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Hello, you bright and

capable student.
We meet again.

ENG 10 2nd Meeting.

Jan. 19, 2018
I.  Review of Last Meeting
II.  Feedback on Expectations
III.  Tips on Surviving the Course
IV.  Activities

Photo: http://bit.ly/2DpUVxL
You all did a fine job
specifying your
What you want (to gain)
◉  Grammar, proper ◉  Choose relevant info YOU
punctuations ◉  Simplify technical ◉  Be more confident
◉  Avoid plagiarism, aspects of my study ◉  Be more
proper paraphrasing, ◉  Get rid of writer’s comfortable in
summarizing block writing
◉  Write concisely ◉  Be more critical ◉  That writing will be
◉  Proper organization, ◉  Develop easier
structure, coherence comprehension of big ◉  Manage my time
◉  Find (credible) sources concepts ◉  Love my degree
◉  Cite properly, when to ◉  Vocabulary program more
cite ◉  Expressing insights ◉  Get rid of stage fright
◉  Write an RRL, integrate ◉  Grade of 1.0
What kind of teacher
you need
◉  Patient, kind ◉ A more audible voice ◉ Passionate
◉  Approachable ◉ Considerate ◉ Not too demanding
◉  Understanding ◉ Always available for ◉ Knowledgeable
◉  Encouraging consultation ◉ Inspiring
◉  Open-minded ◉  Specific ◉ Caring
◉  Willing to help ◉ Give constructive ◉ Funny, jolly
◉  Responsive criticisms well
◉  Properly ◉ Properly announce HOW TOUCHING!
announce exams, requirements “But most importantly a
◉  Strict, fair ◉ Hands-on teacher that would not
◉  Not judgmental ◉ Upload slides leave us”
In return
◉  Work hard
◉  Give ENG 10 some love
◉ Maybe do little things in advance (finding journals
and an advisor, validating your ID, etc.)
◉ Also help yourself (reading related and
unrelated materials)
◉  Talk to me, speak up if something’s confusing
Some tips/ suggestions to help
you survive the course
On finding a topic
◉ Read, read, read (journal articles, theses, conference proceedings,
abstracts, scientific magazine articles)
◉ Identify specific areas of interest
◉ Identify a gap in knowledge
◉  Listen to an expert in your field talk (attend seminars, watch their videos)
◉  Talk to an expert
◉  Talk to your friends and “course-mates”

Surviving in general
◉  Remember the class policies and follow them; try not to be absent; submit
on time; study and take notes; BACK UP YOUR FILES
Today’s activity
◉  In 4 paragraphs of 5-7 sentences, compose ONE strongly worded essay
answering the following. Provide details/a background and support your
claims with evidence. Note that you are free to add relevant information
not specifically asked for, as long as it helps provide context to your
answers and aids in establishing coherence between sentences and
paragraphs. Your organization need not follow the order of the questions.
You may use either the first- or third-person point-of-view, but be
consistent throughout your work.
1.  Do you think that Filipinos regard science and research highly? Why?
How do you think more Filipinos can foster some interest in science?
2.  Tell me about your degree program. What made you decide to pursue it?
3.  What is a problem or area in your field that you are interested in? Why?
Assignments for
◉  Research on the following and be ready to share what you
learned in 2-5 minutes. You may or may not prepare visual

○ Group 1: 2-3 Simultaneous discoveries/inventions (N&L, SP&L)

○ Group 2: 1-2 Controversies between/among scientists
○ Group 3: 1-3 Filipino inventors/scientists (if >1=have subcategories)
○ Group 4: 1-2 popular areas of interest in your field
○ Group 5: 1-2 under-explored areas in your field
Any questions?

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