nerd’s full-boat scholarship hinges on his joining a fraternity
Writers: Sam Elhag, Rex Perez Prod. Co: National Lampoon Genre: Comedy Date: 5/30/2008

49. Title: The Harvard Zombie Massacre Logline: After Harvard is overrun by the undead,
America’s most brilliant minds must fend off America’s most brilliant zombies. Writers: Dan
Hernandez, Benji Samit Agency: Preferred Artists Prod. Co: Parallel Zide Genre: Comedy
Horror Date: 6/3/2008

50. Title: Roundtable Logline: Merlin assembles a bunch of modern-day knights to battle a
resurrected ancient evil, only to discover that today’s knights are all washed-up athletes,
cowardly scientists or Academy Award-winning actors. Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Agency:
CAA Studio: DreamWorks Prod. Co: Parkes-MacDonald Productions Price: $650,000 against
$1M Genre: Supernatural Comedy Date: 6/5/2008

51. Title: Raindrops All Around Me Logline: A socially inept high school teacher learns to
“dumb it down” in order to fit in with the people around him. Writers: Reed Agnew, Eli Jorne
Agency: ICM Management: Underground Management Studio: Universal Pictures Prod. Co:
Red Hour Films Price: Mid-six against high-six figures Genre: Comedy Date: 6/12/2008

52. Title: Science Fair Logline: At a school science fair, all the kid’s projects — from papier-
mâché volcanoes to fungus — come to life. Writer: John Sullivan Agency: ICM Management:
Energy Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Prod. Co: Broken Road Productions Price: $275,000
against $575,000 Genre: Family Adventure Date: 6/16/2008 Notes: Bidding war.

53. Title: High School Logline: After getting high with the school stoner and facing a drug test,
a high school valedictorian makes what seems like the only logical decision: getting the entire
school stoned so he can beat the test by making everyone fail. Writers: John Stahlberg Jr.,
Stephen Susco Agency: CAA Management: Evolution Management Prod. Co: Parallel Zide
Genre: Comedy Date: 6/16/2008

54. Title: It’s Me, Not You Logline: A woman, who gets paid to break people up, is forced to
become a matchmaker when new competition muscles her out of the break-up business. Now, in
order to save her company and keep her high-priced wardrobe, she’ll have to rely on her old
nemesis: love. Writer: Patrick A. O’Connor Management: Will Entertainment Prod. Co:
Triumphant Pictures, Legacy Filmworks, Dee Group Price: Low-six figures Genre: Romantic
Comedy Date: 6/18/2008

55. Title: The Family Bond Logline: A girl goes on an adventure to rescue her mother with the
father she never knew she had, a Bond-like spy. Writer: Jeff Lowell Agency: UTA
Management: Management 360 Studio: Universal Pictures Prod. Co: Platt Productions, Marc
Millar/Gough Ink Genre: Adventure Date: 6/20/2008

56. Title: Le Car Logline: A “found film” made in the 1980s reveals that a group of CIA agents
tried to foil a plot by an evil car aiming to detonate an H-bomb at the Winter Olympics in Lake
Placid, N.Y. Writers: Wayne McClammy, Will Burke Agency: Paradigm Management: Rain
Management Group Studio: MGM Prod. Co: Temple Hill Productions Genre: Comedy Date:

57. Title: Close Far Away Logline: Five parallel stories, set in Europe, Africa and the U.S,
follow individuals who are put in vulnerable situations and whose actions carry both personal
and global consequences. Writer: Jens Assur Agency: CAA Prod. Co: Mandate Pictures, Film
Rites Genre: Thriller Date: 6/26/2008

58. Title: War of Gods Logline: Set in war-torn ancient Greece, a young warrior prince Theseus
leads his men in a battle against evil that will see the gods fighting with soldiers against demons
and titans. Writers: Charley Parlapanides, Vlas Parlapanides Agency: WMA Management:
Underground Management Prod. Co: Relativity Media, Canton Company, Hollywood Gang
Productions Genre: Epic War Drama Date: 6/27/2008

59. Title: Substitution Logline: An emotional high school senior becomes embroiled in a
murder plot that is being masterminded by his substitute teacher. Writer: Ian Shorr Agency:
CAA Management: Benderspink Studio: Warner Bros. Prod. Co: Alcon Entertainment,
Charlie Company Genre: Thriller Date: 7/10/2008

60. Title: Inside Passage Logline: A young couple’s honeymoon aboard a luxury yacht is
turned upside down when they come across a murder at sea. Writer: Jonathan W.C. Mills
Management: Caliber Media Prod. Co: Gold Circle Films, Raygun Productions, Untitled
Entertainment Genre: Thriller Date: 7/14/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

61. Title: Tehran Logline: An American professor is contracted by the federal government to
observe tensions in pre-coup Tehran in 1977. He realizes that Iran is rife with political danger
and his viewpoint is backed up when he falls in love with an Iranian girl whose brother is a
member of the secret police. Writer: Richard Regen Agency: Gersh Management: Circle of
Confusion Studio: Universal Pictures Prod. Co: Imagine Entertainment Genre: Drama Date:

62. Title: Going the Distance Logline: A couple tries to maintain a long-distance relationship
while one lives in Chicago and the other resides in Los Angeles. Writer: Geoff LaTulippe
Studio: New Line Cinema Genre: Romantic Comedy Date: 7/21/2008

63. Title: The Roommate Logline: Sara and Rebecca are assigned to be roommates in their
freshman dorm. Things start off great but turn deadly as Rebecca begins to target people in
Sara’s life. Writer: Sonny Mallhi Prod. Co: Screen Gems, Vertigo Entertainment Genre:
Thriller Date: 7/21/2008

64. Title: Bite Me Logline: N/A Writers: Tim Garrick, Scott Russell Management: Gotham
Group Studio: Warner Bros. Prod. Co: Thunder Road Films Mad Chance Price: Mid-six
figures Genre: Comedy Date: 8/1/2008 Notes: Preemptive purchase.

65. Title: The Dying of the Light Logline: A CIA agent is forced to retire because he’s begun to
suffer the effects of Alzheimer’s and finds he’s racing the clock when he takes on a final
mission. Writer: Paul Schrader Agency: Gersh Prod. Co: Wechsler Productions, Nick
Chockstone Pictures Genre: Thriller Date: 8/7/2008

66. Title: Lobo Logline: A man receives a photo and letters from his mother’s will, then heads
to an isolated town in the Amazon to discover his roots. There, he discovers a near-extinct
species of werewolves and his true identity, and he helps the werewolves wage a battle for
survival. Writers: Dikran Ornekian, Ryan Colluci Prod. Co: Stone Village Pictures Genre:
Action Thriller Date: 8/12/2008

67. Title: Born to Rock Logline: A group of struggling, aging rock musicians, because of a
mixup in their demo tape, end up catching a record exec’s attention for a children’s song written
on a lark, then find unlikely success as a Wiggles-type children’s band. Writers: Jess Walter,
Mark Steilen Agency: ICM Management: Mosaic Media Group Prod. Co: CBS Films And
Then Productions Genre: Comedy Date: 8/14/2008
68. Title: Easy A Logline: A good-natured high school student uses the school rumor mill to
financial and personal advantage by pretending to be the school slut. Writer: Bert V. Royal
Agency: Paradigm Prod. Co: Screen Gems Genre: Comedy Date: 8/14/2008

69. Title: Bad Teacher Logline: A foul-mouthed, gold-digging seventh-grade teacher is dumped
by her sugardaddy boyfriend and turns her attention toward a colleague, which pits her against a
rival who happens to be the school’s model teacher. Writers: Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky
Agency: WMA Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co: Mosaic Media Genre: Comedy Date:

70. Title: Doomsday Protocol Logline: A group of aliens and humans with various abilities are
brought together to save Earth. Writer: Shane Salerno Agency: Endeavor Studio: Twentieth
Century Fox Price: Seven figures Genre: Science Fiction Date: 9/12/2008

71. Title: Hunter-Killer Logline: An American sub commander and a Navy SEAL team must
rescue the Russian president and defeat a renegade admiral who’s attempting a coup. Writer:
Arne Schmidt Prod. Co: Relativity Media, Original Film Genre: Action Thriller Date:
10/1/2008 Notes: Based on the novel “Firing Point,” by Don Keith and George Wallace.

72. Title: I’m With Cancer Logline: A 25-year-old finds out that he has cancer. Writer: Will
Reiser Agency: UTA Management: Thruline Entertainment Prod. Co: Mandate Pictures
Genre: Comedy Date: 10/10/2008 Notes: An autobiographical story.

73. Title: A.C.O.D (Adult Children of Divorce) Logline: A grown man is still caught in the
crossfire of his parent’s 15-year-old divorce. Writers: Ben Karlin, Stu Zicherman Agency:
UTA, WMA Management: 3 Arts Entertainment Studio: Miramax Films Genre: Comedy
Date: 10/20/2008

74. Title: Kill Your Darlings Logline: A 1944 murder brings together the Beats…Allen
Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. Writers: John Krokidas, Austin Bunn Agency:
ICM Prod. Co: Killer Films, Inc. D/F Genre: Biopic-Thriller Date: 10/20/2008

75. Title: Oh Brother Logline: A self-made woman, who is ashamed of growing up as an

orphan, hires actors to play relatives at her wedding to impress her fiancee’s high-society family.
Writer: Cathy McCarthy Prod. Co: Gold Circle Films, Safran Company Genre: Romantic
Comedy Date: 10/23/2008

76. Title: Deryni Rising Logline: Set in a medieval kingdom of humans alongside the Deryni,
there lives a race of people with psychic and magical abilities. After the death of his father the
king, a young prince must defend his throne from a Deryni usurper. Writer: Alex Sabeti
Agency: UTA Management: Mosaic Media Group Studio: Columbia Pictures Prod. Co:
Mosaic Media Price: Six-figure Genre: Fantasy Date: 10/24/2008 Notes: Spec, based on
Katherine Kurtz’s novel.

77. Title: Sunny and 68 Logline: A superstar on the poker circuit flames out on national
television due to his alcoholism and recklessness. Wiped out and owing $500,000 to bookies, he
heads home to upstate New York for the first time in 20 years, looking to take back cash he’d
been sending his mother. Instead, he finds his mother dying of cancer and raising a 5-year-old
girl who is actually his daughter. His mother has been positioning his former high school
girlfriend to become the girl’s eventual caretaker. Writers: Gavin O’Connor, Anthony Tambakis
Agency: CAA Studio: Universal Pictures Prod. Co: Solaris Entertainment, Wild West Picture
Show Productions Genre: Drama Date: 10/29/2008

78. Title: Brutal Logline: A morality tale set in the world of outlaw bikers in suburban America.
Writer: Jonathan W.C. Mills Management: The Collective Prod. Co: Emmett/Furla Films
Genre: Action Thriller Date: 10/31/2008

79. Title: Bobbie Sue Logline: A hard-charging female ambulance chaser has the mindset
makes her the ideal candidate to be the face of a prestigious law firm when an important and
powerful client is sued in a sexual discrimination case. Writers: Russell Leigh Sharman, Owen
Egerton, Chris Mass Agency: UTA Management: Untitled Entertainment Studio: Warner Bros.
Prod. Co: De Line Pictures Genre: Comedy Date: 10/31/2008

80. Title: Control-Alt-Delete Logline: Described as “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” meets
“The Matrix”. Writers: Tim Kelleher, Danny Zuker Agency: WMA CAA Studio: Warner Bros.
Prod. Co: Unique Features Genre: Action Date: 11/18/2008

81. Title: The World’s Most Annoying Man Logline: A man is forced to travel cross-country
with his annoying brother in order to get to his own wedding. Writers: Kevin Kopelow, Heath
Seifert Agency: Endeavor Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Prod. Co: Oops Doughnuts
Productions Genre: Comedy Date: 11/18/2008

82. Title: The Days Before Logline: Aliens invade Earth by traveling backwards through time
and wiping out humanity — yesterday by yesterday — while one man stays a yesterday ahead of
them, trying to convince the world that the end is coming again. Writer: Chad St. John Studio:
Warner Bros. Prod. Co: Hollywood Gang Productions Genre: Science Fiction Action Date:

83. Title: Best Man-a-Thon Logline: A groom’s childhood best friend and college best friend
hate each other. After each makes him their best man, both expect the same job at his wedding.
The pair reject his offer to share the role and decide to compete for the spot in wedding-related
contests. Writer: Richard Rapozo Agency: CAA Studio: Universal Pictures Prod. Co: Stuber
Productions Genre: Comedy Date: 11/21/2008

84. Title: BFF Logline: Two childhood best friends reunite years later in Manhattan, where one
has found success while the other remains unfulfilled in their small hometown. Writers:
Vanessa Parise, Robin Dunne Management: Magnet Management H2F Entertainment Prod.
Co: Wind Dancer Films H2F Entertainment Genre: Comedy Date: 11/21/2008

85. Title: Liam McBain: International Tennis Star and Proper English Geezer Logline:
Follows the rise, fall and ultimate redemption of a fictional British tennis star of the ’80s.
Writer: Chip Hall Agency: Endeavor Management: Underground Management Studio:
Warner Bros. Prod. Co: Callahan Filmworks Genre: Comedy Date: 11/21/2008

86. Title: 31 Days of Larry Logline: Finding it more difficult to kill himself than he thought it
would be, a depressed man offers a cash-strapped woman his life insurance money if she’ll
marry him and make sure the suicide succeeds. Writer: Corinne Kingsbury Agency: WMA
Management: Fuse Entertainment Prod. Co: Lionsgate Genre: Romantic Comedy Date:
11/25/2008 Notes: Pre-emptive purchase.

87. Title: Salisbury Logline: Details are under wraps, but film will be set around a young cast
and a supernatural element. Writers: Al Gough, Mils Millar Agency: WMA Studio: Walt
Disney Pictures Prod. Co: Millar/Gough Ink Price: Seven figures Genre: Supernatural Drama
Date: 12/5/2008


* Notable Sales: 2012, Hereafter, Battle: Los Angeles, Easy A, Bad Teacher, I’m With Cancer.

* Top Dollar Sales: 2012 [$3M], Zookeeper [$3M], Iron Jack [$2M], Wedding Banned [$1.6M],
Treehouse Gang [$1.5M], Executive VP David M. Murch’s Adventures in Zamethera [$1.35M],
The Low Dweller [$1.1M], Dan Mintner: Badass for Hire [$1M], Pierre Pierre [$1M],
Roundtable [$1M].

* Interesting Storylines: Lots of top dollar sales and a jump in total deals. Remember: The WGA
had been on strikes from Nov. 5, 2007 to February 12, 2008, so there were a lot of sales to fill a
void in March, April, and May.

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