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Community Connections

April Vacation Day Camps

April 16th — April 20th
Monday, April 16th 8:00 AM—5:30 PM
All about Vermont!
Location: Union Elementary School and downtown Montpelier
We’ll enjoy a day exploring Vermont’s awesome capital city and learning about our state! We will
take walking trips around the capital and visit the historic buildings in Montpelier. Then, we will return to Union to
complete a Vermont themed scavenger hunt, do some historical arts and crafts, and play outside!

Tuesday, April 17th 8:00 AM—5:30 PM Wednesday, April 18th 8:00 AM—5:30 PM
Animals in the Spring Small Town Living & Sugar on Snow
Location: Union Elementary School and Location: Berlin Elementary and Berlin
Hubbard Park
Celebrate small town life here in Berlin with a
Spring is in the air and the animals are ready sweet treat at the end.
to come out of hibernation. We will learn We will go on a walking field trip to the Historic
about what animals do to get ready for the Berlin Corner Cemetery and then visit our Historical Society as we
warm months ahead. We will hike to Hubbard park and look for explore the community around Berlin Elementary School and learn
signs of spring. Finally, we will put all this information together and what it was like in the past.!
perform a skit at the end of the day. There will be animal themed In the afternoon we can take a walk on our Nature Trail and
arts and crafts and playtime outside as well! enjoy old fashioned sugar on snow with all the fixin’s!

Thursday, April 19th 8:00 AM—5:30 PM

To register for camps
Write Now!
1. Complete the sign up sheet on the other side of this form.
Location: Berlin Elementary School 2. If your child has not attended a Community Connections
Children are natural dreamers, but getting activity this year we will also need a 2017 - 2018
their dreams and ideas onto paper doesn’t Registration form. They are available from your school’s
always come easily. Site Coordinator or at camp.
3. Return the sign up, registration form, and payment to:
Come to this camp to find out how writing can transform your life! -Your school’s front desk or its Community
We will read books, then explore different kinds of writing and also Connections Site Coordinator OR
have an opportunity to share our words and stories with others. If - Scan and send it to arob@u32.org and mail payment
time allows, we may watch a movie based on some favorite stories. separately OR
- Mail them by April 6th to:
There will be lots of time to shake off our energy too. With time to Community Connections
play outside and in the gym! PO BOX 155
Montpelier, VT 05601-0155

Friday, April 20th 8:00 AM—5:30 PM

Location: Berlin Elementary and Twin City Lanes
A day camp favorite! We will meet in the morning at Berlin Elementary for crafts, games, and group activities.
Then, after lunch, we will board a bus to go bowling at Twin City Lanes. After bowling, we will return to school for
recess , gym time, and some fun seasonal projects.
Don’t forget your outdoor gear as we will play outside every day!
Community Connections April Vacation Day Camps
 Community Connections offers day camps for local students on many  Send a healthy bag lunch with your child. (no
days when school is closed. Camps cost $40 - $55 per day on a sliding soda or candy) We provide 2 snacks!
scale. Please pay what you can to allow us to offer future students and  Send appropriate clothing/items: boots, snow
families this option! pants, sneakers, outdoor gear, dry socks, jackets,
 Camp hours are 8:00 AM—5:30 PM hats, gloves, extra underwear, etc.
 Pickups after 5:30 will be charged a $15 late fee!  Send a water bottle and sunscreen when sunny.
 We need a current registration/medical form for your child. If you have  Please label your child’s belongings!
not filled one out this year, we must have one before your child can
Kids will be kids! But…
attend. Please check in on your child’s first day.
 You provide lunch and we provide 2 healthy snacks. Community Connections staff are experienced and
 Transportation and admission fees are included. trained in working with kids of all ages. To protect the
 CC field trips are money-free activities. We will not go to gift shops, safety and well-being of all children, we have
vending machines, arcades, etc. expectations and standards for behavior. If a child is
 Please let us know how we may best help your child enjoy camp and unable to meet those standards, even with all the
please contact us to discuss any special needs. support we are able to provide, we may have to call
 Electronic Devices are only allowed to be used on the bus. the parent or guardian and ask that the child be
removed from camp.
Space is limited to 40 students per day
Please help us by telling us anything about your
Sorry—NO REFUNDS for cancellations as we have hired staff and
child that will help us meet his or her needs.
held a place for your child based on your registration.
Registrations must be received by April 11th To report an absence call 223-3456.

Note to Parents and Guardians: It’s spring in Vermont, and the weather is unpredictable. We run our camps rain or shine,
so please send your child dressed appropriately - layers, walking shoes, warm clothes, extra clothes, rain coats, hats, gloves.

My child _________________________________ Gender _____ Grade ______ School ___________________

My child _________________________________ Gender _____ Grade ______ School ___________________
will attend (and I give permission to attend and be transported by bus/van when needed) the following programs:
Parent name ___________________________ Email _____________________________________________
Daytime #(s) ______________________________________ Parent Signature _________________________

Check Date Event Cost Indicate YOUR Rate Pick-up/Drop-off

_____ Monday Union Elementary
April 16th
All about Vermont! $40-$55 $_______ / day
1 Park Street, Montpelier
_____ Tuesday Union Elementary
April 17th
Animals in the Spring Detach $40-$55
here $_______ / day
1 Park Street, Montpelier
_____ Wednesday Berlin Elementary
Small Town Living/Sugar on Snow $40-$55 $_______ / day
April 18th 372 Paine Turnpike N, Berlin
_____ Thursday Berlin Elementary
April 19th
Write Now $40-$55 $_______ / day
372 Paine Turnpike N, Berlin
_____ Friday Berlin Elementary
April 20th
Bowling! $40-$55 $_______ / day
372 Paine Turnpike N, Berlin

___ I have enclosed $________ to cover my child’s enrollment (cash or check to Community Connections)
___ I am eligible for state childcare subsidies at ______ per week. I am enclosing a check for any copay.