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8 Catanduanes towns
under state of calamity
VIRAC, Catanduanes -- At least eight of
Catanduanes’ 11 municipalities were declared
Under a state of calam-
ity are Caramoran, Bato,
San Miguel, Baras, Gigmo-
under a state of calamity by the Sangguniang to, Viga, Payo, and Baga-
Panlalawigan (SP) on Friday due to the damage manoc.
brought about by the heavy rains spawned by Governor Joseph Cua ex-
Tropical Depression Agaton last week. pressed his appreciation for
the immediate response of

New service vehicles the SP to the recommenda-

tion of the Provincial Disas-

for city safety operations ter Risk Reduction and Man-

agement Council.
Although, no immediate Gov. CUA
The Public Safety Office likewise said that the units damage cost was released,
(PSO) presented their three will be of help to their con- majority of the residents in
(3) newly- purchased service ducted operations, specifically these municipalities earned
vehicles, January 8, 2017, of the three (3) task forces— their living through abaca
Monday, during the flag wheel- clamp, city ordinances stripping, farming and fish-
raising ceremony of the city enforcement and traffic man- ing, sectors that were devas-
government employees at agement. tated by “Agaton’s” down-
the City Hall grounds. “Going beyond the aes- pour and flooding.
Mayor John Bongat stated thetic value kan vehikulo, an Provincial Board Member
in an interview that the newly- importante po, makatabang ini Arnel Turado said on Satur-
purchased units will be of help sa pagtrabaho ta,” explained day that only eight munici-
to the enforcement operations Gumba. palities were named since “it
of the PSO. In line still with the public is their duty to scrutinize the
“Para mapakarhay ta ta- safety concerns of the city gov- basic requirements in declar-
laga an serbisyo sa manlaen- ernment, Bongat confirmed ing the province under the
laen na trabaho kan PSO,” his directive to the Naga City state of calamity as required
explained Bongat. Police Office (NCPO) in con- by the rules”.
Mr. Renne Gumba, Act- ducting checkpoint operations “We need documents to
ing Department Head of PSO, (Turn to page 7) (Turn to page 7)

Naga City officials headed by Mayor John G. Bongat joined the descendants of the 15 Martyrs
of Bicol during the commemoration of the 121st anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Quince
Martires of Bicol on Jan. 4, 2018.


NAGA CITY --- Resi- honor. the revolution in 1896.”
dents of this city and the The plaza, situated in Three years ago, on June
Bicolanos, in general, com- downtown Naga and near 12, 2014, Plaza Quince Mar-
memorated on January 4 Plaza Rizal, was chosen by tires became the center of
the 121st anniversary of the the National Historical Com- national attention when then
martyrdom of the Quince mission of the Philippines President Benigno ‘Noynoy’
Martires del Bicol (15 Mar- (NHCP), with the President’s S. Aquino III led the flag-
tyrs of Bicol) with a brief approval, as the venue for that raising and wreath laying rites
program led by Naga City year’s Independence Day “to during the 116th Philippine
BETTER PUBLIC SECURITY PROGRAMS Mayor John G. Bongat at honor the 15 Martyrs of Bicol Independence Day commem-
The three (3) newly- purchased service vehicles of the Naga City Public Safety Office . the plaza named in their whose travails helped ignite (Turn to page 6)

K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande Homes, Con. Grande, Naga City • TEL. (054) 884-93-76 • CP 0921-318-3720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-533-7766

Start the Year Right UNLIMITED
Ngiting Aso Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN

This Tagalog expression is closely (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co., this week P3.45/liter; while kerosene (CORs) in the bureau's regional offic-
CPAs-DFK International – is past chair will go up by P4.11/liter - depending es. To renew a business permit, the
related to the English crocodile tears. of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PIC- on the rollout of new inventories by the applicant must secure a barangay
Either one speaks of insincerity and PA past president and Hall-of-Famer, oil companies. Gasoline products will clearance, and the mayor's business
hence, a reminder to be careful. and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement rise by P3.17/liter. The costlier fuel will permit renewal that requires several
Awardee). impact on prices of goods patronized documents which could take two
AMBITIOUS PROGRAM: An inclu- by both millionnaires and the common weeks to secure. Only after obtain-
It is the same caveat that we want to air sive economy with a thriving middle (middle/low-income) Filipino. ing these permits may the applicant
in this Year of the Dog. class is the vision of the Duterte admin- For the TRAIN Law, price increases proceed to BIR for his COR per office
istration for the Philippines. To achieve based on world cost swings of petro- or station. Wow wowow!
The dog, the eleventh in the 12-year this goal, Pres. RRD launched a massive leum products had been at P0.65/liter FIRECRACKER BAN: The Dept.
infrastructure program to spur economic for diesel; P0.75/liter for kerosene; and of Health is proposing a total ban on
cycle of the Chinese zodiac, is considered growth and address Phl's needs. The P0.20/liter for gasoline. The TRAIN in- firecrackers and pyrotechnics. This
an auspicious sign. unprecedented infrastructure program, duced excise taxes were also to raise means killing a once thriving industry
dubbed Build Build Build, is projected to diesel prices by P2.50/liter plus corre- in Bulacan and some other provinces.
Just as real dogs are loyal, we foresee require up to P9T investments and will sponding VATcharge of P0.30; gasoline Authorities should please take note
prioritize 75 game-changing projects na- by P2.65/liter with VAT of P0.32/liter; that the most harmful firecracker is
this kind of dogged loyalty to be the tionwide. This means more employment and kerosene by P3.00/liter with P0.36 the "piccolo" which is NOT being pro-
basis of how the business of national opportunities for some otherwise idle VAT. The energy department made ex- duced locally (presumably smuggled).
governance will be run. This canine Filipino manpower. ception as yet to the anticipated hike The dangers of pyrotechnics is in the
The Dept. of Finance (DOF) and its in LPG prices since their prices were handling by the revelers. So the rem-
loyalty will be tested for instance, in
attached agencies have the crucial task earlier "injected" by VAT. edy there is not in the production - but
the impeachment complaints being of ensuring there are sufficient funds for MSME LICENSES: BIR will stream- rather in usage control.
prepared against the Supreme Court an infrastructure program of such mag- line documentary requirements for Thanks to the successful firecrack-
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and nitude. It vowed to beef up the state cof- MSMEs, assuring the DOF that it er ban in Davao City which has main-
fers and provide sufficient funds for the will work double-time to assist micro, tained zero casualty up to these days.
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales. Build Build Build program. This features small and medium-scale enterprises The regulation and control there must
As impeachment is a political power play the push for the Comprehensive Tax (MSMEs) in renewing their business be used as models by other cities and
in the arena of Congress, so we foresee Reform Program (now known as the permits for the year. This follows the LGUs. There are other cities that fol-
these two cases as a loyalty check for TRAIN) signed into law for implementa- congressional approval and implemen- lowed the Davao example this year.
tion on January 1, 2018. (We will discuss tation of the first package of the TRAIN It is worthwhile to study the results of
the administration supporters. It will in our future articles the varied implic- Law. BIR will work cut down the require- their respective regulations. The se-
be a question of the solons’ being for or tions of the TRAIN Act and the adverse ments needed to register or renew per- cret indeed is political will - coupled
against, as simple as that. effects on the common Filipino). mits for business and this is now being with parental discipline among minors.
COSTLIER FUEL: On the combined worked out at the bureau. Let the drunkards who become victims
effect of the Tax Reform Acceleration The BIR chief told tax agency offi- suffer their own fate! Magdusa kayong
Political survival, however, will be and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act and the cials that he has received complaints matatandang matitigas ang ulo!
the determining factor and most of our upswing in international oil prices, the from MSME owners about the tedious PROVERBS: Every purpose is es-
representatives will expectedly go where cost of socially sensitive diesel prod- process they have to undergo to re- tablished by good counsel, and with
the largesse flows. We cannot expect uct at the pumps will drastically climb new their Certificates of Registration sound advice makes way!
mavericks in either the House or the
Senate. After all, those are chambers of
high paying jobs. Do expect that once
Feedback I received FROM MY
the going gets rough, there will be no
toughness to speak of. The political

opportunists will wag their tails or to In my last week’s column, I described the National Budget beverages, and drinks and beverages that use natural
put it in another Tagalog expression, will for 2018 as pro-people, pro-middle class and pro-poor. I sweeteners such as coco sugar or stevia.
received feedbacks and gave a five-pages comment. They Meanwhile, drugs and medicines prescribed for diabetes,
have “bahag ang buntot” as they nod told me it is not pro-poor. For the sake of balance reporting, I high cholesterol, or hypertension will also be exempted from
in agreement to whatever their master am hereby printing some of their feedback on Excise Tax for the 12% VAT.
say, and sport a “ngiting aso,” as they the legislators to study this Excise Tax Law and look for other 6. Taxes on LPG, Diesel, Gasoline, and other fuel products
sources of fund instead of taxing the people. Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is currently not taxed, but will
assent. Maybe they can get fund from the Malampaya Oil project, be charged excise tax as follows:
casinos and Top one thousand rich delinquent tax-evaders, etc. P1.00 tax per liter in 2018
But do not be deceived. Their smile As a whole, I still believe that the budget is pro-people.When P2.00 tax per liter in 2019
the projects of the Train Law will be completed it will benefit P3.00 tax per liter in 2020
is not because they agree, but because everybody. The source of this information is ‘Pinoymoney talk. Diesel is also currently not taxed, but will have new taxes,
they got their fill. As they walk to the com.” as follows:
banks, they will probably be laughing 4. Tax on Drinks using Sugar and Caloric / Non-Caloric P2.50 tax per liter in 2018
Sweeteners P4.50 tax per liter in 2019
like a hyena, this time. Beverages that use sugar and other sweeteners will be P6.00 tax per liter in 2020
taxed effective January 2018. These include softdrinks and Gasoline, both regular and unleaded, will have the following
Happy Year of the Dog to our readers! other cola drinks, fruit juices, and powdered drinks, among excise taxes raised from the current P4.35 per liter:
others. P7.00 tax per liter in 2018
The sugar tax is as follows: P9.00 tax per liter in 2019
P6.00 per liter of drink that uses caloric and non-caloric P10.00 tax per liter in 2020
sweeteners Other fuels and oil products will be taxed as follows:
P12.00 per liter of drink that uses high fructose corn syrup Aviation gas – P4.00 per liter
(HFCS) Asphalts – P8.00 per kilo
5. Tax exemption of milk, 3-in-1 coffee, medicines for Kerosene – P3.00
diabetes, etc. Naphtha – P7.00
Exempted from the sugar tax are milk, 3-in-1 coffee, 100% Bunker fuel – P2.50
natural fruit juice or vegetable juice, medically-indicated Lubricating oil – P8.00
Paraffin wax – P8.00
Petcoke – P2.50
UPDATE: The exemption from excise taxes of petroleum
products used as input, feedstock, or as raw material in the
manufacturing of petrochemical products, or in the refining of
petroleum products, or as replacement fuel for natural gas fired
combined cycle power plants.
7. Taxes on Cars and Automobiles
The new excise taxes for cars will follow a four-tier scheme:
Pick-up trucks and electric vehicles will be exempted from
additional taxes. Hybrid cars, as seen in the table above,
will be charged 1/2 (half) the taxes imposed on non-hybrid
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3ng Henerasyon DIS *KARTE


nin mga Bikolista


Sa pagrikisa ko kan mga materyales sa tabang kan prensa, asin sinda an an nagpatunaw asin nagpaluya
manongod sa naparang Akademyang nagkompwesto kan kadaklan kan kan gama-gama kan ika-duwang
Bikol, an halipot asin naenot na espuerso mga nagtutulod kaidto na magkaigwa henerasyon.
para sa pagadal kan lenggwaheng nin “standard” na ortograpiyang Bikol. An nagsangli sainda, na
Bikol, nahiling ko an tolong naenot na Dawa dai ninda atubangan na sinabi, nagarabot asin nagpoon kan dekada
henerasyon kan inaapod ngonyan na saro pang narisa ko sa isog asin higos 60, katubuan mga konektado sa
mga Bikolista. ninda para sa lenggwaheng Bikol, iyo an akademya asin nakabase digdi sa
FEAST OF THE 3 KINGS An enot na henerasyon, katubuan pagtulod na sa paagi nin ley kan sarong Bikol. Kabali digdi sa Luis General,
JANUARY 6, 2018 kompwesto nin mga yaon sa Simbahan “national language” na nakabase sa Fr. James O’Brien, Merito Espinas,
o kaya nagsusurat sa mga dyaryo kaidto. Tagalog, sarong ley na pigpadrinuhan Jose Calleja Reyes, Leonor Dy-
The traditional three kings named Melchor, Kun anong ideolohiyang nagtutulod kadto kan hoben na si Wenceslao Liacco asin sa huri, si Realubit. Sa
Gaspar and Baltazar, searched for and paid sainda, o kun ini tundag kan bagong Vinzons. Si segundang henerasyon henerasyon na ini nagruluwas si mga
homage to the Child. Some say they were nakuang katalingkasan kan nasyon sa nin Bikolista iyo an nakamati kan pangenot na libro manongod sa pag-
pagabot kan bagong siglo asin bagong peligro kan pagkapara kan Bikol huli adal Bikolnon, arog kan Readings on
Magi from the East. Whatever, they were rich
parasakop; interesanteng magin sweto sa nasambit na ley asin an paagi kan Bikol Culture ni General, an Bikols
and wise men who remind the rich and wise nin pagaadal. Nahiling kong an komon na pagbilog kan organisasyon nin mga of the Philippines ni Realubit, an
people today to honor someone greater than karakter iyo an pagkamoot sa tataramon parasurat Bikolnon, asin sa padagos na monograpo ni O’Brien na gamit mi
themselves. We are not gods. Let us not play na Bikol, na kadto nagluluwas dominado pagsurat. An ika-duwang henerasyon kadto sa Ateneo, an Bikol Maharlika
God. Let us be humble, and a lot of things will kan klase kan Bikol na tinataram o an may pinakadakul na nahaman o ni Reyes.
fall in to place. ginagamit sa Simbahan. Kun ini an mga naisurat sa tataramon na Bikol, Kun nagkakaigwa man nin
dahilan kan pagsuruwayan kan enot na magin man pangenot na lakdang para inaapod na resurgence sa Bikol
henerasyon na ini, malinaw na dakula sa pag-adal kan lenggwaheng Bikol. culture ngonyan, bunga ini kan

an naging parte kan agimadmad na Kaya inaapod ining Golden Age of Bikol naenot na pighasok na pisog kan
napukaw kan paglakop kan medyum literature ni Dr. Maria Lilia F. Realubit tolong henerasyon na ini. Sa hiling
nin komunikasyon asin interaksyon arog na kabali sa ika-tolong Henerasyon ko, panahon na nganing rikisahon sa

kan dyaryo asin kan transportasyon. nin mga Bikolista. An pag-abot kan turuhok na paghiling an halaga kan
Sa hiling ko, si ikaduwang orog pang makusog na medyum nin saindang kontribusyon sa pagbuswak
henerasyon nin mga Bikolista nahaman komunikasyon, an radyo asin pelikula; asin pamumurak na ini ngonyan.

Baretang Sawisaw Ramblings…Losing Someone

No family is perfect, we argue, we fight, we even stop By TESSA SANTIAGO-REY
talking to each other at times but in the end, family is
In remembering my dearly departed to bug, argue and quarrel with over a lot the prayers.
family... the love will always be there.
mother, who would have been 92 years old of things, mostly over the way she worried Afterwards I decided after a few mo-
******** on January 9, I would like to share these about and fuzzed over her family…about ments of hesitation to still proceed to
Umagang kay ganda po. thoughts which I have written 9 days after how I chose to live my life… about whom Fatima despite my increasing fear of
3 Gs of federalism (op kors not gold, goons & guns) her death on November 8, 2004, while tor- I choose to love… about my own kids or the unofficial announcements of a su-
but pipol hu r great, grateful & Godly. rents of tears flowed as I would remember their would be kids… the future… per typhoon. While waiting for the oth-
******** in the middle of work, before sleeping and Mom was born on January 9, 1926. ers to arrived, the weather was begin-
upon waking up. She died at 3pm on November 8, 2004, ning to get worst and so were my fears
C Rodolfo ‘ompong’ Baldemor, dating peace &
This article is very personal to me but I a decade after my Tatay died. November of what will happen to my house and if
devt consultant sa mindanao, bkolano tga calabanga chose to share it with you all now, to honor 18, 1947 is Kuya Ramon’s, our eldest Jaja would be able to reach San Roque
cs, eu an pgnombrahan komo bagong pamayo kn her and the legacy of love for God, family, brother, birthday. He was obviously her safely after his classes at Ateneo.
bagong muknaon na cntr 4 social resposibilty kn naga friends, work and country she has some- most favorite right from the start since he I kept praying that it did not pass
college foundation. C Baldemor, parasurat, awtor nin how taught us in so many ways in our gave him all the powers to be like our sec- us and was asking Nanay Isang to in-
mga libro, dating rgnl dir kn tesda & rgnl manpower growing up years until the time she was ond parent – both as mother and father tercede since she knew how much ty-
finally called home… while we were all growing up in Triangulo. phoons affected me. While we were
training cntr, bago man na magtukaw komo miembro
Kuya Mon’s training was like mine… come praying and singing, the storm built up
kn junta drectiva kn pgpapakusog na institution sa Death allows for a lot of things to sur- to think of it while he was the eldest of the and raged but we still decided to go
edukasyon.Tolos ilalansar ni Baldemor an ‘bicol lead’, face…laughter and tears; a rich blend of first 5, I was the eldest of the last five and home and all around us was nature at
sarong bagong programang pankauswagan dgdi sa the past, the present and the future. Death according to mom he looked exactly her its worst, and suddenly I realized I was
bkol. An tuyo kn programa mtabangan an labi-labing makes us all remember what really mat- only sibling, Tito Ramon who died during numbed all over and just stared at what
pagtios kn kasaraditan na biktima kn maluya klaseng ters most to us - beyond work, fame, for- the liberation. was happening.
tune and face… of renewing vows of fam- Mom passed away 10 days after she But we were not able to proceed, we
servicio kn mga organisasyon kn gobierno pati kn
ily, friends and relatives. left the Bicol Medical Center and stayed had to go back to Fatima and Cris the
privadong sector. Segun k Baldemor an programa It is a time for the floodgates of memo- in Albay with Ate Nene and Manoy Ben- super alalay of Father William (who was
magamit nin mga probadong pagaadal & sistema na ries to open … most of which we thought jy where she had occasional glimpses in Manila for his laser treatment on his
mapaguian kn pagbuhay kn kinaprobrehan por medyo we have forgotten, but which unconsciously, through a window of the plants and or- kidneys) let us in at the sacristy. After be-
nin mga seminars & training workshops. An aktibidades suddenly return to mind… memories of joy chids she loved. ing assured that Jaja was already home
tutojokan na marhay kn saiyang opisina. and sadness; of separation and loneliness, Typhoon Unding (nickname for Lourdes, (although sabi niya Lola’s windows in
despair, pain, hurts, unforgiveness, regrets; who happens to be the name of the third the ancedy) and slept right through until
of togetherness, reunions, birthdays, anni- sibling who was showered with materials someone woke me and told me that ev-
When you inspire others to live, learn, laugh and versaries, Christmases and new years… if things while growing up, later on became erything was calm and that they would
love, you do the same to yourself. we can only turn back time… then we could a reluctant prodigal daughter, holding the bring me home to Villa Corazon. All
For what you get out of life comes from what you or would have…thought…done… said… most heavy unforgiving and repressed an- around us was in total darkness along
put into it. We realize too late that perhaps we ger, perhaps hatred over Nanay. She held the way. When they dropped me off
Make life as beautiful as your mind and your heart! should have… yet we chose not to and so it against Nanay and claimed that Nanay near Masagana Street, I had to slowly
we didn’t. was the cause of all her misfortunes and walk along the street near where I lived
Most of all, death reminds us that this heartaches) was started to be felt on No- for there was total stark darkness like
Herak man kn pili, libmanan, pamplona. Herak man life where we often get so entangled with vember 13, the day mom was buried. Und- everywhere we passed with large trees
sa camsur. Ano na mrrd? Ano na prrd? Ano na pdp every struggling second is not really the ing began with a mild 65 kph strength and lying across the highways, full rooftops
laban? Ano federalismo? final test. But the best thing that it does, I built up to 75kph till 90 predictably and so torn off. Miraculously, I was deeply calm
******** suppose is rearranging our lives they way slow at 7 kph speed by Wednesday, No- and at peace inside and did not feel any
Baretang Sawisaw- Traysikol-motor nag banggaan it should perhaps be – by frequently reflect- vember 17. fear anymore, except the thought of go-
ing, making peace, reconciling, forgiving That afternoon as I was writing the ing home
sa sn isidro dakol an irido saro an dedo... Motorsklo
and healing… especially with ourselves original of this article, I wrote down: In that short but careful walk amidst
sa crosing nasulo...Trycikol sa Labo nkabudal 3 an and those we love…every chance we get. “I bet tomorrow okey na ang weather the cold and the dark somehow I was
naospital, mga incidente na eu an nag ookopar kan pnp Losing one’s mom is one of life’s most kasi 57th birthday of her eldest Kuya Ra- able to conquer the fear and I was sur-
blotr...Ining banwa eu soboot an bagong habalhabal difficult experiences, the most painful, a mon. And so it was… but on November prisingly calm. Although I couldn’t see
kapital. ...Mala ta sarong jep nalang an byahe sa tanag most enduring sorrow… especially if you 19th, between 8:30 pm to almost 1 am of in front of me I proceeded and nearly
kopras nalang an lunad... C joseph nag down 2 mil 4 have always been with her as long as you November 20, a baby tornado hit Naga passed my gate since my neighbor’s
can remember… City. That cannot be forgotten night when large avocado tree fell across it and
registration may sakay tolos pa Malinao. Likay lang
Among all her children, my 9 siblings, I Naga City and its surrounding environs when I was able to get through, their
mag gas nin paihi sa bahao...may dogang 1 gulong was the one she would always choose to were ravaged with ‘tornado-like’ winds, I large ipil ipil tree was also across our
may lunad 6 top down kon apodon...an Lto nag bagat call for all sorts of reasons – lots of differ- really knew that Nanay truly loves me and front door which has been torn by the
mala ta dawa bako habal2 anas kon etratar...Dakol ent errands that called for both my male malakas talaga siya kay Lord. wind. When I came in, I knew that our
na an singgol kaya ngboot an sangunian SIDE CAR and female characters; to absorb her frus- This was the 5th night of her pasiyam house was in disorder and all wet. I
Pa nort east west y south para daa makontrol...ibong trations, complaints, problems, wishes, and our Friday night prayer assembly at then proceeded calmly to light a candle,
dreams for her children, grandchildren Fatima Chapel with BCBP Naga Outreach wash myself, brush my teeth, cleaned
na lado dae man mapondo pag dakol kan motor, mala
and great grandchildren – all these at any members. I was feeling angry but helpless an area where I can put my beddings,
sa centro boholbohol may toratora padyak maray ta given time she felt she had to tell someone with Mark, Wency’s son while praying with I laid down and covered myself with the
mayong riding in tandem na na iskor. Pero dae mapogol and I was just a phone call away… yet I Tiya Glo and Tiya Julia (the two who faith- moist light comforter as if nothing hap-
an pag dakol kan ibinoborol......Paki pasa man po sa never felt I was the favorite child to shower fully lead the prayers with me during the pened and slept again…”
mga amigo njoyp/ingat.—libmanan cs/e all she can give but rather the favorite kid pasiyam) and I was crying all throughout (To be continued)
NCF Focuses on Rural Areas A community-based de- result of the old bureaucratic
velopment program named system of short-term piece-
Bicol Local Economic and meal projects and services of
Area Development or Bi- both public and private orga-
col LEAD, will be launched nizations.
by the Naga College Foun- Bicol LEAD will utilize
dation, a pioneering aca- and share internationally-
demic institution in Naga researched and locally-tested
City. It will be implemented practical do-it-yourself tools
through its newly organized to enhance capacities and
Center for Social Responsi- capabilities of partners in
bility. The Center will also the local government units,
serve the need of private community-based organiza-
companies in planning, de- tions and other service pro-
CARD MRI IN THE BUSINESS OF DISASTER RELIEF ASSISTANCE signing, coordination and viders engaged in poverty
Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, founder and chairperson of Inc. (CARD MBA) in Davao Area on December 26, 2017. With implementation of their reduction and rural develop-
CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), along the clients as the center of CARD’s existence, Dr. Alip’s visit corporate social responsi- ment. The tools, which will
with Claire Mercado, senior regional director of CARD Bank- showed that CARD MRI is present when tropical depressions bility programs in Bicol. be shared through seminars
Mindanao, visited CARD Bank- Buhangin branch. The visit Urduja and Vinta intensified into tropical storms. A total of
The ultimate target ben- and training workshops, sup-
intended to hear updates on CARD MRI Disaster Relief 34,600 clients are affected by the flood brought by tropical
Assistance Program (CDRAP) relief pack distribution and storm Urduja and 16, 402 clients were affected by the flood eficiaries of the program are port a convergent technical
insurance claims and validation from unit managers and staff in Davao and other areas where tropical storm Vinta made the marginalized and under- and management framework
of CARD Bank, Inc., and CARD Mutual Benefit Association, a landfall. served population in the rural on local economic and com-
communities and in the urban munity development from
CARD MRI to launch heritage tour in Panay informal sector. The overall
goal is to prevent social un-
policy making, development
planning of LGUs, program
CARD Mutually Reinforc- tage sites, experiencing the “We encourage our women a program under CARD, Inc. rest and belligerency among and project designing, service
ing Institutions (CARD MRI) local culture and tradition of clients to take part of the tour in 2013 in San Pablo, Laguna. the less-privileged which is delivery, implementation,
is slated to launch a heritage Ilonggos, and tasting Iloilo and we train them to become Its first tour is referred to as popularly believed to be the monitoring and evaluation.
tour in Panay Island in 2018 City’s local dishes and deli- competitive to gain self- the “Hijos de San Pablo” or
as part of its efforts to pro-
mote social and cultural de-
cacies. Aside from being
tour guides, women clients
worth and confidence. This is
our way of reaching CARD
Children of San Pablo that ex-
plores San Pablo City’s tour- SSS reduces UMID
velopment among Filipinos.
Called as “Hijos de
of CARD MRI will also be
serving gastronomic treat that
MRI’s goal of empowering
women in the country.” said
ism industry, local culture,
heritage and its microentre- card replacement fee
Panay,” operated by CARD will showcase local dishes Marilyn Manila, director of preneurs.
MRI Hijos Tours Inc., the and delicacies of Iloilo City CARD MRI’s Community Hijos Tours Inc. was offi- State-run Social Securi- data capture service as well
tour is aimed to showcase the served by the members of Development Group. cially registered in the Secu- ty System (SSS) announced as the card production with
wonders of Panay Island by CARD. CARD MRI Hijos Tours rities and Exchange Commis- that the replacement fee for the ID card provider were
exploring its rich heritage and In the succeeding years, Hi- Inc. is a brainchild of CARD sion (SEC) on July 11, 2017. the Unified Multi-purpose also reduced.
culture. jos de Panay is set to develop MRI Founder and Chairman, The company also created Identification (UMID) card Dooc said the reduced re-
Kicking off in Iloilo City, two more tours in Guimaras Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip Leyte’s Hijo’s de Visayas in was reduced to P200 from placement fee took effect on
tourists will be visiting heri- Island and Antique. which was first launched as Tacloban. the current rate of P300. Dec 11, based on SSS Office
SSS President and Chief Order 2017-066.
Phl Post issues Year of the Dog Stamps Executive Officer Emmanuel
F. Dooc said members who
Dooc also noted that the
reduced fee also applies to
MANILA -- To welcome some 101,000 copies of the a golden retriever dog, one of also comes with a souvenir opt to replace their old SSS members who wish to have
the New Year, the Philippine two different colorful designs the most popular dog breeds sheet to highlight the colors ID cards or those who have amendments in their identifi-
Postal Corporation (PHL- of the regular stamps can known to be kind, loving, red and gold in special round lost their UMID cards can cation cards.
Post) has released the Year now be purchased at P12 and obedient, and easy to please perforation which symbolizes now enjoy the P100-reduc- Based on SSS Office Or-
of the Dog special stamps. P45 each. their families. prosperity and good luck. tion for the replacement of der 2017-067, the reduced fee
According to PHLPost, The regular stamp features The 2018 New Year Stamp Some 6,000 copies of their IDs. shall be charged for the re-
the limited edition souvenir “We are happy to an- placement of the UMID card
sheets are available at P200 nounce to our members that or old SS ID due to correc-
each. the proposal to reduce the tion or change of name, cor-
The dog is the eleventh in replacement fee to Php 200 rection of date and place of
the 12-year cycle of Chinese was already approved by the birth, gender, replacement of
zodiac sign. It is the symbol Social Security Commission old or damaged card, change
of loyalty, honesty and pos- (SSC) headed by Chairman of home address, updating of
sesses the best traits of human Amado D. Valdez,” Dooc member photo and change
nature. People born under said. of specimen signature that is
this sign are honest, friendly, Based on SSC Resolution printed on the card.
loyal, smart, straight forward No. 604-s.2017, the Com- He also reiterated that
and venerable and have a mission approved the reduc- members who are applying
strong sense of responsibility. tion of the cost of UMID card for initial issuance of SSS-
-Jimmyley E. Guzman replacement since the cost of (Turn to page 7)


Fr. Alvin Artemio Paras, OFM of Barangay Liboton, this city and presently Parish
Priest of the Sts. Peter & Paul Parish in Sta. Ana, Cagayan was appointed Vice Secretary
General of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM Fransiscans) by Minister General Michael A.
Perry, December 1, 2017. He will be stationed at the general curia of the Franciscans in
Rome, the appointment document states.
An ADNU HS graduate of 1990, Fr. Paras finished his BSN at the USI, then entered
the Our Lady of the Angels Seminary Inter Congregational Theological Center in Quezon
City. He was ordained priest on September 27, 2008.
Before his transfer to his Cagayan Parish, Fr. Paras served also at the Sanctuareo
de San Antonio Parish in Forbes Park, Makati and Provincial Secretary of the Fransiscans
in the Philippines.
In his student days, he was 1992 Naga City Youth Councilor, then after passing
the Nursing Board Exam in 1994, Fr. Paras served as Instructor at the Camarines Sur
General Manager, Mr. Shern Lee, Head of Business Development and Marketing, Mr. Andrew
In left photo is Fr. Francis Paras at the Liboton St. Joseph Chapel after celebrating
Kwon and Managing Director, Mr. Jake Shi from GS Engineering and Construction, a South
New Year’s Day Mass. At right is Fr. Paras (in stripe) with officers and members of the Korean Company paid courtesy at the office of Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua recently,
Liboton Barangay Pastoral Council including his mother (2nd to his right), Milagros together with PBM Natalio Popa Jr., SP Energy Committee Chairman where they discussed the
Maronilla-Paras. He is the son of the late Engr. Benjamin Paras of San Luis, Pampanga. status of electricity in the province with Provincial Administrator Lemuel Surtida.

FROM MY WINDOW . . . 15 BICOL MARTYRS REMEMBERED . . . • Rev. Gabriel Prieto - He portunity to denounce the
demonstrated unusual wit and abuses and arrogance of the
oration. Naga City). He was a brilliant
intelligence. He was a consis- Spaniards. He was only 25
Eleven of the 15 who were young man and had always
tent scholar at the seminary when he was executed at the
executed at the Luneta in Ma- topped his class. Gifted with
of Nueva Caceres, where he Luneta.
nila included: a good voice, he became the
studied for the priesthood. • Camilo Jacob - A com-
• Rev. Inocencio Herrera - choir master of the Metropoli-
After his ordination, he was mercial photographer and
a native of Pateros, Rizal, he tan Cathedral of Nueva Cac-
appointed by Msgr. Herrera native of Polangui, Albay.
grew up in the Bicol Region eres. He was only 30 years old
as his adviser and confidential Like Domingo Abella, he
and enrolled in the semi- when the Spaniards executed
secretary. Father Prieto was was open-hearted. Suspected
nary of Nueva Caceres (now him.
denounced by the Spanish fri- of conniving with the revo-
ars for his liberal and indepen- lutionists, Jacob was tortured
of lawful heirs and beneficiaries inherited from a deceased
person, will now be subject to a flat rate of 6% on the amount dent ideas. and starved to death in prison.
in excess of P5 million. • Rev. Severino Diaz - He • Tomas Prieto - A brother
Estates with a net value of P5 million and below will be was born in Bulan, Sorsogon of Rev. Gabriel Prieto. A phar-
exempted from paying the estate tax. Family homes that are of poor but hardworking par- macist, he was popular with
valued at P10 million or less will also be exempted from estate ents. He was a model student the common people for his
tax. Under existing tax laws, only family homes worth P1 million at the seminary and later as liberal and progressive ideas.
are exempted. parish priest of Nueva Cac- He was executed at the age of
automobiles. 12. Tax on Cosmetic Surgery and other Aesthetic Procedures
8. Tax on Coal eres. He attended to his flock 30.
Starting 2018, there will be a 5% tax on cosmetic surgeries,
The approved excise tax on coal is as follows (currently with extraordinary zeal. Peo- • Florendo Lerma - A the-
aesthetic procedures, and body enhancements.
P10.00 tax per metric ton): 13. Documentary Stamp Tax ple remember him as the man ater owner and playwright
P50.00 tax per metric ton in 2018 The documentary stamp tax (DST) charged on some legal who rebuilt and improved the from Quiapo, Manila, he went
P100.00 tax per metric ton in 2019 or business transactions will double from P1.50 to P3.00 Naga Cathedral. The Spanish to Bicol at the age of 15 and
P150.00 tax per metric ton in 2020 beginning 2018. friars were jealous of him for established the first movie
9. Tax on Tobacco Products 14. Stock Transaction Tax becoming the first Filipino house in Naga.
Excise taxes on tobacco products will be increased to Stock trading in the Philippines might be affected with the Cura Paroco of Nueva Cac- • Macario Valentin - He
P32.50 initially during the first six months of 2018, then will rise revised taxes on stock market activity.
to P35.00 from the rest of 2018 until 2019.
eres. He was 45 years old was chief of the night patrol in
The stock transaction tax — a tax charged on stock sellers when he was executed at the Naga. He took advantage of
From 2020 to 2021, the tobacco tax will rise to P37.50, when a buy or sell transaction is made — will be increased to
followed by a fixed tax of P40.00 to be imposed from 2022 to Luneta. his position by siding with the
0.6% of the gross trade amount from the current 0.5% rate.
2023. From 2023 onwards, tobacco taxes will rise 4% annually. Stock-related transactions of companies not listed in the • Manuel Abella - A native revolutionists, whom he sup-
10. Donor’s Tax Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) will be slapped with a higher of Catanauan, Quezon, he was plied with valuable informa-
Donations or gifts with at least P250,000 worth will be stock transaction tax of 15%, an increase from the current 5% better known for his philan- tion about the activities of the
charged a donor’s tax of 6% flat rate. This will be charged or 10%. thropic activities among the Spanish militia.
regardless of the relationship between the donor and the 15. Foreign Currency Interest Income Tax poor and underprivileged. • Mariano Melgarejo - A
donee. The tax on interest income on foreign currency deposits He was 60 years old when he native son of Naga. In his di-
11. Estate Tax is currently pegged at 7.5%. This will increase to 15% of the
The estate tax, or tax levied on the properties or estate
faced the firing squad in Ba- ary, he wrote: “I look forward
interest on foreign currency deposit unit (FCDU) under the gumbayan. to the day when Filipinas
TRAIN tax reform.
• Domingo Abella - A son takes her place among the free
Republic of the Philippines of Manuel Abella. Frank and nations of the world.”
LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE outspoken, he took every op- (Turn to page 7)
Province: Camarines Sur
Municipality: Libmanan
CCE-0127-2017 R.A.10172 Notice is hereby given that the named parties are
In compliance with the publication requirement and the surviving Heirs of the late CELERINA BABAR- Notice is hereby given that the named parties are
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 ALIS, who died intestate on May 31, 2005, left a the surviving Heirs being the children of the late
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative parcel of residential land located at San Roque, CELERINA BABAR-ALIS, who died intestate on
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice
is hereby served to the public that KIMBERLY ALBUERO
Camaligan, Camarines Sur, the parties all of legal May 31, 2005, with no known debts, left an estate
ABINES has filed with this Office, a Petition for Correction of ages, and the legitimate and surviving legal heirs consisting of her one-half share over a parcel of
entry in Sex from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in the certificate of of the deceased, hereby divide, partition and ad- land described, located at San Roque, Camaligan,
live birth of KEMBERLY ALBUERO ABENIS at Libmanan, judicate unto themselves in equal shares the de- Camarines Sur, that invoking the provisions of
Camarines Sur and whose parents are RICARDO ABENIS scribed parcel of land; the parties/heirs do hereby Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court, the Heirs
and FRANCIA ALBUERO. waive, convey and transfer by way of Waiver unto do hereby adjudicate among themselves in pro-
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
their brother, Danilo B. Alis his heirs and assign, indiviso and in equal shares the described parcel
January 20, 2018. their shares, rights and interest on the described of land; as acknowledged before Notary Public
parcel of land, as acknowledged before Notary Atty. P. R. Perfecto, Doc. No. 1037, Page No. 208,
(Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Public Atty. P. R. Perfecto, Doc. No. 1036, Page Book No. 28, Series of 2017.
Municipal Civil Registrar
No. 208, Book No. 28, Series of 2017.
Published: January 7 and 14, 2018 Published: Dec. 31, 2017; January 7 and 14, 2018 Published: Dec. 31, 2017; January 7 and 14, 2018

• Cornelio Mercado - An • Mariano Ordenanza - A
employee in the public works clerk in the Bureau of Public
department of Nueva Cac- Works. He died in jail in Ma-
eres. nila shortly after he was sen-
The four Bicolano freedom tenced to 20 years imprison-
fighters who were either ex- ment by the Spanish Council
iled or died in prison were: of War.
• Leon Hernandez - A resi- It was during the incum-
dent of Libmanan, Camarines bency of the late Camarines
Sur, who was well-to-do and Sur Gov. Julian Ocampo that
highly influential. He was the monument was erected in
thrown into the municipal memory of the Quince Mar-
jail in Nueva Caceres, where tires del Bicolandia and for-
he was tortured to death for mally dedicated on November
denying participation in the 30, 1923.
revolutionary movement. Official recognition of
• Ramon Abella - Also a the 15 martyrs of Bicolandia
son of Manuel Abella, who came on February 20, 1950
was executed at the Luneta. when the director of the De- Opening of the UP Harong 22nd Acad Fest, January 4, 2017, Ateneo de Naga University Junior High School
He was a strong advocate of partment of Education added
the progressive and indepen-
dent aspiration of his father.
to the list of significant dates
in Philippine history January UP Harong 22nd Acad Fest: Empowering the Youth
• Mariano Arana - A gov- 4, 1897, the day when Filipi-
ernment surveyor who died no freedom fighters from the By ANA-LIZA S. MACATANGAY major events and competi- to hold comprehensive dis-
in exile on Bioko Island (then Bicol region were executed. – tions starting off with different courses about relevant issues
Fernando Po). Jason B. Neola ors to light the torch of learn- Boot Camps on the follow- in a creative and entertaining
ing of these young learners ing competitions: Tingog nin radio broadcast simulation.
thru the theme: “Redirect- Rason Debate Tournament, The Tingog nin Rason de-
SSS REDUCES UMID CARD . . . ing the light: Focusing the Sural Essay Writing, Gayon bate tournament, a series of
UMID cards are not required now withdraw proceeds of Youth’s mindset towards the Bikolnon Poster Making and debate rounds where compet-
to pay any amount. their social security benefits Empowerment of the Philip- Ladawan nin Kabikolan Pho- ing debaters are challenged to
Likewise, members will and loans through automated pine Contemporary Arts.” tojournalism contest in the take and defend stands on the
not be charged of the replace- teller machines using their “As part of our mission, morning, right after the open- current and relevant issues
ment fee if the erroneous UMID-ATM cards. UP Harong annually holds the ing ceremony at the AdeNu at hand, will have its Grand
encoding of data was on the Dooc said the rollout of Acad Fest, a regional compe- Junior HS covered court. Finals on Saturday, January
part of SSS including errone- the program enables faster tition, predicated on develop- Elimination rounds 1 to 6. The quiz bee, which seeks
ing the student’s scholastic 2 on Harong nin Dunong to balance the intelligence
ous screening and capturing payment of disability and
aptitude and social awareness Quiz Bee, debate tournament and social awareness of the
of previous card application. retirement benefits, mater- of the youth. The organiza- Rounds 1 and 2, competitions students by challenging their
Payments for the reduced nity and sickness claims NAGA CITY – In pur- tion primarily aims to serve on essay writing, poster mak- competence in the academic
UMID card fee will be ac- for self-employed and vol- suit of academic excellence, and give back to our beloved ing and photojourn are slated arena and other fields of in-
cepted by SSS partner banks. untary members, as well as the University of the Philip- mother province various ave- in the afternoon. terests will have its final
SSS earlier announced that disbursement of salary and pines Harong Organization nues to enhance the Bicolano On Friday, January 5, the round on the said date.
some 34,000 members may calamity loans. is holding a 3-day Academ- youth’s academic potential as Heras sa Banwaan Radio A gala night and the
ic Festival, from January 4 well as encourage students’ Broadcasting tournament awarding of winners which
to 6 at the Ateneo de Naga
8 CATANDUANES TOWNS . . . University Junior High
participation,” Princess Joie shall take place, with the will happen on the evening of
support such declaration and the towns of Viga, Barangay Anne Cleofe, 22nd Acad Fest Event’s Head, John Jeshurun the event’s last day will serve
School here, engaging more Chairman elaborated. Samonte enjoining the partic- as the official conclusion of
for the reports from each Giamlong in Caramoran, junior high students from The event is divided into ipants to take the opportunity the Acad Fest 2017.
Municipal Disaster Risk and the Baras-Gigmoto-Viga various schools in the Bicol
Reduction and Management Road in Barangays Dororan Region in a battle of wit,
Council for the assessment,” and Biong in Gigmoto town reasoning, creativity and
Turado added. during the onslaught of “Ag- broadcast tourneys.
Landslides hit at least aton” in Catanduanes. -Fer- The Academic Festival,
five major road networks in dinand Brizo/PNA now on its 22nd year, endeav-


AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA in random areas of the city.
Mayor Bongat also dis-
All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE closed their plan in the city
PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
government to purchase ad-
City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2017 whose terms have
expired will be sold to public auction sale on FEBRUARY 1, ditional CCTV cameras. The
2018 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. construction of the new com-
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 27,
mand center is also already
2018 only. underway, accordingly, which
THE MANAGEMENT will manage the CCTV net-
Published: JANUARY 7, 2018 work in the city.
In addition, the city gov-
ernment is planning to imple-
ment within this first quarter
of the year the new mobile ap-
All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER plication of the city.
PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igual- The new mobile applica-
dad, Naga City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2017 whose terms
have expired will be sold to public auction sale on FEBRUARY
tion, now being developed by
1, 2018 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. the Information and Technol-
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the ogy Office (ITO) of the City
above-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 27,
2018 only. Government of Naga, in part-
THE MANAGEMENT nership with the Ateneo de
BIKOL REPORTER Naga University Computer
Published: JANUARY 7, 2018
Studies, as well as the Bicol
State College of Applied Sci-
ences and Technology (BIS-
CAST), would be a commu-
nication tool providing the
public easy access to the three
(3) main emergency situation
responders— ambulance, po-
lice car and firetrucks.
The application will be
Waze- based— showing the
location of the informant
where the summoned re-
sponder will proceed for their
corresponding operations— a
mechanism seen to hasten re-
sponse of concerned offices
during emergency situations.
-Armie B. Gunay, CEPPIO
New 9th ID Commander vows

to push morale of soldiers


PILI, Camarines Sur means but in a peaceful way.

– Major General Jesus A. He called on the rebels to step
Manangquil Jr., newly in- down from the mountains and
stalled Commander of the return in the folds of law.
9th Infantry Division de- “As mandated by Presi-
clared his unparalleled sup- dent Rodrigo Duterte, we
port to the men and women should advocate peace not
of the army by bolstering war. We all want peace and
their morale and by guid- tranquility to prevail as much
ing them to sustain the sig- as others want it. We call on
nificant accomplishments our brothers to join the main-
of his predecessors. stream society. The govern-
Manangquil officially re- ment continues to implement laments that there is no real Manangquil also conveyed the government’s peace pro- Capital Region.
ceived his new assignment its rehabilitation program for winner in the war between that he will set a meeting with gram in the region. Isleta temporarily took over
from the division’s Acting the surrendeeres so there’s no the rebels and the government the heads of the local govern- Before his assignment as as Acting Commander of the
Commander, BGen Danilo reason why they should not troopers. The strife between ment units and other partners the Commanding General of 9th ID after MGen. Manolito
Chad D. Isleta through a heed our call,” Manangquil the two affects everyone in the in the Bicol region to get their the premiere division, Manan- P. Orense reached his manda-
simple but symbolic Change elaborated. society and will not allow the suggestions and opinions on gquil was the commander of tory age of retirement last De-
of Command ceremony held The new Commander also country to achieve prosperity. how to effectively implement the Joint Task Force National cember. – PIAV/CamSur
Friday, January 5 at the BGen
Lukban Grandstand, Camp
Elias Angeles, here. Teachers to get more perks in 2018 105 PWD'S RECEIVED
The ceremony was wit- FREE WHEELCHAIRS
nessed by high ranking offi- PASIG CITY – Consis- contribution of teachers to law implementation and the
cials of the army, his mistahs tent with the Department nation-building, educators 3rd tranche of the Salary
from Batch 85, members of of Education’s (DepEd) are set to receive additional Standardization Law (SSL)
the media, Multi-Sectoral Ad- support of the Duterte ad- net take home pay and al- of 2015 in effect, a Teacher 1
visory Board (MSAB) mem- ministration’s Tax Reform lowances beginning Janu- is expected to receive a gross
bers headed by its Chairman for Acceleration and Inclu- ary 2018. basic salary of P20,179 and
Msgr. Zosimo Ma. Sañado, sion (TRAIN) as a means A Teacher 1 (Salary Grade will have a net take home pay
H.P.,STL. and other stake- to significantly develop the 11) without dependents and (NTHP) of P20,012.89 (with
holders. country’s human capital has a starting basic salary of PERA).
In an interview with and with Secretary Leonor P19,620 used to take home This amounts to a total net
members of the local media, Magtolis Briones’s com- P17,220.86 (with Personnel increase of 16.21 percent or
Manangquil made it clear P2,792.03 per month.
mitment to continuously Economic Relief Allowance
Moreover, the annual
that the army intends to usher provide adequate compen- or PERA) under the 2017 tax
“chalk allowance” saw an in-
peace not through violent sation for the invaluable schedule. With the TRAIN
crease from P2,500 to P3,500,
which is allotted for the pur- CCW-RMN-SM NAGA TIE-UP
Physically handicapped residents from various towns of
chase of chalks, erasers, and Camarines Sur benefitted from the Libreng Wheelchair project of
other classroom supplies and the Citizen’s Crime Watch and RMN-DWNX in partnership with
materials. SM City Naga last December. The distribution of free wheelchairs
The clothing allowance was led by CCW Director General Carlo Batalla, DWNX anchors
also increased from P5,000 Ed Ventura and Grace Inocentes and SM City Naga Mall Manager
to P6,000. -DepEd Jeannette De Vera at the mall’s event center. In additIon,
beneficiaries were also given free SM grocery packs.


Over 200 children from Barangay Odi- mas carols and then coins giving for all.
con, Pasacao, CamSur were treated to a In photo above are among the children
Christmas feeding program, now on its posing for a souvenir with some of the At-
second year, and songs by the Ateneo eneans & Isabelinas at center (from left).
de Naga HS Class ’56 in cooperation with Linda Blacer, Annie Marquez, Rory Obias,
their Isabelina counterparts, December 29 Myrna Nocos and Alice Parco. Behind them
at the Margando Farm, same barangay. are Bert Bombase, Totoy Abainza and Tony RMN-DWNX Anchors Elmer Abad, Mike Marfega, Paul Santos, Grace Inocentes, Citizen’s
Aside from children feeding that in- Amparado. Not in photo are Sim Bonacua, Crime Watch Director General Carlo Batalla, SM City Naga PR Manager Tina Sumayao, Ms.
cluded the mothers who accompanied Vic Alparan, Jimmy Marquez, Fred Agawa Cha Bermudo, DWNX News Chief Ed Ventura and work colleague Eric Berja posed for a photo
them, there were group singing of Christ and Ed Dayao. op after the successful launch of Libreng wheelchair project at SM City Naga.