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Common Core Lesson 2

Duration of lesson: 60 Minutes

Grade Level: 6th Teacher: Miss. Rodriguez
Subject: ELA

Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in
word meanings.
Core and
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.6.5: Analyze how a particular sentence, paragraph, chapter,
or section fits into the overall structure of a text and contributes to the development of the
2 ➢ Poem worksheet
Resources/ ➢ ELA textbook
Preparation ➢ Text to speech device

➢ Dictionary

➢ Literary device Matching worksheet

➔ Students should know why literary devices are used.

Objective(s) ➔ Students will be able to see how literary devices are used in three different poems.

☐ Level 1: Recall ☐ Level 2: Skill/Concept

☐ Level 3: Strategic Thinking ☐Level 4: Extended Thinking

Level 1: Recall- Students will need to recall information from the first lesson and the
Webb’s Depth
definitions on each literary device.
of Knowledge
Level 3: Strategic Thinking - Students will engage in deep thinking to figure out why
writers use the literary devices that they include in their writing.

☐ Demonstrating independence ☐ Building strong content knowledge

☐Responding to varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline
☐ Comprehending as well as critiquing ☐Valuing evidence
College and
Career Ready ☐Using technology and digital media strategically and capably
Skills ☐ Coming to understand other perspectives and cultures

Demonstrating independence- After working as a class on the first poem, students will
work with their table mates on the second poem, and finally on the third poem they work
work independently to explain why literary devices are used in that specific poem and
SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)
Building strong content knowledge - Reviewing three different poems will help them
build stronger knowledge on the content being learned.

☐ Communication ☐ Collaboration ☐ Critical Thinking ☐ Creativity

Collaboration - Students will collaborate when working on the second poem. Students
will work with their tablemates to figure out the literary devices used, why, and how.
Critical Thinking - Literary devices makes people think critically because people can
21st Century
have different ideas of what a symbol represents. Not only will they think about which
literary device is being used but also think how the literary device helps portray the main
message of the text.

Lesson Delivery
y Terms Tone
Point of view

Differentiated ● English Learners- For these students I will change my grading rubric accordingly. I
will provide a dictionary and a text to speech device to help them with reading the
poems. They will also be paired up with an advanced student.

● Special Needs - Students will have a worksheet with phrases on one side and literary
devices on the other. They will match up the literary device with the name rather than
find them on a poem.

● Accelerated (Gifted/Talented)- These students will write their own poem including
literary devices opposed to reading a poem. They will also be paired up with a lower
level learner to help them with the activity.

9 Journal- I will informally have students write in their journal at the end of the lesson.
Assessments They will write about how this lesson helped them better understand literary devices.
They will also write what they are still confused about and need help on.
Poem Worksheet- I will informally assess my students on the poem they worked on
SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)
independently. I will see how accurately and how many literary devices they found. I will
also grade their interpretation of the literary devices found and how they think better
conveys the message of the writer.

10 Prior Knowledge, Context, and Motivation

Lesson Students will continue their knowledge learned in lesson one. Using symbols they see in
Delivery everyday to learn their representations.

Describe each step of the lesson

Teacher will… Students will…
➔ Open the class by reading the ➔ Identify literary devices.
statements listed below. Each
statement illustrates a literary device Determine the purpose of literary devices.
that they will learn more about in ➔ Students will work with the teacher
this lesson. on finding literary devices on a
poem and their meaning.
Sally sells seashells by the sea ➔ Students will work with their
shore. (alliteration) tablemates on the second poem.
I am so hungry I could eat a horse.
As big as an elephant.
The wind howled in the night.
Ask the class if they have heard those
phrases before and if they can come up with
their own.
➔ Have students work with me on a
poem. After they will do so with ➔ Students will work independently
their tablemates, and then on the third poem

SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)

SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)