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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment

SPRING 2017-2018
Individual Assignment

Course Code: ACT 205 Course Title: Introduction to Accounting

Last date of submission : 31st March 2018 Number of Pages: 07


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1. All questions in the assignments are compulsory.
2. Respective marks for the questions are assigned in brackets ()
3. Completed assignments can only be accepted in typed form, no hand written assignments is allowed.
4. A completed assignments can be submitted either in MS-Word or MS- EXCEL format.


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Question no. A B C
CLO’s LO 5,6 LO5,6 LO5,6 20 (20%)
Marks allocated (3 Marks) (3 Marks) (14 Marks)

Marks obtained

Marks obtained

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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment

Individual Assignments
Total Marks 20

Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the region, was formed on 16 October, 2007
when the shares of Emirates NBD were officially listed on the Dubai Financial Market
(DFM). The Emirates NBD 2007 merger between Emirates Bank International
(EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD), became a regional consolidation
blueprint for the banking and finance sector as it combined the second and fourth largest
banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to form a banking champion capable of
delivering enhanced value across corporate, retail, private, Islamic and investment
banking throughout the region.
In 2013, Emirates NBD celebrated its 50th anniversary, marking the Group's
outstanding achievements while highlighting the bank's solid historical and financial
foundations as well as its promising future.

The Group is also a major player in the corporate banking arena. With fast-growing
Islamic banking affiliated entities, strong investment, private banking and Global Markets
& Treasury services and a leadership in the field of asset management products and
brokerage services, Emirates NBD is well positioned to grow and deliver outstanding
value to its shareholders, customers and employees.

From the financial information available to you, calculate the following to access the
annual picture of Emirates NBD.
A. Horizontal Analysis (3 marks)
B. Vertical analysis (3 marks)
C. Calculate the following ratios (0.5 x 14 =7)
1. Working capital
2. Current ratio
3. Current cash debt coverage
4. Debt to assets ratio
5. Cash debt coverage

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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment
6. Times interest earned
7. Free cash flow
8. Earnings per share
9. Price-earnings ratio
10. Profit margin
11. Return on assets
12. Asset turnover
13. Payout ratio
14. Times interest earned

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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment

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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment

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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment

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Spring- 2017-2018 Individual Assignment

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