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Information Sources for Preparing a Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

The MEL should be produced in accordance with the requirements in JAR-MMEL/MEL
Subpart B. These requirements include definitions of rectification intervals and
operational (O) and maintenance (M) procedures.

To view JAR-MMEL/MEL, visit www.jaa.nl > Liaison Office > JOEB.

The procedures for preparing an MEL and obtaining CAA approval are contained in
CAP 549 Master Minimum Equipment Lists (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment Lists
(MEL). These procedures describe the content and format of an MEL, along with a flow
chart for the approval process.

To view CAP 549, visit www.caa.co.uk > Publications > Design and Production.
Alternatively, the direct link is www.caa.co.uk/cap549.

CAA Approved Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)

JAR-MMEL/MEL.060 and EU-OPS 1.030/JAR-OPS 3.030 state that the MMEL shall be
based upon, but no less restrictive than, the relevant MMEL. All CAA approved MMELs
for use by UK operators are listed on the CAA website along with their current revision
status. When compiling or updating an MEL, this list should be consulted to obtain the
most up-to-date information on the applicable CAA approved MMEL(s).

Some CAA approved MMELs are downloadable in pdf format from this website free of
charge. Other CAA approved MMELs can be obtained from the manufacturer or other
Authorities such as the JAA or FAA. The revision status will provide guidance on where
to obtain the CAA approved MMEL if it is not downloadable from the website.

Please note that for many aircraft types there are two CAA approved MMELs in this
listing. This occurs when the CAA or JAA produces a Supplement to the manufacturer’s
MMEL (e.g. FAA approved). In this case, both documents – the CAA/JAA Supplement
and the manufacturer’s MMEL – constitute the CAA approved MMEL and they must be
used in conjunction with each other.

All items in the CAA/JAA Supplement supersede and overwrite any applicable entry in
the MMEL upon which it is based (e.g. FAA MMEL).

To review the revision status of all CAA approved MMELs, visit either:
• www.caa.co.uk > Publications > Design and Production > MMELs; or
• www.caa.co.uk/mmellist.

To subscribe to an e-mail service for automatic notification of changes to the MMEL

website, visit either:
• www.caa.co.uk > Publications > Subscriptions > New User Subscription
Registration; or
• www.caa.co.uk/subscription.

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Information Sources for Preparing a Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

To access a limited number of CAA MMELs that are available for download in Microsoft
Word format, send an e-mail to mmel@caa.co.uk with the title “Word Subscribe”. A
password will then be allocated by the CAA to enable user access to the Word

CAA and JAA Policies

Wherever a CAA approved MMEL refers to the regulations, the applicable policy should
be applied in the MEL. It should be noted that different Authorities use different
statements in their MMELs to refer to the regulations. Typical examples MMEL
statements are listed below, although this list is not exhaustive:
• “As required by Operating Requirements”;
• “As required by Air Navigation Legislation”;
• “As required by National Requirements”;
• “As required by FARs”; or
• “As required by Regulations”.

In this case, the JAA MMEL policy (JAA TGL 26) can be copied across into the MEL
exactly as written, provided it is not superseded by a CAA Policy Item. The majority of
JAA TGL 26 is accepted by the CAA, with just a few items that are different due to local
requirements or service experience. Many CAA Policy Items supersede and overwrite
any applicable entry in JAA TGL 26.

Additionally, some CAA Policy Items may also be used to overwrite the MMEL entry,
particularly in the case where the CAA approved MMEL is produced by the FAA or other
foreign Authorities. When compiling an MEL, all CAA Policy Items should be checked for
their applicability and applied as appropriate. Each CAA Policy Item contains an
applicability statement, including any specific requirements that are met.

To view JAA TGL 26, visit www.jaa.nl > Liaison Office > JOEB.

To view CAA Policy Items, visit either:

• www.caa.co.uk > Safety Regulation > Operations and Airworthiness > Flight
Operations > MMELs and MELs > CAA MMEL Policy Items; or
• www.caa.co.uk/mmelpolicy.

Users are advised to read the Guidance Information before applying CAA Policy Items to
their MEL.

Operational (O) and Maintenance (M) Procedures

The applicable (O) and (M) procedures should be obtained from the aircraft
manufacturer. These procedures may be included in the MMEL document, or they may
be in a separate document produced by the manufacturer, e.g. a Dispatch Deviations
Guide or Aircraft Deactivation Procedures Manual.

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