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Technical Data Summary

9-1/2" TruTrak MCLS

Precise 3-D Automated Drilling System

The Baker Hughes' TruTrak system is a 3-D The additional directional sensor (and optional
directional drilling service for low inclined wells gamma sensor) communicates with the
such as S and J-shaped wells that not require TruTrak sensors for near bit inclination,
surface rotation. downhole temperature, steering pressures,
vibrations and status flags. The transmission
The TruTrak system offers a precise, efficient of data to surface is handled via the integrated
and economical answer when the wellbore mud pulser.
quality is a key element of success in low
inclination well profiles. The system is capable of kicking off into any
desired azimuth. It is also able to achieve and
A combination of several leading Baker hold an inclination of up to 30° with
Hughes technologies ensure the geometrically calculated doglegs up to
accomplishment of drilling objectives: 2°/100 ft.

 X-treme motor power for maximum ROP As with other Baker Hughes' automated
with roller cone and PDC bits. drilling systems, TruTrak is independent of
 Reliable steering head for directional control hydraulics, therefore bit nozzle, mud weight or
in vertical and low inclination wells flow rate can be adjusted to maximize
 AutoTrak 3-D steering principle and performance. In addition, the continuous
modularity steering capability allows a perfect control of
well inclination without sacrifice rate of
TruTrak uses near-bit inclination penetration.
measurements to maintain a high-quality
wellpath. The required azimuth information is TruTrak service is available on different
obtained from a sensor sub, which can easily versions depending on the application, with a
be assembled to the tool via modular portfolio of low, medium and high speed
connection on the rigsite. power sections with standard and high power

Features Benefits
Steering mechanism that provides continuous Improved wellbore quality minimizes issues
steering while drilling ahead when running casing and reduces drag forces
No interaction between drill string and
Fully automated drilling system that does not borehole that reduces breakout events,
require surface rotation tortuosity and casing wear while providing
stick-slip avoidance
Steering mechanism that is independent of Drilling performance is optimized by allowing 9-1/2" TruTrak MCLS
hydraulic parameters such as flow rate, mud the adjustment of hydraulic conditions for the
weight and mud properties application
Several types of X-treme motors available to System that can be tailored according to the
provide different ranges of power and speeds. specific requirements of the application.
Deviations from desired inclination are
Steering unit with near-bit inclination and
immediately detected and corrected. Ability to
diagnostic data transmitted to surface in real-
smoothly kick off from vertical and build angle
with variable steering force
Reliable system that can be rotated from
Quick steering ribs retraction option
surface if required

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MCLS-70-01-004 Rev. A
Technical Data Summary

9-1/2" TruTrak MCLS

Precise 3-D Automated Drilling System
General Tool Specifications SI Units US Units Performance Data (continuation) SI Units US Units
Hole Size 305 mm, 311 mm, 12", 12-1/4", X-treme LS Power Section
375 mm, 394 mm, 14-3/4", 15-1/2", Bit Speed 40 - 90 RPM
406 mm, 445 mm, 16", 17-1/2", No Load Pressure Drop 15 bar 220 psi
470 mm, 559 mm, 18-1/2", 22", Operating Differential Pressure 40 bar 580 psi
610 mm, 660 mm, 24", 26", Operating Torque 22300 Nm 16,450 ft-lbs
711 mm 28" Operating Power Output 210 kW 280 HP
Length Maximum Differential Pressure 50 bar 725 psi
X-treme Power Section 11,00 m 36.0 ft Maximum Torque 27 900 Nm 20,600 ft-lbs
X-treme HS Power Section 13,60 m 44.5 ft X-treme HS Power Section
Weight X-treme Bit Speed 365 - 975 RPM
12-1/4" - 14-3/4" 3625 - 3925 kg 7,993 - 8,663 lbs No Load Pressure Drop 15 bar 220 psi
16" - 28" 4410 - 4760 kg 9,720 - 10,490 lbs
Operating Differential Pressure 142,5 bar 2,065 psi
Weight X-treme HS
Operating Torque 7500 Nm 5,530 ft-lbs
12-1/4" - 14-3/4" 4325 - 5025 kg 9,530 - 10,203 lbs
Operating Power Output 765 kW 1,025 HP
16" - 28" 5110 - 5460 kg 11,260 - 12,044 lbs
Maximum Differential Pressure 190 bar 2,755 psi
Top Sub Connection Baker Hughes Mod. Connection w/ M30
Maximum Torque 10 000 Nm 7,375 ft-lbs
Bit Connection
12-1/4" 6-5/8" API Reg Box
14-3/4" - 28" 7-5/8" API Reg Box
Lobe Configuration 5/6 or 1/2 (HS Power Section)

Operating Data SI Units US Units

Operating WOB
12-1/4" - 14-3/4" 27,0 t 59.9 klbs
16" - 28" 35,4 t 76.1 klbs
Maximum WOB
12-1/4" - 14-3/4" 41,0 t 92 klbs
16" - 28" 52,5 t 118 klbs
Maximum Operating Temperature 150°C 302°F
Maximum Downhole Pressure 1380 bar 20,000 psi
1% max, Volumen, acc. to API 13B
Maximum Sand Content
(<0.5% recommended)
Maximum LCM 40 ppb = 114 kg/m3
Fine to medium nutplug = 250 to 840 microns
Maximum Effective Steering Force 2,46 t 5,420 lbs
Maximum Inclination 30°
Maximum BUR 2°/30 m 2°/100 ft
Near Bit Inclination
X-treme Power Section 8,55 m 28.1 ft
X-treme HS Power Section 11,15 m 36.6 ft

Performance Data SI Units US Units

Tool Flow Rate
Feat. Low Flow Turbine 2000 - 3500 lpm 528 - 925 gpm
Feat. Normal Flow Turbine (*) 2500 - 4400 lpm 661 - 1,162 gpm
(*) limits for HS Power Section 4000 lpm 1,055 gpm
X-treme Power Section
Bit Speed 80 - 185 RPM
No Load Pressure Drop 15 bar 220 psi
Operating Differential Pressure 80 bar 1,160 psi
Operating Torque 22 300 Nm 16,450 ft-lbs
Operating Power Output 430 kW 575 HP
Maximum Differential Pressure 100 bar 1,450 psi
Maximum Torque 27 900 Nm 20,565 ft-lbs

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