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1. `Could you please book me on the next flight to 8.

`Have you delivered the package to the

Mexico City? 'I'm sorry, sir. Our airline … to Mexico customers?
City." 'Not yet, some . . .
A. will not fly D. wasn't able to fly A. are still being wrapped D. would be wrapped
B. has not been flying E. doesn't fly B. have been wrapped E. were wrapped
C. did not fly C. will have been wrapped
2. `He has to take a TOEFL test before leaving for 9. Dika : Can I borrow your laptop?
the U.S.' Ditya : Certainly, but what's wrong with yours?
`No, . . . have to; he already took it a few months ago. Dika . It ... now.
A. he doesn't D. he mustn't A. is being repaired D. has repaired
B. he isn't E. he can't B. repaired E. is going to repair
C. he hasn't C. is repairing
3. I think you had better tell her the truth before 10. `You look so unhappy, Anton. What's the matter?
somebody else .... 'My father his job.'
A. can D. did A. has just lost D. is losing
B. tells E. does B. has been losing E. loses
C. had C. losing.
4. "Do I hear something?" 11. 'Anwar was promoted president of your company
"Yes, somebody . . . at the door!" last week; wasn't he?
A. knocks D. has knocked 'I'm glad he was; he____ in this company for years.'
B. knocked E. was knocking A. had worked D. would work
C. is knocking B. has been working E. worked
5. "May I borrow your magazine?" C. was working
"I'm sorry, my sister . . . it.
A. is still reading D. still read 12. `What are you looking for?’, 'My wallet; I don't
B. has been reading E. still reads know where I____ it.'
C. will still read A. have been putting D. was putting
6. ‘Have the boys had their breakfast?’ 'Not yet, B. am putting E. have put
they ....' C. had put
A. have taken a bath D. were taking a bath 13. 'Where is my dictionary? It was on my desk.'
B. are still taking a bath E. would still take a bath `Perhaps somebody ____ it.'
C. will take a bath A. takes D. had taken
7. ‘Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?’ B. has taken E. would take
"We don't know yet; they . . . by a team.' C. is taking
A. are still being selected D. still selected 14. We haven't heard from Didi for such a long time.
B. are still selecting E. still selecting `We haven't either, since he . . . to Dili.'
C. still be selected A. moves D. has moved
B. moved E. had moved A. was teach C. is going to teach
C. was moving B. has taught D. taoght
15. Anita is looking forward to her birthday because
she . . . a new watch. 21. 'As a student, I always had instant noodles for
A. promised D. has been promised. breakfast.'
B. has been promising E. has promised This means that I___ for breakfast.
C. being promised A. am having instant noodles D. have
16. My friend said, “I have never seen such a good instant noodles
film". B. like to have instant noodles E. used to
From the above statement we may conclude that .... have instant noodles
A. it was the first time he went to see a, film C. am used to having instant noodles
B. he seldom went to good movies 22. `When did you realize you had lost your purse?
C. this is the best film he has ever seen 'When I money to pay the bus fare.'
D. the film he saw was a bad one A. was needing D. have needed
E. he has never seen bad films before B. needed E. am needing
17. Ronny : Are you going to watch the movie on C. had needed
TV tonight?
Deny : No, I think I'll watch the recent news. The 23. `Since when hasn't she been feeling well?
recent news is news that .... 'Since she___ from Singapore.'
A. tells us about things that have just happened A. returned D. had returned
B. provides a lot of advertisements B. has returned E. has been
C. is printed in capital letters returning
D. makes the viewers laugh C. was returning
E. is very important 24. Tuti came home very late last night. Where did
18. Rini : " ... “ Budiman take her to?'
Rina : "for almost five years". A. She took him to the movies last night
A. When did you study English? B. He took her last night to the movies
B. How many years will you study English? C. Last night she took him to the movies
C. How long have you studied English? D. He took her to the movies last night
D. When will you study English? E. To the movies he took her last night
E. When do you study English? 25. 'When did you realize you had lost your purse?'
19. Ronald moved to this town last year. 'When I___ money to pay the conductor.
We can say the he ... in this town for a year. A. was needing D. have needed
A. lives D. had lived B. needed E. am needing
B. lived E. was living C. had needed
C. has lived
26. `How long has he been the principal of our
20. Miss Rina...US English since 1989.
'Since I . . . this school.' A. has C. had
A. was entering D. entered B. have D. having
B. have entered E. had been entering
C. had entered 34. `So you have finished typing those letters! When
27. My daughter ... a lot of photographs of the did you do it?ff 'When you the meeting.'
Borobudur when she went there on her last vacation. A. were attending D. attended
A. has taken D. took B. attend E. had attended
B. has been taking E. had taken C. have attended
C. would take 35. I didn't hear the thunder during the storm last
28. Police : Yes, madam, what can we do for you? night because I…..soundly.
(at the police station) A. have been sleeping D. was sleeping
Woman : I want to report. I parked my car in the B. has slept E. have slept
parking lot. When I got back, the car wasn't there.... C. am sleeping
A. It is stolen D. It was stolen
B. It will be stolen E. It should be stolen 36. `Did you see the children when you came home
C. It stole this afternoon?' 'No, they their teacher in Priok'
29. A taxi driver who witnessed the accident took A. visited D. were visiting
my injured brother to the hospital and then. . . my B. had visited E. would have visited
parents. C. to visit
A. call D. to call 37. 'I wonder why Agus is absent. He might be sick.'
B. called E. was calling `He isn't. I saw him when I... for the bus.'
C. calling A. wait D. is waiting.
30. A : This is a very old building. B. was waiting E. have waited
B : I wasn't even born yet when it .... C. had waited
A. is built D. has been built 38. Nukmi : What was your sister doing when you
B. is being built E. had built arrived home last night?
C. was built Rendra : She ... in the kitchen.
31. “How long has he been the principal of our A. cooks D. has been cooking
school?” B. is cooking E was cooking
“Since I...this school.” E. has cooked
A. was entering C. had entered 39. The engine….smoothly when it suddenly
B. have entered D. entered stopped.
32. We went to the movie last night and I thought... A. runs D. was running
A. the film is good C. It is a good film B. running E. is running
B. the film was good D. It will be a good film C. has run
33. Last week Rini...a holiday, she didn’t go for a
picnic, she went camping.
40. `When did the farmer find that ancient tool? 47. `Oh, dear! I forgot to bring my dictionary.'
'When he . . . his field.' `That's all right. I . . . you mine.'
A. was plugging D. is plugging A. am lending D. lend
B. has ploughed E. has been plugging B. am going to lend E. will be lending
C. had ploughed C.' will lend
41. 'When did the accident happen?' 48. "What is your plan for this weekend?"
'When the goods . . . from the truck.' °I . . . my brother."
A. were unloading D. they were unloading A. will have visited D. visited
B. were being unloaded E. unloaded B. have visited E. will visit
C. being unloaded C. will have been visiting
49. Yusniar : “I plan to see ‘the ghost’ with Tina.”
42. Ahmad : Mah, what were you doing when I Supriadi : “When...it?”
phoned your mother last night? A. have you seen C. Are you going to see?
Halimah : I ... TV C. did you want to see D. Were you going to see
A. am watching D. will watch 50. Father : Are you sure you will pass'?
B. was watching E. watch Riana : Believe me, Dad. I'll do better in the next
C. have watched examination.
43. I was sleeping when my father...the From the dialogue we know that Riana ... to do better
announcement about me in the radio. in the next examination.
A. heard C. was hearing A. hopes D. decides
B. hears D. Will hear B. likes E. promises
44. Rina ... a bath when I phoned her. C. wishes
A. is taking D. was taking
B. has taken E. has been taking
C. had taken
45. `Could you tell brother to meet me at the library
tomorrow? `Sure, I____ him.'
A. am telling D. will be telling
B. will tell E. would have told
C. be telling
46. Daru : What are you going to do after leaving the
Dimas : Well, I don't want to be jobless. So I'm ...
getting a job soon.
A. planning D. intending
B. thinking of E. would like
C. going to