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Senior Project Application 

Rubric Page 1 

Name:___________________________________  Advisor:_____________________ 

Project Title: ____________________________________________ 

Application Rubric:        Approved   Revise

1. Project Title
Requirement Meets Expectations  Revise 

Provide a short, descriptive title for your project.  ❏ Project title is present. ❏ Project title is NOT present.

2. Project Overview
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

Summarize what you will do for your ❏ You describe your ❏ Your overview is ❏ Your overview is
project and describe how you will m​eet project in a clear, clear. not clear.
one of the authentic learning concise summary. ❏ Overview meets the ❏ Overview does not
requirements​; design a project that ❏ Description clarifies requirement of meet the
addresses a real world issue, improves how project meets authentic learning. requirement of
or serves the community, ​or​produce a the authentic authentic learning.
real world product. ​
This is a project learning
that is completed outside of school. requirement.
You can’t include projects that you ❏ Go in depth​ to
are completing in an existing class. convince the reader
that your project is
an example of
authentic learning.
Senior Project Application 
Rubric Page 2 

3.   Authentic Learning 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

Explain how your project is an ❏ Your project ❏ Your project ❏ It is unclear how
authentic learning experience (clearly demonstrates one of demonstrates one of the project
addresses a real world issue, improves the authentic the authentic demonstrates one
or serves the community, or produces a learning criteria learning criteria of the authentic
real world product). Describe what you ❏ Real world ❏ Real world learning
currently know about the topic. How is issue issue requirements.
this project new learning or an ❏ Improves or ❏ Improves or ❏ Project is not
extension of past learning that makes it serves the serves the enough of a new
a culminating project? How does this community community “learning stretch”.
project connect to a future career?  ❏ Produces a ❏ Produces a ❏ Project is not a
real world real world sufficient or well
product product defined extension
❏ You explain in detail ❏ You clearly of past learning.
how your learning articulate what you
will challenge you to do not know about
build on existing the project.
knowledge and ❏ You clearly
skills. articulate what you
will learn in order to
complete the
Senior Project Application 
Rubric Page 3 

4.   Career Connection 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

Explain the reasons you selected your ❏ You specifically ❏ You clearly describe, ❏ You do not make
project and how it is relevant to you. convey the personal with some detail, how a clear
Be sure to explain how this project will relevance of your your project has connection of
help you in reaching your career project. personal relevance. why you selected
and/or educational goals after high ❏ You clearly describe ❏ You clearly describe, this project.
school.  your project with with some detail, how ❏ It is unclear how
supporting details. your project has a your project will
❏ You clearly describe connection to your help you reach
how your project will future career your career
help you reach your AND/OR educational AND/OR
career AND/OR goals after high educational goals
educational goals school. after high school.
after high school.
5.   Research 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

State your thesis. ❏ Research question ❏ Proposes a research ❏ Focus or topic to

Clarify your thesis statement for your and/or potential focus question and/or be researched is
research, and identify potential for research is potential focus for unclear, too
resources you will use to conduct your exceedingly clear. research. focused, or too
research (books, articles, websites, ❏ Research identifies ❏ Research identifies broad.
interviews with experts). Sources numerous VALID and potential resources ❏ Potential
must be VALID and RELIABLE. RELIABLE resource to help support resources not
Popular press (magazines, Wikipedia, options to support research. identified.
etc.) are not acceptable sources to be research.
Senior Project Application 
Rubric Page 4 

6.   Main Project Tasks 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

List the main project tasks and a ❏ The main tasks of ❏ The main tasks of ❏ Main tasks are
tentative schedule for completing your project are your project are not listed, not
them.  outlined and listed. explained, or are
explained. ❏ The project timeline unclear.
❏ Your project timeline is present. ❏ Project timeline
includes specific ❏ Project plan and is not evident or
dates. outline include is impractical.
❏ Project plan and measureable ❏ Project plan and
outline include outcomes. outline are not
measureable included, are
outcomes that provide unclear, or are
direction to complete unrealistic.
the project as
7.   Evidence 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

What evidence or artifacts are you ❏ You have considered ❏ You have included a ❏ You have not
going to collect or create during your all phases of your list of proposed included a list of
project that will prove or demonstrate project (beginning, evidence or artifacts the evidence
your authentic learning and middle, and end). you will collect to you will collect to
completion of your project? How will ❏ You have identified prove or demonstrate demonstrate
your evidence or artifacts prove that evidence that you will what you plan to what you plan to
your project met your goals?  collect at each stage. learn. learn.
❏ You have identified
appropriate types of
evidence (video,
pictures, items) which
will demonstrate what
Senior Project Application 
Rubric Page 5 

you plan to learn.

8.   Potential Risks and Challenges 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

Describe the risks and challenges you ❏ Thoughtful  ❏ Identified and  ❏ Did not identify 

believe you might encounter while consideration of  explained two risks or  and/or explain 
doing your project. For example, potential risks and  challenges you might  risks or 
money constraints, physical challenges regarding  encounter with your  challenges.  
dangers/injuries, timing of the project, the project explained.  project.   ❏ Did not explain 
scheduling issues, logistical ❏ Potential resource or  ❏ Explained how you  how to 
constraints, availability of facilities, knowledgeable person  could realistically  realistically 
etc. with whom to discuss  overcome those risks  overcome those 
ways to address risks  or challenges with  risks or 
identified.  possible solutions.   challenges. 
❏ Identified and 
***Please note - if your application is explained two risks or 
approved and you attempt to challenges you might 
complete it over the summer break encounter with your 
but something goes wrong, you project.  
MUST contact your senior project ❏ Explained how you 
advisor and the senior project could realistically 
coordinator to establish an overcome those risks 
alternative plan to complete your or challenges with 
required senior project.*** possible solutions.  
Senior Project Application 
Rubric Page 6 

9.   Overall Application 
Requirement Exceeds Expectations  Meets Expectations  Revise 

Application contains signature ❏ No spelling or  ❏ No more than 3­5  ❏ Grammatical 

approval page and is written in a grammatical errors.  spelling or  errors are 
professional manner. ❏ A minimum of two  grammatical errors.   distracting to the 
pages that explain the  ❏ A minimum of two  overall flow of 
project.   pages that explain the  the application. 
❏ All sentences are well  project.  ❏ Project is not 
constructed and have  ❏ Sentence structure is  linked to a 
varied structure and  proficient but may be  career. 
length.  missing detailed  ❏ The application 
❏ Completed signature  components.  is less than two 
page attached.  ❏ Completed signature  pages. 
❏ Directions within the  page attached.  ❏ Sentences are 
application format are  ❏ Directions within the  vague and lack 
followed.  application format are  focus. 
❏ Application template  followed.  ❏ Some directions 
used.  ❏ Application template  may be missing. 
used.  ❏ Signature page 
not present or 
not signed. 
❏ Application 
template not 

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