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Vv. Orban dr, 30 December 1988 H=5000 Szolnok Curriculum vitae EDUCATION Toot my first and second degrees /lew degree in Hungery is e@ kind of double degree/ in political and legal studies at Eétvés Lorand University in July 1987, after five years of studies, I got 4 “cum laude" doctor's decree, The title of my thesis was "Self-Organizetion and Movement in Politi cal System ~ The Polish Example". My theeie won the first prize in the law- and political theory section of the competition for Hungarian law students in 1988, In June 1988 I spent_a month in Brichton taking part in a summer course called “Global Conflict and Arms Control oraanized by Sussex University. After the course T spent a month in London and collected material for my research. PUBLICATIONS 1,, “Some Reflections on the Students Meeting in 1986", In: Sz4zadvég /Social sciences periodicel review of Bibé Tstvén College/ 2 /1986/ comauthor: L. Kévér 2.,"New Hecemony: Opposition Movements in Poland /1980-81/", In: Szézadvégq 3 /1987/ co-autho T. Fellegi 3., “Some Reflections on the Eestalvest Conference in Budapest 1987", In: Szdézadvéq 4-5 /1988/ co-author: Gy Benda 4., "Which Direction Are the Bo-ies Looking to?". In: Szakkolégiumi Ertesit® /Bulletin of Bibd T, College/ 1985/17; and in: Election Theme, Budapest, AB=Fiiggetlen 5., “Opening sveech of the Budapest East-West Network Conference 1987", In: Accross Frontiers 1988 Summer. 6., “Recapturing of Life”. In: Hungarian’s Hervest Selection Stu= dies on the Present Problems of Hungarien Society, ed. by F. Miez— livetz, 3, szeley, co-author: L. Kévér WORK EXPERIENCE Since graduating from university in November 1987 T have worked es ® research aesistent at the Social Seience Department of Meneners! Training School, T am 2 member of research team ectablished in March 1968, It is called “curope Research Team, and studies social movements in East-Central-curope efter lorld Var 2, tly research topic is Polish social movements, particularly “Solidarnosé", The team is conducted by Ferenc Miszlivetz, As ® lawestudent T used to be the member of @ cirels theory of so- cial crisis in Sest-Central-Europo after 194% at the Bibd T. College. Fah V. Orban dre H-5000 Szolnok The cirels is 9 emall independent studying body under the guidance of Or. T. Felleoi /teacher of nolitieal theory at Stvés University/. T wes the member of the committee that organized the cast~ West Conforence in Budapest in 1987.Now T am the member of the Sast-jest Independent Group in Hungary, I em a mem= ber of the editorial board of Sz4zadvéa, which is 9 periodi-~ cal journal has dealt mainly with the problems of political systems of socialist sountries INTER! STS I om interested in the theory of comparative polities, especially, in the crisis movements in socialist countries T have dealt with the Polish Movements, mainly with the Solidarity, LANGUAG: T speak English et an upper intermediate level, PERSONAL Tam 25 years old. I have » wife, T live in Szolnok, Hungary.

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