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 name@uwaterloo.ca  123-456-7890  github.com/name

 name.com
○␣ Self motivated, bilingual learner who enjoys keeping up with bleeding edge technologies
○␣ Able to work through problems and develop solutions in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
○␣ Strong interpersonal skills, and able to approach challenging projects individually or in a team setting

○␣ Comfortable with: Java - Racket - SQL - HTML - CSS - C/C++
○␣ Currently Learning: Python
○␣ Environments: Netbeans - Unix Command Prompt - SQLite3 - Windows - OSX - Excel
○␣ Theory: Functional Programming - Abstract Data Types - Object Oriented Programming

Small Business Scheduler July 2017
Developed a Java desktop application for an ice cream shop owner that allows easy schedule management
and remote schedule viewing for employees through automatic upload to Google Drive. The graphical user
interface was created with Swing and implements an intuitive professional design. The back-end was developed
to work with a relational database using SQLite3 and JDBC.
Poker Statistics Program December 2016
Created a desktop application in Java that calculates the odds of winning a hand in Texas Hold’em Poker
given the users cards and the flop. Personally developed and refined all of the algorithms for efficiency, without
the aid of external sources or guidance.

Sweet Tops Ice Cream City, Prov
Server/Cake Decorator May 2017 - Sep 2017
○␣ Approached employer with the solution of creating a scheduling program when I noticed difficulties with
problems in their current scheduling system
Company City, Prov
Swimming & Water Safety Instructor Sep 2016 - Jun 2017
○␣ Taught children how to swim and stay safe around water
○␣ Evaluated progress and gave personal feedback to instructors in training

University of Waterloo - Bachelor of Computer Science Waterloo, ON
Accepted with President’s Scholarship of Distinction Expected Graduation: June 2022
A High School City, Prov
International Baccalaureate Programme Certificate Class of 2017

Third Place University of Prov Math Contest 2017
Top 15% in Euclid Math Contest 2017
Certificate of Distinction in Fermat Contest 2016
Three City School Division Book Awards for Academic Achievement 2014-2016