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My  2nd period  class  is  my  smallest  class.

data  shows  that  while  half  of  my  students  
scores  increase,  half  of  the  scores  also  
decreased.  While   the  average  score  between  
the  unit  1  and  unit  2  reading   assessment  
decreased,  44%  of  students    increased  and  
decreased  their  score.    
Period  3  demonstrated   the  highest  score  increase  
between   the  unit   1  and  unit  2  reading   assessment.  
On  the  unit  1  assessment,  the  average  score  was  a  
60%  and  on  the  unit  2  assessment,  the  average  
score  was  70%.    While  33%  of  the  student’s  scores  
decreased,  72%  of  students  were  able  to  increase  
their  scores  which  demonstrates  the  students  
growth  and  increased  understanding   of  the  course  
In  my  5th period,   the  average  score  
remained   about   the  same.  Between   the  
unit  1  and  unit  2  reading   assessment,  
43%  of  students  increased  their  score  
while  64%  of  students  had  a  score  
Period  6  demonstrated   strong  academic  growth  
increasing  their  average  score  from  a  35%  to  a  
53%.    Between   the  unit  1  and  unit  2  reading  
assessment,  69%  of  students  were  able  to  
increase  their  score  leaving   only  38%  to  decrease  
their  score.  My  6th period  is  one  of  my  lowest  class  
periods  so  the  strong  increase  in  scores  reflects  
large  learning   gains.  
While   the  average  score  on  the  unit  assessment  only  
increased  by  1  point   between  the  unit  1  and  unit  2  
reading   assessment,  43%  of  the  students  individually  
increased  their  score,  21%  of  the  student’s  scores  
remained   the  same,  and  only  21%  decreased  their  
Period  8  demonstrated   academic  growth  raising  the  
average  score  on  the  unit  1  reading   assessment  from  
35%  to  a  45%  on  the  unit  2  reading   assessment.  
Though   only  30%  of  students  increased  their  score,  
the  10%  growth  in  the  overall  score  reflects  the  
progress  the  class  has  made.  
Overall,  my  class  periods  demonstrated  proficient  academic  growth  increasing  the  
average  assessment  score  from  a  49&  to  a  56%  and  having  more  than  51%  of  students  
increase  their  individual  scores.  In  addition,  the  highest  score  increased  from  an  87%  to  
a  100%  and  the  lowest  score  also  increased  by  13  points,  demonstrating  an  increase  in  
mastery  of  skills.